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(Mar. 10, 2020) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. The transcript of this episode can be found in The Post & Email News, a political blog on the Internet. As you long-time viewers can see, we’re back on the porch steps about to ring the bell of Madam Shylock’s Fortune-Telling Emporium, right in the heart in Cassadaga, Florida, across the street from the pond. And here she is. I was about to ring the bell.”

“Yes, I saw you pull up. I just sent Henry off to school; he was on that bus that just passed you coming in.”

“I didn’t know Henry went to school. What grade is he in?”

“Don’t be silly; he’s a guest professor of Astrophysics at Florida Atlantic University today. Today’s subject is about our Nemesis.”

“Oh, well, I’m speechless; I had no idea.”

“I just fed him his breakfast and rolled up his lunch*. Please come in the parlor and make yourselves at home and we’ll get started after you pay me.”

“Boy, you’re all business, aren’t you? We’ve known each other for about ten years, haven’t we?”

“Let’s see the money, Roving. Your sweet talking won’t change the fact that time is money and the clock started ticking as soon as you were about to ring the bell.”

“Here’s the envelope that my editor gave me.”

“Thank you; now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go into the other room and count it. Why don’t you take this time to take a commercial break?”

Mississippi Delta Blues” (3:10)

“Okay, she’s back and just removed the purple velvet cloth covering the crystal ball.”

“Please, Roving, silence while I concentrate. Play another commercial.”

Happy Together” (2:57)

“Can I talk now? Are you ready? Okay, what can we expect to happen to our country in the not-too-distant future, Miss Fortuneteller (2:41)?”

“I’ll just put it to you as simple and plain as I can: if Trump is reelected, you have a slight chance of surviving as the ‘Beacon of Freedom’ of the world.”

“And if he’s not?”

“The USA is toast and the experiment of freedom of the individual may be over forever, too. Look, I could go on and on, ad infinitum, about the dire consequences of paying the price of not requiring voter ID and allowing the Deep State to continue its destructive quest to squelch free speech and equal rights for women, but we’ve been over that before, haven’t we?”

“Yes, we have. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, I’m sure of it. Today I want to tell you about your shortsightedness and the immediate consequences. Even though we have worldwide radio broadcasting from many different countries in many different languages, and even though we have satellite television from all around the world, most Americans don’t have a clue what’s going on. Our mainstream media just doesn’t report the truth, and if they do, they lie.”

“Now isn’t that the truth, as in, ‘Hands up; don’t shoot.’ It was all a lie from the very start, just as the Russian Collusion** was a lie from the start.”

“Yes, Roving, that is all true but it was also a sleight-of-hand maneuver while thousands and thousands of Muslims were snuck into our country under the guise of ‘immigrant,’ when in truth they are the vanguard of an Army that will overthrow our Constitution; at least that’s the plan.”

“I’ve heard that. So what’s in our future?”

“Nothing but bad news, I’m afraid. I’m telling you the truth, so pay attention. Look, I can’t say this enough: Islam is nothing but bad news for Western Civilization. You can’t teach children that Jews are apes and when they reach adulthood to expect them to act like civilized adults: it just doesn’t work that way.”

’Apes and pigs.’”

“Our Constitution is a very important document — and a very powerful one — that proclaims that all of us have equal rights under the law. I know if I were on a stage at a political rally there would be cries of, ‘Lock her up,’ and they’d be right.”

“And I’d be one of them.”

“As all freedom-loving people would, Roving. What I’m saying is that, if a country such as ours is willing to accept Muslims, we should at least make them denounce Islam and accept a political belief that doesn’t include murder, and that’s just for starters.”

“You mean convert to become Christians or Jews, and not want to murder nonbelievers? That makes sense; I mean, we don’t want people who want to murder us, do we?”

“One wonders. You see, the Deep State has no attachment for our way of life. Do you think for one minute that Nancy Pelosi thought, as she was ripping up the State of the Union speech, that honoring a child who yearned for a chance at a better education than the kids in her neighborhood will get; or giving thanks to a Tuskegee pilot; or welcoming home a husband and father from the war in the Middle East, was a positive outlook for America? No, she didn’t. The disrespect was calculated and effective: we, we who hold the truths of the Bill of Rights to be self evident, are, as Pelosi demonstrated, fools.”

“Which is why the Deep State must disarm us.”

“That is true. The Deep State is doing everything under its power to insure the kickbacks, bribes and payoffs continue, just as it has for over the last fifty years, and if it takes the destruction of our Constitution, then so be it.”

“You mean the Deep State — Hillary, Schumer, Sanders, Biden and all the rest in the Democratic Party – are willing to bet on defeating Trump at the expense of the country? You mean to say that if Trump is defeated, so, too is the USA?”

“ICE should be required at all voting booths; ID should be required, and not just driver licenses, but real voter ID. Look, Roving, you can bet your bottom dollar that this next election will be the most corrupt election in human history unless voter ID is required.”

“That obvious?”

