by Sharon Rondeau

(Dec. 14, 2017) — Last week, Obama birth certificate chief investigator Mike Zullo provided an interview to The Post & Email in which he focused on the “Deep State” and its “soft coup” against the current President of the United States now being exposed daily by certain media and the public-advocacy legal organization, Judicial Watch.

The “Deep State” became a common term just after Trump took office, when leaks of a national security nature poured out of government agencies which continued to be staffed with long-term, career employees.  However, a new awareness of the powerful but unseen National Security Agency (NSA) began with Edward Snowden‘s revelations in June 2013 that the electronic communications of virtually all Americans had been routinely captured despite the denial of then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper just three months prior.

Given recent revelations that some high-ranking officials at the U.S. Justice Department and its subsidiary, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), appear to have had previously-undisclosed conflicts of interest, two of Trump’s attorneys are calling for the appointment of a second special investigator.

Over the past 1-2 weeks, what appear to be biases against Trump and in favor of Democrats generally within Mueller’s team have been brought to light.  The potential conflicts of interest include donations made only to Democrats by Mueller hires; praise on the part of some for former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates after she defied Trump’s initial executive order on temporary immigration restrictions; approximately 10,000 anti-Trump texts on the part of FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok, formerly a member of Mueller’s team; and former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe’s possible protection of Hillary Clinton resulting from his role in the investigation of her use of a private, unauthorized email server while she was Obama’s secretary of state.

There is speculation by some members of the House Judiciary Committee that Stzrok is associated with the production of the “Trump dossier,” which may have been the catalyst for launching the dual-pronged Russia investigations which Mueller assumed after former FBI Director James B. Comey was fired on May 9.

On January 12, 2017, the DOJ Inspector General announced that he would investigate the conduct of the FBI and DOJ as it related to their managing of the Clinton email affair and the leaking of “non-public information,” among other specifics.  His report on those issues is expected to be released in the near future.

McCabe is himself reportedly the target of at least two investigations over the Clinton email probe and his political activity on behalf of his wife, who in 2015 ran unsuccessfully for the Virginia Senate and received hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from groups affiliated with longtime Clinton ally and now-former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

Mueller’s past interaction with Comey when both worked at the Justice Department has also been questioned in regard to Mueller’s impartiality regarding the man who assumed his former position as head of the FBI in 2013.

While emails released by WikiLeaks beginning in July 2016 showed coordination between the Democrat National Committee (DNC) and members of the media, ties between The Washington Post and the “Deep State” were alleged by a Huffington Post article written in 2014 after the outlet was purchased by Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos.  In the article, Norman Solomon wrote:

American journalism has entered highly dangerous terrain.

A tip-off is that the Washington Post refuses to face up to a conflict of interest involving Jeff Bezos — who’s now the sole owner of the powerful newspaper at the same time he remains Amazon’s CEO and main stakeholder.

The Post is supposed to expose CIA secrets. But Amazon is under contract to keep them. Amazon has a new $600 million “cloud” computing deal with the CIA.

The situation is unprecedented. But in an email exchange early this month, Washington Post executive editor Martin Baron told me that the newspaper doesn’t need to routinely inform readers of the CIA-Amazon-Bezos ties when reporting on the CIA. He wrote that such in-story acknowledgment would be “far outside the norm of disclosures about potential conflicts of interest at media organizations.”

In his interview with The Post & Email, Zullo said that an FBI agent by the last name of “Baker” who “reported directly to Comey” failed to investigate information provided by former NSA and CIA contractor Dennis Montgomery about widespread and longstanding government surveillance of private citizens without a warrant, including Trump, members of his family and employees of his businesses; U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts; more than 150 other federal judges; and other prominent businessmen and political commentators.

For approximately a year, Montgomery had worked as a confidential informant to former Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joseph Arpaio and provided data demonstrating that the CIA played an apparent role in the procuring of a fraudulent “long-form” birth certificate image bearing the name “Barack Hussein Obama II” which was presented to the public as genuine on April 27, 2011.

