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by Sharon Rondeau

Has the Monroe County Sheriff's Department refused to prosecute the real killer of Jim Miller?

(May 11, 2011) — On October 27, 2010, Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III was arrested on a charge of failing to appear in court for a procedural hearing regarding his attorney-of-record, who had been dismissed from the case approximately ten days earlier. As a result, Fitzpatrick spent over two months in the Monroe County jail.  His experiences while there included witnessing  substandard plumbing, heating and living conditions; non-delivery of inmate mail; confiscation of inmate funds; his non-receipt of requested appeals forms; deprivation of necessary medications and medical care of inmates; assault; human trafficking, extortion and reported criminal collusion on the part of then-grand jury foreman Gary Pettway.

Fitzpatrick and Mr. Carl Swensson, also charged with a felony after accompanying Fitzpatrick to the courthouse on April 1, 2010 to effect a citizen’s arrest of Pettway, have stated that a Monroe County public defender has admitted to the massive corruption in the system but will take no action to correct it.

During his incarceration, Fitzpatrick reported what he described as credible information gleaned from another inmate regarding the murder of Mr. Jim Miller, an elections official, on July 17, 2010.

A woman was arrested in connection with the Miller case, but Fitzpatrick gleaned information indicating that she is not the perpetrator of Miller’s tragic death.

This newspaper contacted the FBI in Knoxville, TN on multiple occasions regarding the information Fitzpatrick had, but received no response.  We also reported the conditions within the jail to the Tennessee Corrections Institute, which refused to follow up with us. Other inmates have reported the same conditions as Fitzpatrick had, even following the TCI’s inspection, and citizens have written to the TCI with no apparent response.

Following his release from jail, Fitzpatrick visited the FBI several times, sharing with them the information he had been provided regarding the murder as well as criminal wrongdoing on the part of the Monroe County judiciary, specifically the judges, court clerk, court reporter and jury members, in violation of state law.  On each occasion, he left extensive documentation with the agents  with whom he met.  Fitzpatrick has also stated that the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department is not investigating the murder properly because it is “covering it up.”

Fitzpatrick recently prepared a report on the information he has gathered from various sources over many months which he describes as “rock-solid.”  The report has been sent to the two sitting federal grand juries in Knoxville by way of U.S. Attorney William C. Killian as well as the Knoxville FBI.  Fitzpatrick has received numerous death threats which have also been reported to the FBI.

The report reads:

A composite-source report on information regarding Jim Miller’s murder (Written beginning at 0935 hours Wednesday, 4 May 2011)


It’s widely believed that a man named BRANDON STEELE murdered Jim Miller working with other men. BRANDON STEELE is believed to be (at least one) triggerman on Saturday, 17 July 2010


A second man, RONNIE HILTON bragged to others in the Monroe County jail that HILTON shot Jim Miller on Saturday, 17 July 2011.

Monroe County Sheriff’s arrested RONNIE HILTON in July 2011 for questioning in the Jim Miller murder.  HILTON was held in Cell #2 – a high-occupancy cell.

RONNIE HILTON reported to cellmates that HILTON was paid a “substantial amount” of money for the “hit” on Mr. Miller.

RONNIE HILTON said TWO OTHER MEN worked with HILTON in Mr. Miller’s murder.

HILTON says to his jail audience that Mr. Miller was killed because of what Mr. Miller knew regarding the obscenely corrupt Monroe County government. HILTON reported that Mr. Miller’s specific information about incumbent Sheriff Bill Bivins (taken together with additional information regarding the massive corruption within the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department)—in days prior to the 2010 County Sheriff’s election—was particularly dangerous to local office holders and other Monroe County officials.

RONNIE HILTON is known as a gang-member. However Mr. Miller’s murder is not gang-related. According to HILTON, Mr. Miller was murdered because what Jim Miller knew was a danger to local and corrupt political operatives.

Monroe County Sheriff Bill Bivens released RONNIE HILTON soon after HILTON’s July 2010 arrest.

