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by Sharon Rondeau

Osama bin Laden claimed responsibility for the attacks on the U.S. on September 11, 2001

(May 3, 2011) — A report which is quickly gaining traction on the web suggests that Obama did not want to take out Osama bin Laden but was overridden by senior military commanders who ordered Navy Seals to carry out the successful operation.

Several reports lead back to Ulsterman, a writer claiming to have direct contact with a White House insider who has been revealing the machinations of the Obama regime and discord among senior executive branch officials.  Ulsterman’s report of May 2, 2011 indicated that Obama and his adviser, Valerie Jarrett, did not want the military to kill Osama bin Laden and that Obama did not issue the order to do so.

Before Obama revealed an image purported to be a certified copy of his original birth certificate from Hawaii on April 27, Ulsterman had covered the eligibility question and other issues such as Obama’s Marxist background.  Media sources concede that those who doubted Obama’s eligibility might still not be convinced because of questions surrounding his possible Indonesian citizenship and the need for authentication of the image released last Wednesday.

Mainstream editorials masquerading as news reports say that Obama “had ordered a successful mission to kill Osama bin Laden” that “was a political coup that will yield him benefits for months, perhaps years, to come.”  They state that Obama gave the order which resulted in bin Laden’s death.  A third report stated that “According to administration officials, the president took an increasingly hands-on role during the past two months – chairing nearly a half dozen national security meetings – as U.S. forces inched closer to launching the mission. Obama said that he authorized the operation last week, and gave the final orders Sunday.”

One report states that Obama was golfing but cut short his usual 18-hole session to return to the White House for a final meeting.  Was he summoned by senior military members, or did he head the meeting?  Why did he walk into the Oval Office in golf shoes?

The military members who killed bin Laden are reportedly “an elite special forces group unofficially called Seal Team 6.”

Blogger Nobarack has published a long-form birth certificate from Hawaii which contains a section at the bottom not found in Obama’s release.

The official statement issued by the White House said that “in the earliest days of the administration, the President formally instructed the intelligence community and his counterterrorism advisors to make the pursuit of Osama bin Laden, as the leader of al Qaeda, as a top priority.”

The leader of Hamas condemned bin Laden’s assassination, labeling bin Laden “a Holy Warrior.”

If the military acted on its own, without an order from Obama, what, if anything, does that mean in regard to Obama’s continued presence in the White House?

Does the military regard Obama as legitimate?  Obama refused to answer Lt. Col. Terry Lakin’s questions and military officers sent Lakin to Ft. Leavenworth rather than allow him discovery.  Last week, Obama released an image of an alleged birth certificate, the authenticity of which was questioned immediately.

The Post & Email contacted LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III regarding the recent Ulsterman story.

Does Obama resemble the leader of the free world or a childish narcissist whose golf game was interrupted by top military advisors? Photo courtesy of blogger Ulsterman.

LCDR FITZPATRICK: I read the report, and it is completely consistent with what I would expect to have happen.


LCDR FITZPATRICK: Yes, and the significance of this is enormous.  You might not remember this, but I do, about the Somali pirates that took the Maersk Alabama.  They boarded the ship and took hostages, and they got into the lifeboat.  Then the U.S.S. Bainbridge came onto the scene, a U.S. Navy ship, and eventually a couple of Navy Seals picked these clowns off in the lifeboat.  The Somali pirates were shot dead after having kidnapped the captain of the ship.

The pirates reported themselves as being from Somalia, and they went out and captured the merchantman named Maersk Alabama.  It ended up that they were in the lifeboat.  The crew of the Alabama fought back, and these guys got away with the captain of the ship.  The Navy came onto the scene, and the ship had Navy Seals on board.  There were Navy Seals who took the shots and killed the men in the lifeboat who had held the captain captive.

Obama hadn’t wanted those guys shot; he didn’t want the Seals to take the shot.  But they did, and Obama was furious.

Then soon after that, there were three Navy Seals who were brought up on charges from a separate incident.  They were going to court-martial these guys.  I had it all over The Jaghunter that they were going to court-martial them.  They backed away from it, but Obama had the Seals and himself at cross-purposes, and they have been for a long time.

