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by T. Joseph Sweet, Copyright © 2012-7/21

Does Judge Walter C. Kurtz understand Tennessee law, or does he make his own?

(Jul. 28, 2012) —[Editor’s Note:  The following letter arrived today from Tennessee state inmate Todd J. Sweet, whose work we have featured before.  Sweet is addressing Judge Walter C. Kurtz, who is presiding over a case charging LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) with “tampering with government records.”  At the most recent hearing on June 28, 2012, Kurtz brushed aside Fitzpatrick’s mention of laws passed by the Tennessee General Assembly in 1984 which ordered redistricting of the criminal court system throughout the state but were never implemented.  Kurtz instead called Fitzpatrick’s elucidation of the laws “a theory.”

Sweet’s letter is reproduced exactly as it was was submitted to us, this time in typed format.  In a previous mailing, Sweet told us, “I recently was given the Law Clerk position at this facility after passing the paralegal test/quiz on Tennessee law.  It is a position I will work hard at and honorably.  It gives me the opportunity to help others and introduce them to God.”]


A recent letter from what I fully consider my Editor reveals to me Judge Walter Kurtz’s decision to refer to the 1984 Legislative Reformation of the Tennessee Judicial system…

Wait for it…
Wait for it…

As a theory.


How can anyone read T.C.A. 16-2-510 ( c ), and not see with their own eyes that the word District appears three times.  All in reference to Judges and Grand Juries.

This is not true?

Judge Kurtz says that this is all theory.  That there was no lawful reorganization to a District system.

Come on.  I know I live by Faith and not by sight as a follower of Christ, but do not insult my intelligence Mr. Kurtz.  What my eyes see in Tennessee Statute is factual.  How do you explain T.C.A. 16-2-506?  Is that not 31 Districts laid before you?  Are you not now doing part of the theory as laid out in that statute?

I believe it is possible that Mr. Kurtz is only confused, due to his home Court being Nashville.  In Nashville, the District system is not really in play only because the reorganization names Nashville its own District.  That being Davidson County.  You know where the entire Judiciary and Metro Police influence the Grand Jury.  Where they provide Grand Jurist Schooling because in Davidson County the public officials believe that the citizens that fit the script for Jury Service are unintelligent and uneducated.  Where to get an indictment, the Metro P.D. simply gives a Jurist a ride on a cool helicopter.

Gas prices are being complained of all over the world and here we have Metro P.D. burning the most expensive fuel as a bribery/influence tool.  What gives?

But back to Judge Kurtz.

Sir, I am certain you will read this.  I am also certain you will disregard it as unimportant.  Only because it is written from a worthless convict.  Yuk! How distasteful huh?

Well Sir, You are the one reading it.

So what you are saying is that… just a minute.  Let me go grab a Law book @ random.

Here we are.  Tennessee Code Annotated.  Book 3, Title 8.  Garbage you say Mr. Kurtz?

Absolute garbage.  It’s all a theory.  You cannot say any different just because you agree with this law, but do not agree with the reorganization of 1984.

Let me give you an example of what you are doing.

Can you say that the entire Bible is true?  You have to.  You cannot say you do not believe John, but believe Mark.  You cannot say you believe in a verse in the 1st chapter of Genesis but there happens to be a verse in the 3rd chapter of Romans that you believe is not true.  It simply does not work that way.

Nor does the law sir.  You of all people should know that.  If you have the right to choose what to abide by in the law books, why don’t I?  Why am I in a Prison?

I admit that at first glance the entire issue is confusing.  The reason being is that part of the 1984 laws are being adhered to.  When addressing the fact that we call each County a part of a District, or a County is its own District its all well.

When someone says that we are to have a District Judge that presides over the entire District and a Grand Jury that rides the District, or a Petit Jury that is chosen out of the entire District and not just the county where the trial is going down…. now we have a problem.  Seems too inconvenient for the State I guess.  They can’t rig or stack a jury that is from the entire District.  No way.  They could not have strategically placed Gary Pettway as a Grand Jury Foreperson in the 10th Judicial District @ Monroe County had the been randomly selecting from Monroe, McMinn, Polk and Bradley Counties as a whole as is Commanded by law.  Every six (6) months.  But violate the law and choose from just Monroe, and you have much more say so and control over who and what is indicted.  No one knows any difference.  You can now keep placing Gary Pettway in as Foreperson for twenty-eight ridiculous years.

How is such a gross injustice possible you may ask?  Simple.  You are doing what you should be able to do.  You trust the elected officials that you the Taxpayer should be able to trust.  your bad.  You forgot where you woke up this morning…

The land of Theories.

Welcome to what America has sadly become.

Now I have a theory Mr. Kurtz.  You got off track somewhere.  You like so many other supposed lawmakers and enforcers have failed to adhere to the law.  You are a criminal.  The definition of that is that you do not follow the law.  The State Legislature recognized a problem.  They addressed it in the law.  They did their JOB.

