by Sharon Rondeau

(Feb. 1, 2021) — In August of last year, writers for The American Report Mary Fanning and Alan Jones released a book titled, “The Hammer is the Key to the Coup” alleging that a government supercomputer was used by Obama-era intelligence-community officials to illegally collect personal information and communications of unsuspecting Americans since early 2009.

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As The Post & Email can attest, this painful-to-read creation amounts to nothing more than a collection of Fanning and Jones’s woefully-researched and propagandized articles, citing their lone source, Dennis Montgomery, AKA “The Man Who Conned The Pentagon,” claiming a 12-year-old supercomputer known as “The Hammer” was used to conduct surveillance on Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, his first national-security adviser, Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, and scores of others.

The latest “Hammer” iteration reported January 3 at The American Report has its origins in the website’s October 31, 2020 article claiming, citing Montgomery, that “The Hammer” and software dubbed “Scorecard” were being deployed to alter the outcome of the November 3, 2020 presidential election, both of which Montgomery credits himself as inventing without providing any proof to back the claim.

Fanning and Jones also claim, without any evidence, that Montgomery discovered the 2020 presidential election was hijacked by China, Iran, Russia and other nations following then-Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe’s confirmation to CBS News on December 16 that Iran, China and Russia interfered.   CISA/FBI reports dated October 30, 2020 and November 3 also confirmed that finding. Noticeably, Montgomery’s pattern is to claim knowledge about something after it occurs and has been disclosed by others.

Ironically, it is Montgomery who has been termed a “con man” by multiple sources with documentation.  Lawsuits Montgomery filed against others have resulted in his failure to produce the evidence he claimed to have to support his allegations.

In late 2013, Montgomery told then-Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joseph Arpaio he possessed evidence of widespread government data-collection of Maricopa County residents.  Believing Montgomery provided sufficient initial information to launch an investigation, Arpaio hired Montgomery as a confidential informant to produce the evidence he claimed to have. 

Arpaio then handpicked Michael Zullo, a former police officer/detective, and Det. Brian Mackiewicz to deal directly with Montgomery for what became more than a year.  Zullo and Mackiewicz were tasked with monitoring Montgomery’s progress in providing Arpaio the alleged evidence of government intrusions Montgomery represented.

As this publication has reported for years with abundant documentation, after nearly a year passed, Zullo came to suspect Montgomery had placed nothing of value on 47 hard drives given to the sheriff. According to Zullo, “Montgomery held investigators at bay by telling them the information on the drives was deemed top-secret and could only be viewed by government officials with the proper security clearance. Investigators would ultimately come to learn that this was actually a fraudulent deception perpetrated by Montgomery.”

Toward the end of 2014, with Arpaio’s approval, Zullo contacted three former high-ranking NSA analysts who agreed to provide expert analysis of the drives, and Zullo and Mackiewicz transported them across the country for that purpose.

Fanning and Jones have failed to disclose to their audiences that after providing that analysis, two of the three former NSA officials, former senior analyst J. Kirk Wiebe and former executive Thomas Drake, authored a scathing report accusing Montgomery of “fraud” and of having placed nothing of value nor even of government origin on the hard drives, thereby confirming Zullo’s suspicions.

The third analyst, William Binney, was not present for the entire analysis and did not sign the report.  All three have received the designation of “whistleblower” from the Government Accountability Project (GAP).

Fanning and Jones claimed in their book that Zullo deceived the analysts by failing to relate Montgomery’s complete history and that had he done so, it “would have altered their understanding and analysis of Montgomery’s data” (p. 254).

In a complete reversal of his earlier stance, in 2019 Wiebe emerged as one of Montgomery’s strongest proponents, although admittedly without having seen any evidence to support Montgomery’s claims. In a fledgling attempt to now distance himself from his own report and accurate conclusions of fraud, Wiebe is attempting to blame Zullo for the outcome of his own assessment and determination of Montgomery’s evidence, even going as far in Fanning and Jones’s book as to assert that Zullo was sent by the “deep state” to deceive him.

Fanning and Jones have chosen to weave a four-year, ever-evolving tale around one questionable source’s unsubstantiated claims while at the same time targeting Zullo, dedicating an entire chapter filled with unsubstantiated allegations that on the surface are only designed to discredit and ruin his personal reputation.