Then you get this information last night, and it’s consistent.  If the Seals had an opportunity to go after bin Laden and they were told not to from the White House, and they said, “No, we’re going in anyway,” that’s a very big deal.  I do not believe that the Seals would have their name tied to this unless they were really the unit that took out Osama bin Laden.  You don’t just cavalierly assign or name the Seals in an operation like that.  I believe they were involved, and the person whose name I gave you is directly tied into this warfare community in a way that I’m not and would be able to tell you more about what he is hearing.  But it came in last night; I’m looking at it…I’ve told you before that there are people in the military and there are people in every other federal organization that we’ve talked about who know that Mr. Obama is an outlaw.  There are people in the military who are really ticked-off about that, and this is completely in keeping with the kind of attitude that is invested in military men and women who believe that Obama is an unconstitutional commander-in-chief and, at the same time, have had enough of this political game.  They had a chance to take out Osama bin Laden, and they’re not going to take any nonsense from the White House; they’re just going to go in and do it.

Now as this story unfolds, and it will, that notion is going to build and build and build.  It will be interesting to see who the personalities are who are involved in this.

I believe that Mr. Obama is in descent.  I believe that he is on his way out the door.  Another aspect to this which is consistent with what I think is going on is that I believe that people in the military know that he’s not going to last very much longer and that he’s not the commander-in-chief.  He’s a fake.  If they had a shot to take Osama bin Laden and they went to the White House to get permission to do that and the answer came back, “No,” then it was “Excuse me, but you aren’t the head of the ship anymore.”

I put it up at The Jaghunter, and I haven’t had this kind of traffic for a long, long time.  It’s going viral.  The story has been picked up by a lot of people.  It’s making the rounds.

Mr. Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya.  He’s not lawfully holding office in the White House, and there are military people who know that and they do not recognize his authority.  They also recognize that Mr. Obama is committing acts of treason against this country, and what you saw within the last week was, “We’ve had enough of you and your decisions and the people who are in the White House.”  In other words, the military knows enough, and the Seals community would be just that group of people.  They don’t take prisoners; these guys mean what they say and say what they mean.  From what I understand, there was increased intelligence coming out of interrogations at Guantanamo Bay; that’s run by the Navy.  And you know there are Seals down at Gitmo.

So this makes complete sense to me.  This is the United States Armed Forces standing up to Mr. Obama and saying to him, “You’re not my commander-in-chief.”

MRS. RONDEAU: I had to read your story twice.  After the second time, I realized there was a larger ramification if the military acted on its own to take out bin Laden.

LCDR FITZPATRICK: These are people in the military who are standing up and saying, “You’re not my commander-in-chief.”  They’re ticked off about Terry Lakin being locked up; they’re ticked off about how our government has been running; they’re ticked off about all of the things that you and I are ticked off about.  And this is one segment of the military that doesn’t take nonsense from anyone.  If I felt bad about anything that was in the narrative, I wouldn’t have published it, but I read it and had it up instantly.  It laid it all out, and this is the way that the military works.

MRS. RONDEAU: Would you say that you have expected this as things have been building up?

LCDR FITZPATRICK: I expected something as a flashback.  I expected that at some point, somewhere, someone in the military was going to stand up and say, “Mr. Obama, you can go to Hades.  We’ve had enough.”  And this opportunity was just too big a deal to follow his orders.  Because they went to the White House to get permission and didn’t receive it – it wasn’t that they expected to receive it; they knew what the answer was going to be, and they were going to act on what they knew – going after OBL was a really big deal.  He really was a threat to the national security, and there are military people who recognize that and were willing to risk their careers to take out Osama bin Laden because they realize that that is more important than their careers, and they probably realize also that if Obama tried to take them out at this point, that it would just accelerate his decline.

I’ll tell you something else:  I think it’s being leaked because people in the military want Obama gone.  This is completely in keeping with everything that you would expect to have happen.  It makes sense to me.  This was just one order that they could not accept.  They knew they had the guy; they had the intel; they acted on it; they said, “We don’t care what Obama says; we’re going to take this guy out.”  And then they did, and they don’t care what happens to them now.  And I don’t think anything is going to happen.  By the time I got this, Obama has already taken credit for this.  “Oh, yeah, we meant to do this all the time.”  So Obama is not going to go after any military commander, and then the information was leaked.  So they know they have Obama cross-wired.  Obama is stuck right now and the military knows that.  It’s been leaked out.  These are the kinds of conversations that would go on in the environment we have today.

MRS. RONDEAU: What do you think will happen from here?

