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by Sharon Rondeau

Why does the Tennessee Judiciary appoint the attorney general? Given that, is he really looking out for the people of the state?

(Apr. 19, 2011) — This morning The Post & Email contacted the office of Tennessee Attorney General Robert E. Cooper, Jr., about the widespread, endemic corruption in his state, particularly within the judiciary.  As soon as the person answering the phone knew we were from the media, she transferred us to the voice mail of someone named Sharon.  We left a detailed voice message about the jury-rigging, falsified court documents, dishonest judges, violent sheriff’s deputies, and criminal sheriffs about whom we have published numerous reports over the last nine months.  We asked for a call back or to set up a time for an interview which would be recorded.

The Tennessee attorney general is appointed by the Supreme Court of that state.  Tennessee is the only state which selects an attorney general in this manner.

The website for the Tennessee attorney general states:

The Attorney General is in a real sense the lawyer for every citizen in the state, asserting the people’s rights under the constitution and the laws and protecting them from those who would violate those rights. Through our vigorous prosecution of criminal cases in the appellate courts, this office continues the pursuit of justice on behalf of victims whose rights have been violated by the criminal acts of others. My staff and I are committed to providing appellate information and assistance to crime victims with compassion and respect. –Attorney General Robert E. Cooper, Jr.

Tennessee is the only state in which the state Supreme Court appoints the attorney general, and the term is eight years.


Map showing how attorneys general ascend to office in all of the 50 states.

A resident of Tennessee who located the above information commented, “so this is what I have been told…that Robert Cooper has no supervisory abilities over the district attorneys of the jurisdictions (counties in TN)….so in essence, other than not re-electing them, what can be done about their wrong doing? This is whacko. No oversight of any kind…no wonder they commit wrong doing and get away with it.”

The Post & Email also contacted the office of Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam and was again transferred to the voice mail of the media contact, Mr. David Smith.  Smith has failed to return our calls or answer emails in the past, and a response from Haslam’s office to a concerned citizen failed to address the concerns raised.

The Post & Email’s voice message asked whether Gov. Haslam plans to be part of the solution to the crime being committed among Tennessee government officials or if he is part of the problem.  We again asked for a return call and referred Mr. Smith to the many articles we have published, complete with documentation, which demonstrate the unchecked judicial corruption there.

Haslam’s stated priorities are Jobs & Economic Development; Education & Workforce Development, and Conservative Fiscal Leadership.

The Post & Email sent a detailed letter about the corruption in Tennessee to both of the above-named officials several months ago, and neither responded.  We will report if or when we receive responses to our phone calls made today.

On April 1, 2010, Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III conducted a citizen’s arrest of then-grand jury foreman Gary Pettway, who had served in that capacity for 20 years.  Instead of upholding state law and enforcing the citizen’s arrest, Fitzpatrick himself was arrested.  Despite the fact that Fitzpatrick’s citizen’s arrest was effected because of an unlawfully-seated grand jury foreman, according to Tennessee Code Annotated 22-2-314, he spent more than 65 days in the Monroe County jail last year and was given six months’ probation as well as convictions on two misdemeanors.

If a citizen attempts to uphold the law and a judge refuses to do so, who is guilty?

The chief court clerk in Monroe County, Martha M. “Marty” Cook, has stated that the judge can pick a grand jury foreman “from wherever they choose.”  Cook has acted as both a witness and jury selector in Fitzpatrick’s case, and no official in the state of Tennessee to date has taken action on that conflict of interest.

The spokesperson for the Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts has stated that a grand jury foreman does not have to be chosen in the same manner as the other jurors based on the Rules of Criminal Procedure.  She has told The Post & Email that the practice of long-serving foremen appointed by the judges is a standing practice in Tennessee.  However, state law passed in 2008 says something different.

Fitzpatrick has stated that such a situation places the foreman and the jury under the purview of the judges and court personnel, thereby depriving them of their impartiality.  If We the People do not have the benefit of an objective grand jury, the rights guaranteed to us by the Fifth Amendment have been taken away.

For the first time in 20 years, Pettway was not reappointed in 2011.

Recently Fitzpatrick received a bill for almost $5,000 for court costs levied against him stemming from his conviction on the two misdemeanor charges on December 1, 2010.  The bill originates from a June 3, 2010 grand jury in which a juror who was already compromised was appointed foreman for a day.  The court is also aware that Fitzpatrick has appealed the convictions.

Residents of Monroe County have reported false arrest, beatings, taserings, torture and deprivation of needed medications while in jail, deprivation of property, destruction of private property due to sheriff’s department cronyism, human trafficking and thousands of dollars in fines imposed for acts they did not commit.

Recently Mr. Fitzpatrick told The Post & Email that he had been discussing the corruption within Monroe County with his neighbors.  He said, “I asked these people, and it was if they were mad at me for asking them…I said, ‘Your juries have been taken away from you here.  I’m looking for people to fight back.’  And they answered, ‘Well, nobody cares; nobody’s interested, or ‘They’re scared. We don’t want to rock the boat.  You know what happens if we rock the boat.'”

Fitzpatrick then shared information revealing that the corruption involves the U.S. attorney’s office in Knoxville as well as judges and grand juries in other counties.

