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by Roving Reporter, ©2021 

(Dec. 4, 2021) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. As you can see, we’re standing on the front porch of Madam Shylock’s Fortune-Telling Emporium in tranquil Cassadaga, Florida, about to knock on her screen door to ask her what’s going on with America. In my left hand is the microphone and in my right a wad of cash — oh, here she comes.”

“What you got there, Roving, a wad of cash with a twenty on the outside hiding ones in the center? You know there’s inflation going on, so if you disappoint me I just may lay a curse on you. I can do that, you know. Well, bless your heart, a twenty on the outside and more on the inside. Madam Shylock likes pleasant surprises. Come on in – sorry, no cameras allowed – and have some fresh lemonade.”

“Glad to see you, too. How you doing?”

“Do you mean health-wise, or maybe financial-wise? Maybe you mean America-wise, and if so, I’ll tell you: not good, not good at all. We have brain-dead millennials signing up for The Jab as well as the military, although I have yet to see the stats on how many Muslims are joining up checking the Christian non-denominational box.”

“You don’t trust anybody, do you?”

“Not as far as I can throw them. When are you ever going to write ‘The Great American Novel’? I mean, isn’t that the reason why you retired early?”

“Yes, how did you know? Oh, sorry, I should have known: you can read the past, too.”

“Yes, and that’s what brings us to the future, or at least to the here and now. It’s like this: every actor wants to direct; every newspaper writer wants to write a novel; every unimaginative person wants to stand in line, to achieve a sense of belonging to a cause, any cause, as long as they believe that their worthless lives count. Now the — what I call the ‘Stand-in-Liners’— can be smart and greedy, but pretty dumb socially, I mean in the ‘can I borrow your ladder and I promise to bring it right back’ but never do.”

“I don’t quite follow you.”

“It’s like this: every generation, I mean, every century or so, there comes along a piece of music that lasts. There was Silent Night (2:45) followed by Clair de Lune (4:31) followed bySend in the Clowns’ (3:47) by something that hasn’t been written yet, or perhaps sitting on a dust-covered shelf yet to be discovered.”

“I still don’t follow you.”

“Then think ‘low self-esteem.’ Look around and see the world. Think of yourself as a bird. Maybe you want to be a falcon, but then doesn’t a parrot have nice bright feathers? Or maybe you admire the long legs of a flamingo. You see, greed never ends; lust never ends; vanity never ends. The people who we have problems with may think that they mean well, but somehow missed the boat.”

“Give us an example.”

“Bill Gates sending computers to Africa when the African people would be better served by reproductive education, fresh water wells and washing machines.”


“See, there’s got to be a cause, some kind of cause, even if it doesn’t work. Now, I grant you, some causes are good; don’t get me wrong, but trashing the Constitution is not a good cause, not by a long shot.”

“But what about now, the here and now?”

“Remember the ‘Antiwar Movement’ back in the 1960s? Well, it was only half-right. It should have been ‘Stop the War or Win It,’ kind-of like in Iraq and Afghanistan. You see, the Generals thought they were fighting a conventional war over territory, while the enemy – Islam – was fighting a psychological one. It doesn’t do a lick of good if you own the hill while everyone hates you, does it?”

“But I still don’t get it.”

“Look at it this way: the Dems, those who are infected with ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome,’ are their own enemy, but they’ll never learn that. Look at Rachel Maddow, loony as a Mad Hatter. The admirable traits of hard work and thrift do not enter the lexicon nor the belief system of a great number of Americans, especially those who cash the government checks.”

“You mean Welfare?”

“That and Affirmative Action, which would work if they wouldn’t lower the standards rather then allow the dumb and lazy to profit from gaming the system.”

“So it’s the ‘system’ that’s out of whack?”

“You bet, and look no farther than Biden-Harris.”

“Now that I can understand.”

“But do you understand that there are forces at work, undetected malevolent forces working upon the gullible, people like the hosts of The View,’ who wouldn’t know an amendment from a cherry pit.”


“They’re being used, that’s what, and it’s time to put a stop to it. Look at the commercials on TV; why, ever since Barry Soetoro (aka Obama) became the de facto president they took on a new theme, and it’s that theme that is helping to destroying America, pushing ‘victimhood’ to new and dangerous levels, levels based on lies and hot air and not on the solid foundations of fact and truth, the true enemies of our government.”

“Give us an example, please.”

“Very well. Someone who was looking for an excuse to impose Martial Law, or some variation, so that they could bypass the Constitution and all existing state laws, coined the word ‘insurrection.’ That there was no insurrection on Jan. 6 is of little importance; if it wasn’t that it would’ve been something else, anything to achieve the end game, which was to see how many they could unlawfully imprison and get away with it.”

“What do you mean by ‘get away with it?’”

“They broke every law in the book, is what they did. Forget the protesters; the object is, one, the word ‘insurrection,’ which there wasn’t any, but there was a fraud of an election.”

“And what’s the second?”

“We don’t have to answer to anybody, and if you question us, we’ll take you to court and fine you, like they did to Sidney Powell in Michigan.”

“Seems like America has become a Stalinist state, doesn’t it? Why do you think that is?”

“Because the State, the Deep State, the government of the United States, is exercising powers that it doesn’t have. Too many people don’t give a hoot about the Constitution, like everyone who had a finger in the election fraud who I’d give life sentences, at the minimum. Too many in the DOJ and their hired GESTAPO agents, the FBI, willingly follow illegal orders, as an example the early morning raid on Roger Stone when all they had to do was pick up the phone and ask him to come down to the courthouse.”

“That didn’t go off so well, did it?”

“On the contrary, it went off perfectly without a hitch. CNN (government news) was there from the get-go, FBI with automatic weapons drawn, ready to shoot at the slightest provocation, guarding every avenue of escape, ready to open fire on the wife and dog at a moment’s notice. It wasn’t reported as a colossal mistake but rather the efficiency of the GESTAPO, perhaps at your house someday.”

“So it was nothing but a cheap PR stunt.”

“Cost the taxpayers millions; count on it.”

“What is the solution?”

“For real?”

“For real.”

“Fire everyone in the DOJ and the FBI, and I don’t mean transfer to some other Deep State department. Good enough?”

“Works for me.”

“Hire Veterans, to start. I want to add one more thing, a bonus, for free. This so-called ‘pandemic’ was a manmade scheme for one thing and one thing only. Take a guess.”


“You got it, 100%. It was, is, a money-making scheme to scare the gullible into paying through the nose for so-called vaccine after so-called vaccine, until the end of time. That’s what it was designed for and that’s what it’s doing. Don’t get The Jab; it’s as easy as that. Look, your time is up, so goodbye.”

“And goodbye to you, too. So, now is the time when I wish you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

[Little People report: ‘communication blackout’ somewhere in Maryland.]

Diggin’ Up Bones” (3:02)

Roving Reporter

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