Without evidence or corroboration, Fanning and Jones’s book claims Zullo altered evidence to make Montgomery’s work appear less impactful to Wiebe and Drake, a claim Zullo says is “patently false and disgraceful.”

Could Fanning and Montgomery’s motive be that of revenge?  Zullo was the investigator who suspected and ultimately caught Montgomery defrauding the Sheriff’s Office out of $100,000 (which he was paid) with worthless information. As for Fanning, Zullo was her original source on The Hammer and Montgomery, but Zullo refused to work with her in early 2017 and cut off all communication with both Jones and her. 

The analysts’ findings proved Zullo correct, which effectively closed down the MCSO investigation and earned Montgomery another badge of “fraud.” It should be noted that Montgomery supplied the fictitious information to MCSO investigators in February 2014. The evidence was stored in a locked evidence vault until November 2014, when it was transported to Wiebe, Drake and Binney for inspection in sealed evidence boxes, Zullo said. Zullo did not have access to the evidence or the vault, he told The Post & Email.

On page 10 of the book, which contains the Foreword, Wiebe and Binney label Zullo a “self-declared police detective” and “a messenger sent by the Deep State to deceive us.”  They say Zullo “conned” them about Montgomery by allegedly withholding crucial information.  However, they mention no research of their own to discover the truth despite a plethora of publicly-available documentation detailing Montgomery’s extremely litigious, retaliatory and fraudulent history.

In one of “The Whistleblower Tapes” to which Fanning and Jones claim virtual ownership and have transcribed despite their origin with Zullo’s i-phone, the listener can hear Arpaio assigning Zullo and Mackiewicz to the case. Zullo’s role in the investigation is mentioned extensively in Arpaio’s most recent book, “Sheriff Joseph Arpaio:  An American Legend.”  To therefore insinuate that he is somehow a “self-declared police detective” as if he interjected himself and was on a secret mission to con Wiebe is undeniably preposterous. This brings into question the motive behind the “Forward.” 

Zullo was actually Fanning’s original source on the topic of Montgomery and The Hammer, a fact she conveniently leaves out of her own questionable narrative.  It was Zullo who was contacted by Tim Blixseth on behalf of Montgomery with the information heard on the audio tape that launched the investigation. Montgomery was unknown to Zullo before Blixseth made contact with him. Wiebe, Drake and Binney were all unknown to Zullo until approximately 12 months later toward the end of the investigation. 

Binney and Wiebe’s “Forward” [sic] to the book begins with:

When Bill Binney and I first heard of Dennis Montgomery, we were led to believe he was a scoundrel, a drunkard, and a person who worshipped at the altar of the almighty dollar. We had been “conned” by a self-declared police detective by the name of Mike Zullo, a messenger sent by the Deep State to deceive us. At that point, Bill and I believed Zullo’s narrative to be largely true. Three years later, having been much better informed by the facts surrounding Dennis Montgomery, we found ourselves at the opposite impression.  In other words, we had come to believe that Dennis Montgomery was telling the truth about the existence of a  powerful, unauthorized and misappropriated technical capability born in the U.S. Intelligence Community, but heisted to do the work of the corrupt – those intent on overthrowing the Trump Presidency and the very core of our Constitutional Republic…”

Wiebe and Binney have now come to a different conclusion without seeing a single shard of evidence to support Montgomery’s claim.  In fact, in November Wiebe hailed Montgomery as “an American hero,” claiming to this writer when questioned that Montgomery was awaiting “government authorization” to release the evidence he claimed to have that “The Hammer” and “Scorecard” changed votes en masse from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. 

On Wednesday, November 11, 2020, The Post & Email reported:

On Sunday The Post & Email contacted Wiebe with several questions about his promotion of Montgomery’s claim regarding the 2020 presidential election. Our communications read, with Wiebe’s responses in bold type:

From: Sharon Rondeau

Sent: Sunday, November 8, 2020 10:05 AM

To: Kirk Wiebe


Hello, Mr. Wiebe, we communicated last year when you responded to my questions about former CIA/NSA contractor Dennis Montgomery and data he said he had on government surveillance. I just viewed a video in which you are depicted saying that Montgomery has “forensic evidence” that a software program named “SCORECARD” was utilized in the 2020 election to change votes, which Atty. Sidney Powell also spoke about to Lou Dobbs on Friday night.  I have viewed that video as well.

