by Gordon Warren Epperly, ©2013

(Dec. 4, 2013) — There has been a lot of discussion as to how a “Usurper” of the Office of President of the United States may be removed from that Office.

There have been suggestions that the U.S. Congress should “impeach” Barack Hussein Obama from Office, but such a tactic would not succeed as you would not be able to obtain sufficient votes of either House of Congress to support such a move.  Furthermore, if Barack Hussein Obama does not have the “Office Qualifications” as mandated by the U.S. Constitution, he is not an “Office Holder” of the Office of President of the United States.  Impeachment applies only to those who hold “Public Offices” of the United States government.

This matter would never be addressed by the Judicial Branch of the government of the United States, for the judges of those Courts have narrowed their claim of jurisdiction to only “Cases and Controversies,” not to issues arising under the Constitution of the United States of America.  One case after another regarding the “Office Qualifications” of Barack Hussein Obama has been dismissed, mostly upon grounds of “want of standing.”  These judges would avoid the duty of their “Oath of Office” by declaring that the “Office Qualifications” of Public Officers of the United States government is a “Political Question” which the Courts have no authority to address.

The only peaceful avenue to be taken is with the “Military” of the United States.  I believe Barack Hussein Obama is subject to the jurisdiction of the “Office of Military Advocate General” (JAG), as he asserts the authority of “Commander-in-Chief” of the Military.   I believe the “U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command” would have the jurisdiction to convene an investigation into the “Documents of Office Qualifications” which the Democrat Political Party claims to have relied upon under “Oath” to every Election Officer of every State of the Union that their Candidate, Barack Hussein Obama II, was a qualified Candidate for the Office of President of the United States of America.  These “Documents” must exist and be above reproach if Barack Hussein Obama is to exercise the authority of “Commander-in-Chief “of the Military.

If those “Documents” don’t exist and it is found that Barack Hussein Obama is not a “Citizen of the United States” and does not have the status of being a “Natural  Born Citizen” of the United States, it would appear that the “U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command” would be obligated to turn over all evidence to the “JAG” of the United States Army for prosecution.

We are not talking about a military coup d’é·tat, but a military trial within a Military Tribunal.  For one to impersonate an “Officer” of the Military of the United States is a “high crime” against the government of the United States of America (Treason?).  The Legislatures of the States have a duty of “Oath of Office” to have this matter investigated and litigated.

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  1. Still being on the same horse I rode in here on I’m obliged to deliver the same message;

    The coup d’état by Usurpation has been perpetrated on the back of a series of “legal-loop-holes” that overlap and intertwine creating a web of convoluted legal propositions

    ALL designed to obscure the FACT that there is no uniformly acknowledged “legal”, (enforceable), definition of circumstances that constitutes being in conformity with the term of words set out in the Constitution, i.e., a (U.S.) natural born Citizen, that in order to be uncontestably “LEGAL” MUST be construed under Federal, (Constitutional) Law.

    I continue to assert that such “construing”, under Federal Law, MUST begin with the 1790 / ’95 Acts and end with the current Title 8 definitions, which are in conformity with the “established uniform Rule”, notwithstanding the error of applying jus soli citizenship to ineligible individuals…………

    I re-raise the alarm recognizing the “plausible deniability defense” may well become just another “legal-loop-hole” against any potential indictments for “fraud or other high crimes and misdemeanors”.

    The legal bar is raised to very high levels when set at the door of Federal Officers and the only one sure circumstance of black letter Constitutional Law is the exclusionary prerequisite imperative requirement provision of A2S1C5, aka, the (U.S.) natural born Citizen provision which was defined in the 1790 Act and remains as a statute at large, amended ONLY by place of birth by the 1795 Act which repealed the “born abroad provision”.

    The NBC provision is the “0”s Achilles Heel and the “uniformly acknowledged “legal”, (enforceable), definition of circumstances that constitutes actually being a (U.S.) natural born Citizen is BOTH the Arrow that takes down Achilles and the Sword that unravels the Gordian Knot.

    Consider the “0” running out the clock on his term attaches a certain amount of legitimacy; …

    .. and Impeachment on any crime other than ineligibility, (civil offense), is left to be characterized in typical liberal fashion, racist, bigot homophobia/islamophobia, etc.;…….

    ………. whereas the DETERMINATION that the “0” is NOT a U.S. natural born Citizen as construed under Federal Law REQUIRES his immediate REMOVAL and leaving ALL signed Acts, Appointments, etc. subject to nullification to the full extent of the existing political will right down to REMOVING his name from the list of POTUS’s leaving only an asterisk w/ or without footnote.

  2. 5 December 2013 – 0710 hours EST

    Mr. Epperly, Gordon,

    I must disabuse you and Post & Email readers instantly regarding your incorrect notion that resident Obama is judicable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

    Obama is a civilian. He can’t be brought before a court-martial. And you wouldn’t want him to be.

    As you may know from reading these Post & Email pages, Editor Sharon Rondeau and I are working on a book regarding the scope and operation of the military discipline (the courts-martial) system. My arguments are many in striking down your proposal. Rather than tick them off here, you can get a copy of the book when it publishes. Or you can go back and read what’s already available from the Post & Email archives.

    One way to take down Obama is by resurrecting and then restoring our grand juries across the nation. Once again, regarding the role of the grand jury in particular, I commend you attention to the Post & Email archives.

    I also have a website you can review: The JAG HUNTER (

    Obama has seven (7) criminal complaints in place naming him in commission of Treason. SEVEN! And they are all actionable by state or federal grand juries.

    By the way, Treason is not a crime that’s found in the punitive articles of the UCMJ.

    If you have questions feel free to email me:

    Here endth the lesson.

    Fair winds, following seas.

    Merry Christmas, Godspeed,
    Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III
    United States Navy Retired – Surface warfare – Naval parachutist
    United States Naval Academy at Annapolis Class of 1975

  3. I have said so in the past that Obama,not being the bona-fides POTUS is also NOT the bona-fides CIC. He is NOT authorized to be in any place during “Time of war” wherein the Conduct of said war is engaged in. See: UCMJ S906,A106.It covers “ANY Person…found lurking….during time of war…”. See also U.S. v. Averette.

    For the past two or three days I have been in consultation with a Military Lawyer on this very issue. I was firmly convinced before I contacted this attorney,that Obama can be Court-martialed for espionage under the UCMJ. A private citizen cannot enter any military base,especially in time of war without proper authority. As a Usurper,Obama is NOT the POTUS and IS a Private citizen without any authority to “accompany” the Military into the field. It is my belief that every time Obama “accompany[ies] the Military” into the Pentagon,a military base,a ship,a defense contractor facility and other “Places” that Obama violates the law.

    I will share the information provided to me by the Military Lawyer that I have been consulting as soon as my discussions on this issue conclude.

  4. The problem with this idea is that the Military have been corrupted and will not do anything. They will sweep it all under the rug in Kangaroo Court Displays just as they did with Lt Col Terry Lakin. There is no hope for the Military to do the right thing.
    I would suggest that Mr. Obama or Barry Soetoro, or whatever his name is be tried in a criminal court for fraud and using altered documents to obtain a government job, identity theft and a variety of other offenses. Take him down as a criminal.

  5. Didn’t LTC Lakin try this, and we know what the outcome of that was? With each passing day it is becoming more clear that the solution to the coup is not in the courts or the ballot box.