LCDR FITZPATRICK: I think it will build from here.  I think that the information has been leaked so that it will build from here.  I think that there are military men and women who are really ticked off about Obama having gone into Libya.

MRS. RONDEAU: Does that mean that some of them still read or understand the U.S. Constitution?

LCDR FITZPATRICK: Yes, there are military commanders whom I know, and this was an opportunity for them to step in and say, “We’re going to take the shot.”  This is something that Obama can’t stop.  And this is a message for Mr. Obama, which is that he’s not in control of his armed forces anymore, and that is a very, very, very significant detail. That’s huge.  If they don’t recognize Mr. Obama as the commander-in-chief, then all that can happen for Mr. Obama is bad.  There are going to have to be other military people to make the same observation,and they’re going to have to make this publicly.

It is also consistent with what you’ve been writing and what I’ve been picking up on.  Mr. Obama is found out.  The military knows that Mr. Obama is an outlaw.  They know that he is not commander-in-chief.  That document that he put out on the internet the other day is a fake.  Now imagine that you’re in the United States Armed Forces today, and you see this, and you’re a military commander, a senior officer, and you know what’s been going out there and what’s been said about this, and you know that it’s been an issue building and building and building…See, Mr. Obama cannot get away from the fact that he has now tried to pull the wool over our eyes again.

The military has been challenged, as you know, with Operation American Freedom.  Every single military man and woman, whatever their rank, if they took the oath to the Constitution of the United States, they have an obligation to do something about finding out whether Mr. Obama is legit.  That was written two years ago.  Now, don’t you think that their obligation is multiplied by a very large number?

You have people in the military who are intelligence experts who are going to their boss and saying, “Excuse me, but that ‘document’ that was put out on the internet is a fraud.”  The military commanders are now forced into a situation where they either have to act as they have acted or risk going along with this Mr. Obama for a while longer.  I don’t think anybody in the military who’s in a position to know better is going to go along with this man anymore.  He’s just crossed a line that he can’t back over.

Now, any military commander can stand up and say, “We know that he is a fake.”

MRS. RONDEAU: The American people saw hints of this when General McChrystal tried to meet with Obama and had to take a plane to catch up to Obama, who had gone to Denmark.  He needed approval for something, and Obama would not give McChrystal the time of day.

Editor’s Note: McChrystal has since retired after having been “dismissed” by Obama for making alleged disparaging remarks about Obama and his National Security team.

LCDR FITZPATRICK: Again, you have people on both sides of the fence in the military.  People have asked me, “What does the force structure look like on either side?” and I’ve told them, “I don’t know what I don’t know.”  It’s been a year now since that citizen’s arrest warrant went out, and I had named military commanders then.  Mike Mullen was one of the people whom I named, because Mullen knows better.

At some point, the military has to speak out.  We know what the pressure looks like that’s coming from the veterans.  I think this has been a culmination of a lot of different kinds of things.  Military folk have been looking for the opportunity to out Obama, and now they have it.  And they had it in a way that it’s a win-win situation for the country; it’s a win-win situation for the Navy Seals; it’s a win-win situation for the United States Armed Forces.  There are very smart people in our military, and those smart people on the good side, the guys with the white hats, said, “This is our chance.”  And now they’re leaking it, and it’s just going to blow up from here.

This is in the hands of two sitting grand juries; what they’re going to do with it remains to be seen.  The U.S. Attorney in Knoxville knows what’s going on, and he knows that Obama is at the point where he cannot recover.  He is out the door.  And Trump is going after Obama.  Obama made a very big deal of trying to play this off on The View, where he was making fun of it, and then that night he was at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner gathering, and he took a swipe at Trump.  Well, Trump is one angry guy right now.

Dr. Jerome Corsi is plugged in to people in the military.  It is consistent with what you see in the beginning of the decline of the rich and famous.  Obama has been found out.  You know that the vets are just pounding the door at the Pentagon, asking, “How can you now remain silent?”  Well, they’re not remaining silent.  He’s committing treason, and people in the military know that, and they’ve had enough.  He really is committing the act of treason, and they can’t go along with him anymore.

The majority of people in this country believe that Mr. Obama is an outlaw, and that’s what it took.  It took for us to get to this point after 2+ years for Obama to do enough things so that the country is largely against him.  People in the military know that.  They knew that their actions would be backed by the American people completely, and they took the shot.