In August 2011, Arpaio commissioned his volunteer “Cold Case Posse,” which Zullo headed, to analyze the image in order to assure his constituents that their votes would not be disenfranchised in the 2012 presidential election.  However, after several days of analysis, the team was unable to clear the document, and Zullo continued the probe virtually single-handedly for more than five years.

On March 1, 2012, Zullo and Arpaio gave a press conference in which Zullo said that his work to that point showed that the long-form birth certificate image posted at whitehouse.gov is a “computer-generated forgery.”  Two additional pressers on July 17, 2012 and December 15, 2016 reinforced that conclusion with more detail and ultimately, the concurring opinions of two forensic analysts working in two different disciplines on two different continents.

Neither the media, Congress, nor the FBI would investigate the conclusions.  However, following the last press conference of nearly a year ago, both Zullo and Arpaio, who left office after his defeat by Paul Penzone last November, indicated their determination to continue to press their case to members of Congress and federal authorities.

In last week’s interview, Zullo emphasized what he said is a nexus among former Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie, the image of a letter purportedly signed by Obama posted by the Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children on its website, and the fraudulent long-form birth certificate image.

On Tuesday, Dr. Jerome Corsi of Infowars published an article in which he cited information gleaned from Zullo’s investigation, aided by Montgomery, pointing to remote, electronic intrusions into the records of the Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH) by CIA operatives, unbeknownst to HDOH employees.

Meanwhile, evidence of Strzok’s anti-Trump bias continues to emerge from the 10,000 text messages he exchanged with Lisa Page NOW released to mainstream media outlets.  One particular text message suggests that Strzok considered it his duty to “protect the country” from a Trump presidency and that an “insurance policy” of sorts had been embraced in the event of a Trump victory.

In testimony at 12:54 p.m. EST on Wednesday to the House Judiciary Committee, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said he could not respond to Rep. Ron DeSantis‘s questions as to whether or not the FBI “paid for” the “anti-Trump dossier” which contained salacious and unverified allegations concerning Donald Trump and time he reportedly spent in Russia.  Earlier in the hearing, Rep. Jim Jordan, who also sits on the House Intelligence Committee and asked similar questions in a hearing last week, speculated that Strzok not only commissioned the production of the dossier by FusionGPS, but also provided it to the secret FISA court to obtain approval for warrants to conduct surveillance of members of the Trump campaign.

Rosenstein admitted, however, that “I think I know the answer” to DeSantis’s question.  He also told the committee that he believes that Mueller, who he hired to conduct the “Russia” investigations, is a man of integrity and that there exists no reason to remove him.

Regarding whether or not he believes members of Congress will act on the information Zullo and Arpaio provided after concluding the investigation last year, Zullo told The Post & Email, “Yes, there is an indication of that.  Actually, they are fully apprised of the obstacles that we faced, and they understand those obstacles.  They are also acutely aware that timing is critical.  To try to do anything prematurely will only tip the hand and get no results.”

In his December 1 interview with Gallups, Zullo had said that “There’s no place we can turn until the players turn.”  When we asked Zullo to clarify if he was referring to members of Congress or the Deep State, he responded, “Both.  Obviously, what’s being exposed now about this ‘soft coup’ run by the Deep State against the President of the United States is that these people are all Hillary Clinton donors and supporters and are the same people who were in place when Barack Obama was president.  That tells you that this [the evidence gleaned from the birth certificate investigation] would have gone absolutely nowhere.”

He continued:

Think about it.  You have Eric Holder, then Loretta Lynch.  Holder is the only attorney general ever held in contempt of Congress.  Lynch did the infamous “tarmac” meeting and ran the charade of Hillary’s email investigation.  You have Jim Comey, the head of the FBI, who, two and one-half years ago, received the information from our confidential informant and did absolutely nothing with it.

“Do you know if Comey personally knew about Montgomery’s information?” we asked.

