by Mike Latham, ©2021 

(Aug. 26, 2021) — For the better part of three decades, most/many Americans considered Pres. Jimmy Carter (you know, the gentleman peanut farmer from Georgia) to be America’s worst president. Until of course Barack Hussein Obama came along, snatching the crown from Carter’s head with authority; however, in doing so, Obama’s performance in office made Carter appear to be a Mensa member! Now, it is incontrovertible that the Dems have a special knack for making things worse, no matter the issue. And so it is with selecting candidates for the American presidency. Not content with the aforementioned losers, the Dems saddled our republic with Joe Biden, who will most certainly go down as America’s worst president, and sadly, he may well be America’s very last president. 

I assume by now that most Americans, and very likely the entire world, have a fair idea of the reported horrors occurring in Afghanistan.   Never in American history has such an important foreign policy matter been so embarrassingly and dangerously bungled.    We’ve heard from numerous experts on the matter, and most are dumbfounded as to how this administration has mishandled the situation and how they look only beyond their own incompetence for a scapegoat but have absolutely no clue how to fix this mistake.

More and more reports are surfacing that the administration was warned repeatedly by our professional experts of what would likely occur if Pres. Trump’s exit strategy from Afghanistan was not followed exactly and closely monitored; the administration ignored it, and we now know the rest.  Last week’s WSJ front page carries such an article (warning), authored by Vivian Salama; today’s WSJ/OPED, has an article by Karl Rove titled, “Afghanistan Won’t Be the Last Biden Crisis.”  Indeed, FOX News reported shortly after noon today that four US Marines were killed at the Kabul airport, three others were critically injured, and a fire-fight was still raging.  

Now, we need some brave folks having the facts to first resign, then step forward and tell the (whole) truth.  We’ll then need a congressional investigation to sort out/identify those responsible for this debacle and how we must deal with them.   America will not survive with Biden in charge, surrounded by his inner circle of mediocrity for 41 more months.   Those responsible need to  be impeached and removed from office,  NOW.

Note: At 4:01 p.m., Fox News is reporting that according to the Pentagon, 12 U.S. service members and at least 60 civilians were killed at Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul. Fifteen U.S. soldiers are injured, according to the report.

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  1. IMHO the ineligible America-hating Constitution-despising Marxist Muslim racist from Kenya is THE worst (p)resident in history. It was he who initiated the fundamental transformation of America based upon his father’s dreams of ridding Kenya of “White Colonialism”.