by Mike Latham, ©2021 

(Sep. 6, 2021) — In March 2020, Dr. Dan Erickson (immunologist, Bakersfield, CA) cautioned America about the courses of action being dictated by our government.  Dr. Erickson was very specific in his criticisms (his news conference is still available online).   The gist of his approach was that “herd” immunity was the key in defeating Covid, as opposed to rushing into the use of unproven and potentially dangerous vaccines; do not shut down the economy, do not shut down our schools, protect the aged and those with compromised immune systems.   It was that simple, and in retrospect, it appears 18 months later, Erickson was exactly right.

The government bureaucracy, led by “Fauci the Fraud,” is still spewing out gibberish and not explaining or answering the many questions that are ablaze atop the national marquee.  Now, there is more and more disturbing information regarding the efficacy of the vaccines (namely, Pfizer & Moderna) which the government is working feverishly (plus the booster) to inject into everyone’s body.   

But why??  There is more on that question here.

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