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(Sep. 21, 2021) — For well over three decades, we’ve all been bombarded by a cult-like drumbeat/mentality, claiming that mankind is destroying Earth’s atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels.  The allegation is that it all started with our increased use of fossil fuels during the Industrial Revolution of the late 19th century and progressed through current times.   The cult members (commonly referred to as “climate alarmists”), claim, very simplistically, that the increased release of carbon-dioxide into Earth’s atmosphere is causing Earth’s temperature to rise dramatically, and therefore, all kinds of horrific climate disasters are occurring as a result.   That is absolute nonsense. There is not one shred of scientific proof to support their theory; all of their computer-models on the subject have failed, and failed miserably and/or were debunked because of deliberate lies or gross incompetence.   Conversely, there exists a wealth of information available from real scientists that absolutely debunks the lies and explains in painful detail Earth’s climate and its infinite variability. 

There  is an extensive list of books and articles authored by the real scientists (PhDs, typically referred to as “the Skeptics”), e.g., Lindzen, Soon, Curry, Ball, Easterbrook, Michaels, Casey, Bunker, Moran, Singer, et al.   You may want to start by clicking this link to an interview with Randall Carlson, and then follow up by reading “The Mythology of Global Warming” by Dr. Bruce Bunker and “Hot Talk, Cold Science” by Dr. S. Fred Singer (3rd edition, 2021).   By following the aforementioned path, you’ll begin to more clearly understand what all the chatter is truly about. 

Most folks have a PC or a phone (likely both); why not validate via “google” a few basic facts/truths on the subject to get started: 

  • Earth has not warmed since about 1998 as corroborated by satellites and weather balloons.
  • Antarctica (larger in area than CONUS & MEXICO combined); contains 90%+ of ALL glacial ice on earth.
  • The mean temperature on Antarctica is approximately -55 F to -61 F, or 93 degrees below the point that water freezes.  No melting there!
  • Global warming is causing more storms and forest fires than ever before; MORE NONSENSE.  The National Weather Service says storm activity is normal, and forest fires are the direct result of poor or lack of proper forest management.
  • The melting of Arctic sea-ice is causing the oceans to rise; MORE NONSENSE.  The sea-ice has already displaced itself, and if it all melted, there would be a slight receding of ocean levels.
  • The volume of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere is rising at an alarming rate; MORE NONSENSE.  CO2 is fairly steady at approximately 400 ppm, regardless of how much mankind pumps out.  Furthermore, it was higher centuries ago.
  • Because of the melting Arctic sea-ice, the polar bears are going extinct; MORE NONSENSE.  The Canadian government monitors the polar bear population, which is now at approximately 32-35,000 bears, the largest population recorded since they’ve been keeping records.

The very next time you hear Kerry or Obama claim that climate change is an “EXISTENTIAL THREAT,” don’t curse, smash the TV or vomit. Rather, just sit down and write your congressman and senators a letter impressing them with your superior knowledge on the subject.  Most folks don’t want to discuss the subject, but make no mistake: they’ll want to discuss it if/when a CARBON TAX is ever signed into law.  If you’re not familiar with what a carbon tax is and what our government intends to do with those tax dollars, you may want to investigate that as well, and soon.

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  1. Real scientists — those in the field of science for the sake of pure science rather than the sake of ideological money — have proven the causes of global climate change (cooling and warming) are:
    1. Milankovitch Cycles
    2. Earthquakes and volcanoes (including submarine volcanoes)
    3. Cyclic decreases/increases in Sun Spot activity

    A recent University of Melbourne research study, by PhD candidate Petra Bajo and his colleagues, revealed that ice ages over the last million years ended when the tilt angle of the Earth’s axis was approaching higher values. Longer and hotter summers melted the large Northern Hemisphere ice sheets, propelling the Earth’s climate into a warm ‘interglacial’ state, like the one we’ve experienced over the last 11,000 years.

    Petra Bajo’s report, “Persistent influence of obliquity on ice age terminations since the Middle Pleistocene transition”, published 13 Mar 2020 in Science — — moves closer to resolving some of the mystery of why ice ages end by establishing when they end.