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by Sharon Rondeau

The Monroe County Sheriff's Department has been reported to the FBI for numerous violations of the law

(May 6, 2011) — On May 1, 2011, The Post & Email  reported that a Tennessee judge had refused to answer a citizen subpoena needed for mounting a defense against two charges arising from an arrest on October 27, 2010, during which LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III was beaten on the head, had his left ear ripped, and was tasered multiple times by Monroe County Sheriff’s Department deputies.

Following that incident, Fitzpatrick spent more than 60 days in the Monroe County jail, during which time he reported slovenly, illegal conditions in the facility, including plumbing which didn’t work; health code violations; inmates failing to receive necessary medications and medical care; a human trafficking operation; and confiscation of inmate funds.

Missionary George Raudenbush has also reported police brutality, falsification of police records, obstruction of evidence intended for the grand jury, and horrendous jail conditions.

Mr. Carl Swensson has also been charged as a result of the original charges brought against Fitzpatrick after an April 1, 2010 citizen’s arrest was not supported by local law enforcement but rather, turned against him.  Swensson happened to be there that day, and, although charged with interrupting a public meeting,  did not enter the courtroom.

Both defense attorneys in Monroe County and the Board of Professional Responsibility, which disciplines lawyers in Tennessee, are reportedly aware of the corruption and will not act.  Citizens are reporting other examples of wrongdoing on the part of court personnel with instructions to users as to how to “hide in plain sight.”

The Post & Email reported to the FBI the confiscation of funds sent to Fitzpatrick while he was incarcerated.  Shortly before his release on December 30, 2010, Fitzpatrick had submitted a written request for the release of the funds which was ignored.  However, on February 8, 2011, he received the $75.00 in the mail by means of a check back-dated to December 28, 2010.

We also have reported multiple civil rights violations to the FBI at the hands of the Sheriff’s Department, judiciary, and elected officials who refuse to take action, including Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, Tennessee Attorney General Robert E. Cooper, Jr., and the Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts (TAOC).

Fitzpatrick has filed criminal complaints with the Knoxville FBI in regard to the rigging of grand juries, corruption within the sheriff’s department, judicial malfeasance, rigged trial juries, altered court transcripts and the denial of court transcripts to defendants.  He has also shared information on the murder of a local Republican elections official, Mr. Jim Miller, last July.  Jessica Kennedy Powers has been charged in the murder.  Fitzpatrick gleaned other information while incarcerated which has been shared with the FBI as well as the death threats that he has received.  To date, no other arrests in the case have been reported.

A local missionary group had property valued over $100,000 confiscated by Sheriff Bivens eleven months ago. Special agent Mike Harrell with the FBI apparently contacted Monroe County Sheriff Bill Bivens about the confiscation. Bivens reportedly agreed to return the improperly-seized property but has not. Bivens has not been arrested for participating in extortion and theft and is still allowing police brutality to continue to terrorize citizens of Monroe County.

One church vehicle still has not been returned after more than four months to the non-profit organization despite evidence that the charges against its driver were false.

On March 17, 2009, a criminal complaint for treason against Barack Hussein Obama was filed with the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, but no action was taken.  The U.S. attorney is now William C. Killian.  While complaints mailed directly to the federal grand juries were returned with commentary that they needed to go through the U.S. attorney for his consideration to give them to the grand juries, Fitzpatrick’s second mailing of the treason complaint against Obama thusly directed has not been returned.

There is nothing in the Fifth Amendment to the Bill of Rights which states that a prosecutor controls the information which a grand jury may consider, but the 1946 Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure have imposed such limitations so that the power of the people to report criminal activity on the part of the government is sharply curtailed.

While the FBI told Fitzpatrick that an investigation had been opened into the corruption in Monroe County on the morning of his October 27 arrest, no apparent action has been taken on the above complaints.  In fact, Fitzpatrick has stated that the inaction of both the FBI and TBI in the face of evidence of massive public corruption amounts to treason on their parts.  The FBI is aware that Fitzpatrick has had threats made against his life to the effect of “You’re going to be the next Jim Miller.”

