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(May 14, 2014) — It didn’t take me long before I realized that, in order to even taste the burger, I had to order two at the same time, because the first disappeared that fast. But before I got to that point, after the process of ordering, driving to the place to pick up my order, buying a drink and paying for the lunch, and then driving to the church’s memorial garden, I had to process the information that, yes, I did buy a burger and, since it’s gone, apparently I was the one who ate it.

I had the same experience in Daytona, but this time it was a pizza. The plan was to order extra-large and, what was left over would be for breakfast.  The only trouble was, every time I ordered the pizza, there wouldn’t be any left over the next day, it was just that delicious.

So here’s the point: this burger and pizza were the very best in the world, no doubt about it. And here’s an interesting point: neither place had any seating: take-out only. The burger was purchased from the deli counter in the rear of a grocery store, while the pizza place was a hole in the wall with a gravel parking lot. Neither place had any hoops and whistles, fanfare, or bright flashing neon lights. Both places were closed on Sunday. Yet both delivered the best to be had.

On Tuesday, Army Sgt. Kyle White was honored by our country by receiving the Medal of Honor. Normally, I’d honor the soldier like the rest of us, but not this day.

This day I reminisced to the time that I took the Oath when I joined our military, to “serve and protect” the Constitution. My Oath hasn’t expired, even after half a century, yet this young man’s Oath has taken a back seat to expediency and Political Correct nonsense. Today an usurper, a fake and a fraud, a Muslim, one of our enemy, Obama, pretended that he was a Constitutionally-eligible Commander-in-Chief and awarded a medal that he had no right to award and that the soldier had no right to accept.

I wouldn’t have accepted “The Medal” from Obama, and neither would LTC Terry Lakin. And this young man shouldn’t have, either, and it shames me that he did so. It shames me that someone who took the Oath turned his back on that Oath just for a medal that he could hock for, maybe, $5.00. The shame; the infamy; the disgrace.

The world’s best burger and the world’s best pizza didn’t need any flashy trophies and awards to make them the best: we knew, but, even more important, the people who made those burgers and pizzas: they knew.

Semper Fi


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  1. It really is a shame on America that someone who deserves (and rightfully so) to be honored – should be awarded that by someone who has no honor whatsoever.