Yes.  It was an agent by the name of “Baker” who reported directly to Comey. They took that information and they “deep-filed” it.  That information that everybody thinks that Montgomery was so full of nonsense on was very damaging.  They took it and have done nothing else with it except sit on it.  Now they’re claiming that they don’t even know where it is.  This is how surreal all of this is.

So here we are, a sheriff’s office, looking into a phony document, and we have nowhere to turn.  Nowhere in our federal government could we move forward; absolutely nowhere.  Then we are shut down by the media and ostracized every day for five years.

“Some in the media did not report that two forensic analysts agreed with your conclusions, but rather, stressed that the investigation was to be ‘closed,'” The Post & Email stated.

Referring to an off-camera meeting between then-White House Counsel Robert Bauer and reporters on the morning of April 27, 2011, prior to the publication of the long-form birth certificate, Zullo told us:

Either at the press conference or on Carl’s show, I revealed that when you go to the transcript of that presser Bob Bauer did, there was a reporter asking if they have “seen the original.”  [Obama Communications Director] Dan Pfeiffer then said, “Well, I’ve shown you this…” and the reporter said, “No, you’ve shown us a copy.” Pfeiffer said again, “I’ve shown you this,” and he didn’t answer the rest of the question.

No other reporter ever came out and said that they saw the hard-copy document except for Savannah Guthrie. That’s important because the AP published photos of the purported long-form original document, but AP didn’t take those pictures.  Those photos were taken by the White House.  So what does that tell you?

Here’s Dan Pfeiffer saying, “The president will not hold his birth certificate, and it will not be left here for him to do so.”  Now that’s premeditated.  A logical person would grab it and say, “This is mine.”

You take that to the fundraising letter from Kapiolani, and that shows prior criminal intent, prior dispensation in exercising the release of documents that they know are fraudulent.  They falsified a letter purportedly by the President of the United States and lifted his signature and attached it to it.  People don’t understand the significance of that.












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  1. Bob68 said it so well herein!

    A song for Knowledge Patriots to reflect upon as we work the dimly-lit truth-trenches 08-28-08- TODAY, O’Lord:


    “I will stand my ground where hope can be found…”

    Government-citizens look after their perks and pensions as willing checkmatees of the black male blackmail of the Constitution Prostitution of NEVER–presIDent SOETORO-OBAMA II (SO2).

    Government-citizens who rob their fellow private-citizens of their/our rightful inalienable presIDential-knowledge-property 08-28-08- TODAY.
    REMEMBER 08-28-08! http://canadafreepress.com/2009/williams091209.htm

    BARRY CHRISTMAS 2014: https://www.westernjournalism.com/open-letter-counterfeit-president-soetoro-obama/

    KNOWLEDGE PATRIOTS UNITE! We shall prevail…truth shall prevail…the U.S. Constitution shall be revered with the revelation of the government-citizen-assisted usurpation of their ID Thief-in-Chief 08-28-08- TODAY!

  2. The joint session of Congress in 2009 which, “confirmed”, Obama met the requirements to be president consisted of asking if any members objected to Obama’s confirmation. They all remained quiet for a few seconds and Pelosi announced Obama confirmed. This was a meaningless meeting except for one very important thing. It marked the beginning of the still on-going cover-up of the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the America people, as every member of Congress violated their sworn oath to, “protect the Constitution from her enemies, both foreign and domestic”……….they did that by giving America’s government and her military to the enemy. This is a crime so serious they must never allow it to be acted on. Of course the complicit Congress hasn’t ask any other branch of government to become involved. They want to stay out of prison.
    From that point on there was no way out for them other than to continue the charade of Obama’s legitimacy….they hope, forever.
    Congress blackmailed themselves by not doing their job. This is where we are today and it’s why nothing was done….and still isn’t.

  3. bendore

    “…A joint session of Congress has twice confirmed that Obama met all requirements to serve as the lawful President of the United States…”

    Can you attach THE PROOF herein (C-Span, Youtube, newspaper article et al) of said two joint sessions that formally cleared Obama inside Congress?