On May 5, 2011, Fitzpatrick reported that he has issued a second subpoena to Judge Donald Paul Harris and that “he has it in his hands now.”  Judge Harris is scheduled to hear the case against Fitzpatrick dealing with the two additional charges of resisting arrest and assaulting Michael Morgan.  Fitzpatrick has requested to know whether or not Judge Harris, as well as other judges he has subpoenaed, have appointed grand jury foremen during their respective tenures, and the judges have refused to answer.

There is nothing within Tennessee law which states that the foreman of a grand jury is appointed by a judge, regardless of the defense provided by court clerks and the Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts of the Rules of Criminal Procedure.

One judge, Jon Kerry Blackwood, has stated through his administrative assistant that he refuses to answer the subpoena.  An article in the Knoxville News-Sentinel featuring Blackwood quotes the retired judge telling a recent judge who was also a defendant, “The art of being honest is the only requirement the public has the right to expect from public officials.”

Fitzpatrick provided the following update:

He’s not going to answer the subpoena.  In the meantime, we’ve gotten a response back from Judge Blackwood.  He’s not going to answer the subpoena, either, and I sent him a second request.  Here’s why:  The judges have pulled the wool over the people’s eyes, and they know that they’ve been doing this for a long time.  We’re talking tens of years.  I don’t know when this rule was put into place where it said that a judge could pick a grand jury foreman, but they did that, and then they exploited that sleight of hand to then pick this foreman every year.  They use this to stack the juries, and in the meantime, we know that they’ve been stacking the juries at the trial court level.  We know that the federal agents know about this.  We know that state agents know about it; everybody knows about it.  They were surprised that I didn’t know about this and that I would take exception to it.  You have the names of the three guys who shared this information with me on March 10, 2011:  Highway Patrolman J.C. Parrott; the TBI agent, Andy Corbitt; and the FBI agent, Mike Harrell.  Two of them, Parrott and Corbitt, were in the courtroom on the first of December and said to me, “You don’t know that, Fitzpatrick?  Where have you been?”

The rules that they put in place tens of years ago state that a judge can pick a foreman.  It doesn’t say that a judge can pick a juror.  Before you can pick a foreman to a jury, you first have to have a jury.  You have to build the jury first before the judge can pick the foreman under this “rule.”  The judges don’t pick the juries; they have to be chosen randomly.  A Tennessee is not allowed to pick any Tennessee juror.  But he can pick the foreman once the jury has been constructed, and at the end of that jury term, and it’s a year here, once that jury turns over, it goes away.  You then pick another jury of 36 people.  From that, the judge gets to pick that foreman once the jury has been constructed.

And now we have the additional piece of intelligence that tells us that in the mind of Marty Cook, a clerk of 30+ years’ experience, the judges have been picking the people from “wherever they choose.”  They’ve been picking them as jurors and as foremen.  The judicial selection of a juror is against the law, and every judge who has known about it or done it has committed a very, very serious crime.  That’s why these judges won’t answer the subpoenas.

Every time a judge has applied pen to paper and said that they have appointed a foreman to a jury who has not already been selected randomly, he or she has committed a crime.  And every judge who has participated in my case now must stand scrutiny.  I can put them on my witness list, and so can Carl by calling them into a courtroom and asking them very specific, hard questions about how this process works; how it is that they’ve been selecting people by hand when it’s against Tennessee state law.

Connecting more dots, we know that these judges have been using this system for human trafficking, as we’ve discussed.  Because nobody has a chance at beating the system, they’re forced into taking deals; they’re locked up; they’re robbed in one way or another; extorted; property is seized, and there’s nothing that a citizen can do to fight back.  And that gets us into the corruption of all the criminal assistants working with the judges.  It includes, for example, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, which we know is just as dark in corruption as dark gets.  That’s what’s going on.  This is the kind of thing Mr. Miller knew about, and he was prepared to talk about it.  Then he was murdered.  This is the kind of thing that no one wanted him to disclose.

