The Post & Email ( is a new media initiative begun in August 2009 to perform the investigative work which the mainstream media has neglected to do for at least three decades.  We strive to present a new model for news publication in which citizens from all over the nation and world can submit reports and editorials and speak the truth without the restrictions or doctrinaire principles of Socialism and Marxism.  We are committed to a Free Press for a New Generation, of the people, by the people, and for the people.

To contact us by standard mail, write to:

The Post & Email
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Canterbury, CT 06331-0113


John Charlton, Founder

Mr. Charlton is a natural born American Citizen and devout Christian who founded The Post & Email in August 2009 as an act of faith in Christ Jesus in order to give the common man a vehicle to report the news in his own words to the world. He believes that our country belongs to the people, and that the best natural protection for it is that the people be given a voice in the public forum.  Mr. Charlton is not a registered member of any political party, though he is a staunch opponent of Communism and Fascism.  Launching The Post & Email as a simple blog, he shortly thereafter converted it to an electronic newspaper.

Sharon Rondeau, Owner/Editor

Mrs. Rondeau is a natural born American Citizen who began researching the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama during the 2008 election cycle. She has been operating The Post & Email since April 2010 following Mr. Charlton’s departure.  She earned a B.A. from Eastern Connecticut State University in 1986 summa cum laude and worked in the areas of office skills instruction and word processing support for 15 years.

Her ten-year career at a Hartford, CT insurance company ended abruptly in February 2001 after she was permanently injured from a rear-end car accident.

As The Post & Email’s editor, Ms. Rondeau writes daily reports focusing on government corruption in addition to reviewing and publishing editorials from syndicated and guest writers from all over the world.  All submissions must meet the paper’s high standards for quality, accuracy, and family-friendliness.

Sharon is also an accomplished harpist with more than 28 years of experience performing in a wide variety of venues including solo, small ensemble and orchestral.  In 1998 she released her CD, “Celtic Reflections,” and in 2009, her collection “Easy Scottish Harp Music” was published by Mel Bay.  Her arrangements for small and concert harps are available through major harp retailers.


For those submitting Letters to the Editor, Blogs-of-the-Day, Editorials and other materials, The Post & Email reserves the right to accept or reject any submission and to make any revisions to the submission before publication.  Each submission will be proofread for content, grammar, spelling, punctuation and appropriateness for the newspaper.  Please make sure to cite all sources with appropriate links and always describe events in your own words.  It is neither acceptable nor legal to copy another’s work and submit it as one’s own. The Post & Email can be held liable for any plagiarism published on its pages, whether intended or unintended.

If you are an author and believe that your work has been plagiarized and published at The Post & Email, please contact us immediately at

The Post & Email will have the final word on any changes made to submissions upon publication.  Anyone in disagreement with this policy should not submit items for consideration.

With the exception of editorials, we do not accept articles which have been published on other blogs or news sites.  We seek original material from citizen contributors.  We do not publish internet chain mails or copyrighted material from other websites.  Large amalgamations of graphics cannot be uploaded to our interface.

Because of the volume of editorials we receive, we limit an individual author to one article published each day.

Editorial writers own the copyright to their work and may publish it anywhere they wish.  The Post & Email will always provide a link back to the author’s website if applicable.

The Post & Email maintains a child-friendly publication policy which precludes submissions on adult topics or containing suggestive written or graphical content.  Please do not submit pieces containing obscenities, vulgarities or with references to topics inappropriate for a 12-year-old, including adult social issues and gambling.

The same policy applies to the Comments section (below).

The Post & Email does not publish hypothetical discussions of harm coming to any individual, whether in public or private life.  We stridently oppose vitriol and any suggestion of violence in our discourse.

Articles promoting a political candidate, product, service or company are not acceptable unless submitted as a paid advertisement at agreed-upon rate and terms.  All submissions of this nature must meet our family-friendly standards.

Comment Policy

  • No personal attacks will be allowed.  Please make a general comment about the article you’ve read or a related item, but do not address your comment back to another individual with whom you do not agree.  State your position, but please do not become contentious.
  • Comments referring to inflicting harm to any individual are banned.
  • Anyone seeking to threaten or intimidate The Post & Email’s staff will be reported to the authorities and banned from making further comments.
  • Please do not leave long, rambling soliloquies, but rather, be short and to-the-point.  Limit links to external articles to one or two.
  • Any comments containing knowingly false or misleading information will be marked as spam and the commenter banned permanently.
  • Harassment, demands, back-and-forth arguments with other commenters and repetitive comments will not be published.
  • The Post & Email cannot reproduce others’ work without the author’s expressed written consent.  Therefore, please do not copy and paste text from blogs or other news sites and submit them as comments.  Simply leave a link and state how it is related to our content.
  • No swearing or obscenities will be permitted in keeping with our family-friendly policy.
  • The Post & Email does not allow anti-Semitic or any other kind of attacks against ethnicities or nationalities.  The threats posed by Sharia law and radical Islam may be discussed.
  • Comments cannot be used to solicit donations for any cause.

Privacy Policy: The Post & Email does not share email addresses or other personal information submitted through any of our contact outlets (news-alerts subscriptions, “Contact Us,” etc.) without written consent.

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