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by Sharon Rondeau

Sheriff Joe Arpaio and investigator Mike Zullo gave a second official press conference regarding the legitimacy of Obama's long-form birth certificate

(Jul. 17, 2012) — At 5:32 p.m. EDT, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is speaking saying that Obama’s long-form birth certificate is a forgery.  He said that the purpose of the Cold Case Posse was to “clear the president.”

“In March, the posse reported its initial results,” Arpaio said, and “found that there was probable cause to suspect the long-form birth certificate presented by the White House was fraudulent.”  He also said that they believe the Selective Service registration form is fraudulent.

New information “deepens” their concern that the birth certificate is a forgery.  Arpaio stated that the facts they are about to present should be of “national interest.”

He said that the Posse was “stonewalled” by official sin Hawaii and the federal government.

At 5:35 p.m., Mike Zullo took the lectern.

Zullo said that “everything started to gel” for him and the posse after he went to Hawaii in May.

He stated that information “coded” and “placed on the document by hand in 1960” and that they found the person who could confirm how statistics were coded in that era.

Zullo offered a “quick recap” of what was said at the March 1 press conference.  He named two people who “performed over 600 tests apiece” on Obama’s long-form birth certificate and could not replicate it.  “Independent of each other, they both came to the same conclusion,” Zullo said.  He described the document as “tampered-with.”

A video began at 5:37 p.m. which was a follow-up to the presentation on March 1.  It described “layers” found in the birth certificate which “are not consistent” with what would be found in a real document.  The voice identified eight layers which “are consistent with tampering.”  The narrator then repeated what Zullo had said about testing done on the image by “both experts.”

The PDF file described in the video was deemed non-replicatable by the investigation.

Zullo then spoke at 5:41 EDT.  He said that they reached out to businesses for experts to look at the image to see if they could replicate it.  The businesses they approached were unwilling “to touch” the matter.

Zullo then spoke about “digital forensics” and “little numbers” and other markings found on the image. He said that Dr. Jerome Corsi assisted in decoding the items found on the birth certificate.  Zullo said they located the registrar, U.K. Lee, whose name appears on the image.

“Back in 1960, birth certificate would come in to the central location…in what was known as ‘regions or batches,'” Zullo said.  he said that the certificates were “coded by hand” in that day witha  numeric value and use it on magnetic tape for statistical records.  According to Mrs. Lee, the document would have been rechecked, then signed by the register [sic]…in this case, signed by her…” Zullo said.

Zullo said that each birth certificate would be placed in a batch according to the hospital from which it came.  At the end of the month, the documents were then numerically numberede by batch,” Zullo said.  “You could get a different sequence number depending on the batch…but the coding is more important to us than anything else.”

Zullo reported that the birth certificates belonging to the Nordyke twins were coded differently than Obama’s.  He then described the research done by Corsi about the coding of the birth certificates.

At 5:46 p.m. a second video began which discussed the meaning of different numbers on birth certificates in 1961.  The narrator focused on the “African” designation for Obama’s father, saying that “box #9” was carefully scrutinized.  The codes on Obama’s birth certificate are listed in the 1961 manual except for that which appeared in Box #9.

Zullo then said, “You can’t have a document coded and have a code that says “not stated,” Zullo said.  He said that Mrs. Lee was “adamant that mistakes didn’t happen on her watch.”  He said that the box being filled in supported their theory that the document has been tampered with.

Zullo said that while in Hawaii, he and Dr. Corsi performed specific research.  “What we found for us was shocking,” Zullo said.  “This should get national attention, and it’s not even related to the birth certificate.”

A third video said that all births were required to be registered in 1955 in Hawaii, which had five offices at that time.  The narrator said that birth certificates were issued to children not born in Hawaii.  “A large number of requests for such birth certificates” was deemed to require more staffing and funding.  The narrator then said that “A Hawaiian birth certificate is worthless” because it does not signify that the person whose name it bears was born in the state.  He said that Kapiolani Medical Center had not been cooperative regarding information about Obama’s birth.

