Post Conviction, Part 6


by Todd Joseph Sweet, ©2013

The Monroe County, TN judiciary has earned a reputation for ignoring state laws and retaining favored grand jury foremen for years, if not decades, thereby compromising their ability to carry out their duties objectively and lawfully.  Grand juries are compromised throughout Tennessee for employing the same methods.

(Feb. 20, 2013) —[Editor’s Note:  The following letter arrived today from Todd Sweet, a Tennessee state inmate, in handwritten form and has been reproduced here in unedited fashion as a sequel to Part 5.  Sweet reported in a handwritten note that at present, he does not have access to a word processor or typewriter.

Since last June, Sweet has been seeking a post-conviction hearing to present new evidence in the case against him which resulted in a prison sentence of 16 years for forgery.

“Jeanie Wiggins” refers to the defense attorney for John Edward Dawson, who was tricked by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, District Attorney General R. Steven Bebb, and Sweet, who was manipulated into the scheme, to obtain a murder confession from Dawson, who had been incarcerated on unrelated charges at the time.

“Judge Ross” refers to Judge Carroll Lee Ross, about whom The Post & Email has reported extensively as part of the judicial corruption problem in Monroe County, TN and the Tenth Judicial District as a whole.]

It hasn’t been all that long since part 5 was written.  That of course means there was action in the court, being how Part 5 spoke of Ross’s inaction.

Though I was originally scheduled for an actual hearing on February 1, 2013 – it did not happen.  Instead Judge Ross used that date to deny my attorney’s motion to withdraw as counsel.  Steve Ward (my attorney) filed it due to the need for him to testify at my actual hearing in the future.  And yes – I said Judge Ross denied Mr. Wards motion.

Absolutely his most serious mistake to date.  His decision does not surprize me, however Mr. Wards reaction to Ross does.

Not only did Mr. Ward file an Amended Motion to recuse the Judge, but in doing so he incorporated my original motion that Ross denied and committed aggravated perjury in doing so.

Mr. Ward in my opinion has joined, or always been, of the ranks of the elite in Monroe County who do what is right and are not fearful of the corrupt and bias others.

Though there are undoubtedly many, in my personal experience Mr. Ward is joined by Jeanie Wiggins and Richard Hughes.

Wiggins shined in her defense of Mr. Dawson.  She went to bat to get the information from me and when she was blocked, she used her head and simply showed up to my Motion for New Trial Hearing with a pen and note pad.  Though she couldnt talk to me, we spoke through the judicial proceeding itself.  In that way she gained what she needed to aid her client.  Smart lady.

Richard Hughes.  He himself seen that there was to be a conflict of interest in the upcoming hearing so he took the initiative to withdraw the Public Defenders office from this case.  Later Judge Ross said it was my doing because I failed to cooperate.  Something I proved he lied about by sending the Appellate Court numerous letters to show differently.

Now we have Mr. Ward.  A man of honor in my book because he has now set Judge Ross up for failure as you can see for yourself in the attached motion.  This motion is now an addition to the one filed and displayed for you readers in a previous article.

Will Judge Ross lie again in answering it, or will he simply bow out?

Either way – God is awesome and answering my and your prayers.  One by one, little by little, the list is diminishing.  One by one, little by little, the list is diminishing.  One by one, little by little, God shows his almighty power in giving me victory.

Why?  Because, as I stated 40 articles prior, God sees what is on your heart and in your mind.  Cant defraud Him.  Cant manipulate Him.

And He sees the good I intend to do with my freedom.  He sees the real change in me.  It doesnt matter what anyone else thinks, or the hate they feel, or the unforgiveness in their heart.

God knows.  He will free me from prison.

In His Love and Service —

T. Joseph Sweet

Sweet appreciates hearing from readers of The Post & Email and can be reached at the following address:

Todd J. Sweet, #453762 – Unit 6
TCIX – Annex
1499 R. W. Moore Memorial Hwy.
Only, TN  37140

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