by Madam Shylock, ©2022

(Apr. 7, 2022) — “The Puppy Song” (1:41)

We picture Zyklon, the Ruler of All, walking down a country road that was just graded last week, so every footstep produced a little cloud of dust.

“Hark, yonder.”

“And who you be? Give the time for the dust to settle so I may identify you.”

“I’ll save you the time: I am Henry, ‘The Frog Who Lives in the Pond.’ I am one of your confederates.”

“That pleases me to no end, Henry. What is happening on this planet that is worth mentioning?”

“Not much, unless you count the ‘Alpha Superpower’ imploding; other than that, as I said, not much.”

“Must be boring.”

“On the contrary, Zyklon, the Magnificent One. Every day is a ‘horn of plenty,’ a cacophony of opposing actions vying for dominance. On the southern border you have armies with conflicting goals, and none of them good. Some want your head while others want your land, and they all want your money and home. They could care less about you: if they kill you, they walk by getting, maybe deported, but usually released the next day with a warning of ’not to do it again.’

“You’re talking about the USA?”

“That I am, Zyklon the Great.”

“Didn’t millions die and were wounded, some horribly maimed, protecting their sacred Constitution?”

“Of that you can be sure of, Zyklon the Wonder.”

“Don’t Americans have the expression, ‘turning in their grave?’

“Unfortunately, that is true, so sad to say.”

“The Japanese have a saying, ‘Those that go back, never come back.’ It is hard to put the genie back in the bottle once it is let out.”

“Quite correct, Zyklon the Wise. For four years all we heard was ‘Russian Collusion’ and when it was proved that there was no collusion, all we heard was more ‘Russian Collusion’ and ‘Russian Disinformation.’

“And that’s the reason for the successful insurrection by Biden-Harris, you think?”

“Milking the cow; stealing the treasury blind; taking the money and running because the repercussions have been nonexistent, that’s why.”

“Ever think about the firing squad? It works, you know. It is an effective means of sending the message that if you falsify an election, you will be executed.”

“I agree, but Americans don’t see losing their freedoms as worth getting upset about, apparently. Strange people, I think. They think that if they get pushed to the precipice, they’ll always come back, but they lost something along the way.  They lost the ability to deport their unwanteds for some strange reason; I haven’t figured it out yet, unless…”

“Finish the sentence.”

“Unless they lost their ability to reason; I mean, they seem to have lost their deductive reasoning abilities. The Jews have a saying, ‘If they say they are going to kill you, believe them’.

“And this Ketanji Brown Jackson, what is her place in all of the destruction of the Republic that is the United States?”

“She is but a symptom of the terminal disease that infects America, I’m sorry to report. It seems the stupider they are the more they want them; look at Maxine Waters, for example, or Chuck Schumer, a New York Jew who hates Israel.”

“Now that I refuse to do — look at them, I mean. By the way, why is that? Why is it that New York Jews hate Israel?”

“Votes; it’s all about getting reelected because that’s all that counts; nothing else matters.”

“Even at the cost of the destruction of their country?”

“Yes, Wonderful Zyklon, because money is the ruler of them all.”


“All except Trump and a few others, but too few to mention.”

“So that’s why they hate Trump, because he stopped the bribes and kickbacks from the Chinese to everyone in The Swamp/Beltway?”

“That’s it in a nutshell.”

“But why would anyone support the Dems if they aren’t on the gravy train from China?”

“There’s a lot of stupid people out there, Zyklon the Phenomenal.”

“That stupid?”

“They actually voted for Hillary and then cried, in public, no less.”

“Have they no shame?”

“None whatsoever, Zyklon the All-Seeing.”

“But I detect a spark of optimism; am I reading you right?”

“We are arming ourselves, and we hope for the best while preparing for the worst.”


“Thank you, Zyklon, My Emperor.”

“Later. I shall now continue my constitution.”


Every Breath You Take” (3:48)

Madam Shylock

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