September 30, 2020


To The Editor:

Well, I for one was not surprised at the complete lack of decorum during last night’s debate.  I think Chris Wallace did a respectable job; however, the two competing personalities are diametrically opposed ideologically, coupled with their obvious dislike for each other, and the volatility of the major issues facing America today makes it difficult, if not impossible, to garner any semblance of a respectful dialogue.

So what, if anything, changed, and did we learn anything new?   From my perspective, the answer is “No and No!”  The respective positions on all major issues are essentially etched in granite, with no apparent possibility (or little possibility) for compromise.   The major issues that have topped the political marquee over several months are as follows:

  1. TAXES:  TRUMP; continue to lower taxes across the board; BIDEN, increase taxes across the board, with additional trillions of dollars in new taxes over the next ten years to fund Democrat programs.
  2. OBAMACARE: TRUMP; repeal the remnants of the ACA in favor of a more cost-effective program without disturbing the majority having employer-funded plans; BIDEN; keep the remnants of the ACA and eventually drive everything toward universal government control of America’s healthcare industry (little or no specificity).
  3. LAW ENFORCEMENT: TRUMP; we (all, including elected officials) treat law-enforcement personnel with respect, obey their commands when enforcing our laws and provide them all the tools they may require; BIDEN; he and the Democrat Party are in favor of partially de-funding the police and he/they refuse to speak out against Democrat officials who remain silent in the face of anarchy in their districts.
  4. PANDEMIC (or Covid-19): TRUMP; claims the Democrats are using the pandemic as a political cudgel against him, wants the country opened up now (including schools) following the CDC guidelines and accelerating the vaccine; BIDEN; blames TRUMP for 200,000+  Covid-related deaths (absurd), will shut the country down again, COMPLETELY.
  5. SCOTUS: TRUMP; get Amy Coney Barrett confirmed, keep the court at nine justices; BIDEN; While most Democrat spokespersons say that if Barrett is confirmed and Biden wins, they will endeavor to pack the court with additional (liberal) justices to overcome the conservative majority, Biden refused to answer the question as to whether or not he favors packing the court.
  6. ANARCHY & LAW ENFORCEMENT SUPPORT: TRUMP; if you break our laws, you will be prosecuted to the maximum extent allowed.  Virtually every major law-enforcement  group nationally has endorsed TRUMP (NYC, a first);  BIDEN; has refused to speak out to leaders of Democrat-controlled cities being destroyed and has endorsed de-funding the police. He has no backing (none) from law-enforcement.
  7. CLIMATE CHANGE: TRUMP; exited the Paris Accord (never voted on by the US Senate; an Obama deal), repealed many needless Obama PEOs, and is opposed to anything that will destroy America’s economy, having no apparent value; BIDEN; reinstate the Paris Accord and go all-in on the “Green New Deal.”

Of course there are numerous peripheral issues as well, not the  least of which is a strong military, but the foregoing will determine the final outcome.  In a mere 33 days, the polls will be open and Americans will decide one of two possibilities: (1) will we select a free-economy and honor our time-tested constitution, the very things that are the incontrovertible foundation for the greatest country in history, or, (2) will we take the left’s path, and slowly, but very surely, become a rather larger version of the failed socialist/communist Venezuela?

President Trump is correct in voicing his concern regarding uncontrolled mail-in ballots.  It isn’t just the threat of fraud, timing and incompetence which would be contributors to potential massive confusion.   Some have already opined that the election will ultimately be decided by the SCOTUS, much as it was in 2000.   I’m not so sure there exists another possibility.  There have been meaningful hints over several months that both the Hispanic and Black communities are leaning heavily toward President Trump! If true, the matter will most certainly be decided on the evening of November 3rd.


Mike Latham

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  1. Chris Wallace did a “respectable job”??? PLEASE!!! He’s a Liberal HACK and a disgrace that came to the aid of Dementia Joe every time he noticed him beginning to struggle with a thought. Trump was obviously somewhat frustrated from being ganged up on in what was basically a 2 against 1 scenario.

  2. The presidential debate decorum by the two debaters can be summarized in one statement: One debater spoke with high intensity to avoid being indicted for crimes committed during his tenure as a US politician.