Zullo spoke again and explained the video.  He said that a birth could be “declared” in 1955 and that many people, especially from Japan, used the law to obtain a Hawaii birth certificate.  In 1982, the law was then “expanded” to anyone who went in to the Department of Health who attested to the birth of a child who was a taxpayer.  “They allowed people to declare the birth of an individual abroad, bypassing immigration law, to produce ‘citizens,'” Zullo said.

“There is no other agency that we are aware of that has a law that says this.  As a matter of fact, in Arizona, you couldn’t even do this.” Zullo then said that SB1070 “is now in conflict with federal immigration law.”  Referencing the Hawaii law, he said an adult could have gone in to the Hawaii Department of Health and contended that he or she was born in Hawaii and obtain a birth certificate.  “This is a problem.  You can’t have people who have to go through naturalization processes in other parts of the country…when you get a birth certificate like this from the state of Hawaii…it’s a border state…I know in my life, I’ve been asked three times for a birth certificate…if I walk in to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and I show a Hawaiian birth certificate, the automatic assumption is that I”m a U.S. citizen.”

He then said one of the deputies has a  birth certificate has a document issued from the U.S. State Department which says that he is a “foreign-born U.S. citizen” because he was born in Ireland to a military father.

Zullo then said that every birth certificate from the state of Hawaii should be questioned.  He referred to “prima facie” at the bottom of Hawaiian birth certificates but that they require more “investigation.”

He then said that Corsi found a letter explaining the policy of registration of foreign people in Hawaii.

Zullo then said that Det. Mackiewicz accompanied him to Hawaii in May.  He said that Arpaio has been taking “a shellacking” for “sending a deputy” to Hawaii.

He explained the circumstances when the decision was made, asking, “What if something happens to you?”  Zullo explained that he did not want Zullo to go alone.

“We’re going to be going to places that may not receive us well,” Zullo said in explaining how he chose Det. Mackiewicz.  Donations were used to fund the travel.  He said that the “Board of Supervisors” “didn’t take it.”

Zullo then put on a fourth video which said that most government officials did not receive them well.  When visiting the Hawaii Health Department, the voice reported that Zullo and Mackiewicz were greeted by “local police.” They were apparently told that Dr. Alvin Onaka, Registrar, “doesn’t speak with the public.”  Deputy attorney general Jill Nagamine met with them and was asked if she could confirm if the image shown on the White House server was the same as that which is kept by the Hawaii Department of Health.

When the two posse members went to Kapiolani Hospital, they were told that the hospital was not in the business of dealing with birth certificates, but rather, with saving lives.

Zullo then said they conferred with a doctor who had practiced at Kapiolani during the 91960s.  “We got information that there is handwritten register or log that is kept at the delivery room door,” Zullo said.  He said that the birth book was kept for two years.

At 6:07 p.m. EDT, sound was lost.  At 6:08 p.m., an “off air” signal was on the screen where the video streaming had been.  After refreshing, the video returned.

Zullo then was saying that several police officers greeted them at the Hawaii Department of Health.  Several minutes later, Nagamine came out and told them that “Mr. Onaka doesn’t speak to the public.”  They then went into a private office.  He said that “the deputy attorney general was doing nothing more than hiding behind state statutes.”

Zullo asked Nagamine if the birth certificate he had in his hand was the same as that which was allegedly given to Obama’s attorneys in April 2011.  Nagamine reportedly “accused” Zullo of requesting a verification.

Zullo then gave an example of changing the information on a driver’s license electronically and asked, “Do you still have a driver’s license?”  Based on that exchange, we verified that they did not make the PDF file at the Department of Health in Hawaii, Zullo said.  He said “someone else created it.  That is a forgery.. There is no legal authority…to make an Hawaiian birth certificate…the only people who have the authority to do this is the Department of Health in Hawaii,” he said.

“It’s time for this charade to stop,” he said.  “A judge could never rely on the authenticity of this document.”

He then brought up “Secretary Bennett”, meaning Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett.  “That’s up to him if he wants to accept it,” Zullo said.  He said that Obama’s birth certificate should be marked “altered” and would then “lose all of its legal authority.”  He said there were three reasons why someone would create or alter such a document.

“That document, as far as we’re concerned, proves nothing,” Zullo said.

