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by Todd Joseph Sweet, ©2013

(Mar. 18, 2013) — [Editor’s Note:  The following is a continuation of Tennessee inmate Todd J. Sweet’s post-conviction petition experience with the Monroe County, TN Criminal Court.  Judge Carroll L. Ross has refused to recuse himself from Sweet’s case in defiance of a request from Sweet’s attorney.]


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  1. I was railroaded by Monroe county in several accessions since 9-11-01. In fact, it started that exact day. Around 9:00am and the harassment didn’t end until I was sent to prison by a Knox county judge. I was released from prison in 2006. In which the state sent me to McMinn county for my parole, but was living in Monroe county at the time in question. Don’t understand how the state works and don’t care anymore. Judge Carroll Ross screwed over me also. I know deal with allot of metal anguish. Bury there assess!!!