MRS. RONDEAU: In Honduras, the president tried to override the country’s constitution to stay in office indefinitely, and the Supreme Court and military ousted him, saying, “No, you’re not.”  That had the support of the people.

LCDR FITZPATRICK: Those people who were in a position to take action and wanted to take action knew that they needed the permission of the American people before they would stand up in the way that they just stood up.  There is no place for this man to run.  He is blatantly an outlaw.  Watch how this thing unfolds.

MRS. RONDEAU: There’s no reason for someone to release a forgery if he has the real thing.

LCDR FITZPATRICK: Obama feels pressure coming from everywhere.  He tried to put the genie back in the bottle and in doing what he did, has only hurt himself more.  The military knows that they have been put on notice.  Operation American Freedom has been out there for two years.  Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying that that is the notice.  What I am saying is that it is but one notice out there where we’ve know that the military had an obligation to vet this guy.  The vetting process to get a top-secret clearance, which I’ve held, is extraordinary, and they would have gone into this man’s background and found out…and they probably did!

The military, in the day, did not believe that they had the backing of the people. Barack Obama is not black; he’s a mulatto; but he is being played off as the “first black president.”  The military wasn’t going to go after him and give up what they know about this guy until they had the support of the people.  They’re looking at the poll numbers, which no longer show that Obama enjoys the favor of the majority of the country.

MRS. RONDEAU: No, not now.

LCDR FITZPATRICK: The military knows what the real numbers look like.  So they knew that in taking out Osama in Laden, Obama would try to take credit.  They set him up.  Now they’re releasing information about how this really went down, just as they released information about how they got the Somali pirates and what happened to the Navy Seals that they were going to court-martial but didn’t.  They played this thing beautifully.

I put this thing up at The Jaghunter and sent it to the SEAL whose name I gave you, and he said, “Wow, this is really big.”  And it really is.

On the surface, Obama has blinked.  There was no reason for him to come to the podium and do what he did that we can see on the surface.  But we know underneath that the pressures coming to this man are extraordinary, and he’s fighting to save himself.  This is what a dictator does to try to stay in power.  He’s trying to garner the favor of what he thinks is his support.  He thinks that he’s going to be able to get away with this because he enjoys this tremendous celebrity status; he’s a rock star.

To keep the popularity issue going, he thinks that he can break any law that he wants, and as long as he’s popular, nobody is going to act against him.  Well, that just changed.  This is a moment in our history, the fact that he released that document.  Eric Holder is also part of this, and there are people in the FBI who want Holder out as bad as can be.  He’s as bad as Obama, and the FBI has been looking for a way to do that.  Now the military has taken the first step, and now, just stand by; it’s going to be one thing after the next.  This is the end of Obama and Eric Holder.

And the two grand juries have this at the same time…God is at work here.  This is not a coincidence.





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  1. Is this supposed to be a recent picture of bin Laden that is currently on Fox News home page?


    If so, the supposed sickly person of 10 years ago has not aged at all and looks pretty healthy. I suppose it would be wrong of me to ever think that Obama has been dead for at least eight years and this entire thing is another huge fraud?

    Forgive me for even thinking that. Let’s talk to the Seals who were directly involved in this.

    The timing of this was so perfect that it adds to my doubts about the story. From the interruption of Trump’s TV show to the imminent release of Dr. Corsi’s book to the ineligibility court proceedings on Monday, (covered by ABC, CBS, etc., or they would have been had the huge announcement on Sunday night not pre-empted them).

    The timing was so perfect that Obama must be the luckiest man in the world.

  2. I am still confused, trying to understand, sort out all the inconsistancies surrounding this intense killing. The staged photo of this administartion is beyond obvious,hair cut, cropped the night before on Obama, shaved close to the scalp, less then 24 hrs later it’s grown out, the staged college students in celebration by the hundreds outside the White House in such short notice, is amazing and troubling. How was it they were able to group in such a short time, in masses ? Why were their classes canceled the following day, giving them the permission to celebrate this night, honoring the kill ? Who gave the order to let them off ? Most were just out having a good ole time, because they were getting the chance to do so, and Obama’s plan was all full of intent in doing so. He staged the entire event of the masses outside the White House, to boost the excitement, hype of the kill…..Why was this mass murderer not captured and tried as a criminal, and sentenced to death ? As was Sadam, executed in front of the entire world, where no one could question his reality ? Why was he killed and dumped in the sea and no one can view his body, his actual murdered body ? This leaves much to imagine. Why has the stories changed so many times ? Too many unanswered ????s…Now they release home videos of Osama, yet you never see his actual face in any of the video, only a side profile and still photos, it could be anyone in that video, any muslim from the side. Without seeing his face on the video there is no way in telling. The still pics also could be doctored… This is no proof that these were taken from his home… But again we are dumbed down and believeing again that this gov’t is flying straight…. They do anything but, they fly crooked, upside down , sideways and anyway they can get their own truth out….