LCDR FITZPATRICK: Everybody knows about this.  There is no question about the criminal conduct.  They’re just afraid to raise any stink about it around here.  I said to the person, “You spent 20 years in the Air Force; I spent 25 years in the Navy; what was all that about?”  You embarrass them, and then they don’t want to talk anymore.  They turn away.  So I walked away.

I’ve called some other people who had said to me, “Good job, way to go,” and it’s as if this community is scared to death.  They know if they stand up, they’ll get knocked down just as I have, and there’s nothing to stop them.

This is interesting.  I haven’t told you this yet, but there has been a judge assigned.

MRS. RONDEAU: I thought I recalled Marty Cook telling me that the charges are suspended if the defendant puts in an appeal.  So why have they sent it?

LCDR FITZPATRICK: I don’t know, but my understanding was that there was no money due until after the appeal is reconciled, and of course that hasn’t happened.  I can’t get the record of trial, for goodness’ sakes.  They won’t send it to me.  It’s under subpoena, and they won’t send it to me.  There are other documents under subpoena that won’t be sent.  They’re holding these things back.  I can’t construct an appeal, and I shouldn’t have to because there should be someone who comes in and looks at this and says, “You know what?  Commander Fitzpatrick has not faced a judge or an attorney who is honest…we know what’s going on here; we’re going to put a stop to this.”  But none of them have.  And all the attorneys know about this.  It’s out of control.

In the meantime, I have been sending out subpoenas.  I sent one to Bradley County, which is part of the Tenth Judicial District:  Polk, McMinn, Bradley and Monroe.  I was down there over a month ago to speak during the first part of March.  I had started looking into the other counties around me here, and I sent a request to the courthouse for them to send me appointing orders naming the foreman back to 1985.  The county attorney, Joseph K. Byrd, responded to me and said, “This isn’t a subpoena.  We’re not going to honor this.”  So I sent him back a second request, saying to him that, “Yes, it is a subpoena, and I have the authority of these judges, as I was representing myself, to request it.” I gave him the case numbers and all of that information.  He then denied the second request.  He said, “It’s not a subpoena.”  In the meantime, a judge named Donald P. Harris, who is a special judge retired in 2005, has been assigned to my case, which goes to the 27 October 2010 arrest when they broke into the house and took me down and I was charged with resisting arrest and assaulting Mike Morgan.  So this new judge has been assigned, and I’ve heard from him.  I got a letter that said, “I’m on the case.”  So this is interesting.  I sent the judge a subpoena, and I sent to each of the four counties in the 21st Judicial District a subpoena – and this is the footprint in which Judge Harris used to work – asking them to show me all of the appointing orders for their foremen and their grand juries.  Those four counties all have those subpoenas.  I sent one directly to the judge, and I said, “For the time that you were on the bench, send me the appointing orders that you signed.”  This judge is under a direct assault by me to show me if he has signed an appointing order for any grand jury foreman in the state of Tennessee.  If the judge has signed any, then he cannot hear my case.  Why?  Because he’s committed a crime.  How has he committed a crime?  He now becomes a witness in my case;  therefore, he can’t be a judge, and I call him to the stand, and I ask him questions about what process does he use to pick the foreman and where is that found in Tennessee state law?  So the judge has to go away.

So it’s interesting; this attorney, Byrd, wrote to the judge, and this is the letter I got yesterday, and he said, “I don’t recognize Mr. Fitzpatrick’s subpoena as a subpoena, but, Judge Harris, I’ll do what you tell me to do.”  That’s what the letter says.

Bradley County has a foreman named Phil Newman.  Mr. Newman was in the jury last year; he was the foreman, and I’ve seen other documents that show me that he’s been a foreman for years past.  It’s the Newman Dynasty that I talked about in a letter I’ve already sent to you.  So Bradley County has been appointing their foreman for years and years and years, and this attorney, Byrd, knows it.  So he wrote to the judge to say, “What am I supposed to do with this?”  Well, the judge is cross-wired in this thing because the judge himself has been appointing foremen…of course, we’re going to find that out.  So it’s just phenomenal to watch this thing play out.  The state of Tennessee is completely corrupt, and I have no place to go with this.  I’ve been to the FBI twice in March; I’m going to go back and see them in the first part of May if there isn’t another assault on me, if I’m still alive.

A few days ago, Frank Gaffney, Jr. wrote about how the FBI is in the tank with these guys, and Gaffney is talking about failure to report a crime, as in misprision of treason.  I know who Frank Gaffney is; I’ve spoken with Frank Gaffney by phone years ago.  When I was in Washington state, he used to appear on the Hugh Hewitt Show all the time, and I”d call in.  I called the Center for Security Policy this morning.  I spoke with a woman named Megan.  I told her that this Mr. Obama guy has complaints for treason out against him already; she didn’t know.  And she was as excited as could be.  I told her who I was, and I sent her some materials this morning.  I sent her a link that includes The Post & Email.  I told her about what The Post & Email is doing, so we’ll see what happens.  This is obscene; it’s grotesque.  I don’t know what to do.

So I said to my neighbors yesterday, after they said, “We’re afraid to do this; we’re afraid to do that,” this is how people lived in the Soviet Union under Stalin.  You can quote me on that one.  This is how people lived in Stalinist Russia; they’re afraid to do anything, and they go to the government, and the government does nothing.  They know about this, and there’s no excuse for them not to know.  The fact is that they do know, and they are part of it, and they sit on their hands and do nothing.

