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by Neil Turner

Who produced this "document" and when? Why is Obama's father referred to as "African?"

(Apr. 23, 2011) — “Foreign businessmen think that American leaders are STUPID” – Donald Trump on Greta van Susteren’s “On the Record,” 4/21/2011

Do you think that we’re so STUPID that we think that you’re so STUPID that:

1.    You don’t understand the difference between a CERTIFICATION and a CERTIFICATE?

Or that we think that you’re so STUPID that:

2.    You don’t know the difference between the words ‘a CITIZEN’ and the words ‘a natural born CITIZEN’?

Or that we think that you’re so STUPID that:

3.    You think that forged and photo-shopped CERTIFICATION of LIVE BIRTH (COLB), that doesn’t name the parents or their nationality is the same as a CERTIFICATE of LIVE BIRTH (aka a Birth Certificate), with the name of the hospital and the name and signature of the attending physician?

Or that we think that you’re so STUPID that:

4.    You don’t know that AFRICAN is not a RACE, but BLACK and/or NEGRO are? (some of my best South African friends are WHITE/CAUCASIAN)

Or that we think that you’re so STUPID that:

5.    You think that LTC Terry Lakin disobeyed legitimate orders, instead of becoming a patriotic political prisoner in Leavenworth – for asking the same question that Donald Trump has asked: ‘Mr. Obama, can you prove that you can issue anything other than unlawful orders?’

Or that we think that you’re so STUPID that:

6.    Using a stolen CT Social Security number and a fraudulent Selective Service Registration is not important as it relates to determining eligibility for the Office of President and Commander-in-Chief? (Hmm.  LTC Lakin and Donald Trump may be on to something here, don’t you think?)

Or that we think that you’re so STUPID that:

7.    You think that it is perfectly OK for Obama to spend $2 million of our taxpayer dollars so that our Department of Justice (sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution, not a usurper) can hide his public domain bona fides, so that you can acknowledge and legitimize the equivalent of a GHOST for your President and Commander-in-Chief?

Or that we think that you’re so STUPID that:

8.     You think that it is perfectly OK for Nancy Pelosi and the DNC to commit blatant election fraud by signing two different notarized Official Certifications of Nomination for Obama:

a.     One for the State of Hawaii with the perjured (she knew it was false) statement: ‘… and that the following candidates for President and Vice President of the United States are legally qualified to serve under the provision of the United States Constitution.’ and

b.    One for the  49 other States (same date, notary, and signatures) but without the required statement that the candidates are legally qualified to serve under the provision of the U.S. Constitution. (NOTE: the space for this removed text was deliberately covered up by moving the lower text and signatures up 2 lines to fill in for this missing statement).

without knowing that you yourself, by not doing anything about this, are committing Misprision of Treason?

And finally, do you think that we’re so STUPID that we think that you’re so STUPID that:

9.    Your referring to our Constitutional Republic as a ‘DEMOCRACY’ is not a deliberate effort to replace our Constitution with the failed systems of Democracies and Marxist/Socialist/Communist/Islamist Systems that have plagued the world for centuries?

How STUPID is that?  And what are you, in your capacity as a responsible elected official or judge or law enforcer or investigative reporter, going to do about these 9 facts that indicate that there is “Treason in Progress Here”?:


2.    Citizen vs. ‘natural born’ Citizen;

3.    A CERTIFICATION of LIVE BIRTH (COLB) is NOT a Birth Certificate;

4.    ‘AFRICAN’ is NOT a RACE;

5.    LTC Lakin in Leavenworth for asking the same question as Donald Trump;

6.    Obama using a stolen CT Social Security number and a fraudulent Selective Service Registration to take over our Government by Dissembling, Fraud, and Deceit;

7.    Obama spending $2 million of our taxpayer money in order for our DOJ to defend the indefensible on indefensible grounds – that We The People don’t have any STANDING under our Constitution;

8.    Election fraud by Pelosi and the DNC: 2 different notarized OCON’s, with only one (1) – for Hawaii – declaring Obama to be legally qualified per the Constitution (perjury);

9.    Calling our Constitutional Republic a ‘Democracy’ – a system of government that has always failed and descended into chaos.

In Liberty.

P.S.  These are questions that Mr. Trump and many more voters may soon be asking.  Be careful how you answer, as your future employment and/or living quarters may depend on it.


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  1. What about the elected officials or any government records in Kenya and the family members who have stated publicly, Barack Obama was indeed born there?…Have they no creditability?
    One seriously must admit …..The more this goes on and there remain ‘legitimate honest questions’ that are not resolved, must be held suspect, especially for one attaining the highest office of the land and its integrity.

  2. I really hope Corsi’s new book, coming out in May is not a disappointment and it really has some verifiable info in it that will reveal the truth to the US.

    Here’s my guess as to what we’re going to find out. and it really is a guess based on all I’ve read.