    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


    From: http://www.infowars.com/hoax-white-house-claims-4-year-old-bin-laden-tapes-are-new-footage/

    “In a desperate effort to bolster its crumbling official narrative, the White House today released a set of dubious Bin Laden “home movies” purportedly seized from his compound during the raid on Sunday night that it claims show Bin Laden on camera in 2010, but the tapes are almost identical to footage released almost four years ago by a notorious Pentagon front group that acts as a conduit for US intelligence by regularly releasing fake Al-Qaeda videos.

    Before we even look at the new tapes, recall that the Washington Post reported last year on how CIA officials recruited “darker-skinned employees” to create fake Bin Laden tapes. The fact that the CIA created fake Bin Laden tapes is an admitted fact, not a conspiracy theory.”

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

  4. From: http://www.infowars.com/feds-issue-terror-advisory-based-on-info-allegedly-found-at-osamas-house/

    “As noted yesterday, the government is exploiting the Osama death fantasy as an excuse to expand the police state grid in the United States and acclimate the populace to the presence of militarized cops and unconstitutional random searches in mass transit hubs.

    The feds have yet to definitively prove that Osama was killed in Pakistan. Despite this fact, the corporate media is reporting the government claim as fact.”

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    “Of course, al qaida is going to allege that Osama was killed by Barack Obama. It is stirring up support for al qaida worldwide.

    Once again Barack Obama has put Americans in danger for his personal political benefit.”

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

  5. Hi, Sharon— I respectfully suggest that you take a look at the article copied below. It ends the debate on who killed Bin Laden, or how they did it or whether Hillary has allergies or just a big zit. This was just another ploy to cover up Obama’s checkered past, remove competition for the Demo ticket and move the country closer to tyranny controlled by sociopathic idiot-oligarchs. Plus, to get Pakistanis mad enough to strike or make it look like they did. Bin Laden was terminally ill in 2001 and died of renal failure. Check it out. We’re being distracted by endless debates about Bin Laden when we should be beating the drum. This raid of the Bin Laden mortuary is a hoax, an insult to the intelligence of Americans who still have brains that aren’t tube-fed. It’s a disgrace and we need to see it for what it is.


  6. It’s a likely scenario that Obama didn’t make the decision. The US Military did. After all didn’t they have to drag Obama off the golf course and into the White House Situation Room?

    Personally, I think there is a possibility [in the future] of a US Military Coup overthrowing the illegitimate Obama fake of a presidency. They could do the job the Congress and gutless court system have failed to do with this unconstitutional White House occupant. If a military coup were ever in the works, it might be the best thing for our nation, to off-set all the dismantling Obama and his kowtowing cronies have done.

    A military coup could bring about some overall stability and stop Obama’s anti-American actions and policies until the 2012 elections. The best place for “our” first Muslim / Mulatto fake “president” would be a long stay at Guantanamo Bay with a daily bath of waterboarding….

  7. The General is the only one looking at the laptop. He is in the center of the room at the head of the table. Why isn’t the President in that seat? What’s going on?
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Because he’s not really the president.



    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


    By Toby Young
    London Telegraph
    Thursday, May 5, 2011


    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

  9. I believe every veteran should be talking to people in the service, and pointing these things out at every level. All it would take is a general stand down by the military, and obama would be gone. I think it is indeed time for this to happen, and just flat out refuse to do anything at all. This should include locking down the bases and controlling all military equipment, and flatly refusing orders to go do anything at all, and make it public. The only valid reason to leave the barracks is out of control police forces. A real good day would be july 4th for Shut-it-Down day. Pass the word, Veterans!

    1. I would suggest the same result would happen if the states and the American people did a general stand-down.

      Why do we have to wait for the military?

  10. To me he looked sheepish. He was summoned off the golf course so he was late to the party. He never thought his order to abort would be overridden.

  11. Citizen or not….I can think of more than a couple of people that I definitely know are not US citizens that I’d rather be our POTUS than obama.