Marty Cook should have been arrested weeks ago, and that would undo everything that the government has done here against me, and of course, it would open up the larger issue of how the juries have been taken away from us; the treason in Tennessee, if you will.  But nobody does anything.  The U.S. attorney knows about it, and the judges know about it.  This judge – Guyton – works at the same address as does the United States attorney.  He’s a magistrate judge working at 800 Market Street, which is in Knoxville.  The grand jury works in the same building.  The jury administrator, Ms. Spears, the woman I’ve been writing to, is in that building; the United States attorney is in that building.  So they don’t deliver the mail to the grand jury; it was under seal, unopened.   Guyton sent these documents back to me under seal, and these were supposed to go to the foreman of each of the two grand juries.  He sent those back to me instead of taking them himself or having someone walk down the hall in the same building and give it to the U.S. attorney.  They sent it back to me.

These people all work in the same building, and you know that there’s a buzz in the building about what we’re trying to get to the grand jury.  And more than that, the grand jury hasn’t stood up to do anything with this information.  Ms. Cook has committed a crime.  She was not allowed to clerk on my case because she’s a witness against me.  She cannot participate in the prosecution of a case where she witnesses against the accused. That is as clear as can be.  Not only is she continuing to work on the case; she’s sending me a bill for $4,776, and I know where this is going.  I’m going to send this in to the U.S. attorney.

So what do we have?  We have that the grad juries have been rigged for years and years, not only here in Monroe County, the Tenth Judicial District, but in other places throughout the state of Tennessee; we know that my grand jury of the third of June was rigged because everybody in that room knew Gary Pettway.  Everybody in that room knew Gary Pettway.  None of those people were allowed to be in the grand jury of 3 June, and that’s the same grand jury that they’re relying upon to prosecute Carl Swensson.  That group of people is not a grand jury; they all knew Gary Pettway.  Not one of them could have been impartial. And they were hearing a case where Mr. Pettway has been assigned by a judge for 20 years, and then they put Ms. Davis, who knows Gary Pettway, into the jury as the foreman, after being warned not to do that.  I sent that notice on the 24th of May:  “you need to pick a brand new group of people to hear this case,” and they didn’t.  So the group of the third of June was completely corrupt; Ms. Davis was in a jury last year, which tells us that it’s not only the foreman who’s being hand-picked; it’s other people who are being put into the jury by the judges using a process not found in Tennessee state law.

So we have that.  We have the refusal to respond to subpoenas.  We have public documents that are not publicly available to defendants; if they want to charge for the record of trial, OK; fine.  If that’s the case, just make it available to me when I come in to examine it in your examination room.  Have this thing on file as a paper document, and I can come in and make copies of pages if I want to; I don’t have to pay for the whole thing to get it.  And not only that, we don’t know that it is credible as a record because Ms. Barnes has now been caught in doctoring a record, working with Ross.  That has been filed and I should get the green card back soon.  So we know that.  Then we find out about the trial jury being rigged by Ms. Cook.  The charges that Ross brought against me, and that’s who the real accuser is here, have no merit.  There’s nothing to them.  Ross made them up, and he did so under pressure.  He was surprised by what happened on the first, and he scrambled to find a way to stop it.  He counter-attacked and he came up with these charges that have no basis.  These are the same charges they’re trying to advance against Carl Swensson, and the only way these charges get advanced is through juries that have been rigged.  This is the Soviet Union; this is North Korea; this is Chavez’s Venezuela.  For goodness sakes, this is how it’s working right here in the USA!!

I tell people this, and it’s as if I’m bouncing BBs off their foreheads.  So I’m ready to fight these guys to the death.  What was that oath to the Constitution all about anyway?  Paul Vallely is talking about impeachment, but I wrote back and said, “It’s treason.”

So now Frank Gaffney is talking treason; some other people are talking treason, as you know.  Every day that goes by, I’m getting closer and closer to another confrontation with Monroe County.  Where will I go?  It’s nothing but extortion.  And wherever I would go, I’m going to face the same thing.

I had a speaking engagement for the ninth of May.  I canceled it, because nobody’s listening to me.  So the guy came back and said, “Well, you know, we’ve got another speaking engagement,” and I said, “No.”  And then this morning he came in and said, “Well, we have one in October,” and I said, “No,” and I sent him a series of links and said, “This is what I’ve had to say; give it to your people.  It was a couple of the radio shows that I’ve done…he can listen to that.  We have no more access to the juries, and they’re not juries anymore as we understand a jury.  They’re not juries in the eyes of the constitution of the state of Tennessee, and they’re not juries in the eyes of the United States Constitution.  For goodness sakes, what in the world do we need to do to get a law enforcement officer to come in and enforce the law? Now I’m clear.  This is not going to come from a grand jury.  We have one option left, as I see it, which is that thousands, tens of thousands, and then tens of thousands more people come forward and they name Mr. Obama in the treason that he’s committing with his criminal partners.  If that doesn’t happen, then there’s going to be one confrontation after the next, and I see as one of the first of those as mine.  And I’m ready for them.

