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The Attempted Coup

“THEIR OBJECTIVE IS CRYSTAL-CLEAR” September 30, 2019 To the Editor: Pres. Trump has been under attack from his entering the presidential race in 2015 to the present.   Pres. Trump’s enemies are also the enemies of all Americans who hold (and understand) how very precious our freedoms are, and the importance of this incredible nation that […]

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“IT MUST BE FOUGHT FOR” To the Editor: Today, June 6th, we pause to honor those who sacrificed so much for our freedom 75 years ago.   On this date in 1944, the Allied forces, led by Americans, stormed the beaches in Normandy (France), in order to liberate Europe from the Nazi butchers.   It was that […]

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Robert Mueller’s Parting Shot

“PART OF THE CONSPIRACY” May 30, 2019 To the Editor: Well, if there was any question in your mind about Mueller’s honesty, objectivity and concern to get at the truth, there shouldn’t be.   Mueller’s public statement yesterday, very clearly and incontrovertibly, demonstrated that he is nothing more than a shallow partisan, and likely a very […]