He then referred to the number at the top right of the birth certificate and showed a fifth video.  The narrator said that “much as been made” of the higher number on Obama’s birth certificate than those of the Nordyke twins.  “Coding information” was again discussed, including whether or not the certificate numbers could have become out of order.  “Birth certificates were ordered at the central office,” it said.  The narrator contended that Obama would have been “assigned a lower number than the twins” if he had been born in Hawaii.

The two birth announcements were brought up and described as not reliable “to make any type of sense” of the birth certificate numbering process.

Zullo then gave a pictorial example of how the birth certificates were stamped with numbers.  Different “batches” of numbers represented different geographical areas.  “Conceivably, Mr. Obama’s should have come from the same location” as the Nordykes, Zullo said.  He then said that Kapiolani “has no records” and that “We don’t even have the baby picture” that says, ”  and the video stopped for about 30 seconds.

At 6:20 p.m., Zullo said that there is a chance that the parents Obama has claimed may not be accurate.  He said they don’t know where Obama was born and that no one at the Hawaii Health Department would confirm anything.  “Eventually, something’s gotta give,” he said.  “This has been going on for four years.”

Zullo then showed an 11-second video clip of Obama saying that if someone is running for president, his life should be “an open book.” Then Sheriff Arpaio returned to the lectern.

Arpaio called for the microfilm of Obama’s birth certificate.  “What’s the big secret?” Arpaio said.  He then said he’d take questions and asked that questioners identify where they “are from.”

A reporter asked, “How do you expect any of us to believe any of this?”  Arpai said, “That’s an insult.”  The reporter then asked, “How much money have you made off of this?”  Zullo then referred to a booklet made out of the March 1 press conference and said he had made nothing from the investigation.  He said approximately $1500 came in from selling the booklets and that he donated it to his church.  The reporter had accused Zullo of relishing “conspiracy theories,” but Zullo said that the investigation was justified.

A second reporter asked Zullo about his background and refuted some of what Zullo told her.

Arpaio asked if anyone wanted to question his credentials.  Another reporter said he thought that the information should have “been saved for a prosecutor.”  “I hope that comes,” Arpaio said.  “It’s about time that Congress looked at this situation and not ask what credibility do you have, sheriff,” he said.  “You’re trying to go are the messenger…”

A fourth reporter asked why the sheriff isn’t investigating “child sex cases” in the county.

A fifth, male reporter asked about the different people such as Nagamine and Onaka involved in the case, saying, “Could they not have cleared the president…?”  Zullo then said, “The simple answer is ‘yes.'”

Arpaio then spoke and said that Zullo and the deputy had done “a great job.”  “He said that the federal government would have had to send “about 100” officers to gather the same level of information.  “We have people of interest on this investigation.  I want some – the U.S. Congress – to look at this and do something about it, and we will be very happy to cooperate.  My problem right now is, ‘Who do you give it to?'” he said.

Arpaio cited that the questions raised by the investigation include national security.

A sixth reporter identified where he was from and asked if there was anyone other than Mrs. Lee who had solid information rather than theory about Obama’s birth certificate and if the conversations had been recorded.  Zullo then answered in the affirmative.  He then said that…At 6:32 p.m. EDT, the video feed cut out.

At 6:33, it returned.  “She is the only person who can factually tell us the procedures that went on there,” Zullo said, referring to Mrs. Lee.

Zullo said he asked Corsi to call “as a reporter” to gather the information about the numbering process.

A female reporter then asked if anyone was “given any money” for information.  The video feed went in and out.  Zullo said that no one had.  “It is what it is,” he said of the investigation.  Zullo then said that he had spoken with Corsi “for 16 hours” before beginning the investigation and spent three months reviewing Corsi’s information.

Zullo said, “This is not a politically-motivated thing for me.”

A female reporter then stated that Zullo and the deputy “hadn’t gone over there [Hawaii]” as law enforcement officials, which Zullo denied.  “You did not present yourself as the police..” the reporter said.  “We didn’t go in as an undercover operation,” Zullo said.  He said a Hawaii newspaper had reported that they were there within 12 hours of their arrival.