I am not interested in going back to jail.  I was not happy there; I didn’t like it; it’s like being caged up like an animal.  So I’m at my wits’ end.  I’m doing everything I know to do.  I’ve followed every policy, every procedure; I’ve done everything that a peaceful man, a reasonable man, would do…everything.  And the law enforcement officials sit on their hands while this outrage continues.

People can come to this on their own; it’s not rocket science.  This is what I think:  I think thousands of people need to melt down the U.S. attorney’s office in Knoxville.  We are in real trouble. They don’t stop, and because nobody’s doing anything to the criminal court in Monroe County to stop this like the feds, they just keep going on like this.  There is nobody who can stop them.  It may cost me my life.  I’ve asked other people to tell people to get in touch with me, and all you hear are the crickets chirping. That’s all you hear.  I am so sick of this.

I think the lightning rod on this is a guy named William C. Killian, who is the United States Attorney in Knoxville.  Killian can either advance this into the grand jury and get them to act, or he can order the FBI to go out and effect an arrest.  Killian is the U.S. attorney in the country whom we can put under extraordinary pressure and not stop until he takes action on this.  He’s the guy, and he has no excuse not to.

This is a dictatorship; this is treason; it’s all the things that we say it is.  Unless we’re able to disturb the public tameness, as I’ve said over and over again, it’s just going to continue.  There is going to be fighting in the streets, and we’re trying to stop it.  And they’re looking at me as if I’m a terrorist.  For goodness sake, the reason I am as excited about this as I am is that I go to police officers and federal agents and they don’t do anything. And then they come to arrest you, for what?

It could be the grand jury in Monroe County that stands up and says, “We’re taking over.”  But they don’t.  They’re part of the problem.  They’ve been appointed by the judges.  They’re under their control.  It’s like the Marsha Crabtree letter; that’s what’s going on in Monroe County.  The new Monroe County grand jury foreperson has been there only this year, but if she’s under the complete control of Steve Bebb, the district attorney general, and the criminal district attorneys under him…as I said, I will file this criminal complaint.  I’m doing what I can to help as many people as I can, and they keep coming at me, and they don’t stop, and they are forcing a confrontation which is going to result in something bad happening to me, and I TOLD THE FBI THIS A MONTH AGO!

I said, “I’m here for you to come in and do something, and because I said something bad was going to happen, I was called back by the Terrorist Task Force.  “What did you mean by that, Fitzpatrick?  Are you gonna do something?”  I said, “No (clowns).”  I said to them, “I think something bad is going to happen to me; my life has been threatened, and all the time, people are frightened to death in this community; they won’t do anything; there is no question about the corruption.  There is not one single person who will stand up and say that things around here are OK; not one.  There’s not a judge in the state of Tennessee; not one.

In the meantime, I heard from Rocky Houston the day before yesterday after I found out who Paul Harris is.  Rocky Houston got back to me and said, “Paul Harris is a monster; he’s just like Blackwood.”  And Harris is involved in other criminal conduct which has been reported by the Houston brothers which I’m expecting in the mail in the next couple of days.  But Harris is as corrupt as can be, and now he’s cross-wired in this.  I told Carl Swensson last night, “When they assign a judge to your case (and they haven’t – Carl comes in the 25th of April), you can send a subpoena to that judge immediately and you can cross-wire him or her in the same way that I’ve just conflicted this Donald P. Harris.  Because Harris can’t hear this case.  If he continues with this case, I will impeach him on the bench if I have to.  Because, you see, any judge in the state of Tennessee takes an oath to the constitution, and one of the things that the constitution for the state of Tennessee commands, not to mention the United States Constitution, is that every person in this state is entitled to a fair hearing by an impartial jury.  It’s impossible if the judges are picking people into the grand juries.  That’s impossible.  And we know that they’re not impartial because of the statement Ms. Crabtree made.  We know this.  Why would a judge want to involve him- or herself in picking a juror into any jury in the state of Tennessee?  It’s because they want to control that.  That’s logic…it’s there.  The judges are picking these people because they want these people to do the judges’ bidding. Blackwood is quoted as saying he got out of being a judge because he got tired of the business end of it.  I’ve got that quote; it was printed.  And on and on it goes.

I know I’m not supposed to get this bill.  This is extortion.  They want me to pay this bill, knowing that I don’t have to, thinking that I might.  They know I’m on a probation setting right now; they know that they can violate that probation if they want to and they can, and they can do it for any reason they want.  And I’ve already violated that probation; when Judge Blackwood handed down the probation and said, “You can’t talk about this; you can’t talk about that,” well, yes, I can, because I’m still facing criminal charges, and I get to defend myself, and in the construction of that defense and in the construction of my appeal, which are one and the same thing, I get to go and ask judges questions.  I get to go out and send out subpoenas, to do the things that a defendant gets to do in this country lawfully to defend myself.  So Blackwood’s prohibition against me, this probation that he laid down, is ILLEGAL, and this was in the same courtroom where Blackwood participated in the rigging of the jury that took place on the first of December.  Because when he was alerted that there was a jury member in that jury that day who had been in a jury last year, he should have said, “We’re going to pick a brand new jury altogether.”  Instead, he just let that guy go and he kept on truckin’.  And the only people who came to testify against me were government functionaries.  It was Pettway; the captain of police named Bivens; and the other guy who came was Travis Jones.  So there were one sheriff, one policeman, and Gary Pettway.  Those were the only witnesses against me.  Again, they have no case, and they had two felonies launched against me. They wanted to lock me up for years.  I could still be in jail right now; it’s by the grace of God that I’m able to talk to you today, while I’m still alive.  They have a felony charge brought against Carl Swensson….FOR WHAT? It’s proven that there is no accuser in those charges, that the charges are the construction of Judge Carroll Ross, who is himself A CRIMINAL.

