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Source: New Mexico Secretary of State website, application for absentee ballot

Re:       2018 Absent Voter Ballot Act and Electronic Adjudication

February, 2020, Gov. Ducey of Arizona signed into law ‘electronic adjudication’ of rejected ballots.[1] What Republicans failed to anticipate was the scanners were ‘tweaked’ by Dominion Voting Systems to reject ballots at a rate far above Voting System Standards. The usual rejection rate of 0.0008% suddenly transformed to as much as 68%.[2]

Dominion Voting Systems is a Canadian owned company with global subsidiaries. It is owned by Staple Street Capital which is in turn owned by UBS Securities LLC, of which 3 out of their 7 board members are Chinese nationals. The Dominion software is licensed from Smartmatic which is a Venezuelan owned and controlled company. Dominion Server locations have been determined to be in Serbia, Canada, the US, Spain and Germany. (See ‘Unverified Evidence’ image inserted on the last page.)[121320]_v2_[redacted].pdf

Absentee ballots, once rare and for specific excused absences from in-person voting, became a significant contribution to election results. In New Mexico, the 600K turnout in 2018 became 900K in 2020, and the normal 20% absentee ballot (still too high) jumped to over 40%.

In Pennsylvania, late counted absentee ballots took Biden from half of Trump’s votes to passing Trump by 1.2%. In fact, 60% of Biden’s votes were ‘by mail.’ It is a felony for someone else to vote for you, but this is actually what adjudication rules allow, which is in direct conflict of law, ‘voting for another person’ a felony.

Demands for an Arizona-style audit in Pennsylvania have been vigorously blocked.

In 2018, the Doña Ana County Clerk was unable to process the mail ballots, let alone legally verify thousands of ballot applications. How much more difficult was it in 2020?[3]

This is especially of concern with County Clerks relying solely on manual checking the birth date and signature, and every mailed application having to be answered by hand. In comparison, applications through the Secretary of State office require four ID-points and are verified instantly off a database.

Audits take too long, and the evidence required to determine a legal standard of fraud is impossible and an unreasonable burden, ‘an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure.’

In the Arizona Audit, almost 80,000 mail ballots were in question, 34,000 envelope images were duplicates, and thousands more without signatures, or with just squiggly lines, but were counted instead of rejected.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, an MIT-educated engineer hired as an audit investigator, also testified on Friday that over 34,000 duplicate ballot envelopes cast by just 17,126 individual voters in 2020 election were counted in Maricopa County.

A Pennsylvania court recently declared that the No Excuse Absentee Ballot was unconstitutional. Because they are of a lower standard to in-person voting, they are vulnerable to fraud. Also, knowing the Election Night results gives mail ballot election workers a target for the win, if they are cheating.

In 2020, it was reported that the workers at the adjudication table were blocked from view of the bipartisan observers, while the ‘rejected’ or ‘spoiled’ ballots were set aside, and the workers essentially voting a new ballot. Again, last I heard, voting for someone else is unlawful. See NMSA 1978 Ch 1 Art 20 § 1-20-8, and § 1-20-8.1(E)


The Absent Voter ballot is so different from the In-Person ballot that its use must be limited to its original intent: to accommodate qualified voters who cannot get to polls due to illness, extended foreign business, or military deployment.

Indictments are slowly being filed concerning the Democrats penetrating the Trump administration with unlawful and fraudulent surveillance, and one could safely say that the ‘Insurrection’ truly started when Donald Trump came down the escalator at Trump Tower, 2015. This ‘Insurrection’ may very well include the legislation lobbied to increase vote-by-mail, and electronic adjudication.

The massive expansion to No Excuse absentee voting makes it difficult to impossible to verify a qualified voter, and with the Real ID Act being pushed back to 2023, even citizenship is unverifiable. Those unqualified, or unverifiable voters, unconstitutionally disenfranchise qualified voters.

And, as we’ve seen from various audits, the Secretary of State and county election workers have a problem with records and operation, and have been caught deleting millions of records.

An in-person vote is timely, contemporaneous, and with zero chain-of-custody issues prior to tabulation. The absentee mail ballot is just the opposite, and its abuse comes from machine, electronic, and human ‘error.’

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