Zullo then said that they requested access to Kapiolani Medical Center archives.  “If I could have found that book, it could have put an end to all of this,” he said.  “This document is fictitious and has been represented to the people of Maricopa County…This is not politically-motivated.”

Another female reporter asked if Zullo “was incriminating the president.”  Zullo said “No,” then Arpaio stated that they were “talking about the document.”

A male reporter then said, “Are you telling me he [Obama] doesn’t know about this?”  Zullo answered, “What I said on March 1 was that none of us could validate where we were born…It might even be he was born in Hawaii.  What we’re telling you is:  that document isn’t real.  We’re talking about a forged document being used, maybe mistakenly, by Mr. Obama.  The Department of Health didn’t create it…That’s a falsified document,” he said.

A male reporter asked, “What do you want to happen?” and Zullo said that they want the person who “forged” it to come forward.  Arpaio then suggested that a special prosecutor step forward and “look into this.”  He said that he wants someone else to “take over.”

A reporter from Channel 5, identified and clarified by Arpaio, asked if he would arrest Obama if his Obama’s motorcade were to come into Maricopa County.  Another question was, “What’s the significance of the microfilm?” and Zullo answered that it should match the birth certificate.

There were more questions, but the presser was announced closed at 6:45 p.m. EDT.  “Thank you for coming,” a voice said.

Update, July 18, 2012, 12:20 EDT:  The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has posted a press release summarizing the findings released on July 17, 2012.

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  1. The Post & Email has asked questions in the past about the authors of a site named The Daily Pen. It is a enigmatic site with curious writting but some of the information on the vital statistics as posted should be verified if possible. Specifically the items dated Feb 9 and Feb 29,2012 are in-depth articles concerning this issue with the vital statistic coding. I believe the more eyes on this, will result in a reasonable deduction as to what this informantion means. I feel one thing for certain, the BC is BS.Always has been.

  2. Kudos to the investigators and PHOOEY on our elected officials who seem to still be in Romper Room when it comes to an understanding of the Constitution and to discerning criminal fraud under their noses!

  3. News stations in Phoenix are twisting the press conf.. They are pushing the tax payer funding this investigation scenario even though it is false. The council refused to accept the donations for the deputy protecting Mike Zullo in Hawaii- WOW FOlks we are in the USSA propaganda rules your info life .

  4. You gotta feel for those guys, and the Press were their normal despicable selves, pure trailer trash!. Mike and the Sheriff do have to put up with a lot of crap, and I thank them for it. BUT SO HAVE WE, some of us for four years now! and I gotta ask, what is taking them sooo long?. That was at most a week’s worth of work, what about all the other hundreds of leads that we have laboriously produced over time. And Yes, I do know what I am talking about I have as much experience as the Sheriff!.
    Sure I am very frustrated, as are we all, but we gotta get this guy OUT and NOW or he will sail by, rig the elections and, guess what??

  5. This is not going anywhere. This seemed like a rehash of Press Conference Number one. Until a Congressperson grabs hold of this it will die on the vine. The next best thing that could happen is a rogue Super Pac has to gather all the information and come up with a summary of the criminal activity (forged birth record, fraudulent Selective Service Registration and a fraudulent SS#. Those three pieces of evidence presented in a campaign add will cause a 10 point drop in ratings for Obama. Someone needs to beg Donald Trump for so big bucks so this could become a possibility. This Sheriff Joe thing is going no where. I expected much more and it wasn’t there.

  6. The evidence is a trial lawyer’s dream. The facts cannot be refuted. That means: Robert Bauer committed felony, Pelosi, DNC committees, Biden, Michelle is an accomplice, Carney, Gibbs, Axelrod, etc. Wow !

    I couldn’t believe the press asking stupid questions. Just like today’s article it is the Press Corpse. Brainless mouthpieces not even interested in the facts. Today’s historic exposure will have a bigger story, the media cover up. The cover up always brings out more facts.

    And, “The BEAT Goes, ON, and ON, and ON!!!
    Thoreau stated: “Each Marches to the Beat of a Different Drummer!?”
    Enough, IS Enough, IS Enough, ALREADY!!