In the cover letter to the two grand juries and the U.S. attorney, I said, “I’m enclosing a copy of Judge Carroll Ross’s 5 December 2007 appointment of Mr. Joel Riley for comparison to page 7 of the transcript which states that he didn’t assign any grand jury foreman in Monroe County, and then at the bottom, he said, “I didn’t do it in McMinn County.”  So she added that bottom part.  So I said, “You can go to the audio which is not available to me; go to get the CD which is not available to me, or you can compare this statement against what we now know Ross did back in 2007, which is exactly what he said he didn’t do.  And of course, they’ll go to Ross, and what’s Ross going to say?  Well, he’ll say, “The transcript isn’t right.”  Oh, really?  Isn’t that wonderful, Judge?  The guy right now who has a real vested interest in condemning the transcript is Carroll Ross.   They’ll go to him and he’ll say, “Well, I didn’t say that.”  Then when they say, “Fitzpatrick is right about this transcript?  It’s not an accurate representation of what happened of what happened…”  You see, this guy is stuck both ways.

Before that, we have reported to the FBI and to the two grand juries that in McMinn County – this is not coincidence – three different judges, Steve Bebb, Amy Reedy and Carroll Ross have assigned the same person into the grand jury since 2005.  Three different judges.  That’s not a coincidence.  Mr. Riley is there to work for the judges, and they like him.  It’s political patronage.  He’s been “doing a great job” for them; he’s been delivering the goods; he’s been keeping the business profitable, functioning; profit centers are up; it’s a growth industry; it’s a cash crop, and Joel Riley has been doing his job.  So several different judges have put the same guy in there, and I went to the Tea Party in McMinn County on the 28th of February, and I’ve had conversations with people since, and I said, “You’ve got this going on here in McMinn County,” and the Tea Party does nothing.  And I’m thinking, “Gosh, darn-it, is this turned upside down!  We’ve got the juries taken away from us in this country, and the Tea Party does nothing.”  I’m done with those guys.

Order signed by Judge Steve Bebb, who is now District Attorney General, appointing Joel Riley grand jury foreman for McMinn County on Jan. 19, 2005
Order signed by Judge Amy Armstrong Reedy on December 8, 2006, appointing Joel Riley as foreman of the McMinn County grand jury


Order signed by Judge Carroll L. Ross appointing Joel Riley to be McMinn County grand jury foreman. Ross was quoted as having said that he had never appointed a grand jury foreman in either McMinn or Monroe Counties by the court reporter, Denise E. Barnes


Appointing order for Joel Riley signed by Judge Reedy on December 18, 2008
Order of Appointment of Joel Riley signed by Judge Reedy on December 14, 2010

MRS. RONDEAU: They seem to be false patriots.  They are not going after the treason.  They’ve always been afraid of the eligibility issue with Obama, and that unfolds all of these other problems.  If they’re not willing to say the “T” word, then what do they represent?

LCDR FITZPATRICK: If Mr. Obama were as legit as George Washington, our first president – let’s say that he had that kind of credential and that he was as legitimate as that, then what say ye, folks of McMinn County, about what’s going on with your jury system, which is a separate issue altogether?  We just happened to stumble across this because we’ve been looking at Obama.  And they say nothing.  They continue to whistle past the graveyard and do nothing.  I spoke to three different groups:  Bradley and Polk, and I’ve been interactive in the meetings I’ve attended in McMinn County.  So I’ve been involved in three of the four counties, and the group in McMinn County covers Monroe County as well.  There’s a group that meets in Athens, TN, and McMinn County covers Monroe County, so I’ve been to all four of those groups.  They all know.  I’ve been interacting with other people in the community; you know the feedback I’m getting.

We have to find some group of people in this country which stands up together and in one voice, in unison, starts talking treason.  I cannot get these people to stop distracting me…I’m working that “delete” button as fast as I can.  It’s all about treason; it’s about the takeover of this country, and they have a way to act, to fight back; they have a couple ways.  This guy saying, “How about October?” and I’m thinking “I may not be alive in October, or I may be back in jail in October fighting with guards in there because I’m not going to put up with this.  I’m just not going to do it.  I’m a Naval Officer; God damn it, I am a Naval Officer!  I am charged under oath to fight exactly what is going on here.  This was my job, and I thought that the enemy was overseas, and it’s right here! Sharon, I don’t know what else to do!

I do know what else to do.  If I am attacked again, I will fight back, and I will fight bare teeth and talons.  I sit here in the course of the day, and I’m just minding my own business, and a bill comes in from the Monroe County courthouse.  And they think I’m going to pay it. And then when I don’t, and I won’t, they think that they’re going to come and do something again at me.

