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by Mike Latham, ©2020


(Jul. 15, 2020) — It is becoming more and more apparent each and every day that the so-called pandemic has become nothing more than a political cudgel.  It is being brandished by the Democrat lunatic left to destroy America, and Christianity, in their demonic and disgusting attempts to regain absolute power.  Numerous medical professionals have opined (publicly) that the direction provided by the CDC and its spokespersons, Drs. Birx & Fauci, is totally wrong in several regards.   The latest input that I’ve received is by a Dr. Richard Bartlett of Midland, TX (link below).

The link will open up a 30 minute video of an interview with Dr. Bartlett; I, and I suspect most, will be astounded, not only by Dr. Bartlett’s recommended treatment of COVID-19, but by the worldwide statistics regarding how other countries are dealing (very successfully) with the virus.  Their efforts and recommendations are totally opposite of what the CDC has  been jamming down our throats (note that the statistics are available on Johns-Hopkins website).   Please find the time to watch the video and then pass it along.

Some other well-credentialed doctors with whom you may be acquainted are:

  • Dr. Scott Atlas, Stanford University
  • Dr. Dan Erickson, Bakersfield, CA, owns his own clinic
  • Dr. Artin Massihi, Bakersfield, CA, Dr. Erickson’s partner
  • Dr. Marc Siegel, Prof. @NYU and Fox News contributor

All five (5) of the doctors. Identified are practicing professionals; they are not ivory-tower-bound theorists.  In fact, Dr. Erickson is regarded as one of the top microbiologists in America.  Erickson and the others have all opined, in their own ways and over many months, that the general consensus of medical professionals agrees with them on the treating of the virus, with few if any exceptions!   Trust me, it’s an eye-opener (and mind-opener) to listen to these professionals.  Additionally, you may want to follow Alex Berenson, an investigative reporter, and talk to your family doctor about the virus as well.

Now is not the time to sit idly by and to let feckless politicians dictate America’s future; it is “We the People” who will determine America’s future.


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  1. Debbie gave the email address to request a copy of Dr. Bartlett’s research but I could not understand what she said. She spoke a bit faster than my ears could pick up. Please post this address on your comment section. Greatly appreciated.