My questions are these:

1. Have you seen the forensic evidence?

No. Montgomery awaits government authorization that will allow him to produce that evidence (data).

2. Where and how did Dennis Montgomery obtain the evidence?

I have not been privy to those kinds of details. Again, he needs government authorization to act.

3. Has the evidence been corroborated by anyone else?

Not that I know of. See the responses above.

4. Were votes allegedly altered in every state?  Do we know which states?

My understanding is that they were altered in two ways, involving many states, but I do not know them. The first way, is the HAMMER/SCORECARD capability that access the vote counts.  The other is the pre-loading of bogus logons for system administration privileges that could be invoked to remotely access the tally computers and change votes.

Those of us aware of Mr. Montgomery’s whistleblowing activities are anxious for the Trump Administration to place Dennis Montgomery under authorized status within the government ASAP so that all evidence of altered votes and the clandestine operation of these illegal capabilities can be properly placed before a court of law.

In the meantime, people should be aware that the state of the voting process is abysmal. The various States in this country have not taken the measures necessary to provide a secure voting and counting process that is protected from these rather arcane kinds of attacks on our elections. The entire process from voter registration through reporting of validated counts needs to be re-invented.

Thank you very much.

Sharon Rondeau, Editor
The Post & Email

“Wiebe and Fanning need look no farther than Montgomery’s own legal history and court documents to validate Montgomery’s past and present behaviors,” Zullo told The Post & Email.  “The entire ‘Forward’ is irrational. Det. Mackiewicz and I related to the three analysts Montgomery’s having been ‘SAPped,’ meaning that the government work he performed was considered part of a ‘Special Access Program’ at one time. We told them that in 2006 Montgomery was prohibited from testifying in a federal case because the government invoked the ‘State Secrets Privilege’ applying to when Montgomery was a subcontractor employed at eTreppid Technologies. As a matter of fact it was Binney who told us that it is not unusual for contractors to have SAP or SSP restrictions placed on them.”

He continued:

We described the hard-copy information Montgomery gave us which convinced the sheriff to launch a probe, and we told them about Montgomery’s claims about The Hammer. And they were told we took him to a federal judge. We told them what was missing was validation of his claims and that was what we asked them to help us with. The evidence in the box is the evidence in the box. No matter what spin Wiebe wants to put on it, it was all garbage.

It should be noted that when Montgomery went to the federal judge in August 2014, his fraudulent hard drives had already been created, completed and handed over to the sheriff in February 2014.  The drives were locked in an evidence vault until November 2014, which means Montgomery knew even as he was testifying in front of a federal judge the 47 hard drives contained garbage despite making representations to the contrary.

The only one at that time who knew there was nothing of value on those drives was Dennis Montgomery, and he said nothing. He led everyone, including a federal judge sitting in his chambers, to believe he had placed highly-classified government information and computer source code to prove his allegation on those drives. It was all a lie. He never thought we would open them.

Whether or not Montgomery had a drinking or gambling habit was not germane to the analysis we asked them to perform. It does not change what is in the box. Montgomery was the source of the information, a source with very quotable credibility issues. 

Montgomery’s social behavior is documented separately, on video and in a 2010 six-count indictment Montgomery is facing in Clark County, NV for writing two checks to a Las Vegas casino totaling nearly $2 million with insufficient funds to cover a gambling debt.  You just can’t change facts.

You don’t get a $2 million casino marker in Vegas because you are a quarter slot player.  You get one because you are a frequent high-dollar gambler. FBI 302 reports verify this.

Montgomery’s public display of intoxication is also contained in the 302’s and Brian and I witnessed Montgomery get so uncontrollably intoxicated at dinner in DC that Brian had to tell the waiter to cut him off. This was right after he had suffered a major stroke. Real-time emails from the 2014 investigation document this fact and are part of the court record.

As for the “government authorization” Montgomery was supposedly waiting for to release his so-called evidence, I don’t believe that for a minute, and obviously he’s not in contact with the federal government. That’s just another Montgomery ruse.

