by Mike Latham, ©2022 

(Mar. 7, 2022) — Does Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and his deliberate slaughter of its innocent civilians make any sense?  On the surface, the answer is a resounding NO, unless of course you consider that his motives are purely a ruse.  It should be obvious to all by now that Putin wants the West’s involvement in Ukraine in the very worst way; that is why he’s exposing his brutal KGB training/mentality.  Additionally, he continues with veiled threats of nuclear retaliation against any and all Western countries that might interfere.   

Putin has already burned all bridges with the West and has been labeled a pariah by most civilized nations.   Further, Russia does not have the resources, no matter the metric used, to sustain a world war, let alone prevail with all freedom-loving countries lined up against her.  So WHY?  What is this all about? Consider the following:   

  • The feckless Biden administration is about to ink a deal that ensures that Iran will have a nuclear weapon in the near future.
  • The irresponsible/deadly exit from Afghanistan was bad enough, leaving approximately $100 billion in sophisticated American weaponry to the Taliban’s discretion, which was treasonous.
  • In the early ’90s, the Clinton administration allowed North Korea to develop nuclear weapons. They’ve been coddled by every administration since and allowed to develop delivery systems for their nuclear weapons.
  • Again in the ’90s, the Clinton administration lobbied to have China enter the WTO.   Of course this was motivated with the urging of greedy corporate America, its bankers and more than a few feckless politicians.  The greed and naivete of those decisions have deprived America of many strategically important capabilities, and therefore left us vulnerable to exploitation of such weaknesses.   This link is but one such example of our vulnerability and our collective abject stupidity.
  • China continues in its threats regarding the invasion of Taiwan, where most micro-chips are produced.
  • A wide-open southern border, allowing millions of unknowns and potentially dangerous persons to enter with impunity.

Lastly, it is highly improbable that none (or all together) of our enemies will ever attack America, but they can grind us into submission over time.  How? By luring us into meaningless wars (Ukraine), entering into one-way bad trade deals, allowing our schools to be contaminated with lies and filth, open borders, electing those who would be or already are complicit in the destruction of America.

Some opine that it can’t happen.   I say, “Open your eyes; it’s already started, and the evidence is everywhere.”   The open question is: Can we survive until November 8?  

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  1. If, as it now appears, no meaningful changes are made to assure one legitimate vote per one legitimate U.S. citizen voter and those votes are accurately counted and reported…..what difference will another election make? Allowing the blatant “in your face” stealing of the 2020 presidential election to stand is almost as serious as allowing an ineligible, identity fraud con artist called Barack Hussein Obama to pretend to be America’s president and commander- in-chief for 8 years.

    Are Americans are now expected to forget Obama’s usurpation and the 2020 election being blatantly stolen from Donald Trump and his voters and just move on to next criminal act designed to complete the destruction of America? The last thing I want is an actual civil war in America, but what are the alternatives which will maintain and reassert the freedoms assured by our Constitution?…….

  2. I regret to say that the “threat worse than Russia” is FROM WITHIN. I’m talking about treasonous Barack Hussein Obama and next-in-line in no particular order Hillary Clinton, Bill Ayers and other past and present domestic terrorists, the CPUSA, The Muslim Brotherhood, BLM leaders, critical race theory advocates, LGBTQ, George Soros, Louis Farrakhan, big-tech social media CEOs, our own unaccountable CIA, the god-like US Supreme Court, a DOJ that isn’t, military Chiefs of Staff who are woke, New World Order fantasizers, the “Deep State,” the Biden crime family, the Fake News media, corrupt super-rich bankers and industrialists, child sex traffickers and pornographers, undocumented immigrants who were permitted to invade our country, etc, etc.