There is no way in the world that they can defend what they did here in the last two years against me; none.  But there’s nobody who is standing up with you and me and Tim Harrington and others…it’s just “What’s on TV tonight?” “Hey, it’s baseball season; spring is here; isn’t it wonderful?”  We are living in a dictatorship, and they’re going to try and kill me or lock me up or kill me in the process of locking me up.  It’s that serious, Sharon.  I have had enough, and I can’t stop it.  This is not how our country works under our Constitution.  I can’t make it any more clear.  It cannot be made more plain.  People are afraid, but I’m looking for the people who aren’t.  I have done everything a reasonable, lawful person would do, and look at what they’re doing to me.  And they have not been stopped. It’s federal and state law enforcement officials who are standing and doing this.  They are not only just watching; they are actively involved, either through omission or actual participation and commission.  Every day that goes by, nothing happens, and I get this bill.  Why in the hell did I get this bill from Marty Cook when she knows that this thing is on appeal.

The record of trial is not to be held over my head as a fee for service.  I don’t have to buy that thing in its totality to be able to review it as the defendant.  That turns the criminal justice system on its head.  Even if they were to turn it over to me, guess what?  It’s been doctored.  It will not be a representation of what actually happened on that day.  It can’t be trusted, and they won’t give you the audio CD which costs them just a few dollars to copy.

MRS. RONDEAU: There was no explanation in the letter which I received from the Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts as to why they found “no basis for the complaint” against Ms. Barnes.  They provided no explanation or justification for their “decision.”  I am going to write back to them and ask them how they arrived at their decision.

LCDR FITZPATRICK: They don’t have to.  They’re not being forced by anybody.  What’s left to do?  We can melt down this federal building at 800 Market Street in Knoxville, TN with unending phone calls, or tomorrow, at this time, we will be no farther ahead.  I do not see this kind of urgency or anger except in a few individuals.  It’s not something that has taken hold with a large group.  These people here are breaking the law because nobody is stopping them, and the people who would stop them not only are not doing so; they are part of the criminal conduct which is being carried out against me.  The charges against me are for trying to effect a citizen’s arrest.  They have now frightened people in the state of Tennessee to say, “You better not try this” because the citizen’s arrest laws in the state of Tennessee are no longer operative.  If anybody tries to carry out a citizen’s arrest for something that the government is doing:  no.  And that’s the effectiveness that Judge Ross has had.

Do you want to talk about a monster?  Judge Ross.  You can quote me on any of this.  I am telling you that the judges are the criminals, and they’re trying to protect themselves by using that closed criminal system which they have been operating for years and years and years.  They didn’t expect to get caught last April, in 2010, and they did, and you saw the reaction that came from that.  They’re playing this game out still…why?  Because they do not want to face a criminal consequence.  They want to keep doing this.  This is a money-maker for them.  They’ve made careers out of doing this, and they’re willing to kill.

Well, I’m willing to fight them in this, and I have already, and I will continue to do this.  One of my greatest disappointments is that military men and women sit back and do nothing.

MRS. RONDEAU: They do a lot of blogging and venting…

LCDR FITZPATRICK: It’s a general statement, because I know that there are people out there in the military and former military who have, in fact, taken a stand on this.  I don’t mean to paint them with the same broad brush, but as far as the percentage goes, we’re talking a drop in the bucket as far as veterans go.

Marty Cook is a criminal, pure and simple.  And she’s done this to people for years and years and years.  Why is this woman still walking around?  She is the one who belongs in jail with the judges!  She rigged the jury in her own handwriting!  We’ve got it in her own handwriting!  For crying out loud!

They can’t collect money until this thing finds its final resolution, which, by the way, I don’t have any hope that on appeal, this thing is going to be overturned, because the judges are in the tank.  But I can’t even get to the point where I can submit crafted and carefully-written appeal because they will not allow me access to the record of trial. They want $1,600 for the transcript and then they sent me this bill for $4,776…this is what they do.  They ruin people financially so that they can’t fight back.  And I will also tell you that money that they take from the people is what tax funds are supposed to be supporting.  So they take the tax money that they’re collecting up and using it for who-knows-what.

The transcript is not available publicly.  This is how things work in Tennessee.  This is how things are working in other places in the United States, and I have been unable to excite, to inspire, other people in large numbers to pay attention because they’re scared. Wow.  Alright, folks.  Fine.

So I know what is left to me to do.  I’ll get up each morning, and I’m talking to the Holy Father every single day.  I’m having these running conversations with Him, and I’m saying, “I’m ready.  Take me now.  I’m ready to go.”  And I pray for other people in my life; I’m praying for your dad; I’m praying for Tim Harrington.  I’m praying for all the people with whom I interact, and I’m praying for this country.  But, Sharon…I don’t like using the word “I,” but I have done what I can do.  The demonstration, the exhibition that has been put on for the American people here cannot be more fully made. It’s a puzzle that’s complete; there’s the picture.  You’re seen it.  And it’s every bit as serious as we have told people that it is, and the FBI is in the tank on this.  And it’s not just me saying it; now you have people like Gaffney coming out and saying it.  And other people.  The government is getting our border patrolment shot because it’s trying to get these people from south of the border to come in and invade us.  Mr. Obama is participating in the invasion that’s coming from the southern border.  He’s giving our tax money to them.

