by Sharon Rondeau

On the morning of April 27, 2011, Barack Hussein Obama gave a press conference in which he acknowledged the release of his more detailed, or “long-form” birth certificate as opposed to the “Certification of Live Birth” released in 2008

(Dec. 12, 2017) — Infowars’ Dr. Jerome Corsi reported in an explosive story on Tuesday that Obama birth certificate lead investigator Mike Zullo presented evidence gleaned from a confidential informant that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) participated in the creation of the “long-form” birth certificate image posted at on April 27, 2011.

In his article, Corsi explained that the revelation is the “universe-shattering” information Zullo claimed to have in late 2013 after former NSA and CIA contractor Dennis Montgomery approached the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) with information concerning alleged breaches of Arizonans’ bank accounts, specifically in Maricopa County.

On April 27, 2011, an image said to be a scan of a certified copy of Barack Hussein Obama’s long-form birth certificate from the Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH) was uploaded to the White House website, after which Obama held a brief press conference and stated that the public was now in possession of “additional information about the site of my birth.”

As Obama spoke, he did not hold a document in his hands, nor was one displayed as a backdrop.

In August of that year, then-Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio agreed to launch an investigation into the authenticity of the image given that several computer experts had called it a poor forgery within days of its appearance.

Arpaio delegated the investigation to his “Cold Case Posse,” a volunteer group of former and retired law enforcement professionals led by Zullo. After an initial analysis of the image, the team members agreed that it was suspect and merited additional investigation.

On March 1, 2012, Zullo spoke at a press conference in which he declared that probable cause existed to believe that the long-form birth certificate image is a “computer-generated forgery.”

That which became a five-year probe took Zullo across the country several times and to Hawaii twice in an effort to discover why a forgery would have been posted “with the intent to deceive.”

As he did in an interview with this publication last week, Zullo stressed to Corsi that although in January 2011, then-Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie abandoned his effort to release additional documentation about Obama’s alleged birth in the state to an increasingly-skeptical public, the prior HDOH director, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, had said that she had seen the documentation and that all was in order.

Corsi quoted Zullo as having said:

The problem here is that Fukino claims to have physically inspected the original birth certificate in 2008.  However, in 2011 some 3 years later Gov. Abercrombie goes on an exhaustive search to locate the same document, but it is nowhere to be found. It is not in the bound volume as in accordance with state policies and procedures. Somebody is lying.

The electronic intrusions, Zullo told Corsi, would have made possible the insertion of necessary data into the records of the HDOH such that upon request, a “short-form” Certification of Life Birth could be produced by an employee without any trace of the intrusion.

In a December 1 interview with Carl Gallups of “Freedom Friday,” and subsequently with The Post & Email, Zullo frequently invoked the “Deep State,” a term that President Donald Trump and other prominent Americans have also come to use.

In Tuesday’s article, Corsi explained that repeated, remote intrusions reportedly made by the CIA into the archives at the HDOH bear specific times and dates as supplied by the former confidential informant, Dennis Montgomery.

As Corsi reported, in 2015 Montgomery, represented by Attorney Larry Klayman, approached the FBI with evidence of illegal breaches of a myriad of Americans’ personal information and was given two immunity agreements. However, the FBI took no action on the evidence.  Zullo told Corsi that “The Obama birth certificate information was included in the information Montgomery turned over to the FBI.”

Klayman has been outspoken about the constitutional violations contained in the information his client claims to have and has filed a federal lawsuit against the FBI; its former director, James B. Comey; the CIA and NSA, et al.

On June 20, 2017, Klayman wrote on his Freedom Watch website:

The case involves allegations that James Comey, in concert with the other defendants, buried an FBI investigation, caused by whistleblower Dennis Montgomery, a former NSA/CIA contractor, into mass illegal surveillance on not just President Trump, but the chief justice of the Supreme Court, other justices, 156 judges, and even Klayman. Montgomery came forward to Comey years ago with 47 hard drives containing classified information, under grant of immunity, and even was interviewed under oath by FBI agents Walter Giardina and William Barnett. Despite this, the complaint and the motion alleges that Comey buried the investigation and thus obstructed justice, since as recently alleged and revealed by Circa News and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the FBI was engaged in this illegal and unconstitutional surveillance under Comey, allegedly along with the intelligence agencies.

According to the documentation provided to Corsi, the CIA’s breaches of the HDOH records began ten days after the November 4, 2008 election in which Obama was declared the winner over his Republican opponent, Sen. Jon McCain. While a number of breaches targeted the “Vital Records” area, others were aimed at the “archives.”

Two targeted the “Hawaii Government, Office of the Governor” during the time that Abercrombie had said he was determined to make public Obama’s original birth record.

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  1. Tom Arnold, thank you. If you have not read my post on this thread, “Jerome Corsi Predicts “Almost Complete Disclosure” of Obama Birth Certificate Evidence”, then please go there and read it and go to the link and read page 7 as I suggested. You may already be fully aware of what is stated in the link, but if not it goes a long way toward explaining why the take-over from the inside out of America by Obama and his puppet masters was so easy and successful…..and why the remnants of his regime are so hard to get rid of.

