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by Todd Sweet, ©2012

(May 27, 2012) — Have I gotten a response from the Knoxville FBI in regards [sic] to my polygraph exam challenge?

Absolutely not, nor do I expect one.  The truth is not in them.

It is what it is.

Today I’m going to start this Article by doing a self check. [sic]

Sometimes I get a bit mad at the system.

Sometimes I feel proud.

Sometimes I may seem as though I am bragging.

Sometimes I seem sarcastic.

Sometimes I may seem as though I am pointing a finger.

Sometimes I…..

There are many “sometimes” I assure you reader. [sic] I am far from perfect and it is not my desire nor my position to point out everyones [sic] faults.

It is however, [sic] my desire to reconcile this nation to God.  To do so, we have to deal in individuals.  Once some ground is gained there, we will move on to groups.  Then a small town.  Then a city.  A state.  Another state.  Yet another.

Then at last our Nation will stand together in unity with Jesus Christ.

Impossible you say? [sic] No it is not. [sic]  In the next few writings I am going to lay out a real plan.  A workable plan to restructure not only our judicial system, but lives. [sic]

We have to come into agreement.  To unity.

One way or another and someday, we all will be standing at the judgement seat of Christ.  We all will be on review for what we did in our earthly bodies.

One way or another, now or then, you’ll have to get what you have coming.

Whether your [sic] a lawmaker, law enforcer, or a criminal or both, whether you sell shoes, work at a restaraunt, [sic] a bar or a court house. [sic]

Whether you rob the weak or skim on your taxes, follow the laws of the land or bend them to fit your own purposes, you will have to eventually make a decision to either roll with Christ or not.

For me, it took alot [sic] of banging my head against a wall and day after day, month after month, year after year of confinement – but once I felt the true peace of God, a peace that surpasses all human understanding – the real decision was made.

I want that peace to rest on all of you.  Judge, cop, lawyer, con, crook, parent, child, whoever you are – God can give you this peace if you accept Christ.

Why not stop right here, before we go any further, [sic] and you can settle this matter of eternal consequence for yourself.  Whether your [sic] sitting there alone, or with a friend or loved one – settle it once and for all.  Go into a room.  Get alone with God.  Tell him [sic] out loud that you want him [sic] to come into your life.  That you are sorry for your sins.  Name them out loud, as many as you can think of, and ask for forgiveness of them all.  Straighten it out in your head that Christ died for you and those sins when He was nailed to a cross.

He shed his [sic] blood to redeem you from Satan.

They laid him [sic] in a Tomb.

He was dead.

Three days later He got up and walked out of that tomb.  He was no longer dead.

He’d been dancin [sic] on Satans [sic] head for 3 days, mocking him and letting him know he lost his power over you.  And all you have to do you child of God [sic] is tell Him your [sic] sorry.  That you believe Him.  That you want Him to drive your life from now on.  Ask him to come on in that body of yours and do as He pleases.

But reader, mean it.  Read the word.  Talk to God.  Learn all you can.

I told you in an earlier article.  Choices.  We all have free will to choose.  Just know right now that putting this choice off doesnt [sic] even make common sense, let alone have eternal consequences if you walk out your door get in your car [sic] and die on the interstate this evening.  In Gods [sic] eyes, not choosing is choosing to be unsaved.  So get that settled in your head too.

Accept Jesus as your savior – Live forever and reap  many benefits now.


Do what youve [sic] been doing and you still get to live forever.

In a lake of fire and torment.

Believe me, I use [sic] to have all the same doubts you may have right now.  I even went to church with my wife and children almost like clock work [sic] and still had no clue of what God could do.

But when I first felt God moving….

Whew!  And He hasnt [sic] stopped moving in my life in the least.  I may get off track and cause him [sic] to go sit and shake His head at me like i’m [sic] an idiot – but It dont [sic] take me long anymore to feel He isnt [sic] on board and I know why.  God cant [sic] be a party to something unrighteous so if I dont [sic] feel Him, I’m out of line.  Recently I felt it.  Stopped.  And almost sprinted to my bunk, hit my knees and asked His forgiveness.  I was trying to fight a battle He had already won.  So He just tells me to look at Exodus 14:14.  “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”


See, in todays [sic] day and age our children and teens and even some of us adults fall for the Wicca and Demon glitz on television.

Shows such as “Charmed” and “Angel” and many many more. [sic]  I’m not picking on those shows, what I’m saying is our youth fall into the intrigue of the supernatural.

Being a follower of Christ, a real Christian is 100% supernatural!  The power is un-real! [sic]

Where I use [sic] to use my voice like many, in lies and senseless banter, the very same voice coming out of my lips moves mountains.  Makes things change.

What I speak in the natural, moves in the spiritual, which changes the natural.

I know this is all off subject [sic] of corruption, but not really because we are trying to help save the corrupt and criminal alike.  So you’ll have to listen to my stories….

When I was an inmate last year in Michigan, me and my cell mate [sic] witnessed another inmate who was demon possessed.  The guy would scream, run @ you, talk to the air.

Guards would laugh.  Inmates would laugh.

Most state hospitals were closed in Michigan so now they just send the mentally ill to prison the first chance they get.

Anyway.  Me and my cell mate [sic] wouldnt [sic] laugh at all.  We would look at one another.  We knew it was a demon but not a clue how to get rid of it in the prison setting.