    1. lorrie00,

      Me too, but if they became “president” by fraud, lying and obfuscation, clearly in violation of the U.S. Constitution, I would no more want them as the fake president than I do Obama/Soetoro, even if I thought their polices were great.

  12. It is such a pleasure to see so many of you patriots keeping after the white house liar
    His days are drawing to an end,there will be a time of reconstruction in our government
    but we will be better for it and the America we all love will shine again from shore to shore. God Bless America

  13. Now if we could just get the military to get rid of the rats in Washington and the Fed along with the Euro rats like Soros everything would be peachy.

  14. Where’s the body?…oh I forgot, they dumped it in the ocean, how convenient ! OK then, where is the photographic evidence of the body, not been released yet or is it non-existent? The timing is just a little too coincidental!
    There seem to be two distinct camps;

    1) those that believe that obl has been dead for 8 years…lots of news stories and accounts from individuals including Robert Baer supporting this theory. No solid supportive evidence, only hearsay.

    2) those that believe obl was taken out by our intrepid ST6 or DEVGRU…literally tons of main-sleaze-media (and we all know they can’t see the light of day, with their heads so far up barrys rear) coverage of the alleged take-down…Again, no solid supportive evidence, only hearsay.

    Jmho…this is nothing more than a CIA wag the dog psy-op…either way, hoax or real, it appears to be timed perfectly to distract Americans from the real issue this regime fears the most, barry is not an NBC and is NOT constitutionally eligible to be POTUS!
    It also dovetails nicely with the almost simultaneous scrubbing of NBC information from the net. The Ulsterman site makes for interesting reading, but again, no solid supportive evidence, only hearsay.
    Deep down, I really want to believe the theory put forth in this article as it would mean that osambas days are short and it would restore my long expired faith in in the upper
    echelons of our military to uphold their oath to the US Constitution, and to actually protect and defend this nation against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.
    Of late, there is so much disinformation flying around,( not including P&E ) that if your not feeling manipulated then your not paying attention…on an encouraging note, it does appear that there are literally millions of “Citizen Soldiers” fighting every day to restore the Republic, and more waking up and joining the ranks every day!

    Semper Fi

    1. “The Ulsterman site makes for interesting reading, but again, no solid supportive evidence, only hearsay. Deep down, I really want to believe the theory put forth in this article as it would mean that osambas days are short and it would restore my long expired faith in in the upper echelons of our military to uphold their oath to the US Constitution, and to actually protect and defend this nation against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.”

      That pretty much sums it up for me, too.

    1. “The president’s role was minimal, including their acknowledging of his presence in the room.” Well put! BHO looks more like an “invited guest” than the Commander in Chief. He is not even sitting at the head of the table!

      1. bho looks either mortified or raging angry. I would love to know what he was thinking. I think he was outraged that the military went ahead in spite of what he wanted. Good for the military and now come and handcuff him.

  15. The photo of BO administration noted here is a telling tale of Obama’s body language. He does look like some kid in a classroom who doesn’t want to be there.

  16. God Bless the Military.
    It was a made up story back in 2001 that Osama had died. He went into hiding. I am convinced now he is dead.

  17. I don’t think BO had anything to do with this event. It’s pretty obvious when making the announcement about Bin Laden, that he wanted to make sure the public thought it was “he” who was smart enough and good leadership to make the call to kill bin laden. First words out of his mouth was under “his” orders – which was emphasized. The entire event doesn’t add up with all the reports coming out, and the revision of reports coming out.

  18. I for one am not buying the BS….I want to see pictures of him when they confronted him and then when they shot him dead on the floor of that mansion…..too many people coming forward now saying OBL was dead many years back…..just take a listen to Alex Jones today….NO WAY OBL was just killed……they may have killed someone else and said it was him but I’m not buying it and why not show us the proof????


  19. Our military will save us. We are behind you. Thank you for giving us some hope that we can get out of this regime and bring back America. God bless the military.

  20. The military parasites have bled the Treasury for sixty years for their 20 year pensions never winning a war since WWII which actually was won by Russia in Europe and the Pacific. Then they turned on ally China with the Korean War and Russia with Bin Laden bunch led Afghanistan War. Just like Congress and the Media they have sat back as America is ruined by foreigners since 1947 when the Nazi WWII intelligence was combined with US intelligence.

