Fitzpatrick: “This is Obama’s America”

“WE ARE NOT SOVEREIGNS” by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (May 9, 2012) — The motive behind the prosecution of Darren Huff speaks volumes about why U.S. Attorney William C.Killian would a) refuse to bring me into a federal grand jury and hear what I had to say to a grand jury about what was going […]

Fitzpatrick Trial Yields One Conviction and Mistrial From Contaminated Jury

JURY MEMBER RELATED TO COURT CLERK; NUMEROUS CONSTITUTIONAL VIOLATIONS AND HEAVY POLICE PRESENCE by Sharon Rondeau (Jun. 26, 2011) —The following is a first-hand report from Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, who was tried on the charges of resisting arrest and assault on Thursday, June 23, 2011, at 9:00 a.m. at the Monroe County courthouse in […]

Eyewitness Reports on Fitzpatrick Trial…So Far

WHY IS THE PUBLIC BARRED FROM COURT PROCEEDINGS WHICH ARE SUPPOSED TO BE OPEN BY LAW? by Sharon Rondeau (Jun. 23, 2011) —The following is an eyewitness account of part of the trial for Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III on two charges arising from his October 27, 2010 arrest in his home by four Monroe County […]

Tennessee Judges Cower from the Power of Subpoena

IS IT BECAUSE THEY ARE GUILTY OF JURY-RIGGING? by Sharon Rondeau (May 6, 2011) — On May 1, 2011, The Post & Email  reported that a Tennessee judge had refused to answer a citizen subpoena needed for mounting a defense against two charges arising from an arrest on October 27, 2010, during which LCDR Walter […]

“There’s Going to be Fighting in the Streets”

WILL PEOPLE REMAIN PASSIVE AND “SCARED,” OR WILL THEY SEIZE THE DAY? by Sharon Rondeau (Apr. 19, 2011) — This morning The Post & Email contacted the office of Tennessee Attorney General Robert E. Cooper, Jr., about the widespread, endemic corruption in his state, particularly within the judiciary.  As soon as the person answering the […]