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November 20, 2011

The Concord Monitor has won various awards for its reporting, including a Pulitzer Prize in 2008 for photography by Preston Gannaway

Dear Editor:

The following letter has been sent to Ms. Maddie Hanna, Staff Reporter at the New Hampshire newspaper, The Concord Monitor:

Dear Maddie;

19 November, 2011

Congratulations on your article ‘Birther’ bid to derail Obama blocked’ reaching 6,894 reads in less than 24 hours. Even though Drudge was apparently ‘enticed’ to remove the previous ‘Birther’ article from the DrudgeReport.com in less than 15 minutes, it should have a good chance of surpassing the 78,927 reads of ‘Birther’ challenges Obama by your Monitor Staff compatriot, Matthew Spolar, on the 18th of November, 2011 – over 50 times the average ‘most read’ readership. It looks like the NH Concord Monitor is going worldwide viral.

Of course, the reason for that might well be the enormous interest, both by patriotic Americans interested in the upholding of their Constitution (which includes Article II’s requirement that the President be a ‘natural born U.S. Citizen, not just an ‘assumed’ – there is no Reporter or Court-proven proof – U.S. Citizen), and people all over the world who are fully aware that we have a non-vetted* non-natural born Muslim Marxist usurper unlawfully holding the Office of President and Commander in Chief.

 *Your NH State A/G’s office and the Ballot Law Commission proved that they had no interest in that aspect of upholding the Constitution yesterday, 85 pages of proof to the contrary.

BTW, you use the pejorative term ‘Birther’ in your article when speaking of those who would demand the adherence of one’s oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. Does that mean that you are against anyone’s adherence to that oath (often called ‘Treason’), or are you just trying to get your number of reads up to the level of Matthew Spolar’s ‘Birther’ challenges Obama?

Before getting to my main issue, I would like to point out a couple of items in your article that may need clarification, correction, or an observation. You wrote:

Taitz, a dentist who was born in the Soviet Union, is running as a Republican for a seat in the California Senate and runs what she bills as the “world’s leading Obama eligibility challenge website,” refuses to accept the veracity of the birth certificates released by the White House …

First, Ms. Taitz is an Attorney. Her DDS degree has no bearing on this legal proceeding, so why would you state that instead of her title of Attorney? Hmmmmmm. Sounds like ‘yellow reporting’ to me.

Second, she is running for a seat in the U.S. Senate (against Dianne Feinstein), not the California Senate.

Finally, you say that she ‘refuses to accept the veracity of the birth certificates released by the White House …’. Since even a 5th-grader can easily determine its ‘non-veracity’ (i.e. it’s a childish forgery), why would you, as a verified ‘Reporter’ for a truth-seeking, news-reporting, accredited Newspaper, accept its veracity?

Perhaps you would like to do some verifying here, and give us all ‘the rest of the story’ – of the greatest fraud and cover-up in the history of our nation. ‘Hanna & Spolar’ might just become the ‘Woodward & Bernstein’ of the 21st Century.

Now, the main reason for this email was to inform you that two of the letters sent in support of Attorney Taitz’ complaint were also emailed to all the 400+ members of the New Hampshire ‘General Court’. Mine is included in the body of this email (below the “MOST READ” statistics), and the other, from Democrat Presidential Candidate, Cody R. Judy, is attached.

Since this story is nowhere near over (it is just getting started), I thought you might like to include these two letters along with your study of the 85 pages of proof that were submitted by Attorney Taitz. We anxiously await your next bombshell report: ‘OBAMAGATE!’

In Liberty.


Neil B. Turner
Citizens for the Constitution


P.S. Nice cover pic of Orly’s ‘head on a platter’ at the start of your article.  You folks at the Monitor must feel quite proud of yourselves as an outstanding news agency.  Yellow journalism at its best.

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Photo by John Tully / Monitor staff

The state’s Ballot Law Commission met to hear a complaint filed by Orly Taitz, of California, regarding the validity of President Obama’s birth certificate. A crowd of supporters gathered in the hearing at the Legislative Office Building on Friday, November 18, 2011

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17 November, 2011

The New Hampshire Ballot Law Commission
New Hampshire Legislative Building
33 North State Street
Concord, New Hampshire 03301-6328

(603) 271-3321                                     FAXED TO: (603) 271-6316

– – – –

Re: Hearing scheduled Friday at 2 p.m. in Room 307 of the New Hampshire Legislative Office Building; Neil B. Turner, Elector, joining Taitz (Petitioner) demands removal of Obama from the New Hampshire Primary ballot.

In 2008, as an Elector for the Constitution Party (A.I.P. in California), I was unlawfully deprived of my right to a fair and impartial vote – TWICE; first due to the fact that my Citizen vote did not count because of an Article II Constitutionally ineligible candidate’s name being on the ballot for the Democratic Party, and again because my vote as an Elector was not considered due to all California Electoral votes being assigned to an Article II Constitutionally ineligible candidate, Barack Hussein Obama, II. (NOTE: Do you have any legally verifiable proof that that is his real name?).

On April 27, 2011, the person occupying the Office of President and Commander in Chief, aka Barack Hussein Obama, II, posted a flagrantly forged and fraudulent document on the White House website (a Hawaiian ‘Certificate of Live Birth’), in an effort to maintain his employment with the U.S. Government (i.e., the Office of President and Commander in Chief).

One of the crimes enabled by that forgery is Mispersonization of Identity – a crime punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

Evidence of this crime alone should be enough to keep his name off the ballot anywhere in the United States of America. I sincerely hope that this removal of his name from all ballots will begin in New Hampshire in the coming elections.

By this I adjoin my complaint to Mrs. Orly Taitz complaint by my own accord and witness herein freely given, and by my own liberty.


Neil B. Turner

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  1. The motto for New Hampshire is “Live Free or Die”.
    Beats me why anyone would choose the later over the former, but that’s exactly what they did, didn’t they, and supported by the press, too.
    Now just don’t that beat all?
    My wife says we ought to drive on up there to meet those Commissioners in person. At first I balked at the idea, I mean, why would someone go out of their way to meet a lowlife, what? But then, after giving the subject its due consideration, I said “Why not? We’ll knock on their front door at 7am and ask if we can stay for breakfast”.
    So if any of you sorry excuses for American citizens are reading this, you too, Maddie, keep the coffee on. I take mine black, the wife likes tea. Be seeing you!

  2. The media has so much invested in the lies of the Obama regime and its enablers, (which they themselves are), that embracing the truth at this point will totally destroy what little credibility they have left.

    I expect the media to go down hard when there is absolutely no place left to hide from the truth.

    Let’s pray that happens very soon.

  3. I also wrote to the Concord Monitor publisher. We should encourage the citizens of NH to cancel their subscriptions and end all advertising to this rag of a so called newspaper. Probably run by a gang of dumb-ocrats. They like press, well we will expose them to the world of journalism and see how they hold up to it all. They certainly are not the brightest bulb in the box.