“One step beyond, Roving. What’s at stake is the exposure of Obama being unmasked as the Muslim plant; the fraud; the empty suit; as the destroyer who said that he will fundamentally change America forever, and if Trump loses, he will have done just that. It was Obama and Holder who drove the stake into the heart of Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech.”

“Yes, and in war nothing matters except courage and luck: everything else is problematic, which is why you bleed while you train because you sure don’t have time to bleed while you’re trying to reach an objective without getting killed.”

“I like you, Roving: you have such a unique way of reducing everything down to its lowest common denominator.”

“I wasn’t born with it; I had to learn it the hard way.”

“And that’s the best way when you know that hard work and luck played a part. Getting back to America’s future: the Deep State will continue to allow Muslims to ‘immigrate’ and continue to refuse to deport the ones that are here. The Department of State and the Department of Homeland Security are acting on behalf of those who wish to destroy us; make no mistake about it. Whether on purpose or blindness, the result is the same: American girls will continue to suffer torture, rape and murder at an ever-increasing rate.”

“You mean like the Muslim rape gangs of Sweden, Germany, England?”

“Wherever there are Muslims, even in Islamic States, there is the constant threat of females being subject to FGM, torture, rape and honor killings,’ which is just another term for premeditated murder.”

“So if the government won’t protect us, what to do?”

“You have to protect yourself by being armed, is what. Another thing: under no circumstances go to a gun range that has signs, ‘NO HEAD SHOTS.’ They are to be avoided at all cost because each shooter is on camera, and who knows who they send the information to, understand?”

“That bad?”

“The Deep State is everywhere, just be aware of that. Now, I was talking about the Muslim rape gangs in the European Union: everything that’s happened over there will happen here; count on it. A few years ago there was this presidential candidate, OPOVV, who said that each girl who graduated from high school, as she was handed her diploma, should also be given a lightweight .357 revolver, and it goes without saying that she would have passed an approved NRA class on gun safety and marksmanship. Not the guys, but each and every girl. Furthermore, in order for a woman to get a driver’s license or renew one, she must show proof of carrying a weapon so she could protect herself at all times, including from illegal immigrants from south of the border.”

“So I guess you don’t have much regard for those who want to abolish the Second Amendment?”

“Trash, is what they are. Our forefathers had it right and it would behoove the naysayers to pay attention: what the Deep State can do to others they can do to you. And your time is up, unless you’ve more money?”

Photo: FrankWinkler at Pixabay, License

“No, that was it. Tell Henry we’re sorry we missed him and to say hello. All right, thank you for being so forthright in telling the bad news about America.”

“Just the truth, Roving: arm your women; I’m serious.”

“I know you are. And the following was just received by our office, sent from a former Air Force Veteran, someone who obviously didn’t uphold his Oath; a person who voted for Barry Soetoro (Obama, twice); Hillary and, no doubt, loves Bernie and Biden:

‘To Roving Reporter:

“Big tough guy.  Total world domination.  We’ll take over your little country, overthrow your leaders and install our brand of government.  Just because we can.  Been going on ever since the first cave man and always somebody bigger and stronger came along to conquer you.  About time USA is defeated.  Whatever it takes. NO WAY USA, NO WAY USA, NO WAY USA.’”

“Leaves one speechless, doesn’t it? Spoken by a true Democrat. All right, that’ll do it for this episode of ‘Pulse’ and so, on behalf of the crew, I’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show but I’d have liked to have seen Henry once again. Burger time: my treat.”

[*rolled-up his lunch: Madam Shylock feeds Henry fresh flies that are caught in long rolls of flypaper, hence the term ‘rolled up.’]

[**Russian Collusion: we’re still waiting for The View to apologize for wasting our time on harping on the Russian Collusion for the last three years.]

Can’t Help Falling in Love” (3:07)


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  1. Very good and well written article.
    IMO the overthrow of the already weakened Constitution happened when no member of Congress in 2009 would speak out and even try to stop the obvious Muslim plant, Barack Hussein Obama from being sworn-in. That sealed the deal because Congress and others involved had committed a crime too big to prosecute and even too big to openly discuss. They had effectively given America’s government and her military to the enemy in the form of the Globalist/Deep State puppet….Barack Obama. Years of trying to get something done to expose the imposter by courageous people who devoted their time and money attempting to openly reveal and have acted on The Obama Fraud went nowhere. It was soon revealed there was no place to take their research and evidence that would rule on it fairly or sometimes even accept it……if there were any chance it might invalidate the “presidency” of Barack Hussein Obama. The crimes committed were so huge those involved were protected by others who became complicit when they did nothing to stop Obama from being sworn-in and/or covered for his usurpation. Once the crime of giving away our nation happened, taking it back with judges and the truth was not going to happen.
    The moment Obama was allowed to be sworn-in was a turning point for America and if it remains an off-limits subject for those now in government who do have the ability to reveal and act on The Obama Fraud……there will be no turning back…….I believe it’s now or never, and never is looking more likely as each day passes and the many criminals involved remain untouched , and often very wealthy from the money their unpunished corruption brought them……sometimes crime does pay…..