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by Todd Sweet, ©2012

Massive corruption has been exposed in Monroe County, TN which has gone unchecked for decades

(May 20, 2012) — [Editor’s Note:  The Post & Email erred in a previous article about Todd Sweet which was corrected after receiving the following letter.  Sweet is aware of the label “sovereign citizen” as applied to Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III and Darren Huff, who is in federal prison.  Sweet’s mention of “the doctor” refers to his report here.]

May 13, 2012

Dear Sharon,

Only one correction.

In the article recently you made mention that the letters illegally stolen by Monroe County officials were “returned to me.”

No.  Not ever.  They were given to Martha Cook and Judge Ross.  When I asked in open Court to open them and expose their content, Judge Ross declined.  He instead entered them as unopened legal exhibits.

Under his control.

U.S. mail to U.S. agencies, stolen by Monroe County Sherriffs [sic] officials, passed to Bebb and Stutts/Rush team, then bidden further by Judge Ross.

They are in possession of the Court now. They are protecting the doctor.  A real sovereign who is on file and has proclaimed his sovereignty!

Please post the following letter for clarification, the proof (3 pages) and the other articles enclosed.

I thank you.

I also know that God watches over you, yours and your site.

As well as your readers.

God Bless You –

Todd J. Sweet

On a separate page was the following:

For clarification of the facts concerning the letters illegally intercepted by Monroe County officers and officials that I had sent to attorneys and federal agencies. [sic]

During the course of my criminal trial Judge Ross ordered me to hire my own attorney.

I sent letters out of Monroe County jail to do so.  These letters were placed in a U.S. mailbox.

Also at that time I was assisting Dt. Pat Henry in the so called Troy Green homicide investigation which turned out to be an attempted cover up in the making to cover the real murderer.

In the mix of this, I had told Dt. Henry and Jim Stutts of my knowledge of terrorist attacks planned along with telling (or attempting to) Judge Carrol [sic] Ross.

I decided to write federal agencies with details about the planned attacks.  Copies of these letters along with the ones sent to attorneys have been posted on this sight [sic] in my earlier article.

Now to the clarification.

These letters were uncovered by other officers in Dt. Henry’s desk when he went to work for the bank.

These letters were removed from the mailbox in no different fashion, nor any less illegally, than had this officer lifted them from your mailbox at home.

These letters were then given to the District Attorney and then Judge Ross, NEVER back to me.

NEVER to their intended destinations.

Instead Judge Ross, Martha Cook, Paul Rush, and Jim Stutts made the letters to be under their control, they entered them as legal exhibits in my case, where they REMAIN TODAY.

When we asked to open the letters in open Court or they be given back to me Judge Ross denied me and my attorney that right.  Making himself now a party to theft. [sic]

See, had the letters to attorneys been opened, their contents would reveal my desire to hire my own attorney.  Also outlineing [sic] how payment would be handled. [sic]  In essence, by denying me to do so and forcing Robert Jolley to defend me as a Public Defender I was denied my Lawyer of Choice.  This is a “complete” violation of the law and under U.S. vs. Gonzalez-Lopez, 548 US 140; 126 SCt 2557; 165 Led2d 409 (2006) requires reversal of my convictions.


What is worse than me [sic] being forced to take an attorney I know had several conflicts of interest, (to be uncovered later in a separate [sic] article) is the fact that by allowing Dt. Henry to steal my mail, then to cover and hide the mail to federal agencies like Judge Ross did, he became a party to the theft and worse, put American lives in danger by covering the content of the letters to federal agencies.  Terrorism.

The “Knoxville FBI” is aware that a judge and officers and the district attorneys stole mail out of a mailbox marked U.S. mail that was about terrorism, with a destination of federal agency offices and they do not care.  They will not uphold the laws of the land if the criminals are lawmakers and enforcers.

These officers and judge can walk straight up to your mailbox and take your mail.  And your [sic] out of luck.

So.  Clarified?  I was never given these letters back.  So the question remains…

Why?  Why does the law continue to allow the law to break the law?

A federal crime was broken [sic] and now being covered up.  And readers, as always I can prove my statements.

For your viewing pleasure, I enclosed the cover sheet and and [sic] 2 others straight out of my initial appeal.  These were typed by the Tennessee Court of Appeals, not me.

They said it, not me.

So you can see for yourselves.  Letters stolen by a cop about terrorism.  Then covered up by a judge. [sic]

Let us keep them and their lost souls in prayer.

In His Love,


Cover page of Appeals Court document enclosed with Sweet's letter dated February 15, 2011
Top of first page of Appeals Court document
Middle section of first page
Bottom section of first page
Second page of Appeals Court document bearing the number "14" at the bottom and handwritten notes by Sweet in red and black pen
Third page of Appeals Court document from Sweet labeled page "14"

The handwritten note at the top of page “14” says:  “Straight out of appeal opinion B4 TENN Appeal court E2010-00728-CCA-R3-CD.”


Top of court document with handwritten notes and underscoring by Sweet
Middle section of page numbered "15." Sweet's notes and underscoring were written in red pen

The top handwritten note in red pen on page “15” reads “On Terrorism” and is in apparent response to the paragraph beside it which refers to the “seized letters written by the Defendant while he was incarcerated in the Monroe County jail…Photocopies of these sealed envelopes were entered into evidence.”

The second paragraph reads:

Monroe County Sheriff Bill Bivens testified that, after Detective Henry retired, another officer was cleaning out Detective Henry’s office and found the letters the detective had apparently intercepted from the Defendant.  The sheriff testified that his office immediately handed over the letters to the District Attorney General’s Office.  Sheriff Bivens could not recall the date he gave possession of the letters to the District Attorney General’s Office.  He did not remember whether this occurred before or after the Defendant’s trail in this case.

To which Sweet wrote in red pen:

Of course they down [sic] plan it – But this shows proof

Last part of Appeals Court document labeled page "15"

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