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Press Release from the Terry Lakin Action Fund

If Obama is proven to be a fraud, what will happen to Lt. Col. Terry Lakin? Will his position and pay be restored?

(May 11, 2011) — Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin will be returning to Baltimore on Saturday, May 14, 2011, after serving five months in Fort Leavenworth. Terry was sentenced to confinement with loss of pay, benefits and pension due to a series of events resulting from his request for confirmation of the president’s eligibility to hold office.

Those interested in greeting LTC Lakin when he returns from prison are invited to join with fellow supporter at Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI) on Saturday, May 14, at 10:30 am. Those planning to attend should use the free pre-event registration on the TerryLakin.com website. After registering, they will received detailed information concerning his homecoming event.

For more than two years Terry tried to get confirmation of the Commander in Chief’s eligibility. He followed every proper procedural means at his disposal as a senior officer and Army doctor. In late 2010 LTC Lakin chose to invite his own court martial with the hopes that the normal processes of legal discovery would provide some answers.  Instead the court refused all requests for discovery.  Nor did the court allow any witnesses. With no defense, Terry was found guilty of the charges resulting from his refusal to deploy.  The details of Terry’s initial action and his thoughts on the two pre-trial hearings are outlined in two videos available on the TerryLakin.com website. The videos and case timeline can be viewed at http://www.terrylakin.com/videos and http://www.terrylakin.com/timeline.

Terry has received thousands of letters of encouragement and tens of thousands of visitors on the TerryLakin.com website and FaceBook sites.

While some have disagreed with Terry’s method, none can fault his purpose. He is simply upholding the oath that every officer has sworn, “. . .to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic;  [to] bear true faith and allegiance to the same;  [and to] take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that [he would]  well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which [he entered]. So help me God.”

LTC Lakin said, in his first video, “The Constitution Matters. The Truth Matters.” The Constitution has served our country well for more than 200 years.  It is the responsibility of every citizen to protect and uphold it and that is all Terry was seeking to do.

This is not the end of Terry’s ordeal. He is still without pay, pension, and benefits. His employment future is unknown. The appeals begins shortly and could run more than two years. Terry made a great sacrifice. He needs continued support from those who appreciate what he has done in defense of the Constitution. The TerryLakin.com website explains how to support his family.

For more information about Terry, his trial and incarceration, and the homecoming event please visit http://www.terrylakin.com.  Press/media can call 443-451-4334.

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  1. I believe that Lt. Col Lakin is an Honorable Officer…… He deserves to have his Rank & Pension returned to him….He was only trying to honor his Military Oath to protect & Defend the Constitution. If he felt that Mr Obama was not Constitutionally eligible to be POTUS it was his “duty” to question Mr Obama.

    Remember the Nuremburg Trials?? “I was only carring out orders”… This was “not” an accepted excuse!!

    Many Officials in Kenya say the Mr Obama is “Kenyan Born”…. Col. Lakin was right to ask Mr Obama to prove that he was eligible!!

  2. I would love to “dig deep” to help Lakin, but I’m in the minus right now. Just trying to find the ability to buy food, etc., and gas that my husband can actually go to do what he needs to do.

    Regardless, I do hope that all works out for him. I think that if we get rid of the person killing our nation, it really can work out for Lakin. My prayers are with him and his family.

  3. (Sorry this has nothing to do with Terry Lakin)
    Osama Bin Laden Videos Released By The Pentagon Are a Hoax, Man In TV Video Identified

    1. Rob….here’s AJ’s latest video…it is very informative and factual…..this needs to get out to the masses people….please pass this on…..send it to everyone you know…….start questioning people…..this deception needs to end!!!!

      Proof: Bin Laden Death Another Gov’t Lie

  4. There will be the day when Lakin will be invited to the White House to be hailed as a hero, and it will be by whatever natural-born citizen replaces that criminal fraud usurping the Oval Office and having the gall to invite the potty-mouthed instigator and rapper Common.

  5. Glad Lakin is getting out…..maybe he can get in touch with this group…..please watch and share with everyone….

    We Are Change: Truth behind 9/11, New World Order & the Fed


    We ask the questions that need to be asked, which the media either do not ask or simply not cover, states one of the organizers of the We are Change group…..

  6. I am hoping that hundreds even thousands show up in Baltimore this weekend to support Col Lakin. I will be driving up I-95 if anyone needs a ride please email me. I also talked to someone close to the family who said it costs close to $10,000 per month for mortgage, private school for the children, upkeep etc. We all need to empty our pockets to help this brave hero.

  7. Lakin is such a hero it’s incredible. He knew what he was giving up and gave it up anyway for the truth. Had this been a republican president Lakin would be hailed as a national hero. Instead, our press is a national disgrace, filled with communists raised by Marxist professors at corrupt US universities and filled with like-minded socialists they go out of their way to vet and then hire to ensure they’re all on the same Marxist page just as Alinski instructed – that’s how corruption is manifest in business.

    Everyone should give generously to the Lakin fund. Times are tough but please dig deep. People should also contact Trump and tell him to help out Lakin. It may not work but it’s worth a try.