News from Tennessee State Inmate Todd Sweet

News from Tennessee State Inmate Todd Sweet

JUDGE ROSS “A BIT PERTURBED” by Todd J. Sweet, ©2014 (Mar. 5, 2014) — [Editor’s Note:  After a long break, Tennessee inmate Todd J. Sweet sent a letter to The Post & Email with an update on his post-conviction appeal against the Monroe County, TN Criminal Court verdicts rendered in 2010 which convicted him of […]

Post Conviction – Part 3 by Tennessee Inmate Todd Joseph Sweet pb

Post Conviction – Part 3 by Tennessee Inmate Todd Joseph Sweet pb

AN INSIDER’S VIEW OF MONROE COUNTY JUDICIAL CORRUPTION by Todd Joseph Sweet, ©2012 (Dec. 15, 2012) — [Editor’s Note:  The Post & Email has been following the story of Todd J. Sweet, who has been serving a 16-year sentence in a Tennessee state prison but in June submitted a post-conviction petition with evidence not available […]

Todd Sweet Reveals More Monroe County, TN Corruption

Todd Sweet Reveals More Monroe County, TN Corruption

“IT IS BEAUTIFUL” by T. Joseph Sweet, ©2012 (Sep. 15, 2012) — [Editor’s Note:  The following letter was received two weeks ago from inmate Todd Joseph Sweet, who claims that a grand jury indictment which resulted in his conviction and 16-year prison sentence was “bogus.”  Sweet is a practicing Christian who believes that despite the […]

Todd Sweet Awaits Decision on Post-Conviction Petitions

FROM MONROE COUNTY COURT CLERK by Sharon Rondeau (Aug. 26, 2012) — Todd Sweet, who was forced to play a part in a confession provided by another Monroe County jail inmate several years ago, submitted two post-conviction petitions to “Monroe County Criminal Court Clerk” Martha M. Cook on June 29, 2012. The petitions cite the […]

Todd Sweet Thanks Readers of The Post & Email

“GOD ORDAINED IT ALL” by Todd Sweet, ©2012 (Jun. 2, 2012) — [Editor’s Note:  The latest letter from Todd Sweet dated May 27, 2012 follows his relocation to another prison after a harrowing experience at a CCA facility in Clifton, TN.  In a previous letter Sweet gave God the credit for the relocation.] Whew! Enclosed […]

Todd Sweet Relocated to Tennessee State Prison

“GOD IS AWESOME!  WAY AWESOME!” by Sharon Rondeau (May 31, 2012) — On May 29, The Post & Email received the following letter from Todd Sweet: In letters written following his move to the CCA facility in Clifton, TN, Sweet and his cellmate had described being in fear for their lives because of a lack […]

Tennessee Inmate Todd Sweet Says Who the “Real” Sovereigns Are

WHAT IF THE “LAWMAKERS” AND “ENFORCERS” ARE CRIMINALS? by Todd Sweet, ©2012 (May 20, 2012) — [Editor’s Note:  The Post & Email erred in a previous article about Todd Sweet which was corrected after receiving the following letter.  Sweet is aware of the label “sovereign citizen” as applied to Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III and Darren […]

Todd Sweet Responds to the Knoxville FBI, Part 2

IS THE MEDIA BEING USED AS A PROPAGANDA TOOL? by Todd J. Sweet, ©2012 (May 6, 2012) — [Editor’s Note:  The following is “Part B” of inmate Todd Sweet’s response to the Knoxville FBI’s characterization of his report of potential terrorism in Monroe County as dubious because of his previous criminal activities.  The initial part […]

Todd Sweet Responds to Knoxville FBI About his Credibility

TENNESSEE STATE INMATE HAD CONTENDED COVER-UP OF TERRORIST PLOT by Sharon Rondeau (May 2, 2012) — In a previous mailing, Todd Sweet, an inmate at the CCA facility in Clifton, TN, reported that he had learned of a plot to detonate explosives in Monroe County, TN several years ago, had notified law enforcement while an […]