    What year? Who spoke? What “requirements” were formally vet/met?

    Or is Congress’ perfunctory-treason of accepting the votes of the perfunctory-treason Electoral College in 2009 and 2013 what you meant by “twice confirmed” by Congress?

    Show this formal Congressional proof to P&E readers or you are just a brainwashed spoof…an Obama-puke drinker!

    Did Congress ever vet Item 207, A thru Q: http://www.carlgallups.com/zullo-affidavit.pdf ?

  4. From Press Gaggle of April 27, 2011

    Q You’ve got two certified copies, according to this study. You have these physical —

    MR. PFEIFFER: Yes. I showed you one. Just one.

    Q You showed us a photocopy of one.

    MR. PFEIFFER: No, I showed you —

    Q Does that have a stamp?

    MR. PFEIFFER: It has a seal on it.

    What does Zullo mean by this:

    “That’s important because the AP published photos of the purported long-form original document, but AP didn’t take those pictures. Those photos were taken by the White House. So what does that tell you?”

    The AP photographer (J. Scott Applewhite) said he took the photo that was used to create the AP copy.

    “You ask about the president’s birth certificate photo. I went to the White House regularly for many years but now concentrate on Congress. I certainly remember that day when the White House press office was handing out copies of the President Obama’s birth record in order to dispel the controversy and argument about his true nationality. Since I don’t have a macro setup or lens, I’m sure I just copied the sheet of paper handed out by the White House by using my Canon EOS 1D Mark IV at the time, either using a 24-70 zoom or a 50mm lens. And yes, handheld.”

    “This wasn’t art. It was early in the day and I was simply making a quick copy of the document to transmit to the AP’s Washington Bureau — it would have been their job then for the reporters to use their resources to validate or question the information. My cameras are pretty high resolution — generally about 40 to 50 mb every time I push the button. This time however I was just a human xerox machine. As for the bluish tint, not sure, since I was simply relaying the information on the document, I may not have done the usual color correction which is normal to adjust proper skin tones, etc.”

    “As I recall, it wasn’t too long after copying the document that President Obama actually appeared in the Press Room to personally address the issue.”

    So he took a photo of the paper copy handed out to the reporters by the White House.

    Here is another Applewhite photo taken that morning:


    You can purchase Applewhite’s photo from the AP website:


  5. The answer is NO

    A joint session of Congress has twice confirmed that Obama met all requirements to serve as the lawful President of the United States. Hence, neither the Judicial Branch nor law enforcement will never become involved in this issue unless Congress request them to.

    Congress has not asked any other branch of Government to become involved in this issue and they are not going to.

  6. I hope the 47 hard drives, 600 million pages of spying on American citizens turned over to Comey’s FBI, and now, “missing”, was not the only copy. One of Klayman’s articles had a picture of the signed form he and Montgomery were given by the FBI, and the date and names of the 2 agents who accepted the evidence. Surely Montgomery and Klayman can force a better answer from the FBI than, “it’s missing”.
    The office of my Congressman admitted this evidence existed but could not tell me what, if anything, had been or would be done with it. They promised to get back to me with more information…..and eventually I got a form letter which had little to nothing to do with the questions I wanted answered.

    For a period of time, years ago, my Congressman’s office and others were sending out a form letter to people who inquired about Obama being vetting saying, “Obama was vetted by the State Department and I believe he is a U.S. citizen”.

    That like saying, ‘We asked Hillary and she said Obama’s good to go”, of course, since it was Hillary, we know it was just another lie. I asked my DC office for more information/clarification on this and they never replied.

    As the article says, members of Congress know Obama is a total fraud….but they did nothing to prevent him from usurping the presidency back in 2009 when he was sworn in and they became complicit in a crime they never want to have answer for. Giving America’s government and her military to the enemy sounds pretty serious to me, as does covering-up for that crime…right up until today..