  21. The military did not act on their own authority to kill Bin Laden, because he was already dead. That is why there are no pictures or video, and the “body” was disposed of by “burial at sea.” Barry “Barack Obama” Soetoro is nothing if not a liar, and this is just another BIG lie, that’s supposed to bump his numbers, and take attention away from the real issue, his eligibility. No one at this site should be falling for it.

    1. Why are you saying Osama was already dead? He was not. I know for a fact from something, which I can’t and am not allowed to say what. He’s dead. Wasn’t done years ago. Just recently. So you’re buying the conspiracy theory stuff.

      1. Sorry, I meant to say that Osama was dead, so I’m sorry, but I’m correcting my post. I pretty much know for a fact that the Navy Seals did this, and right now I can’t say how that I know. It’s just not a secret, but it’s something that I can’t talk about from talking to family. From someone who knows, he was dead.

      2. Sorry kittycat….I’m not taking any second hand smoke….let’s see the proof……anyone can say it was OBL but show us…..I want to see and hear all the gory details! It is very suspicious….you should listen to the guests who were on Alex Jones today…including a Pakistan general who says our government is trying to start another WAR…..NO MORE taking the word of our government and the military industrial complex…..they have been caught in too many lies!

      1. “He complied, but did not originate.” But then he took all the credit. Would the Navy SEAL’s you know go for this hoax?

      2. if you were threatened or your family was….you certainly would go along with it. Wasn’t there an article on Yahoo news of an email leak – by a CIA leader, that the Seals should “shut their mouths”? it was something to that effect. That’s what I heard.

    2. I wouldn’t doubt that at all. Too many articles on the Internet stating Bid Laden died in 2002 of kidney disease/lung disease.

  22. Media spinning BO/BS’s role in the Situation room. He was summoned off the golf course that’s why he showed up in golf shoes and late. He wanted the kill mission aborted but military overruled him. Ask why Valerie Jarrett wasn’t in the room.

    The order did not originate from Chain of Command/CIC. Repeat – this order did not originate from CoC. He complied , but did not originate.


  23. To those in the military who may be reading this: Rest assured that a great many of us have your back should you decide to do something about the unconstitutional takeover of the presidency. It’s a shame that such a third-world scenario would take place in this country, but it’s obvious that it has fallen under a sinister yet subtle tyranny.

  24. Sharon Rondeau and LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III… “the truth will set us free” FANTASTIC ARTICLE you two. Why can’t the lame-stream-media get involved in truth telling – like TP&E?. The Post and Email is putting them all to shame. I see absolutely no difference between Osama and Obama, only that one was working from without, the other is working from within – both bound and determined to destroy America ASAP. I’m sure the Seals also realize that their job isn’t finished yet!!!. AMERICA WAKE UP NOW or forever be lost. One last comment is that Obama stated that Osama wasn’t a true muslim but proceeded to pay him muslim honours at death, so who is muslim here, I guess this proves that they both are – “muslim jidhadist”. A Big Congratulations to the Special Forces. PLEASE FINISH YOUR GREAT WORK now that it has started; “we are all in your debt”!!!; even the dummies that don’t yet realize it.

  25. Sir… A continued thank you for your continued service.
    I think that ’email’ says it all.

    “RE Osama Bin Laden. Significant push to take him out months ago. Senior WH staff resisted. This was cause of much strain between HC and Obama/Jarrett. HC and LP were in constant communication over matter – both attempted to convince administration to act. Administration feared failure and resulting negative impact on president. Intel disgusted over politics over national security. Staff resigned/left. Check timeline to corroborate.

    Now Intel already leaking to media facts surrounding how info obtained. Namely from enhanced interrogation efforts via GITMO prisoners. Obama administration placed in corner on this. Some media aware of danger to president RE this and attempting protection. Others looking for further investigation. We are pushing for them to follow through and already meeting with some access.

    Point of determination made FOR Obama not BY Obama. Will clarify as details become more clear. Very clear divide between Military and WH. Jarrett marginalized 100% on decision to take out OBL. She played no part. BD worked with LP and HC to form coalition to force CoC to engage.

    IMPORTANT SPECIFIC: When 48 hour go order issued, CoC was told, not requested. Administration scrambled to abort. That order was overruled. This order did not originate from CoC. Repeat – this order did not originate from CoC. He complied, but did not originate.

    Independent military contacts have confirmed. Stories corroborate one another. This is legit.