To Fanning and Jones’s question, posed on page 255 of their book, “Why would Mike Zullo want to paint Dennis Montgomery as a fraud?” Zullo responded:

It is not anyone “painting” Montgomery as a fraud; his work product, his lies and his behavior, past and present, all paint the case for him and he is solely responsible for that. Montgomery is always the ever-suffering victim; it’s always everybody doing something bad to him.

I was sitting right beside Wiebe and Drake as they were plugging Montgomery’s phony hard drives into the computer. I watched everything come up on the computer screen.   We took the drives out of the sealed box and they plugged them in one by one into the computer. 

There was something about some guy’s video games on one of them.   They were laughing at it.  Then they came across a document that said, “For Government Eyes Only” and they were hysterical. They said, “The government never puts anything like that on a document.”  It was made up. Then they came across phony emails and phony source code.

There was just no getting around it.  It was all nonsense, garbage and a waste of time and a lot of money. And their independent report says as much. Montgomery was paid over $100,000 and produced nothing of value.  They wrote the report, not me. In fact, Wiebe and Drake were the first to label him a fraud. It should also be pointed out that Thomas Drake also signed the report and has not recanted his professional opinion.  Both of them came to the conclusion of fraud. So for Wiebe to now want to change that up is nonsensical and damaging to his own credibility.

Dennis Montgomery got caught, so he now has to project his misdeeds and the fact that he was caught reinforcing his zero credibility issues onto someone else in an attempt to portray himself as an honest broker. Montgomery hates the fact that I caught him. He hates the fact that I set the trap for him.  And then there are Fanning and Jones who freely publish his lie after lie and profit from it.  Fanning lies about breaking the Hammer story; that is a documented fact.  She lies about her own timeline, lies about and for Montgomery without vetting one of his claims, deceives through omission and outright lies about me. Montgomery and Fanning are perfect together: one lies to it and the other swears to it. Fanning wants to give the impression she has a deep command of the Montgomery topic, but she does not.  Her interviews and publications are cringeworthy.

To Fanning and Jones’s question, The Post & Email responds:

If Fanning and Jones had provided the public with the full body of relevant information about Montgomery, citizen researchers, bloggers, internet hosts, news outlets and retired generals would not be wasting their time and energy on ever-changing claims emanating indirectly from a proven unreliable source whose reports are never corroborated and whose sources are never identified.

According to U.S. District Court Judge G. Murray Snow in 2016, Montgomery committed “fraud” against the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office as confirmed by Wiebe and Drake’s report.

According to Magistrate Judge Valerie P. Cooke in 2009, Montgomery deserved to be prosecuted for perjury in his case against eTreppid.

According to court transcripts, Montgomery has made numerous claims of having invented software with unique capabilities worth multi-millions of dollars but never produced it, even under court order.

A 2010 Playboy report, bolstered by a 2011 New York Times article, cites Montgomery’s unsubstantiated claims made to the Pentagon of an imminent terrorist attack using airliners which caused then-President George W. Bush to request that France ground a number of U.S.-bound planes 11 days before Christmas.  Further, numerous sources report, the Pentagon considered shooting down other aircraft to prevent another 9-11-style attack.

According to The Times, “French officials, upset that their planes were being grounded, commissioned a secret study concluding that the technology was a fabrication.”

On page 57, Fanning and Jones’s defamation of Zullo reaches a new level:

Montgomery provided information to Zullo to present to Binney, Wiebe and Drake that would have signaled to them the type of information that Montgomery held. Zullo removed the names, account numbers, and the passwords from the documents of the personal financial banking statements of top executives from Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan that Zullo then presented to Binney, Wiebe and Drake. This was a stunning cache of personal documents from the very top of the financial industry, though with the names, account numbers, and passwords now omitted by Zullo from these documents they no longer carried the same significance.

Zullo’s response:

This is simply another hair-brained fabrication amongst a growing list of defamatory statements from Fanning and Montgomery. Signaled to them how:  using a time machine?  This information was created by Montgomery and boxed up some eight months before the idea to use the three NSA analysts was even conceived  or their identities known. Montgomery was not paid to put out smoke signals; he was paid to produce hard unencrypted information. He failed to do so. 