MRS. RONDEAU: Gun dealers were actually told to sell firearms to people who “looked” Mexican.  This is treason. They’re killing our people, our children.  They’re maiming people.  Arizona passed a law to tighten its border, and then that federal judge, Susan Bolton, shoots it down.  Constitutionally, I have read that she shouldn’t even have heard the case.  The Constitution says that a dispute between a state and the federal government…

LCDR FITZPATRICK: …means that original jurisdiction resides with the Supreme Court.

MRS. RONDEAU: Now it’s going through all the courts, costing millions of dollars as Eric Holder, who is a traitor anyway for serving under Obama, who is a traitor…they are trying to destroy this country.

LCDR FITZPATRICK: No, Sharon; they’re not trying; they’re succeeding.  They have achieved great success.  Look at our debt right now.  Look at in two years the kind of achievements Mr. Obama and his criminal outlaw partners have enjoyed against us.  WHEN DO WE STAND UP AS A PEOPLE AND SAY “STOP!”

It may not happen.  Again, I know where things are at for me.  I’ll do what I can.  I’ll continue to do what I can until I can’t do it any more, Sharon.  But for crying out loud…Arizona could raise up the issue of treason, but they haven’t.  These Americans for Legal Immigration that we hooked up with:  they could stand up as a group and name Mr. Obama in treason.  The Tea Party could, the Constitution Party, all these groups…but nobody is taking action in large numbers of people, as it’s going to take.  And of course, the juries are lost to us.  That is as decided and determined as the sun setting tonight.  It’s as clear as that.  I don’t know what else to do.  And still, here, I’m fighting with these guys, and they’re pulling this kind of crap left and right, left and right.  I’ve reported it to the FBI, and they’ve done nothing.  So what do they do?  They send me a bill which is not collectible yet:  $4,776, and they want me to pay another $1,600 for the transcript for the court.  You see, this is how they do it.  They destroy you economically.  You pay them the money, and you’ll never see it again.  And of course, all the money that goes to these bondsmen…everything.  It’s extortion on top of attainder, which is punishment without the permission of a jury.  This is attainder in perfection. This is what attainder looks like:  when the state acts against a citizen directly without the permission of a jury.  That’s what this bill is.  If you don’t pay this bill, they’ll garnish my pay, take it out of my account, which will be a theft.  I’ll be in trouble financially when that happens.  But, hey, guess what?  Who cares?

They have been doing it to other people, and they will continue to do it until it is stopped.  And the FBI:  “Well, we’re developing a case.  Well, we’re doing this…”  Or they’re doing nothing.  I have no idea today that any member of the federal grand jury in Knoxville has even been made aware of my attempts to report to them since January of this year.  I don’t have one notice.  Instead, I have things I’m trying to send to them that are being returned.  That’s how things have been turned around on their heads.  This is just outrageous.

We no longer have access to the grand juries in our country, and they were put there to protect us so that we had direct access to them so that we could go to them and report government conduct that was criminal.  Now if you want to go and report criminal government conduct, you have to go through a judge or a U.S. prosecutor.  In other words, the government has to be in agreement with you that the government should be held to account.  Do you think that’s going to happen?

People are going to read what you write, and they’ll go, “Oh, yeah, it’s Fitzpatrick.  Gee, what’s on TV tonight?  Hey, look at that Charlie Sheen guy!”  They’re more interested in what’s going on with Charlie and stuff which is of no consequence; in the meantime, their government is acting against them.  This is Stalinist Russia.  It’s North Korea.

It’s up to We the People to act.


U.S. Attorney William C. Killian can be reached at:

Suite 211
800 Market Street
Knoxville, TN  37902
Phone:  423-545-4167
Fax:  423-545-4176







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  1. Yes, action needs to be taken. However there are people who are afraid. There are people who are ignorant. There are people who are apathetic. This hijacking of the grand jury has occurred in Sevier County as well, only 50 miles from Monroe County. Kids are shot and shooters walk away without consequence. Detectives who perjure themselves to the grand jury are not prosecuted.. People are killed and/or they die mysteriously without authorities solving anything. I myself have had recent threats of bodily harm posted on an online forum, as I am outspoken by nature.
    The judiciary has high jacked this grand jury and this state, lock, stock, and barrel.
    Yes, it is whacked that TN is the only state in the union to have their state AG appointed by the supreme court, and afford him or her no supervisory abilities over anything. How much sense does that make? Buck is passed recurrently. Judicial commissioners are corrupt. No one cares to make a stand.
    Governor Haslam is not helping either. Seems he is more interested in a potential run for the White House. He simply likes to refer matters to departments where ignorance, ineptness, and unchecked corruption reek. Haslam will not rock the boat in Sevier, as Sevier County afforded Haslam more votes and more support, than any other county in the state of TN. He does not care about what goes on here or in Monroe County or in Hamilton County where much mayhem is also occurring which is costing people their very lives, due to crooked judicial officials..
    Sevier County District attorney is corrupt with no oversight. Monroe county is corrupt and reeks of misconduct. Very similar between the two.
    One can talk with people, but when it comes down to it, many will not talk, many will not rock the boat, and many are afraid. Some will talk but not act. Very few walk the walk that they talk. Only a few will stand their ground or die trying.
    Keep fighting Walt. I will too.
    Thank you Sharon for all you do. Your coverage of this matter and matters like this, is so important to many of us in Tennessee.