    The killing of Osama Bin Laden was in fact a Coup within Obama WH.

    Speaking with additional contacts RE info.

    Stay safe.
    “The Constitution matters. The truth matters” — Terry Lakin”

  26. Magnificent reporting, Mrs. Rondeau!!

    It seems to me that the greatest obstacle to the broad dissemination of this information the military sources are releasing lies in the complicity of the main stream media to ‘only’ anoint the obama version of events rather than the truth.

    Even with the numerous alternative media sources available today it is an uphill battle to be heard — and believed — over the ‘slavish’ obama media rhetoric.

    Unless upper echelon military officers are willing to break the code of silence and openly challenge obama, in the court of public opinion, what is going to transpire to oust the usurper?

    1. You can certainly tell who the Americans are in that room. Left or right, Dem or Rep, 9/11 happened to them, too, and they’re still affected by it today…and it shows.

    1. Love you too Miki…..never….never….give up!!!

      For you……

      Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says~~
      “Oh, no, She’s up!”

  27. Listening to Alex Jones right now….explosive information……several witnesses that OBL has been dead for quite a while and that this is all staged for political reasons…..the guy who said in 2002 that OBL was on ice is coming on his show later today….this should be great…..Alex says more fake photos are coming out!

    Here’s the link…..


  28. I’ve been hearing on the grapevine (I refuse to use the word “informant”) that the discord with the troops has reached down to the E3 level of the National Guard.
    This discord is caused by the Judicial and Legislative branches of the government from not exercising their sworn duty to uphold their oath to the Constitution by allowing the Muslim to remain in the White House.
    The troops, not the Sec. of Defense or the Joint Chiefs of Staff, are getting a little bit, well, let’s say they’re not happy with the Long Legged Mack Daddy (a phrase that means “pimp”) Obama and the rest of the government, but especially upset and disappointed with the MSM for not reporting the truth.
    Although we applaud the Seals for doing away with bin Laden, we understand that the administration will milk this PR opportunty for whatever they can. Osama was a “used to be” at best, and we all know that Muslims don’t need an excuse to murder, but they’ll, no doubt, get all riled up.
    Let’s say ten years ago your daughter was murdered by Ted Bundy, and they found Bundy yesterday and killed him. Okay, good that they got him, but this going out into the streets and waving the American flag is preposterous.
    Take the time, make the effort, to find someone who has been “over there” in Sandland and they’ll tell you that’s there’s no “win” in this war. They’ll never accept Democracy because it’s at odds with Islam. Never happen. And they’ll tell you that if you’re nice to them they see that as weakness. They hate the Rules of Engagement, believe me on that one.
    And, yes, LCDR Fitzpatrick, I do believe that us Vets will be alongside our active duty brothers. Please read “Fear Not a Coup d’Etat”, “In Memory of Audie Murphy”, and “Call to Arms” by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet, that be me.
    Great job you’re doing, Commander.
    I salute you.

  29. Do I see a ray of sunshine filtering through a heavy fog? This gives me hope that it may still be possible to rescue our country from total distructoin.

  30. But Obama the Precious Messiah would never tell a fib. No, he is into Super Whoppers!

    I believe the Muslim Obie ONE was born in Kenya and never for even one second has been a citizen of USA. He is a Foreign Trojan Horse who loves to play King of the Hill against the “little folks.”

    Before learning this new twist, I was thinking that the only reason for Osama to kill Obama in Afghanistan was to get his Islam buddies to blow a nuclear bomb in USA. He hates us. Osama wanted Obama to live.

    Ooops got that switched. Well no harm done. Usama & Ubama 2 birds of a feather. Maybe these guys are identical twins.

    One down, One to go. But who is keeping score?

    If the military over ruled Ubama then it was a coup d’etat. Hooray. about time.

    Boy, talk about a Broken Chain of Command.

    Ubama should take the Joint Chiefs of Staff into court and sue that they did not obey commands. Ooops he would have to prove he is the Commander in Chief. Ubama says forget that idea.

  31. Obamamedia have falsely given Obama credit for Osama’s death, and in their cheerleading behavior O-media claim this advances Obama politically. The spider keeps weaving his web of lies. The Joint Chiefs have long been caught in the web; is it possible the paralyzed prey have broken free? We have to hope, but I doubt it.

  32. FOX News reported right before 0bama’s speech that 0sama had been killed during the last week of April by a U.S. bombing in Afghanistan.