Will There Be Justice? pb

Will There Be Justice? pb

CONTRASTING LTC LAKIN AND BOWE BERGDAHL by Jeff Lichter, ©2014 (Jun. 4, 2014) — The question is now whether or not Bowe Bergdahl will be court-martialed for his military crime of deserting his assigned post as LTC Terry Lakin was for refusing his assignment to Afghanistan. First, let’s run through a basic contrast of the […]

The World’s Best Food

The World’s Best Food

“THEY KNEW” by OPOVV, ©2014 (May 14, 2014) — It didn’t take me long before I realized that, in order to even taste the burger, I had to order two at the same time, because the first disappeared that fast. But before I got to that point, after the process of ordering, driving to the place […]

What if Obama’s Mother Had Had an Abortion?

What if Obama’s Mother Had Had an Abortion?

“A WOMAN’S RIGHT TO CHOOSE” by Sharon Rondeau (Apr. 24, 2013) — Barack Hussein Obama was allegedly born to an 18-year-old mother on August 4, 1961, before abortion became “legalized.”  However, before the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, women  procured abortions by one means or another if they felt strongly enough about […]

Murder in the First! Treason in the First! – Re-Dux!‏

Murder in the First! Treason in the First! – Re-Dux!‏

OBAMA DID NOTHING WHILE AMERICANS DIED by Neil Turner, ©2012 (Oct. 27, 2012) — In June, 2012, I published an article entitled ‘MURDER in the First! TREASON in the First!’ that showed that the Congress, the Judiciary, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Media were all ‘co-conspirators’ in the cover-up of the greatest fraud […]

If You Repeat a Lie Often Enough (Even by Giving Silent or Tacit Acceptance of it), It Will be Believed

HAS AMERICAN BEEN BRAINWASHED? by Neil Turner, ©2012 (Aug. 28, 2012) — In Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle), he originates the idea of “das Grosse Luge” (The Big Lie): “But the most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly and with unflagging attention. It must […]

New Organization To Educate and Mobilize the Public on the Significance of “natural born Citizen” and the 2012 Election

“NO DIVIDED LOYALTIES” by Sharon Rondeau (Dec. 17, 2011) — An organization which intends “to educate the majority of voters on what their vote truly means to the future of America in the 2012 election” and the significance of the “natural born Citizen” clause has officially been launched. Article II SuperPac (art2superpac.com) seeks to ensure […]

Is the Media Afraid of the Truth?

AND ARE THEY COMPLICIT IN THE COVER-UP? November 20, 2011 Dear Editor: The following letter has been sent to Ms. Maddie Hanna, Staff Reporter at the New Hampshire newspaper, The Concord Monitor: Dear Maddie; 19 November, 2011 Congratulations on your article ‘Birther’ bid to derail Obama blocked’ reaching 6,894 reads in less than 24 hours. […]

Presidential Candidate Adds Name to Obama Election Complaint in New Hampshire

HEARING AT 2:00 P.M. TODAY IN CONCORD submitted by Cody Robert Judy (Nov. 18, 2011) — The following letter has been sent via facsimile to the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office (electionlaw@doj.nh.gov) by Democrat Presidential Candidate Cody Robert Judy. ——————–  I am forwarding this letter to the New Hampshire Department of Justice as the (elections@sos.state.nh.us) […]

Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin, Decorated Army Doctor, Imprisoned for Challenging Constitutional Presidential Eligibility, Gets Early Release

RETURNS TO BALTIMORE’S BWI ON MAY 14, 2011 Press Release from the Terry Lakin Action Fund (May 11, 2011) — Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin will be returning to Baltimore on Saturday, May 14, 2011, after serving five months in Fort Leavenworth. Terry was sentenced to confinement with loss of pay, benefits and pension due to […]

Too Hot to Handle!

WHAT IS THE MEANING OF “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN?” by Tracey M. Grissom, blogging at Pushing Back (May 8, 2011) — As you might or might not know by now, before the US Constitution was finalized, John Jay wrote a letter to George Washington, (who was the presiding officer of the Constitutional Convention), giving the opinion […]

Why Do We Require Our President to be a natural born Citizen?

THE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF MUST HAVE SOLE ALLEGIANCE TO DIRECT THE MILITARY by Thinkwell (May 2, 2011) — The Presidency holds a unique place among the three branches of government (executive — legislative — judicial) in that a single individual is entrusted with discretionary power over all our nation’s military might. We the People have a right […]

Something Stupid This Way Comes!

AN OPEN LETTER TO OUR ELECTED LEADERS by Neil Turner (Apr. 23, 2011) — “Foreign businessmen think that American leaders are STUPID” – Donald Trump on Greta van Susteren’s “On the Record,” 4/21/2011 Do you think that we’re so STUPID that we think that you’re so STUPID that: 1.    You don’t understand the difference between […]

Chessboard Series: War on the Southern Border

U.S. GOVERNMENT PROTECTS THE ENVIRONMENT, NOT U.S. CITIZENS by Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely (Ret.) (Apr. 21, 2011) — We have raised the threat level of Mexico and the Southern Border. The threat from our Southern Border is greater now than the Middle East (except for Iran and proxies) and Afghanistan/Pakistan conflict. The inactions by […]

The National Call to Action Means You!

RE:  LAKIN, CAO, USURPATION…TREASON! by Debbie St. Jean (Mar. 17, 2011) — In December of last year, a  highly-decorated, 18-year U.S. Army medical doctor was sentenced to six months in prison at Ft. Leavenworth for disobeying orders due to questions surrounding the legitimacy of Barack Hussein Obama to serve as President and Commander-in-Chief of the […]

Two-Year-Old Treason Complaint against Obama has Never Been Answered

“IT’S GOING TO TAKE LARGE NUMBERS OF PEOPLE” by Sharon Rondeau (Mar. 11, 2011) — This St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, will mark two years since LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III filed a criminal complaint of treason against Barack Hussein Obama with the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee in Knoxville. The complaint […]

Treason and Sedition are on Display throughout our Government

HAS HAWAII GOVERNOR NEIL ABERCROMBIE HELPED TO JETTISON THE TOPIC OF OBAMA’S APPARENT INELIGIBILITY TO THE MAINSTREAM? by Neil Turner (Jan. 2, 2010) — A word of thanks is now due to the new ‘Thug in Chief’ on the block, Hawaii’s Governor Neil Abercrombie. I say ‘Thug in Chief’ because, like all Governors, he’s the […]

Letter to Fox News’s Megyn Kelly: Define “natural born Citizen” if you can

AS SOMEONE TRAINED IN THE LAW, DOES SHE EVEN KNOW THE CONSTITUTIONAL REQUIREMENT? January 1, 2011 Dear Editor: The following email was sent to Megyn Kelly of Fox News yesterday: From:Durus Helm Sent:Fri 12/31/10 6:46 PM To: kelly@foxnews.com Mrs. Kelly: Why don’t you give your viewers a comprehensive story on the Founders’ reasons for including […]