HILTON was not charged in the Jim Miller murder.

HILTON did time in a Tennessee State Prison from 1991 to 2004.

As reported, HILTON is capable of murder. HILTON has earned his “patch.” In jailhouse speak earning a “patch” means a man has committed murder.

RONNIE HILTON is described as a white male.  HILTON is 37 or 38-years old. HILTON’s upper body is tattooed heavily. HILTON has several clocks (time-pieces) tattooed on his upper body signifying prison-time HILTON’s done.


On Saturday afternoon 17 July 2010 (the day Jim Miller was murdered) XXXXXX witnessed a group of men at a Marathon gas station on the eastern side Tennessee State Highway 11 near downtown Sweetwater, Tennessee (across the street from a “Save-A Lot” grocery store at 406 S. Main Street and a FRED’s department store at 522 S. Main Street).

XXXXXX  was with a friend, YYYYYY. Ms. XXXXXX and Ms. YYYYYY saw the men taking off shirts and other clothing articles.

XXXXXX described one of the men as having a heavily tattooed upper-body (torso).

The men threw the articles of clothing into trash receptacle. The men were cleaning themselves up. The men were also cleaning up their vehicle (a truck).

XXXXXX and YYYYYY recovered the clothing articles from the trash. XXXXXX and her friend confirmed the clothes were covered in blood. XXXXXX and her companion turned the bloodied clothing to Sweetwater City police.

I believe XXXXXX lives at (Redacted) in (Redacted), Tennessee. Ms. XXXXXX’s cell phone number is:  (Redacted).


JESSICA POWERS (or JESSICA KENNEDY or whatever her real name) reported to me in November 2010 she DID NOT murder Jim Miller.

McMinn County Sheriffs arrested JESSICA POWERS in September 2010.

As JESSICA POWERS narrated, it was BRANDON STEELE who reported JESSICA POWERS in September 2010 to law enforcement officials resulting in JESSICA POWERS’ arrest and lock-up.

McMinn County Sheriffs transported JESSICA POWERS to the Monroe County jail in October 2010.

JESSICA POWERS described BRANDON STEELE as a “snitch.” JESSICA POWERS told me BRANDON STEELE was locked-up also on charges of (redacted for purposes of The Post & Email due to possible young readers).

JESSICA POWERS believes BRANDON STEELE “snitched” on POWERS to secure a sentencing deal regarding the molestation of the child.

BRANDON STEELE told JESSICA POWERS some of what BRANDON STEELE knows of the Jim Miller murder.

JESSICA POWERS told me a pistol used in the Jim Miller murder was (at some time) located at BRANDON STEELE’s residence.

BRANDON STEELE does not know the motive behind Jim Miller’s murder as JESSICA POWERS tells the narrative.

JESSICA POWERS told me the Monroe County Sheriffs’ Department has no business investigating Jim Miller’s murder.

Monroe County Sheriffs transported JESSICA POWERS to the Meigs County (Meigs is pronounced in one syllable: MEGS) County jail on 23 November 2010.


The name BOONEY STOKES comes up frequently. As told to me, law enforcement officials in some way connect BOONEY STOKES to the Jim Miller murder.

BOONEY STOKES’ name comes up unsolicited.

I’m told BOONEY STOKES had nothing to do with Mr. Miller’s demise.

JESSICA POWERS said to me—without any cause—BOONEY STOKES had nothing to do with Jim Miller’s attackers. STOKES had nothing to do with Jim Miller.


Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

United States Navy Retired

1218 hours EDT

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

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  1. Our country is deceased. Get used to it. Citizens are now slaves with no rights. How do you keep slaves happy? Don’t let them realize they are slaves. Tell them they are free and remind them of it often. Tell the slaves they are “fighting for freedom” and that “they hate our freedom”. The court system is a system of thugs that work for organized crime. The “judicial” system does the dirty work of making the slaves obey by using terror as a weapon.