by Henry, ©2022

(Sep. 30, 2022) — “Catch Us if You Can” (2:03)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. Roving took the day off and asked me to hop in to – his words – ‘do whatever you want.’ Okay, I think I’ll call ‘The Big Cheese’; that would be Zyklon.”

One buzz.

“Hello, you’ve reached ‘The Ruler of All’; press ‘1’ for Spanish; ‘2’ for Dari; ‘3’ for English; ‘4’ for Modern Standard Mandarin; ‘0’ for other.”

“I’m pressing ‘3.’”

“Press ‘1’ for Southern dialect; ‘2’ for Californian; ‘3’ for New Orleans/Bronx; ‘4’ for Midwest; ‘5’ for Ebonic.”

“I’m pressing number ‘4.’”

“Hello. Press ‘1’ if you support the United States Constitution; ‘2’ if you are stupid as Jacinda Ardern, the PM of New Zealand, and, if so, please hang up and don’t call back.”

“I’m pressing #1.”

“Hello, Zyklon speaking.”

“Hello, Wonderful One, Ruler of Us All. Henry reporting from a flooded pond in Cassadaga, FL.”

“How does a flooded pond act? Is it any different from being ‘non-flooded?’

“No, Sire, a pond is flooded whenever the normal boundaries are extended.”

“So, your pond is now thousands of square miles; would that be a correct statement?”

“As usual, Magnificent One. What are we looking at in the USA today?”

“The rule is this: Democrats create record number of Porsche sales in the Washington, DC environs. This rule also produces the largest kickbacks, bribes, and payoff from ‘K’ Street.”

“Why, O Knowing All?”

“Directly because of ex-AG William Barr and ex-VP Mike Pence who is, by the way, a Judas, having been bought-off as the day is long, the direct result of catastrophic consequences*.”

“Can you pinpoint the day the Deep State started the war on the Constitution?”

“Well, maybe not the exact hour, but the day was when they decided to name hurricanes after guys and gals. And then the US Navy allowed females to serve on warships; the Air Force let women fly fighter jets.”

“So, what’s the big deal?”

“The big deal, like it or not, women give birth and raise the young while men go off and fight. Fact of life, and if the men are not actually fighting, then at least preparing to fight to protect the homeland, which the European Union almost totally destroyed, by the way.”

“So, we’re inching closer to WWIII because of a stolen election?”

“Let me put it this way: the Biden administration is the most incompetent in the history of not only your world, but of many. Furthermore, those who support and carry out the Biden regime’s dictates are to be despised at all costs. And I’m not kidding.”

“That bad?”

“The long-term evidence is that the Dems thrive on thievery and behavior that would get the rest of us thrown in jail**. Those are facts. The thievery is in the HUNDREDS OF MILLION OF DOLLARS, and every government department is an accomplice, overtly or not. What’s the difference?”

“So, bottom line?”

“Corruption, that’s all there is to it. If you’re a Patriot, you’re a terrorist; if you’re honest, you’re a terrorist; if you don’t kneel, you’re a traitor to BLM, a Communist front; if you support the Constitution, you’re the enemy of the Southern Poverty Law Center, another Communist front. Notice the trend?”

“Yes, ‘Big Brother.’

“Give that frog a cigar. Sorry to cut it short, but I’ve got to scoot.”

“One more question, please? Who blew up the pipeline?”

“Look to the one who benefits the most, as Sherlock Holmes would say. Bye, Henry, nice to have talked with you.”

“The pleasure was all mine, Great One. And that’ll do it for us, so thank you for watching or reading the transcript in The P&E: Goodnight.

“Good show. Madam Shylock is serving fresh fly.”

[*Catastrophic consequences: Stolen election.]

[**Belong in jail: Hillary and Hunter Biden.]

Little People report: Waiting.]

The Window Up Above” (1:20)


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