Montgomery has a history of false accusations against me and others. If this allegation were even remotely true, it would mean that Montgomery supplied us with this type of information that could have easily been verified by our making contact with these CEO’s and verifying the information. We did not need any NSA analyst to do that. Montgomery never produced these things; he just talked about having it. No one from the MCSO ever even looked at the contents of those hard drives for months, until the sealed boxes were opened at Kirk Wiebe’s home. Whatever was placed on the drives was done only by the hand of Dennis Montgomery and no one else.

Another note of interest: look at what they are trying to do. They want you to believe that I interacted with Montgomery alone, that I had exclusive control and was on some type of agenda. They totally negate the involvement of Det. Mackiewicz.  Brian and I agreed at the outset not to meet with Montgomery alone during the “Montgomery Investigation.” It was for this very purpose:  to have a witness, because Montgomery was not trusted by us.   Again, real-time emails from 2014 and our testimony in federal court tell that story. 

It was my idea to track down the three former NSA employees and ask them for help. Arpaio commissioned the analysts to determine whether or not any classified information resided on them. They declared it and him a fraud.  If anything was altered the metadata in the files would have shown the alteration. I’m sure the NSA guys would have caught that. Montgomery simply never turned over this type of classified information. He has a long history of leveling false accusations and not producing, yet he will always have an excuse. He is a never-ending fountain of excuses.

Montgomery will say anything or assure anyone of anything if it helps him get out of a jam, but accusing me of altering his evidence is just over the top. Even this phony accusation does not alleviate the fact that on the drives were fraudulent emails created by Montgomery, There was phony source code of ThinThread and no source code indicating that The Hammer, Medusa or any other program or covert system was used to retrieve the information. It was and still is volumes of worthless trash. 

Montgomery lied, the drives were garbage and he got caught. You see, he needs to cover up his misdeeds. This is why Fanning has removed all of Montgomery’s history, including his defrauding of the Sheriff’s Office and the federal government from her public’s view. She knows all about it yet is purposely concealing documented facts about his unscrupulous behavior: court records.  If you knew what I know about Montgomery you would run far and fast. She knows she cannot overcome the truth about him so she lies, he lies, and she prints it, publishes it, to cover it all up. She is so heavily invested in this phony nonsense she can’t get out.

In what is arguably the most astonishing allegation in the book, Fanning and Jones claim that Zullo told them he takes direction from former CIA Director James Woolsey, who headed the CIA from 1993-1995.

To that, Zullo told The P&E:

This is so deranged I almost hesitate to even give it the dignity of a response. I don’t know James Woolsey.  I don’t know where this came from, but it is another attempt to injure my credibility. Think about this logically, trying to draw some type of inference that I work with the CIA or take direction from them. She wants you to believe that I would tell this to Jones and her. That would make me a terrible covert operative, wouldn’t you agree?  Like I would just tell this to these two meatballs. Why go to such lengths to discredit me?  To falsely accuse? What is she so afraid of?

Fanning has dedicated a full chapter to defaming me with falsehood after falsehood.  The day is coming where she is going to have to back up all this garbage with true facts. The truth is not on her side.  

The question needs to be asked:  Why would someone go to such lengths and expose themselves to legal jeopardy as she and Jones have? Just who are they working for?  What do they have to gain?

To assert that Zullo is somehow a “deep state” actor flies in the face of his public history, as reported by this publication since 2011. Zullo not only worked 5+ years at tremendous personal sacrifice and documented death threats, but also proved for Sheriff Arpaio, through professional independent scientific analysis, that the Obama “birth certificate” was fraudulent.  If he were such a deep-state actor he would have simply declared the birth certificate valid, which could have done in three months.  However, he did just the opposite.  He was also one of the first to come out publicly and state that he believed President Trump was the victim of a coup as early as 2017.

Zullo publicly said he believed “all roads were going to point back to John Brennan” concerning illegal spying and the birth certificate. Zullo has openly expressed his support of Donald Trump and warned about what he believes will be an attempted communist takeover of the nation.

He has also given numerous interviews over talk radio speaking to the illegal surveillance effort of the U.S. government and his condemnation of the same. One does not have to look far to see his patriotism or what side of the aisle he is on.

He was also the first person to publicly release some of Montgomery’s initial information and call for an investigation by the federal government in 2017.

On January 20, 2021, Biden was inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States amid much national skepticism that he actually won the election.  Where is Montgomery now?