So Mr. Kurtz.  Who dropped the ball sir?  Who has it in their power right now to turn this judicial mis-justice around?  To go by Laws, and not simply riding with prior opinions in cases.  This sir is an undecided issue.  You can set case precedence and be the only judge in Tennessee that I have seen thus far, do what the actual law books say to do.  I am rooting for you.

Get yourself back on track before I win this thing.

You may want to hurry.  God is riding with me.

Now before I go and place this in the mail I must touch on the brutality that took place in the Colorado Movie Theater.  I am so very sorry to those touched by this evil.  My prayers are with you and your families.  Only Satan could have done this thing by riding inside an unsaved person such as the attacker.

I do not know what else to say other than to trust God.  Do not look at this as if he did it.  God does not do evil.  However, he cannot work where we, the Saints do not pray Him to work.  Let us be on our JOB fellow Christians.  If we are doing our job and flooding situations with prayer before things happen, they wont happen.  No one and no thing is even slightly as powerful as that.

I, as your Brother in Christ demand that you flood the air with prayers to Heaven for the victims and families effected by that night at that theater.

To media reporters and networks, please, I have seen the criminal mind at work for over 16 years.  Please stop masquerading this thing in the media.  You are using it as a political advantage, blame game as to gun laws.  STOP!  Your mass coverage has the potential to trigger another incident.

Remember that guns do not kill people.  People kill people.

I just got off the phone with one of my daughters.  I ask the readers to please pray for her strength.  My other daughters strength.  My ex-wifes strength.  The entire Mitchell families strength in Michigan where they are presently assembled around the bed side of Edward E. Mitchell.  He is presently passing from this world to the next with our Father in Heaven.  I am not there.  This man was a father to me for years.  I owe him my life.  When times got tough, he was there no matter what others thought of me.  When I went to prison, he picked up the pieces without judgment.  He is loved and will be missed.  I truly doubt there is a man or woman alive that can muster a bad word of him.  I cant do anything but write at the moment in his memory…

Please pray as I asked.  This man is the very best I have met.  When I think of him I think of nothing but honor.  Dignity.  Peace.  Patience.  Love.  His memory makes me smile.

As I said, there is no better man.  There never was and never will be.

In His love and Service,

T. Joseph Sweet

First page of Todd Sweet's July 21, 2012 letter
Second page
Third page


Editor’s Note:  Sweet enjoys hearing from the readership and can be reached at:

Todd J. Sweet 453762
1499 R.W. Moore Memorial Hwy.
Only, TN  37140

Please make sure to include a return address to ensure delivery.  Sweet has told The Post & Email that he can always use postage stamps.  When including stamps, please tape them securely to the front of your letter.  Thank you.

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  1. A Country run amuck – but WHY?, WHY?, WHY?; first this is what we have for politicians – a bunch of misguided, incompetent, progressive liberal, dysfunctional democrats, along with a bunch of selfish, scottish, slacker, inept republicans, both of which aren’t the slightest bit interested in listening to what their tax payer’s are telling them, but instead are only focused on creating their own job longevity, with as many perks and benefits as they can all wrangle, coerce, manipulate, plot, scheme, scrounge or steal. That’s it!, that’s all they are good for!, unfortunately that’s all we have at this time!. Now you throw in a measure of the usual DEMOCRAT ELECTION FRAUD, coupled with a particular inept, uneducated, unthinking, rather stupid and lazy electorate group who would prefer to listen to lies and to take bribes for their votes instead of rushing in the opposite direction – EVEN FOR THEIR OWN SURVIVAL AND GOOD. However those with God, Guns, and a sound basis of COMPASSION, and SOUND LOGICAL THINKING will do just fine, but it would certainly be a lot better if we could get our act together all by ourselves while keeping Almighty God in our hearts and minds; however if GOD himself does have to step in and fix this, then there will be an exacting price for all these ungodly perpetrator’s to pay – with no escape possible; AMEN… This is what I truly believe will be happening, but you don’t just have to take my word for it – check it out yourself in Matthew 13:35 – 43.

  2. Mr. Justice Grier has, from the bench of the Supreme Court of the United States, rebuked the folly of abolishing common-law pleading, and substituting the common-sense practice, as it may be called, in its stead.

    “This system, (says that able judge,) matured by the wisdom of ages, founded on principles of truth and sound reason, has been ruthlessly abolished in many of our States, who have rashly substituted in its place the suggestions of sciolists, who invent new codes and systems of pleading to order. But this attempt to abolish species and establish a single genus is found to be beyond the power of legislative omnipotence. The result of these experiments, so far as they have come to our knowledge, has been to destroy the certainty and simplicity of all pleadings, and to introduce on the record an endless wrangle in writing, perplexing the court, delaying and impeding the administration of justice.”