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by OPOVV , ©2017

(Apr. 11, 2017) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to a special edition of ‘Pulse of the Nation.’ I had a very unique encounter with, I don’t really know, the future? Anyway, it concerned me enough to convince our editor to spring for airfare to a visit to Madam Shylock.

“And here we are, in beautiful Cassadaga, FL, in the parlor of the fortune-teller’s emporium as the crystal ball covering is being removed and the lights are dimmed. I paid the Madam and we’re recording as the camera, which is outside since we’re not allowed to film the crystal ball, is focused on the clouds flying by the moon. But the sound is live.”

“Welcome, Mr. Roving. You indicated some sort of urgency in your email concerning this reading; what gives?”

“Well, that’s right. Here, let me start from the beginning:

I was digging a hole to plant a tree, a pecan tree. The hole was deep and wide enough for me, but then I wasn’t going to live in it. So I dug a little bit deeper and a little bit wider. There, that should do it: about two feet deep and a foot wide. Now to place the seedling in and pack it with potting soil. And as I was on my hands and knees I had a vision, and even though it lasted but a breath, this is what I saw:

I saw a freshly-dug ditch, 40 feet long, 10 feet wide and 8 feet deep. It was a very neat and tidy hole in the ground: none of those messy roots cluttering up the sides. Funny, I didn’t notice any piles of dirt nearby. Oh, well.

And then I noticed that at the bottom of the hole was rubbish; you know, shirts, dresses, pants and baby outfits. Was this a landfill? And then I noticed even more detail, such as a human hand and human hair.

There was no sky; there was no wind, but at the very end of the ditch was a little girl with a beautiful voice singing Ave Maria.

And as the song was being sung, many people walked to the edge of the ditch and opened their hands as dirt fell upon the dead bodies below, then turned and walked away, and on each of their backs was a sign that read ‘I didn’t listen and I’m responsible.’ As the last person faded away, as the ditch was filled, the song ended as the vision of the little girl vanished. But as I said, the whole scene lasted but the blink of an eye.”

“And that’s what you saw? Then you glimpsed what the future will be if people don’t wake up. You were afforded the Truth, and I’m glad you shared it with me. Here’s your money back: I’m too much of a Patriot to sell my country’s future down the river.

“I don’t know if God blessed you, an angel visited you, or you got one heck of an imagination but, whatever, we need to take this very seriously. You’re not here by mistake; I’m not here by coincidence, and this isn’t being broadcasted by anything other than divine intervention, I believe.

“What you witnessed was a vision of the future if our country succumbs to Sharia Law; it’s as simple and straightforward as that. No mystery here, I assure you.

“So the question is this: what are we to do about it? I suggest we share the transcript of this broadcast with every church and synagogue in the country, to start. Maybe it’ll wake up some of our fellow citizens, for once. I, mean, apparently planes flying into the World Trade Center just wasn’t enough.

“And so, to answer your question, Roving, yes, I do take your vision seriously*, very seriously, and so should we all. Somehow, we need to convince the ignorant that being anti-Trump and, consequently, anti-American, isn’t ‘cool’ and is so wrong as to get you and your family killed.

“Our schools (colleges and universities) and prisons are today’s breeding grounds of the stupid, people who are easily led to feed on the trough of freebies provided by the sacrifices of patriots so politicians can buy votes. And you know what the really crazy aspect of this all is? Politicians are selling America down the river and we let them do it to us. We elect them, and for proof, just look at the nuts that have been reelected, nuts such as Pocahontas and Pelosi, McCain and Ryan.

“What is happening in Sweden, Germany and in every country over there is what we have to look forward to. But then, if you go to Europe, they point out what has happened in the United States, 9-11,  Orlando, San Bernardino, is what they have to look forward to. Be nice if everyone were on the same page. Isn’t it interesting that your vision was cosmopolitan?”

“For sure. And I want to thank you for seeing us at such short notice. And our sound-boom girl is waving, which can mean only one thing: we’re out of time. Thank you all for watching and, on behalf of the crew, I want to wish you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Whew! I’m glad that’s off my chest. What do you say we grab a burger at that joint down the street? Madam Shylock, you game? My treat.”

 [*It’s really no joke. Each time we acquiesce to the demands of these Muslim animals, we allow them to get further and further in our tent and before you know it we’ll have lost our America. It’s why they’re here: to destroy us and our country. They are not here for the cold beer and the Constitution. We best be paying attention.]

A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall







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