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by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

Are those upholding the Constitution “sovereigns” in a negative sense?

(May 9, 2012) — The motive behind the prosecution of Darren Huff speaks volumes about why U.S. Attorney William C.Killian would a) refuse to bring me into a federal grand jury and hear what I had to say to a grand jury about what was going on; b) it explains why the FBI and Department of Justice never went after Mr. William L. Bryan to ask him questions about what was going on; and c) it explains why the federal government lied about everything that was going on on the 20th of April to make this video work.

So not only that, but it’s not a coincidence that that TIME Magazine article published in the days when I was leading up to my state trial.  It was a year before the TIME Magazine article published that they needed to get convictions against me so that they could continue to work against Darren.  They had Darren at the federal level because they said he was carrying guns across state lines.  They used this gun law and intent to do something nefarious.  This is all a dedicated campaign, and Bill Bivens, the Sheriff; Marty Cook, the court clerk; Judge J. Reed Dixon and Judge Carroll Lee Ross are all in on it.

Remember back on the 28th of June 2010 when Ross was sitting next to Cook and they were up there mocking me…Court Clerk Cook was asked outright, “Have you had any involvement with this man?  How many times has he come to see you?”  She was making fun of me that day and was saying to the judge, “This man has been nothing but trouble.”  She gave out a number, and it was a large number.  Then, after that, Carroll Lee Ross said, “Never come back again.”  Conditions of my bond – and they are written out – directed me not to come back into the courthouse for paperwork.  I’m defending myself, and Carroll Lee Ross says I can’t come in and participate in my own defense.   And then after that, we find out that Marty Cook rigged my trial jury, as she’s been involved in rigging the grand juries forever, on the 1st of December 2020, and we were able to get that reported out in January 2011.  Marty Cook is in this thing up to her eyeballs.  The reason I bring that out is that she’s not neutral, and in order for her to sign an arrest warrant or so sign off on probable cause that determines criminal intent, she has to be a neutral party.  And she knows that she’s not.

So back on December 7, 2011, when Conway Mason interacted with Marty Cook, he should have had his hackles up about the adversarial relationship that already existed between Marty Cook and myself, because he knew all of the reasons why.  He states in his Affidavit of Complaint that I am known to him.  And by the way, back on the 7th of December 2011, we had been told about this training video that was out there; we learned about that on November 17, 2011 through the briefing I received from Pat Wilson, although we didn’t know about the DVD and how extensive this was.

That SWAT team raid that night was a military deployment.  They did that on purpose to demonstrate to the community that I was a really, really bad person.  They did that that night, knowing that Obama had declared me a “sovereign.”  You don’t send out a military SWAT team to take down a guy who is a good citizen, who is accused of basically nothing, relying upon the comments of Marty Cook.  The videotape doesn’t show anything unlawful.  Any policeman worth his or her salt would say, “This can be handled very simply.  This isn’t hard to do.”

They came to my house; I wasn’t home.  So what do you do next?  Well, you wait until he gets home and you go back and ask him again:  “You have this paperwork…it was left on a table by mistake, and you weren’t supposed to pick it up, but you didn’t know that…can we get it from you?”  Instead of coming back to the house, the FBI and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department determined that I was home.

OK.  So they think that a crime has been committed; they haven’t explained to us how or why.  But then what?  You come back the next day.  Is there any kind of exigent circumstance that requires any kind of outrageous SWAT-team response similar to the response we got on the night of December 7?  They said they let me out “by mistake” on the third of December, and they said so.  But I don’t think that was a mistake.  I think that was part of a plan.  They let me out early; they knew that they were going to be doing the grand jury selection on the 7th.  This was part of a bigger scheme to allow me to continue to push against them as they knew I would continue to do, because they knew that they were committing crimes and that they were getting caught in their crimes, and they knew that they had to continue to uphold me as a criminal and find ways to do that.  I know this was a setup, and part of that setup was letting me out “by mistake.”  They let me out on purpose knowing that they were going to be able to arrest me again because they’d let me go “by mistake.”  Anything else that I did they figured they could arrest me for again.  And that’s a sensational event.  Any time that CDR Fitzpatrick gets arrested, whether it’s lawful or not, it makes the news, and it’s another strike against Fitzpatrick as it’s reported to the community.  “Oh, he’s been arrested again; he’s really bad!”

