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May 21, 2012

Drawing enclosed with recent mailing from Todd Sweet

Copyright 2012 by Todd J. Sweet Part C

Todd J. Sweet/God & His agents


Knoxville FBI/Monroe Co./Satan & his agents


The Knoxville FBI has proclaimed Mr. Huff and Mr. Fitzpatrick sovereigns.

God continues to reveal to me why I’ve been led down the paths I have in life.

Why God himself [sic] aligned me with Sharon Rondeau, Mr. Fitzpatrick and Monroe County.

The doctor.

Every part of my life has came [sic] to an amazing head.  The frustration I have felt at why it took so long and so many individual run ins [sic] with the law and satan to finally get right with God has now eased.  No more frustration.  When Romans 8:28 speaks, I fully understand it.

“All things happen for the good for those who love God and are called according to His purposes.”

Every single thing.  Every single circumstance that happen [sic] did so for Gods [sic] purposes.

There are reasons that God only knows and knew for what I had to go through.  What my children had to go through.  What others, even financial victims had to go through.  Maybe if only for the latter to experience the true freedom and peace that the [sic] will once they forgive me.

My point being is that God is making many things clear to me lately.  One is that my past experiences with the “doctor” will undoubtedly help me expose corruption.

See, readers, I dont [sic] talk to talk.  I dont [sic] write to just wear my hand out.

I write to teach you the power of God.  His love.

Power and Love that I know is [sic] going to straighten up the injustices of Monroe County.

Then it will spread around the nation.

But before I get to [sic] far off track, let me address Sovereignty.

I have said in prior postings that the doctor is a sovereign terrorist.

I didnt [sic] always know about the terrorist part.  But it just so happens that the sole reason that I ever began speaking to the “doctor” was to learn the laws of Sovereignty.

See readers. [sic]  God knew all the way back in 2002 and 03 that today, May 12, 2012 I would need that knowledge to expose the lies of “Knoxville FBI” in order to prove to you their reckless intent.

Mr. Huff I dont [sic] know personally.  Mr. Fitzpatrick on the other hand I do.

He is not a Sovereign.

Ready for school readers? [sic] It is my pleasure and let me say that everything said here can be backed by law and books such as “Cracking the Code” and “A Vulture in Eagles Clotheing.” [sic]

The FBI wants you to believe that Mr. Fitzpatrick is a Sovereign and then due to his Arguements [sic] over our President they now want you to believe that the “Sovereign Movement” began by white supremist [sic] and extremists.

Not so.

Not even close.

The truth is that the United States long ago used your birth certificate for their gain and defrauded the “People.”

In order to make that fraud “right” with its Citizens, a remedy was produced in an entire set of laws that are referred to as the “Uniform Commercial Code” or U.C.C.

To make a long story short, you now have the right to choose to take back your birth certificate and birthright.  This is known as the “redemption process” in Sovereign Circles.

Walter Fitzpatrick does not belong to the Sovereign Circles.

See, it is your choice to become Sovereign.  No one can proclaim you a Sovereign Citizen in the United States other than you.  A Sovereign is only as sovereign as he/she makes themselves. [sic]

A Sovereign Citizen will be filed in their states U.C.C. office.  They will have a file number.

But thats [sic] not all.

A Sovereign must file with Washington D.C. a Notice of Sovereignty.  It is roughly 200 pages.

So.  Is Mr. Huff or Mr. Fitzpatrick Sovereign?

Let us ask the FBI.  They claimed it.

So Knoxville FBI? [sic]  Can you send the Post and Email [sic] copies of these mens [sic] Sovereign Status?

All you have to do is go to the U.C.C. office and run a search on these mens [sic] names.

How do I know all of this?

Because, I told you I was dealing with A Sovereign Terrorist.

I am filed in the Michigan Uniform Commercial Code Office.

I have redeemed my birthright and certificate.

I have not chose [sic] to file my declaration of Sovereign citizenship for I dont [sic] choose to be a sovereign.

But, technically speaking I could sue the pants off every single county since 2003 that put my name on ANY court document.

There are things I could do, if I so choose when it comes to my property, my assets, my court cases.

Point?  Choice.

I have to choose to go further.  I would have to notice you, Washington DC.  You Knoxville FBI, that I wish to be a Sovereign Citizen.  You cannot proclaim me a Sovereign.  You cant [sic] proclaim Mr. Huff a Sovereign.  You cant [sic] proclaim Mr. Fitzpatrick a Sovereign.

If you make them Sovereign, you better get out your check book [sic] for you owe them a lot of money for the birth certificate fraud, for the years of fraud that you did to them.

So, is it still your position that these men are Sovereigns?

The Doctor is a Sovereign.  He has many followers.  He also finances Terrorism.  He proclaims his sovereignty.  He has filed with Washington.

He helps others do the same.

What makes me need to vomit is the fact that you “Knoxville FBI” protect him and his New York based, and Detroit based “group” while you tag Mr. Fitzpatrick a Sovereign.

If Mr. Fitzpatrick was a Sovereign he would have “accepted for value” your training material and sued the living daylights out of you!

He (Mr. Fitzpatrick) can now.

And I promise you Mr. or Mrs. Knoxville FBI agent that wont [sic] name themselves and instead tries to give all of “Knoxville FBI” a bad name by hiding behind that signing designation. [sic]

You better watch what you say or print about Todd J. Sweet.  Because I will sue you.  Then I will give every cent to the homeless.  To a church to help spread Gods [sic] love.  When that is a goal, to further the Kingdom of God…

You cant [sic] and will not lose.

So, although I am not a Sovereign Citizen readers, [sic] I assure you I know what I am speaking of.

The FBI agent that stated Mr. Fitzpatrick is a Sovereign is a liar.

We would know for certain if they would take up my last challenge of the polygraph exam.

They wont [sic].  They know the truth is not in them.

Let all of us pray for them.  I also want the honest FBI agents, honest officers and lawmakers,, the ones that follow the laws they are sworn to uphold and actually care about people, thank you. [sic]  I pray for your safety and your family.  I appreciate you and the job you do.  You are many and be assured, I do not confuse you with the corrupt.

God bless you all.

Todd J. Sweet   – more –

And remember, NO ONE can proclaim a person a Sovereign Citizen except the citizen.

And just a quick note:

God sees no “color,” no “race,” so the Governments [sic] constant racial tactics sicken me.  The Sovereign movement was not started nor is it mainly utilized by racist men and women.  That is obsurd. [sic]

For the record, the Doctor and his entire Terrorist group are all Sovereigns.  They are also all of African American [sic] heritage.

So “Knoxville FBI,” cut the race stuff.  United States Citizens have put racism in the past, more and more through each passing generation.  Why the government tries to hype racism still, in todays [sic] day and age, is beyond me.

Grow up.  Most of your citizens have.

Seems to me that those that are crying racism are the racists.

I am only racist against Satan and his agents.

And those that refuse to pray their way away from them.

Todd J. Sweet

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