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by Todd J. Sweet, ©2012

The state of Tennessee has been long-known as a hotbed of corruption, particularly in law enforcement and the judiciary

(Jun. 14, 2012) — [Editor’s Note:  In this article, Mr. Sweet refers to the information found by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III regarding laws passed by the Tennessee General Assembly in 1984 which ordered a reorganization of the criminal courts throughout the state but was never accomplished.  All spelling and syntax errors have been left intact, as in Sweet’s preceding article, to give the reader the uninterrupted flow of his thoughts on judicial corruption and abuse in Monroe County and the state of Tennessee.  Prior to learning of the new information uncovered by Fitzpatrick, Sweet had begun devising his own plan to root out corruption, beginning in Monroe County.]

Ut oh.

Readers, just as I was going to begin laying out my “Change the Judicial System” plan…

In my lap dropped what I would call a …

Game changer.

Iceing on the cake.

Having your cake and eating it too.


Check mate.

Whew!  The clichés I can come up with when it comes to this subject.

I have long ago stated that Mr. Fitzpatrick & Mrs. Rondeau along with a half dozen others had been put in my path – and I theirs for Gods glory and purposes.

That God placed me in Monroe County to deal with the corruption.  That God put it on my heart to help right the judicial wrongs starting with Monroe County, then spreading over the entire state of Tennessee, then to the entire United States.

I had a plan.  God revealed a great plan to me over the last few weeks.  Things are going well.  Great actually.

I just didnt know Gods plan wasnt quite fully revealed.

Until now.

“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us.”

Ephesians 3:20

Lets look at that verse.

“Exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask…”

I have asked alot from God when it comes to how I should go about the reformation of the judicial system.

Also about my personal freedom.  Because my plan had called for me to be free in order to make it work.  To force the system and authorities to do their jobs.

Now as for the “..or think…” part of Ephesians 3:20…

Well, I am sure you can think or imagine quite elaborately yourself.  I know I certainly can.  And this verse tells me that God can and will give me more than I can…”Think”?


Of course, that depends on the last part of the verse….”according to the power that works in us.”

So depending on your walk and your faith, the more power your trusted with, the more he will give you.

Exceedingly more than you can ask or think.

Abundantly more.

And that my dear readers is what he did for me.

That is what he did for Walter Fitzpatrick.

That is what he is about to do for many.

After prayer, after prayer, after prayer, there was a man (Walter Fitzpatrick) sitting at a computer once again punching in “Grand Jury.”  Something I and others are certain Mr. Fitzpatrick had typed and searched hundreds of time over the last 3 years.


TCA 16-16-101


TCA 16-2-507

For 28 years the Tennessee “County Criminal Courts” have been locking people up.

Illegally and without jurisdiction to do so.

And just how many were convicted and sent to death row?

How many of those were convicted by an illegal “County Criminal Court?”

Now understand.  I am a prisoner.  I know for certain there are many men who really are sick and could care less about the laws, God or human life.  Many need to be right where they are.  In prison.

The problem is that many many many men do not belong in prison.

We live in a country that is partly sustained by the money made from the men locked up.  On average, the Federal Government gives a state 74.00 per day to feed and house a prisoner.

Prisons are business.  Big business.

Anyway.  We live in a country that is built on freedom.  Rights.  the Constitution.

When one man or woman is charged of a crime, there are laws and rules the accusers and courts must adhere to in the name of justice.  Otherwise, if we did not it would be a free for all unlawful country.

Without laws, order, and protection of your rights, if someone accused you they could just blow your brains out.  Hang you.  Burn you at the stake.

Equal protection of the law must be adhered too or we would be no better than flat out vigilante’s.

Vigilante.  Exactly what the “County Criminal Courts” are at present and have been since 1984.

Vigilante.  Brother/sisterhood.  Syndicate.  Judicial mafia.

Call them whatsoever you wish but call them what they are…

And what they are is an illegal entity operating without authority according to their own laws.

They are also “abundantly more than I can ask or think.”

The way Mr. Fitzpatrick found the 1984 laws is nothing shy of a gift from God.

I had many corruption issues along with illegal acts done to me by Monroe County officials to file in my next stage of appeal court.

Then the Grand Jury issue.

Now God puts the checkmate in my hands.  The 1984 reformation of the judiciary.

Way more than I could even think or imagine!

And what is more is the place and position I am in.  I am in prison where I help others to do their legal work.  So far after asking 5 men to see their indictments, I am batting 5 for 5.  All of them were charged and sentenced by a “County Criminal Court.”  I know by sight 20 men on the yard from Monroe.