It didn’t come out anywhere in the press that they had admitted to a mistake in letting me go on December 3.  And they didn’t tell anybody on the evening of the 7th when they came in the SWAT team assault, “Hey, this is just a simple misunderstanding” or a simple mistake.  And by the way, how much money did that SWAT team cost?

The reason they did it is that there is a dedicated scheme here to try and make people like me out as “sovereigns.”  This is being used as a scare tactic, and it’s working pretty well.  Other people don’t want to stand up to fight for the Constitution because they don’t want to have happen to them what’s happened to me.

I opened a bank account with the Regions Bank here last Thursday to try to stabilize my financial situation.  Later, it was suggested that I go to another bank to set up the special account, but they were going through a bank examination this week.  In the meantime, I still had the account with Regions.  So I spoke with one of their personnel yesterday what was going on.  There were a couple of options there.  There was an open account on Monday that we could have given to people.  However, I said, “Before we do anything with Regions Bank, I want you and your senior management to know who I am and what’s going on around me.”  That was Monday.  Last night – and I was told that this was going to happen – Regions security was contacted and presented with what I’ve just explained to you and to the Regions middle manager yesterday.  In response, Regions Bank closed my personal account last night.  I found out about it this morning.

Regions Corporate Security called the shot, and they said, “Close his personal account.”  So when I tried to withdraw money from it this morning, I got the electronic message on the screen “Account Restricted” message.  I got the word after going to the teller’s window.  It took about half an hour for them to get back to me, and after getting other people involved, they said, “Your account was closed last night, and our Corporate Security people are responsible.”

Pat Henry, who was one of the detectives working with Travis Jones in Mr. Dawson’s murder case involving Todd Sweet, left the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department and went to work in Corporate Security at Regions Bank.

This is Mr. Obama’s handiwork, and these are the consequences that accompany it.  Mr. Obama and his Justice Department know exactly what they’re doing, and so do the people here locally.  Once this information becomes more widely known, guys like Darren Huff and Walt Fitzpatrick are going to be recognized as regular citizens who are trying to defend our Constitution and fight back against corrupt government.  We are not – I say again – we are not,sovereigns.”

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  1. Guilty people show a tell or a tick, gangs of guilty people exercise force disproportionate to the threat of arrest. The reaction that Monroe County had to Walter exposing the illegal jury foreman went over the top. It appears to have been the bottom card holding up a corrupt house. Had this simple issue been pursued it would have led to the entire county being found complicit, the state to some degree and the FBI covering it all. Now it’s apparent that this issue has also opened up an avenue for the whole DoJ to jump into the fray by gathering all the corrupt under it’s wing. I find it hard to believe there are that many who have dirty laundry, so many they can populate the entire government.

  2. Dear Commander,
    I salute you Sir, for your devotion to duty, then and now. I’ve found that those who have not served, or have not served with honor, are envious brats who are jealous of an honorable man, something that they tell themselves they are, and lie to themselves when they look at their reflection in the mirror, but the reality speaks otherwise.
    They say that one’s life flashes before a person on the point of death, and those who are honorable go easily, while those who lied, cheated, stolen goods or votes, followed an un-Constitutionally unqualified de facto clown as a president, as Obama is, finally see the error of their ways, but it’s way too late for them to save themselves, and their very last thought is one of abject regret in not have lived up to the code of manhood, of honor, not having upheld their Oath to support and defend the Constitution, of living a wasted life.
    Following illegal orders is a good example of what the modern day SWAT team does: an instrument that DOES NOT QUESTION any order given to them. They are but a tool used by the corrupt to retain power at any and all cost.
    In your case I believe they were testing the SWAT team to see if they were mere puppets on a string, as they proved to be.
    Doesn’t say much for your adversaries, now does it? Actually, by using the tactics that they employ, it’s plain to see that they never got onboard what the Constitution is all about. They are not citizens of our country, they are but despicable parasites, living a lie, going through the motions in a world of grey without devotion to anything or anybody but themselves, a shallow vessel that would have been better off never to have existed at all.
    It’s all so damn transparent.