    Malcolm X, who was in Washington at the same time as Stanley Ann Dunham along in Nov of ’60, will be the true father.
    to cover this up, they had to have a black person listed as the father.
    They settled on BHO to fill the role. He was in Hawaii, they were in Hawaii, an easy state to be declared a citizen of.
    To ensure the believeability of BHO being the father, SAD was sent to Mombasi to have the baby. The baby was born there. As soon as the baby was born there, the parents of SAD has the certification of live birth issued in Hawaii which resulted in the birth announcements being placed in the local papers.
    SAD went to school in Washington while her parents took care of the baby.
    SAD married Lolo Soetoro and had baby adopted by him and changed the baby’s name to Barry Soetoro. All this will be on the file in Hawaii, which is being kept secret.
    barry became an indonesian citizen. barry is ‘still’ an indonesian citizen. barry registered at occidental college as a foreign citizen.
    Barry never attended Columbia,
    a person, that was formerly barry soetoro changed his name and went to harvard law school but his background would never allow him to be a practicing attorney so he had various ‘non’ practicing positions. He had to have documentation to prove who he had become. his buddy Ayers created one for him, supplying him with a CT SSN in the process.

    Sounds about right to me.

  3. What would be really useful is for someone to acquire a short-form Certification of Live Birth from Hawaii that was issued to a person born outside of Hawaii. Show that side-by-side with Obama’s short form and you put the lie to that document being proof of birth in Hawaii.

  4. Imagine if the internet did not exist today. People would really be in the dark regarding Obama. The internet will be Obama’s downfall. Most people turn to the internet to get their news now.They know the msm are in the tank for Obama. Bill O’Reilly tried to scrub his website about Obama’s social security number, but thanks to the internet he failed.Everyone now knows O’Really is an Obama employee. You can bet Trumps folks are gathering a lot of facts off of the internet that they will use against Obama in the future. There is no way Obama will get re-elected if he still refuses to answer all these questions about his hidden documents. Every day more and more people are starting to wonder about this guy they put in the White House. By the time 2012 rolls around, Obama is going to have to come clean. People with doubt will never re-elect him.

    1. “Every day more and more people are starting to wonder about this guy they put in the White House. ”

      It’s too bad they didn’t wonder about him before they cast their ballots in 2008. That’s when my search for the truth about the man started. The enemedia kept telling me how great he is but didn’t cite examples of what made him great or what great things he’d done. He kept telling me that he was going to change things but never told me what those changes might be. (Listening to his 2008 campaign speeches and interviews now, he did say what the changes would be but he said it almost in code that’s a lot easier to understand now than it was then.) So, I went online to find out who he is and his voting record in the US Senate and the Illinois state Senate…and found nothing but more questions. The more I searched, the more questions I had, but still no answers. If I hadn’t found others who were also searching for the answers to those questions, I might have thought I’d lost my mind or had gone to sleep at home but woke up in the Twilight Zone because we, alone, without the help of the enemedia or even the McCain campaign, were asking those questions. And except for Trump, we’re still asking those questions.

  5. I am delighted to see that so many are now starting to get the picture, which I have been commenting on frantically for 3 years now. Absolutely fantastic!!!, there may still be hope, and heads may soon start to roll; after which there will be an avalanche of heads rolling, and a stampede of the guilty trying to pretend that they were patriots all along, but just couldn’t come forward earlier, for one reason or other. IT IS GETTING VERY INTERESTING INDEED, and I certainly give 100% credit to TP&E for getting THE REAL NEWS out to the folks, where everyone else has failed bitterly in reporting any truths. In fact the MSM are as guilty of treason as barack obama, barry soetoro, osama bin ladin, or whatever his damn name turn out to be??? YES WE HAVE BEEN REALLY STUPID, but there is a glimmer of hope from what I now see happening.

  6. Yes, you should fax numerous long-form Hawaii BCs directly to trump. I know Miki has one, as the Nordyke Twins have theirs. There is also another lady last year that able to obtain a long-form BC from Hawaii. They should all faxed to Trump and he should keep one tucked away in his coat pocket. When being interviewed by the liberal media and they begin hassling him about Obama’s COLB, Trump merely has pull out his long-form BC and he will blow away the opposition.

  7. Question: How does Donald Trump counter the liberal media’s claim that Obama has produced his birth certificate beyond just words?
    Answer: Donald Trump needs to hold up a long-form Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth. Trump can use Miki Booth’s long-form BC which was obtained on March 15, 2011 that is stamped with Alvin Onaka’s authority as the state register for excellent example.

    1. You sure Miki has a long-form certificate gotten that recently? I thought she had said she has not received the recent long-form she ordered, and she probably won’t with the new Hawaii, “rules” on not giving out the long-form. I might be wrong about that though.

      There are long-forms available from the time Obama was supposedly born in Hawaii though, the Nordyke twins for example, and you are right, holding one of those up would be good, they contain all sorts of information that is conveniently missing from Barry’s COLB.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: My understanding is that Miki was expecting the actual paper document of the electronic image which she provided to The Post & Email last week and which appears in at least two of our recent articles. The long-form birth certificate was reportedly received by the requester from the Hawaii Department of Health sometime in March.

  8. quote:
    “Foreign businessmen think that American leaders are STUPID” – Donald Trump on Greta van Susteren’s “On the Record,” 4/21/2011

    Do you think that we’re so STUPID that we think that you’re so STUPID that….

    I don’t quite understand.
    Trump says that foreign businessmen think American leaders are stupid.
    But the whole article is a response to him saying that Americans are stupid.
    What’s the point?

    (and Happy Easter to the P&E readers)