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by Todd Joseph Sweet, ©2012

Monroe County, TN has become well-known to readers of The Post & Email as thoroughly corrupt as evidenced by illegally-convened grand juries, biased foremen, altered court transcripts, and complete disregard for defendants’ constitutional protections. Judges are virtually immune from any type of criminal prosecution.

(Oct. 18, 2012) — [Editor’s Note:  In a previous writing, Tennessee inmate Todd Sweet had stated that he would be sending an account of the corruption evidenced after he filed a post-conviction petition with Monroe County, TN Chief Court Clerk Martha M. Cook which included several judges and prosecutors in the Tenth Judicial District.  The prosecutors named are currently under investigation for allegedly abusing their authority and misspending taxpayer dollars.

Sweet has expressed doubt that government agencies, including the state attorney general’s office, will conduct a proper and impartial investigation into other public officials’ conduct.  Cronyism, intimidation and retaliation commonly affect the outcome in Tennessee courts, and public corruption became institutionalized over many decades.

Sweet’s indictment and trial occurred in Monroe County, which is one count of four in the Tenth Judicial District.  In his petition, he submitted evidence previously unavailable, including his awareness of laws passed in 1984 which had ordered the trial courts to empanel new grand juries a minimum of twice yearly and to operate as districts, not individual counties in most cases.  The laws were ignored by the Tennessee judiciary, which continues to empanel grand juries for a 12-month term and grand jury foremen for an unlimited number of terms determined by the judge in violation of a 2008 law.  Therefore, the impartiality of the grand jury guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment has been “demolished.”

Todd Sweet can receive mail and postage stamps at:

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Sweet’s other articles on Monroe County corruption can be found here.]

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