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(Jan. 3, 2021) — Four hundred years ago, the Puritans landed on our shores in search of freedom in order to practice their faith without persecution. From that humble beginning sprang the most successful, honorable and benevolent government in recorded history. However, today, America teeters on the abyss of catastrophic collapse, and very likely, failure. The impending failure isn’t caused by an outside source, a hostile well-armed enemy. No, it’s from internal sources of evil, corruption and a complete lack of understanding of what created America in the first place. It is analogous to a malignant cancerous tumor that has been growing within for over 100 years. We’ve all seen innumerable signs of this destructive cancer, e.g., the dissolution of the American family, the falling away from God, the drug culture, abortion on demand, the politics of personal destruction, corruption in academia as well as our courts, our penal system, our churches, the unimaginable lust for greed and power, a massive collapse of all forms of credible media, etc., etc. 

The most recent example of destructive corruption and outright fraud occurred on November 3rd in the general election.   There exists incontrovertible and overwhelming evidence of fraud.  If the artifacts (the paper ballots) were audited, the fraudulent ones properly adjudicated (meaning thrown out), and the voting record corrected, President Trump would win reelection in a landslide. It is not that evidence has not been presented; it is the recalcitrance of certain officials that will not allow or endorse complete and thorough audits of all the artifacts in the areas where the corruption obviously occurred.  By federal law, the artifacts must be retained for several years by responsible state officials.  The required audits could be accomplished in a matter of hours/days, in select counties, in just four states (GA, PA, MI & WI).  Since the audits could be accomplished so quickly and monitored with the proper oversight, why, if nothing is amiss, are the audits being so forcefully objected to?   Sadly, the answer is glaringly simple: MAJOR MALFEASANCE AND CORRUPTION.  Any/all honest and honorable folks want the record to be cleared, one way or the other; it is that simple.

Much evidence has been produced over the past two months, but a real eye-opener occurred on December 30th in Georgia, when their Senate Judiciary Committee heard testimony from various experts on voter fraud, not the least of which was from Jovan Pulitzer

On July 4, 1776, 56 of our founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence.  In doing so, they were well aware they might have been signing their own death warrants.   And it wasn’t just them; the destruction levied by the Crown would in all probability extend to their entire families and all of their worldly  possessions.   It is glaringly obvious that this group of Americans were only concerned with one precious thing: FREEDOM, for without their freedom, nothing else mattered.    

Painter John Trumbull’s depiction of the presentation of the draft of the Declaration of Independence to Congress on June 28, 1776 by the “Committee of Five” (public domain)

So here we are in 2021. Does America have any such men or women today who will stand up and suffer the onslaught of criticisms, death threats, and possible beatings? Anyone, maybe just ONE?   

Well, the next chapter will be playing out before our eyes over the next four days.  Do you understand what is happening to our country? Do you even care?

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  1. This years election is equivalent to your playing football with 11 players (as the rules dictate) and your opponent’s team has 15 players on the field and an extra football while on offense, and they are beating you. So you complain to the referee and he says; “keep playing and stop whining”; then you complain to the other teams and they say; “we can’t interfere in your game”; so you complain to the league chairman and he says; “what am I supposed to do, you should have scored more points”.