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by Ron Ewart, ©2011

How long did Obama and all other politicians think they could run the federal government on borrowed money?

(May 6, 2011) — “Any time three Washington, DC politicians get into a cab with the President of the United States and without an argument between them, the public treasury has just been robbed.A slight modification of a Phyllis Diller quote

Banks and the human species are about as inseparable as bees and honey.  There have always been bankers, hated and loved, and there have always been banks where we are lulled into the belief that when we deposit our money therein, it is safe.  Although today the term “safe” does mean relatively safe, it wasn’t always that way and may not be again.

In the days of the Old West, the local town bank was filled with depositors’ money, but a bank robber, or robbers, could relieve the bank of those deposits with a little bravado and some guns and then ride away into the sunset, with a posse in hot pursuit. Unfortunately, the depositors weren’t always made whole after a bank robbery.  The more the bank was robbed, the less likely the depositors would ever receive a dime and many lost all of their savings or checking deposits, as most of the banks had no insurance to cover any losses.  If, however, the local bank was a branch of a much larger bank, there might be some recovery available from the parent bank.  But even the larger banks could only sustain so many losses from robbery, corruption or embezzlement, before they too would go out of business, with the depositors left to fend for themselves…their deposits lost to the ravages of random and unpredictable events.

Today, the depositors’ money is a little safer because of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) that charges banks a fee (an insurance premium) to cover banks that fail for one reason or another.  The FDIC will cover any losses up to $250,000 per individual depositor.  If you have a lot of money and you want to protect it, you have to deposit it in as many federal FDIC-protected banks as you can divide $250,000 into your total cash reserves.  Or, as an alternative, you can invest your reserve cash in the stock market, bonds, real estate, treasury notes, or even gold and silver.  Each investment bears its own degree of risk, and in some cases, like stocks, you can lose your entire investment, virtually overnight.

But this article isn’t about banks and investments; it’s about a bank that is robbed too many times.  The bank is called the public treasury, which holds deposits that hard-working Americans are forced to fork over to the government by way of taxes, extracted from them by government by force of law…and a public treasury whose disposition and distribution falls on the politicians  elected to public office.  What we are trying to convey here is not for those who are savvy about banking, investments and taxes; it is for the naive, the ignorant and those who think the money they receive as a handout from the government, in whatever form, actually comes from the government.  This article is for those who voted for the current putative president and all those other wealth-redistribution politicians now occupying the halls of Congress and every legislature, in every state in the Union and even in cities and counties throughout America, no matter which party they belong to.

For at least the last 70 to 80 years and maybe more, your favorite politicians have been robbing the public treasury bank with promises to you, based on a faulty economic model.  The Keynes model comes to mind.  But there was evil in the politicians’ hearts when they made those promises.  They wanted to buy your vote with the money from the taxes of hard-working Americans so that they could stay in power.  They have been very successful at what they (the politicians) have been doing.  So many Americans have now been bought off by the politicians in return for their vote that the public treasury is running dry.  You see, they have robbed the “people’s” bank too many times and now it is going broke.  Anyone with a grade-school education could have told them that is what would happen if they continued on this path to economic suicide.

Europe has followed the same failed model and they started earlier than America did, so they are way ahead of us in the “broke” column…maybe.  Many European countries, now locked in the Euro currency, have essentially gone broke and are now reneging on their promises they made in exchange for votes.  In response, the people, angry with their politicians for not honoring their word, are rioting in the streets, breaking windows, burning cars and committing any other mayhem they can inflict on innocents because the government ran out of money from those who work for a living and pay taxes.

Now, many American states are finding themselves in a deep hole that they themselves dug, in exchange for votes, and are having to renege on their promises and in some cases unilaterally canceling contracts they made with unions.  The violent reaction from the Union members was totally predictable, as was the reaction by Europeans to government austerity programs.

So, for all of you out there who have been promised great rewards from government at no cost to you in return for your loyalty and your vote, the politicians you elected have robbed the bank too many times and the bank’s deposits are growing precipitously thin.  With the debt those politicians have racked up for your benefit, the bank (the public treasury) really doesn’t have any money anyhow, because any money they do get they have to borrow from the corrupt Federal Reserve, or from countries like China who would dearly love to drive America into the ground using the leverage of the debt we owe them and claim the spoils they have won because of our stupidity and fiscal insanity.

For those of you not skilled in the movement of money, here is how it works and has worked since the dawn of human civilization.  Money flows from the wealthy to the political power to “buy” influence.  Money then flows from the political power to the people to “buy” votes.  The money that flows from the wealthy to the political power to “buy” influence is, for the most part, private money.  However, the money that flows from the political power to the people to “buy” votes, is money extracted from taxpayers by force of law and held in trust by that political power, who are under a fiduciary duty to manage that money wisely.  When they dip their political hands into the public till to “buy” votes, they have violated the constitution, and the constitution has been violated for a fare-thee-well for the last 100 years or more.  Therein lies the reason behind the difficulties we find ourselves in.  Politicians broke the constitutional rules to “buy” votes to remain in power.  Politicians became corrupt when they accepted money from the wealthy to “buy” influence.

The fact is, when you rob the bank too many times, eventually the bank will go bust and the promises the politicians made with tax money in the “bank” that is extorted from taxpayers by force of law, fly away into deep space, along with all the hopes and dreams of those hapless idiots who placed their trust in a corrupt government.  The “bank” is bust and it won’t be long before your share of the public treasury will dry up into thin air.  What, then, will you do?  Will you riot in the streets, or will you become one of those free Americans who returns to self-reliance and responsibility, that is an integral part of the price of liberty?  America’s future, as a free and prosperous nation, lies in your choice.

NOTE:  Obama is one of the most dangerous people ever to occupy the White House in all of American history.  He must be defeated by all legal means in 2012.  We have started our contribution to the process to defeat him, by creating a website known as: www.bringingdownobama.com.

Take a look and pass it around, if you deem it appropriate.  Also feel free to contribute valid and accurate information, articles, reports, videos, or messages about Obama, for the website.  If we can determine the material’s validity with several sources, we will consider publishing it.  We are not interested in hearsay or conspiracy theories.

Also, don’t miss our new Youtube video entitled: “Obama: The Tea Party’s Laughing Stock.


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  1. Quote:

    “Take a look and pass it around, if you deem it appropriate. Also feel free to contribute valid and accurate information, articles, reports, videos, or messages about Obama, for the website. If we can determine the material’s validity with several sources, we will consider publishing it. We are not interested in hearsay or conspiracy theories.”

    Is this a way of asking that Obama’s eligibility not be questioned?

    By definition of the Barry regime, anything that varies from whatever their latest story is, is a “conspiracy theory”.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: The way I interpreted that statement, it would include well-sourced information such as reports which have been coming out declaring the “birth certificate” a forgery. If true, that would implicate Obama in several criminal acts which should preclude him from any chance of having his name placed on any state ballot. Then there are the criminal complaints of treason against him which have never been addressed by his attorneys. Why not?

    1. what does swat do if anyone breaks into a home or business and take hostages,they do what ever it takes to keep the hostage [victim] safe,and get the one who broke in out,anyway they can.They dont wait around for a vote or a court case.So obama,who is a traitor involved in treason,broke into WE THE PEOPLE’s HOUSE,and holding us hostage.What is the punishment for treason?.and who backs obama they are traitors also.