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by Mike Latham, ©2022

(Jan. 21, 2022) — Most folks learned at very tender ages that if something seemed too good to be true, it was almost always proven (later) to not be true.  And so it is today: slowly but surely, the truth regarding the subject has been trickling out since this past summer from a myriad of sources.

Not surprisingly, most of those speaking out about the government’s malfeasance and the efficacy of the Covid vaccines are medical practitioners and/or scientists.   The known bona fides of those speaking out are far and away superior to those held by the federal bureaucrats and the politicians we’re used to hearing speak on the pandemic.

If you’ve been following the subject for the past two years, you already have a reasonably clear picture of what has transpired.   However, what has been missing is the answer to, “Who were the puppeteers behind the scenes, and what exact impact did they have on the subject?”  Below, you’ll find a link (audio/video) that runs for approximately 30 minutes which will fill in many blanks for you.   In fact, it may prove to be significantly emotional for you.

The late great Paul Harvey’s closing line was, “AND NOW YOU KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY.”  Well, we’re not there yet; it’ll likely take many more years for the entire story to be told.  However, when the inventor of mRNA, Dr. Robert Malone (who holds the early patents for mRNA, the current vaccines’ foundation), says to proceed with great caution, it is best to heed his advice.  Only time will tell what may happen to those folks who have had their bodies (and organs) laced with microscopic spike proteins.

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  1. It’s all been a scam; humanity was punked by globalist elites, who control+fund so many institutions, politicians, drs, etc. It’s sickening, it’s maddening— I want justice, I want to see the Real Truth come out now! But, it appears the elites have something more sinister up their sleeves—why are they backing off the restrictions? Now so much talk of 5g, sabre rattling for wars. Is their narrative about to change? The lack of the mass awareness, the lack of law+order is everywhere, these evil people count on the masses to forget.