    Here’s the link again, please read page 7 and think about the consequences of that:

    Thank you Sir.

  2. Bob68: You, Sir, are exactly right! Personally, I think that the “election” (twice) of Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama had a lot to do with the fact that he and his co-conspirators (including some in the Republican Party such as John McCain, Mitch Romney, and George W Bush) convinced the American people into believing the LIE that he would be and/or was our “first Black president.” Even Rush Limbaugh and FAUX (FOX) NEWS still refer to him as our “first Black president!” Actually, the man (word loosely used) is an ARAB-AMERICAN (ethnicity is 50% at most White, 44% Arab, but only 6% Black). HE WAS A MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, and, frankly, I think that he, Soetoro aka Obama, and his handlers (CIA included?) and supporters still pose the greatest single threat in American history to our way of life, religion, and democracy.
    Tom Arnold.

  3. Good Morning Sharon:

    As always-Great information from you again.

    I took the liberty of including all your information on my following recent blog”:
    The Most Dangerous and Treacherous Times in U.S. History! (Part 60)-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On December 2, 2017:

    Have a great day/Holiday Season-Stay Safe and keep up the great work.


  4. Yep, the evidence given to the FBI was supposed to be validated by the FBI. Instead, they sat on it and did nothing, or at least they refused to admit they did anything.The evidence had been partially validated before it was turned over to the FBI and things like names, addresses, places of business, etc., were valid. The evidence was turned over to the FBI because confidential information was going to be exposed if the validation went any further. When the rightful owner, Dennis Montgomery, and his Lawyer Larry Klayman, asked the FBI to return this information after 2 plus years, they refused, Since this massive spying happened during both Mueller and Comey’s time as FBI director, I believe Comey leaked information from his meetings with Trump in order to get a Special Council appointed. I believe he knew that Special Council would be his friend, Mueller. This was IMO an effort to cover both Mueller and Comey’s part in this huge spying scandal, by, they hoped, removing Trump from office on whatever change could be trumped up, (sorry). The “unmasking” that you heard about briefly was, I believe, the tip of the iceberg of the biggest government scandal ever, with the exception of Obama’s usurpation of the presidency.
    The House Intelligence Committee is investigating this unmasking, which means it has gone into a black hole with everything else too risky for people given the task of investigating it to openly reveal the results. This scandal could lead to uncovering and having acted on Obama’s usurpation, and that is why nothing happens. Same reason Obama was safe from being impeached or investigated when he was pretending to be president, no matter what he did. Too many rich and powerful people were complicit in giving America’s government and her military to the enemy and that made prosecuting Obama, or anyone who could lead to Obama, completely off limits. This was supposed to turn out OK for all those complicit in the Obama fraud with the expected election of Hillary Clinton to keep the swamp healthy. When that did not happen panic ensued, and this panic is still obvious in the words and actions of those complicit in the hoax which gave us Barry Soetoro. The investigators, in some cases, are criminals themselves doing whatever they can to continue the charade of Obama’s legitimacy, which if it unravels the other scandals will break wide open shortly after, enveloping many of the investigators.

    The protection of Obama must continue because those complicit in a, “crime too big to prosecute”, and the cover-up must continue to protect the criminals,…….. to protect themselves from the possibility of prison. The cover-up must stay in place, forever.

  5. While reading this editorial, a few words came to mind. One was “Shadow Government”; another was “fragging”.
    Just thought I’d share that with everyone.
    We called the “Vietnam War” the “CIA’s War” and look what they did to, not only the South Vietnamese, but were also directly responsible for the emergence of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and for the chaos that also ensued in Laos.
    Isn’t it ironic that it took the NVA to save the people in Kamapuchea (today called Cambodia) from the vacuum left by the Americans (CIA) when they turned-tail and ran?
    Ran away.
    We ran away. And the people in charge of the CIA today “ran away” back then, just like they’re doing now. The heck with the Constitution, they know better (so they think).
    You know who knows what’s happening in any war? The grunt; the poor sod on the ground eating dirt, that’s who.
    And the Generals talk about the “BIG PICTURE” while his troops get picked off; decimated; or forced to “run away”.
    So the guys fighting the ragheads in the Middle East come home to our own ragheads.
    Me? If I came back to “The World” from Vietnam and saw a bunch of Vietnamese everyday I do believe I’d “loose it” and eat a bullet, and that’s what I think about the CIA, and that’s a BIG reason while at least 22 Veterans commit suicide EVERY DAY.
    It’s just not that hard to figure it out and we sure don’t need any lessons about MACRO ECONOMICS from retired military nitwits that are touted out as being pundits, all except for General Jack Keane, who would’ve been my first choice for Secretary of Defense, had I been elected president in the 2012 election.
    Maybe someday I’ll tell you what I REALLY think about the “Christians in Action”.