Zullo said he does not believe Montgomery’s story of decade-old “ScoreCard” and Hammer technology being used to alter the 2020 election.  He pointed out that in two formal interviews and a third in front of a federal judge, and his own 18-month interaction with Montgomery,  Montgomery never made mention of any such program. He did tell us that Montgomery “takes credit for a lot of things he never built or created.” FBI 302s seem to confirm this.

On page 56 of their book, Fanning and Jones wrote:

In 2014, Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff’s Office Cold Case Posse “detective” Michael Zullo approached William Binney, Kirk Wiebe, and Thomas Drake to review materials from Dennis Montgomery.

Unfortunately, Zullo provided only partial information to Binney, Wiebe, and Drake, and omitted crucial information that Zullo had recently accompanied Montgomery during a visit to the Washington, D.C. office of U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth, former presiding judge of the secret FISA court.

Zullo witnessed Judge Lamberth confirm Montgomery’s TS/SCI security clearance with access to Special Access Programs (SAP). SAP is an above-top-secret clearance not widely known before Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

SAP information is thought to include the location of overseas U.S. intelligence assets and the location of U.S. missile silos.  Zullo also witnessed Judge Lamberth recognizing the SAP information that Montgomery presented in a cache of documents that Montgomery had brought with him, as that SAP information had previously come before Judge Lamberth as head of the FISA Court.

Montgomery pondered how it was that Michael Zullo and Montgomery’s attorney Larry Klayman were able to remain in the room without holding that TS/SCI security clearance (with access to SAP) while top-secret information was being discussed.

Zullo responded:

I’m amazed that Mary Fanning wants to tell people what I witnessed when she was not even there. I have stated repeatedly I have zero recollection of the judge verifying that Montgomery still had any type of active security clearance.  I don’t believe he had an active security clearance at that time or presently.

I never saw any missile silo locations information. The judge did not recognize any SAP info. He recognized some wiretap information and it has not been determined how Montgomery received this information nor its veracity.  

Fanning is reckless. She needs to start telling the truth before she finds herself in real trouble or it may be too late. She has deceived a lot of people with her nonsense.  One thing is for certain: she is not an investigative journalist; she is a shill for Montgomery.  So what is the motive?

Why the switch on Wiebe’s part?  What bone did Binney have to pick with Zullo in signing his name to the defamatory “Forward”?  Why have Fanning and Jones targeted Zullo, their unnamed original source of information on The Hammer?  Zullo testified in federal court as to his firsthand interaction with Montgomery and described how he caught Montgomery defrauding the Sheriff’s Office in the same sworn testimony. Fanning has Zullo’s phone number and email address; she could easily obtain the other side of the story but chooses not to. In fact, she has not reached out to him once yet prints unsubstantiated and possibly defamatory and injurious allegations about him. These questions remain among those this publication is actively investigating.

Zullo told The Post & Email he suspects the motive “is all about money.” “Each player in this saga has his or her own motive for promoting it,” he said.  “For Fanning and Jones, it is apparently fame, fortune, writing a book, which they’ve done despite the lack of corroboration or evidence of any of their claims.  Fanning and Jones just want to be somebody and get paid for the fiction they write.”

“For Wiebe and Binney, it seems to be financial since they have a company based in Europe likely marketing the type of technology they developed while at the NSA. Foreign ties are not a good look right now, fellows.” 

“For Howse, it is click-bait aimed at boosting his viewership to 3 million, which translates into income.  And for Montgomery, it has always been all about the money and lots of it.”

“All of these people hear only what they want to hear. They speak only of what they want you to believe, much like CNN,” Zullo concluded.

Zullo said he believes good people are going to be very embarrassed and some ruined by Fanning’s “deceptive reporting and wayward promotion of Montgomery.” 

“Wiebe and Binney have dug their own grave,” Zullo said. “I recall Kirk telling me he wrote all 50 secretaries of state warning about voter fraud and election security and that he had a computer program to protect them and received not one response. It’s all about money.”