One day we were all in the chow hall.  A very dangerous place.  All of the sudden [sic] this possessed guy jumps up and starts screaming and walks over and snatches a cookie off another inmates [sic] tray.

Anyone else would be dead right then.

Not this guy.  Everyone just laughed.

That night me and my cell mate were talking about it and all the sudden [sic] God showed us that although a Christian can be harrassed [sic] by demons he cannot be possessed.  Once a sinner comes to Christ and is reborn, the Holy Spirit enters the new believer.  Guess what?

The Holy Spirit will not share His abode with a slimey [sic] demon or anyone for that matter.

So all we had to do is get this guy to sit down and accept Jesus!

Yes, much more difficult than we at first expected, but we were very persistant. [sic] Then one day he broke.  This kid fell in a heap and cried.  He said “I want Jesus!”

Man, thats [sic] all it took.  It was a race between me and my cell mate.  Scripture was flyin’ out of our mouths so fast that it sounded crazy.

Then it happened.

I began talking in tongues.

Then my cell mate did.

We were shocked and though we looked at one another briefly, we kept on.  Here’s this kid rollin’ around and we’re over him speaking in this crazy language no one knows, sweat pouring and….

The kid went still.  His breathing was heavy and his eyes were closed.  He started wimpering [sic] lightly.

The kid opens his eyes and says “I wanted Jesus and I feel Him!  Finish this you guys [sic] before He leaves!”  He says. [sic]

My cell mate tells him “Jesus will never leave you ever man, not ever!” [sic]

Then I pulled out a Copeland Ministries Prayer of Salvation and the kid repeated every word.

He is now walking the prison yards in Michigan witnessing to others.  No medication and leaving others’ cookies alone! [sic]

Now stop and think about that story.  Its [sic] true.  And it took place in prison.

I am a physically fit white man.  Tattoos.  My cell mate was black, 6’5″ and hugely muscular and we both look crazy when viewed standing over this young black kid.  Unity.

This scene is crazy.

But does it not beat any episode of Charmed [sic] youve [sic] seen?  And our scene is true.

See there is no prisoner or free, black or white with God. [sic]

No cop or robber.  No bank clerk or bad check writer.

We are all one and all brothers in Christ.  If we believe.  Brothers and sisters.  IF we accept Him!

If you arent [sic] willing to accept that and get hip to the supernatural power of God, then you’ll be bangin’ your head into a wall over and over and over until one of two things happen. [sic]

You get hip.

or it’s to late, and you dont get hip. [sic]

I came very very close to literal death on more than one occassion [sic] while on the run.  I thank God every day that I was allowed to live long enough to come to know Him.

My goodness.  What would it be like right now if I had died?

What is going to happen right this second if you die?

Where will be you tomorrow?

I finally know where I will be and it is my deepest desire to see you there.

Yes, even you, the corrupt that it seems I have been slamming over and over in my articles.

I want only the best for you.  I want you to get saved so you can experience the awesome peace that the indwelling spirit gives so abuntantly…. [sic]

or if you are already saved it is my prayer that you repent of your transgression of not respecting your position that God granted you and useing [sic] it to further His Kindgom; and get back in line with the word of God.

Is it really that hard to just do your job?  Follow the rules and laws that you expect others to follow?  If you cant [sic] do it, how do you expect me or the convict in the next cell to me to do it?

Well.  I’ve been asking God over and over about that and He has started moving on my heart and showing me the answers.

What would you say readers [sic] if I could offer a real solution to the issues that plague our judicial system?

What would you say if it was actually possible that I, one man working with God can make one county, starting with Monroe County totally change their judicial system and corrupt ways?

That I, one man working with God can and will change this nations [sic] judicial system and force by legal Godly means this nations [sic] judicial system to begin to fully respect the Constitution once again?

Impossible you say? [sic]

Oh but its not. [sic] I will in my future postings reveal an awesome plan.  A workable real plan.

A plan that you will watch unfold in the future for yourselves provided God doesn’t [sic] say enough is enough before hand. [sic]

But I believe you’ll see it.  For why would God reveal it if He himself [sic] didnt [sic] want it to come to action.  Completion.

The plan is a forced plan.  Peacefully I will force the lawmakers, enforcers and judicial players, including lawyers to do their jobs.

In the end not only will the face of Monroe County change for the good, but they will grab national media and the changes will spread across the United States.

Not only will the judicial system change, but the criminals.  The law breakers. [sic]

I Todd Sweet [sic] will show you that God can drop the crime rate.

Offenders, though some may be stubborn and re-offend, for the most part they will not.  They will become productive citizens, better moms and dads.

The overcrowded penal system will be at an all time low. [sic]

Big talk huh? [sic]

Dont [sic] worry.  I will walk the talk.  Youll [sic] not be let down.  This is real.  This will be history.

We have a few different issues I am addressing.  One is Knoxville FBI.

The other Monroe County. [sic]

The other, the “conditions” of the penal institutions, as well as corruption abroad.

To not confuse the reader I will title my future postings.

This will be “The Plan” and run in Parts, this being Part one.

Then of course we have Todd J. Sweet vs. Knoxville FBI then others, of which Sharon does an excellent job of running and not confusing you all.

My concern is “The Plan.”  Read um [sic] in order.  This being part one and who knows how far it will go.

Just know this….

It’s going to work.

It’s going to happen.

You the readers will enjoy this!

Watch for Part Two!

In His Love and Service.


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