Sweet: “Satan Has His Claws Deep” in Monroe County

INMATE REFUSES TO SPEAK TO AUTHORITIES UNTIL INVESTIGATION COMMENCES INTO CORRUPTION IN MONROE COUNTY, TN by Sharon Rondeau (Apr. 30, 2012) — The Post & Email has received another letter from Tennessee state inmate Todd Sweet, who has alleged that a cover-up of planned, coordinated terrorist attacks was carried out by Monroe County “law enforcement” […]

Tennessee Inmate Todd Sweet Relocated

“SITUATION AWARENESS” by Sharon Rondeau (Feb. 16, 2012) — The Post & Email has learned that Todd Sweet, who became acquainted with Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III while both were inmates at the Monroe County jail, has recently been moved to another facility, the South Central Correctional Center (SCCC) in Clifton, TN. Sweet was formerly housed […]

Post-Conviction, Part 7

JUDGE CARROLL ROSS REFUSES TO RECUSE HIMSELF…BUT WHY? by Todd Joseph Sweet, ©2013 (Mar. 18, 2013) — [Editor’s Note:  The following is a continuation of Tennessee inmate Todd J. Sweet’s post-conviction petition experience with the Monroe County, TN Criminal Court.  Judge Carroll L. Ross has refused to recuse himself from Sweet’s case in defiance of […]

Post Conviction, Part 6

Post Conviction, Part 6

DEFENSE ATTORNEY AGREES WITH INMATE’S REQUEST FOR SPECIAL JUDGE by Todd Joseph Sweet, ©2013 (Feb. 20, 2013) —[Editor’s Note:  The following letter arrived today from Todd Sweet, a Tennessee state inmate, in handwritten form and has been reproduced here in unedited fashion as a sequel to Part 5.  Sweet reported in a handwritten note that […]

The Theory

“IT SIMPLY DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY” by T. Joseph Sweet, Copyright © 2012-7/21 (Jul. 28, 2012) —[Editor’s Note:  The following letter arrived today from Tennessee state inmate Todd J. Sweet, whose work we have featured before.  Sweet is addressing Judge Walter C. Kurtz, who is presiding over a case charging LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, […]

“The Effective Fervent Prayer of a Righteous Man Avails Much”

IS TENNESSEE JUDICIAL CORRUPTION COMING UNDONE…WITH GOD’S HELP? by Todd J. Sweet, ©2012 (Jun. 14, 2012) — [Editor’s Note:  In this article, Mr. Sweet refers to the information found by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III regarding laws passed by the Tennessee General Assembly in 1984 which ordered a reorganization of the criminal courts throughout the state […]

The Plan, Part One

CAN A BROKEN JUDICIARY BE PUT BACK TOGETHER AGAIN? by Todd Sweet, ©2012 (May 27, 2012) — Have I gotten a response from the Knoxville FBI in regards [sic] to my polygraph exam challenge? Absolutely not, nor do I expect one.  The truth is not in them. It is what it is. Today I’m going […]

What is the Answer to the Problems in America’s Prisons?

“EVIL DOESN’T LIKE THE TRUTH” by Todd Sweet, ©2012 (May 18, 2012) —[Editor’s Note:  The following letter from Todd Sweet is his assessment of his situation after having been relocated to CCA in Clifton, TN in early February of this year.  Some of the material contained herein is not suitable for children, but we have […]

County vs. State vs….Corporate America!?

TENNESSEE INMATE DESCRIBES LIFE-THREATENING SITUATION IN PRIVATELY-RUN PRISON by Todd Sweet, ©2012 (May 14, 2012) —[Editor’s Note:  The following 13-page handwritten letter describes Todd Sweet’s harrowing experience upon being relocated from a state-run prison in Wartburg, TN to a privately-operated facility in Clifton, TN in early February of this year.  Both Sweet and his cellmate, […]