  2. Behavioral Psychology 101

    If you start with a cage containing five monkeys and inside the cage, hang a banana on a string from the top and then you place a set of stairs under the banana, before long a monkey will go to the stairs and climb toward the banana.

    As soon as he touches the stairs, you spray all the other monkeys with ice cold water. After a while another monkey makes an attempt with same result … all the other monkeys are sprayed with ice cold water. Pretty soon, when a monkey tries to climb the stairs, the other monkeys will try to prevent him from climbing the stairs.

    Now, put the cold water away.

    Remove one monkey from the cage and replace it with a new one. The new monkey sees the banana and attempts to climb the stairs.

    To his shock, all of the other monkeys beat the crap out of him. After a few more attempts and attacks, he knows that if he tries to climb the stairs he will be assaulted.

    Next, remove another of the original five monkeys, replacing it with a new one. The newcomer tries to climb the stairs and is attacked by all the other monkeys. Even the previous newcomer takes part in the punishment… with enthusiasm !

    Then, replace a third original monkey with a new one, followed by a fourth, then the fifth. Every time the newest monkey takes to

    the stairs, he is attacked. Most of the monkeys that are beating him up have no idea why they were not permitted to climb the stairs.

    Neither do they know why they are participating in the beating of the newest monkey.

    Finally, having replaced all of the original monkeys, none of the remaining monkeys will have ever been sprayed with cold

    water. Nevertheless, none of the monkeys will try to climb the stairway for the banana.

    Why, you ask? Because in their minds… that is the way it has always been!

    This is how our U.S. Congress operates… and is why, from time to time,


    Source: http://nesaranews.blogspot.com/
    right under the article about the Giant UFO ;)

  3. Sharon,

    John Stossel’s show this week is about how the judicial system is overcharging for tickets to feed the coffers of the community. This is what I wrote to him. I thought you may want to contact him as well if you haven’t.

    John, what would you do if you tried to make a citizen’s arrest resulting in your own arrest, was not provided with the charges, or allowed to face your accuser, was not allowed to defend yourself, police came to your house broke down your door without a warrant, was arrested again, additionally charged with resisting arrest, was incarcerated for more that 65 days, in a jail without heat, medical care, basic toilets that work, was beaten, not given your 5th Amendment right to face your accuser or have a trial by jury NOT selected by the Judge, charged exorbitant fees for court transcripts for your appeal, not provided access to original (non-doctored) court documents, filed complaints with the State Bureau of Investigation and the FBI, was considered to be a terrorist by the FBI for saying something bad was going to happen because you were afraid for you life? This barely scratches the surface.
    Won’t happen here in America you say, wrong, this is an actual case that is happening now in Monroe County, Tennessee as reported by the editor of The Post & Email on-line news (www.thepostemail.com) search word “Tennessee”. There are many more cases just as despicable where violations of American freedoms have, and are, continuing with the full knowledge of the TBI and the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office.
    Your program on tickets and the overcharging is nothing compared to what has been happening in Tennessee for too many years. Talk about an expose, this needs someone with a voice that can reach ears long gone deaf. Are you up to the challenge? Please contact the editor Sharon Rondeau for any and all supporting documentation. The people in Tennessee, living in a state of fear need your voice. To quote LCDR Fitzpatrick “This is Stalinist Russia. It’s North Korea.” and it’s happening right here in America.
    Semper Fi
    Lloyd Carter (concerned for America)
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thank you very much for this valuable information.

  4. The people of Tennessee must rise up and stand together against this tyranny! Is there not ONE Paul Revere amongst you, Tennesseans? The ball is in your court. Take it and run with it!

    1. Steph F,
      I would submit to you there are several people besides myself who have stepped up to the plate to stand against tyranny to include JB Williams and Leo Haffey. I’m sure there are many other Tennesseans that love their freedom. There will come a day when the bell rings and Tennesseans will come running. MP
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: This is good to hear, but are there enough who will rise up to retake the power of the grand jury and constitutional governance? Why haven’t the criminals been arrested and removed from the courthouses?

      1. For the same reason Obama hasn’t been arrested and removed from the White House. The corruption is just as rampant at the state and local levels as it is at the federal level. Law enforcement and legislators are not listening and the executive and judicial branches are thumbing their collective noses at us. It is far bigger than any one or two persons to try and stop it. Your article is entitled “There is Going to be Fighting in the Streets”.I believe you are right and it will probably take that to change what 3 or 4 generations of Americans have allowed to happen. At the very least it will take a national effort at all levels to reboot our government(s) to the constitutional republic the framers intended.

      2. MacPUBLIUS,
        I was with Walt Fitzpatrick a year ago for his hearing in Madisonville. I drove 11 hours (one way) to lend support to him. I am very familiar with the corruption in Monroe county. On more than one occasion, I have quietly encouraged him and others close to his case (and now, Carl Swensson’s) to stand with other Tennessean patriots. Hold a meeting, contact the Tea Parties in Tennessee, get out on the streets, visit the Governor’s office and demand action. At some point, the only way to be heard is to get out and make noise. Walt and Sharon know I will do whatever I can to help, but ultimately, it is up to the people in Tennessee to take back their state.