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April 23, 2011

Is the Texas Workforce Commission to "match" job-seekers with employers really necessary, or is it more government overreach?

Dear Editor:

As a small business owner, I can tell you without fear of contradiction, I am at war with ALL the government agencies. I have never seen such aggressive, hostile action coming from the agencies as evidenced by the staggering and impossible amounts of money  through increased taxation, audits, penalties, unemployment battles with the WorkForce Commission as they encourage unemployment through acting as advocates for rogue employees fired because of theft or walking off the job whom they award benefits that I have to pay for.  Even the Texas Alcohol & Beverage Commission sending in underage agents, setting us up to serve them alcohol to fine us thousands of dollars with threat of taking our license, is relentless.

I know I am not unique; this is systemic. And as we, the small businesses of America, are the key component that keeps the capitalist system in place, I can tell you we are hanging by only a hair. The state and federal coffers are BROKE because of their  extravagances, malfeasance, pensions, entitlements, incompetence, and outright stealing, and since we are the ONLY entities which actually “produce” anything, it is directly from our cash registers that reach into, with the power of force – to levy or arrest or close us down, they are just grabbing the lifeblood from us in an orgy of theft.

The multi-pronged war to destroy our nation is gaining momentum each and every day, as Obama golfs.  And why shouldn’t he?  All is going according to his plan very nicely.

Other than God, I don’t know what gets us out of this. Now, I am afraid, we will be seeing more and more civil unrest and street violence – the Middle East is in our back yard. Police state next?

Sorry for such a depressing report. I am on the front line here and I am getting hot from every direction.

I do so much appreciate your contribution to our cause. After all, what are we asking for if not simply Constitutional Law and Order? Am I missing something from our “radical” (Obama’s words yesterday) proposals?

In Faith,


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  1. I too am a small business with intellectual property, both patents and software copyrights of my inventions. I was a government contractor that believed my government would help me protect my gold mine, especially from the foreign government. My technology is installed in Syria and Germany and I have not been paid one royalty for license rights. Further the U S state and federal government are using my inventions. It is cheaper to steal it than to pay. Our circuit boards were intentionally sabotaged to fail. What is concerning is that the technology supports 911 and we recalled the defective sabotaged protect from law enforcement command centers. We sued when government failed to protect us. Were in court 9 years and 5 judges later in a constant start over. The FBI said you wouldn’t want to invent something good, it will just be stolen. Free enterprise in the US is a joke and is far from free. What I learned is that the government just does not care. I could have sold my designs to black listed countries, but I am an apparent stupid patriot and can’t be bought. We closed offices and laid off workers, which benefited no one. Bottom line is there is no incentive to be in business nor to invent phenomenal technology that saves lives. I know inventors that also have life saving phenomenal technology, but were forced to close their doors.