Mike Jones was illegally indicted from “Davidson County Criminal Court.”  Illegally sentance to 25 years for pot.  His beautiful home was raided by officers holding a warrant from “Davidson County Criminal Court.”  Those officers basically went Christmas shopping at his home.  They only seized items of their own interest.  Not the entire home, for no pot was found there.  Nothing illegal was found there.  No, these goons just randomly selected expensive jewelry and novelty movie and sports memorabilia.

All illegally.

And there are hundreds of men here from “Davidson County Criminal Court.”

And ut-oh, guess what?

Not only will this issue of the 1984 laws be addressed in my appeal or Mr. Jones appeal with the eventual outcome resulting in our freedom, but I intend to help hundreds if not thousands of men that are illegally being held captive by a non existant “County Criminal Court” to file their appeals on grounds of new found evidence.

Along with ineffective assistance of counsel.  It is a lawyers job to know of the 1984 laws.  Most attorneys were D.A.’s and judges.  All lawyers in the state of Tennessee went to law school I would presume.  But heck, the way Tennessee officials break their states own laws, I’m beginning to wonder if 1/2 of them actually went to law school or if their degrees are forgeries.

Bottom line?  Todd J. Sweet and thousands of illegally incarcerated men and women in the Tennessee Dpt. of Corrections are going to begin fireing appeals at the court forcing the corrupt to answer for their illegal acts.

Mr. Fitzpatrick has a large group of incarcerated men and women who are with him.  He is not alone.  His motions wont be brushed to the side.

I have done alot of time.  In that time I have helped men with their legal issues.  A new law would come up and help someone.  Excitement would explode 1/2 of the population.  Hope.  Men would get busy in the law library.

Never have I seen something as powerful or as real as the 1984 laws that were delivered at mail call to me today.

This is Gods “exceedingly abundantly more”..that He himself gave Mr. Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Rondeau and myself in answer to the Satan sanctioned illegalities that Monroe County has so easily tossed at us and gotten away with.

Until now.

Thousands of men & women charged, convicted or killed under false pretenses over the course of 28 years.

Earth shattering.

Glory to God for useing Mr. Fitzpatrick as a vessel to find this hidden bomb.

This is what God does for believers.

I will let god guide my steps in moving foreward with this great project.  He will provide and lead.  The results will not be hidden.

The courts will not hush the voices of the men and women I have at my side.  They have hope.  They have real laws to back them.

If only on the 28th of June Mr. Kurtz, the Honorable Judge hearing Mr. Fitzpatricks motion would rule favorably on the issue of the 1984 laws and Grand Jury issue…

He would undoubtedly become the most important judicial figure our society has ever seen.  Most truthful and honorable.  Let us all pray for him and his courage.  His strength and wisdom.

Lets all of us continue to pray for the corrupt.  The law makers and enforcers.  Also for the oppressed.

Our prayers are being answered as you can see readers.

You children of God.

Keep wearing your knees out of your jeans in prayer.

God and His Angels are moving.  Stop and focus.  Cant you feel it?

I can.

And also:  Please pray for the officials who will be on the receiving end of the hundreds, the thousands of motions that will flood the court system in Tennessee.  Because they will need strength.

The motions are comeing.

Game on!


And to Mr. Rush and Jim Stutts, the corrupt Asst. “District” Attorneys of Monroe County who were neck deep in the deception of John Dawson and theft of my federal and attorney mail at the Monroe County jail.


I am referring to the naval uniform motion you filed.  That you served in 3 separate vehicles like your Kennedy or something.

Your a joke.  A true laughing stock.  A waste of tax-payers money.

What will you do with your lives when your fully exposed for what you both are?

You best start giving serious thought to that.

The “Jigg” is about up.

Oh wait.  It is up!  You have many many years of illegalities to answer for.

That is why God has removed massive mountains in my life to put me here – now.  This is the reason God has allowed the corrupted courts to put off my appeal.  So that I could be in the position I am in at present.  Right where the heart of the 1984 laws lay.  The wrongful imprisonment of thousands.  I walk out on the recreation field with 2-3 hundred men at one time.  Sevety five percent were sentanced after 1984 and by a “County Criminal Court.”

Yes…I am right where I need to be for now.  Helping those men file their motions.  I feel like a child at Christmas time.

The anticipation of the outcome is killin me, I gotta go get busy!

In His Love and Service,


Note:  Those that will worry about the eventual release of men/women that are true threats to society due to the lawmakers and enforcers not doing their job or following their own laws for 28 years?

Address them.  They did it.

Not to worry.  God wont let any harm come out of this.  This is by His power to reconcile this nation to Him.

Simply pray.  He is obviously listening.

Ya never know, maybe 20 years ago an obedient Christian mother lost her son to death row who not only was innocent, but wrongfully convicted after 1984.

She began to pray.

Alot had to happen between then and now, but her prayers are finally beginning to come to light.

“The effective fervant prayer of a righteous man (or woman) avails much”

James 5:16

Just a thought…..

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