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August 9, 2020

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To the Editor:

Do you think you have a grasp, an understanding, of what is going on in Americana today?  Maybe you do, but sadly, many do not!  The ranks of what you see on our streets are filled with a combination of paid anarchists, known communist antagonists, blind ideologues, and some just plain stupid folks.   In the event you may need some clarity, merely click on the attached video for some historic perspective.

America has survived some very significant threats in its history, perhaps none greater than the Civil War.   The major threat today, once again, comes from within; however, it is fueled by many enemies from without.  The disgusting greed and godless existence of a handful pose a clear and present danger to America’s very survival.  The threat to America today is even greater than it was in 1860, much greater.  If you’ve been apathetic in the past, now is the time to wake up and to engage; it may be your last chance.

After the Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin was asked what he and his peers had created. Franklin responded, “A Republic if you can keep it.”   In approximately 90 short days, we’ll have an answer re Americans’ resolve.


Mike Latham

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  1. so vey true. I have often written about the danger of communism/fascism/socialism/liberalism/Islamism, all names for the same satanic evil being imposed on We the People. The democrat party propaganda arm, called the mainstream media, and the very leftist oriented social network sites are all pushing the nation towards enslavement under one of those labels. blm and antifa DO NOT CARE about black lives, they only care about causing the anarchy Nazi war criminal pays them to create. The media/Pravda keeps putting out “polls” that say joe bite me is leading President Trump by double digits, profound lies all, and I believe that when Trump wins they will cry foul and insist that he lost. Hitlery still claims she won in 2016 because the “polls” had her far ahead so it looks to me like we will see a repeat unless the mail vote cheating shows bite me won and then they will howl some more. There is no way, in an honest election, that biden can win. I pray every day that God will have mercy on this nation and give us 4 more years of good men in the highest offices and good men and women in congress so Trump can continue to drain the swamp that is the federal government. I will keep praying and writing to warn people.