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(Nov. 5, 2022) — “I Got Lucky” (2:28)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. So, we’re all excited about the coming ‘Red Wave,’ as we should be. But to bring it all down-to-earth, we asked Professor Zorkophsky to set the record straight. ‘Zork,’ as he prefers to be called, is the bestselling author of psychiatry textbooks for the armchair shrink. He is also known for his screenwriting abilities for the ever-successful blockbuster ‘The Dandelion War.’ Welcome to ‘Pulse,’ the most-watched information show in its time slot.”

“And thank you for the gracious invite. Always glad to help whenever I can. I saw Madam Shylock in the waiting room and Henry was in a cat carrier, so I guess you have a full show for sure.”

“That we do, Zork. When we talked earlier, you said there were a couple of issues that the ‘Red Wave’ must deal with immediately; is that right?”

“You bet. Some things can’t wait and the first, the very first, the head of the line is to release the Jan. 6 so-called ‘insurrectionists’ and give them the medical attention they sorely deserve, that and a good diet and, maybe when Trump is elected in 2024, have them, and the Angel Moms, walk with Trump and Melania on his inauguration.”

“I like that. What next?”

“Next is to fire the judges, the FBI, whoever had a hand in arresting and incarcerating the Jan. 6 prisoners. And speaking of the FBI, let’s defund them. Impeach Biden and his corrupt AG, Merrick Garland.”

“I like that idea a lot. Any more you want done on the first day?”

“Go after the guards of the Jan.-Sixers. Charge them with dereliction of duty, willful misconduct, and have done to them what they did to our Patriots.”

“Another excellent idea. Now this is all on the first day, right?”

“First day, first hour. No delay whatsoever.”

“And I agree 100%. We’ll be right back after this quick break.”

Coyotes” (4:28)

“Zork had another engagement to go to, I think for another interview on another TV station. Anyway, we have Madam Shylock to fill in the blanks. How you doin’, Madam Shylock?”

“I listened to your interview with Zork, and I’d like to add a few things, if I may?”

“Most certainly.”

“Zork mentioned the judges who supposedly issued bench warrants for the arrest of innocent civilians, the legitimate Jan. 6 protesters. Well, I’m here to tell you that I don’t, for one New York minute, recognize illegal orders by corrupt judges, and by extension the quasi-legal authority of the goons carrying out those orders.”

“I think most of us would agree with you.”

“Yes, it’s like the innocent prisoner escaping from jail, isn’t it? He shouldn’t have been in jail in the first place, but because he ‘escaped,’ now all of a sudden he’s a ‘fugitive from justice.’ You see, half of us say he is not a fugitive while the other half probably say, ‘Shoot him on sight.’ I don’t agree. I say leave him be, but the people who think like Dems think will side with our fictitious ‘prisoner’ being a criminal. They’ll accept Biden as the legitimate president just as they accepted Barry Soetoro’s (aka Obama) fake Hawaiian BIRTH CERTIFICATE.”

“Now ain’t that the truth?”

“Trump won; Socialism doesn’t work, and the Biden family is a crime syndicate who all belong in jail. And that’s all I wanted to say, plus we need to throw the book at the traitors who falsify votes, and I mean that. I’ll put a hex on them myself, that’s what I’ll do. May they all suffer for what they have done to us, starting with the Pelosi embarrassment.”

“I agree. Well, now, hate to cut this short but we’ve run out of time and so, on behalf of Madam Shylock… Wait a minute: didn’t Zork mention that he saw Henry in the waiting room?”

“Yes, but I’d like to say one thing about that Liz Cheney. I just want to ask how utterly stupid is she? As dumb as her father? Had Liz Cheney embraced the United States Constitution, MAGA and the American Dream, she would have been reelected in a landslide, but she couldn’t do that, now, could she? She had to let her ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ warp her whole life, and now look at her, a lowly swamp creature, a nothing, a worthless nothing just like her father. Now as far as Henry goes, I’m sorry, he’s feeling under-the-weather and doesn’t want to be on camera.”

“Oh, that’s too bad; please wish him well from us. And that’s it: Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

Chopin: Nocturne No. 9 Op2” (4:30)

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