I am speculating that had he exposed the Sheriff’s Department, it could have changed the outcome of the election of Bill Bivens last November.

We have talked about the invasion of the evidence property rooms.  Everybody knows about that right now, but no one is doing a thing about it.  And the judges, who have been prosecuting people with evidence which has either disappeared or been contaminated, are part of a very finely-constructed machine.  It’s like a fine watch:  every part has to work just exactly right for the watch to work.  Then it has to be maintained; it has to be repaired every once in a while; it has to be calibrated; all kinds of things have to happen to a finely-crafted instrument.  That’s what we’re looking at here.  The judges are running the show.  If anybody steps out of line, the judge will come in and hammer them.  This is what we have been watching over and over again.  The property confiscation that you saw with George Raudenbush…that goes on all the time.

Again, policemen at the state and federal level know all about this.  In fact, many of the policemen are participating in it because they’re using this for promotion, pay raises, because some of the property they seize goes into their back yard or home.  The corruption in the Sheriff’s Department is huge.

Jim Stutts, the local prosecutor, knows all about the rigged juries and the corrupt judges.  He’s trying to keep everything settled down here in regard to the Jim Miller murder.  I believe that they’ve done this before.  There was another murder; a man named Troy Green was murdered, and I think they did the same thing with him and made up some kind of false story to make it look as if it was something other than what it was, which was that Mr. Green was looking at corruption at the sheriff’s level.  The sheriff’s department was wrapped up in that, too, as they’re wrapped up in the Miller case.  This is a huge story.

The judges can rely upon the press to protect them.  Everything you know about what’s going on here the local newspaper knows about and refuses to report because they’re afraid to.  It’s the same way throughout the entire state of Tennessee.

I’m the guy who’s being targeted as the next Jim Miller, so I have a stake in this.  I’m not afraid.  Whatever happens, happens.  But we’ve got to break the back of this corruption here somehow.

Jim Stutts is a criminal.  He is an evil man.  He’s been working with these fake grand juries for years, and so have so many of his contemporaries in the positions of prosecutors in the state of Tennessee.  We’ve talked about what’s going on in this community, in the state, as human trafficking.  They’re preying on the people, using them as a product, as chattel.  And with judges describing it as a business…it’s just too much.  It’s every bit as big as you and I both know it is.

The judges are picking jurors.  Have they ever gotten the permission of the citizenry to pick the jurors?  Why would they want to control the juries?  Because they have a business going on right now which is human trafficking.  It’s also attainder, which means they’re punishing people directly without the permission of a jury. It’s extortion, and evil, in pure form.  And they’re putting the money into their pockets.

What was normally paid for by taxes is now being paid by extortion money from the people.  It’s off the scale.  There is not one single judge or attorney who is going to come forward and speak out against what we know is going on here.  They’re either afraid that something bad will happen to them, or they’re part of the human trafficking and making a very nice living out of it.  That’s what I see.  I think it’s more of the latter than the former.  They’ve picked their people into the system, and if you don’t play along, then you’re going to get hurt.  And not only that; you’re going to start losing money.

Jim Stutts and Carroll Ross are poster children for what’s going on in the state of Tennessee, and by extension, everyplace else in the country.  The Miller case is secondary only in that Mr. Miller had the kind of information that exposes the system for what it is.  The judges know that they’ve been picking jurors, and that’s why they’re not answering the subpoena, because to do that, they would be incriminating themselves.  That’s what’s going on.

There’s not a judge in the state of Tennessee who’s going to be able to come to this case.  I can subpoena every single judge, and I have a list of questions that I’m going to put to them about how it is that judges are allowed to pick jurors.  Because in the state of Tennessee, it’s supposed to be an impartial jury; that’s the lawful requirement.  By picking a juror, they have made it a system where impartiality is impossible.  Why would they do that?  Because they’re making the people of Tennessee pay through the nose, making innocent people criminals and then making them pay the government to act against them as it has been doing.




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  2. Unfortunately, Tennessee is not alone in corruption. Many states are just as guilty. I keep wondering why these articles on TN keep popping up here? Just curious as it’s a relatively small state when compared to many others.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: We have focused on Tennessee because we have several contacts who have provided us with a great deal of information on the corruption there, and we wish to see their stories through to their respective conclusions. Many people will not come forward. However, The Post & Email welcomes others’ reports of corruption from any state.

    1. Thank you Sharon for the explanation. Good to know the reason. Hopefully others “in the know” in other States will come forward.

  3. Makes my heart sick to read of such widespread corruption in Tennessee and other states as well. I thank God for the Americans who are standing their ground and those who are using the Internet to get to us the real truth.

    God Bless all you fine American Patriots.

  4. I live in Georgia and have sent reports of the corruption in Monroe County to the various state level tourism agencies; both commercial and operated by the state.
    This is another good avenue to raise the level of awareness but needs to come from local folks to have the most effect.

  5. I almost hate to say this, but it seems that there is no other option at this point. If local, state and federal officials are all aware of this problem and nothing is being done. There aren’t very many options left at this point besides calling up a statewide militia to restore law and order in this place. Has anybody contacted the TN Attorney General to inform him or her of this travesty to justice? I agree with Lloyd, maybe if this starts getting around to local real estate agents, than again, who knows? That’s one beauty of the construction of our Constitution. States, counties and local municipalities are all sovereign entities. If you don’t like what’s going on in your area, you vote with your feet and move. If enough people do that, the loss of revenue to that particular city, county or state will certainly get some attention. It’s happening now in high tax states like New York, New Jersey, etc… People are tired of being run roughshod over, it’s as our Founders intended. The states competing with one another for growth, you can’t do that with a mass exodus going on. That’s the only other option that I can come up with, this is really disturbing to me. I thought that TN was a very nice state to reside, guess I thought wrong.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Yes, we have contacted the TN attorney general at least four times and his office refuses to respond.

    1. In that case, I think I would make a trip to wherever his office is with either an audio recorder or a video recorder and lay all of this at his feet. Get it on tape and then start contacting what few reputable media outlets are left in this country and see if someone will air it. Maybe Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck would take it on although I’m not real big fans of either of them. But they have a huge audience, as they say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

  6. Many are under the impression that a corrupt time piece is better than none at all. IMO the sun rises and sets the same every day watch or not. It may be a bit hard to get exact readings if there were no watch at all but at least the natural one can be trusted by all to be the same everywhere. Get used to looking up, it’s the only one that really matters.

  7. When I was looking for property in East Tennessee and after I started following all of these reports I asked a couple of the Real Estate agents if they were aware of any of it. They told me they were not aware of any of it. Testimony that the News is not being reported.

    Since I have made the decision to NOT move to Tennessee I was wondering if it would do any good to get the files Sharon has sent to the MLS members there. It is a very large organization and their living depends on the sales of real property. Maybe they do not understand how the news of the corruption in Tennessee is affecting their ability now and in the future of making a living, especially from those of us who have decided to not relocate there. Just a thought. I get really upset with every report because there is nothing I can do to make it stop. I don’t know what I would do if I lived there and knew what was going on. God be with you all and God Bless Sharon Rondeau for her tireless work in getting the information out.

    Semper Fi

  8. Sent my subpoenas off yesterday and cc’d the defense council who, to date, have taken zero action on my behalf. Just as expected. They cover for one another and this criminal activity, on the part of the Judiciary, will, one way or the other, see the light of day.
    Will work with Walt to further build the case…
    Does anyone in TN care what is happening or are they all just too afraid to stand up?

  9. Yes, and break the back of the corruption at the highest levels of national government as well.

    Stay safe and strong Cdr. Fitzpatrick.