Further, Zullo observed:

Brannon Howse is going to become a victim of the Montgomery con, much like Dave Janda, who got caught up in the increase of viewership on his repeated broadcast platforms.  Gen. McInerney has already destroyed his own credibility by coming alongside Montgomery through Fanning and stories of gunfights between CIA and Special Forces in Frankfurt over a server and other things.  Sidney Powell and Lin Wood have succumbed to this unvetted circus act. Powell’s own expert cited the Hammer and Scorecard nonsense in his declaration which Fanning touted as validation. However, if you read it the expert is relying on Wiebe and Binney, neither of whom claim to have ever seen or corroborated any of Montgomery’s information. Apparently Wiebe worked Montgomery into that declaration.  

And something else to ponder: Montgomery now alleges James Comey sold the “Scorecard” software to China. That is a bold claim. I have no love for Comey; I think he is a disgrace. However, how would Montgomery know what went on between China and Comey? Will Montgomery claim he has sources?  Really?  Well, McInerney has them, too, and there was no server shootout and no 5 dead soldiers killed by CIA agents.

A word of caution and a few thoughts. No one knows where Montgomery gets his information or what is being fed to him or by whom. What we do know is his story is contrived on many levels. No one knows if he ever really invented anything or if he sold anything he may have absconded with to any foreign actor.

What Montgomery is peddling is dangerous and can actually propel an international incident. In addition to that, let’s just assume that the 2020 election was a complete DNC in-house job. If so, the entire foreign-actor, multiple-countries story Montgomery is peddling would provide cover to the real culprits and bog this thing down in computer forensics and arguments for decades.

Be very careful with all of this. Fanning sells these un-researched stories to the naїve by describing herself as some type of creditable investigative journalist. Instead, she has done a great disservice to the nation and the President by peddling this unverified, Montgomery-dazzling spin of computer pages to the latest victim, Mike Lindell, who in turn brought this trash to the White House. All of this is based on the representation of one man, “the man who conned the Pentagon” and everyone else.

Kirk Wiebe

Pretty Good Knowledge LLC, Severn, Maryland: Developing Automated Decision Intelligence Solutions for Agile Orgs

As partners with a colleague in a newly-formed private company, “Entity Mapping, LLC”, Binney and Wiebe worked to market their analysis program to government agencies.

Famous NSA Whistleblowers Leave Retirement To Build European Data Analytics Company

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  1. It seems clear to me that Montgomery was a Brennan agent/chaos artist/plant who was inserted into the Obama B/C investigation to diminish the credibility of Zullo and the B/C investigation.

  2. Mike Zullo says Mike Lindell, the My Pillow guy, brought the trash claimed by Dennis Montgomery to the White House.
    I hope Zullo and everyone else has seen this video which Lindell released on Friday. I invite everyone to watch this very informative video and decide what they believe about its credibility. I’m pretty sure the fake news media has already “debunked” all of it because that is what they always do. I can’t say for sure because I don’t go to what I know is fake news. Mary Fanning is one of the producers, does that discredit the video evidence? Ask Zullo about the video…………..
    Link here:

      1. Thanks, I missed that one….
        After reading it, I am back to the “I don’t know” position. Some of the people interviewed by Lindell have impressive credentials and certainly sounded like they were being truthful. Did they knowingly lie for some reason or just not know they didn’t know what they were talking about because no one had told them? Did Dennis Montgomery hire them to lie? Who is the final authority on what is true and what isn’t? Whether it is the liberal talking heads and judges, or courts who are too afraid to do anything, who will have the final say? If it’s common sense and logic, do we just live with knowing the truth and not being able to do anything? Voting is obviously not the answer……………There is not going to be a situation where the government now in place will openly admit they did not win…..although they have came very close. It appears attempting to take America back is just a waste of time. Pretty depressing…………..knowing there is no way to take our country back. It makes being old….easier…..
        Bob68… 77

  3. “Zullo publicly said he believed “all roads were going to point back to John Brennan” concerning illegal spying and the birth certificate.”

    Clearly, the drunkard Montgomery is but a pawn moved onto a mission to mislead the investigation into Barack Hussein lest Sheriff Joe’s investigation results in actual news coverage of Obama’s criminal usurpations of the office of POTUS.

    “Zullo has openly expressed his support of Donald Trump and warned about what he believes will be an attempted communist takeover of the nation.” Attempted? The Manchurian Muslim from Mombasa, Barack Hussein Osama, or as his mother listed his name in one of her U.S. passports as ‘Soebarkah,’ is not now and has never been an article II constitutionally eligible to be POTUS natural born citizen of the U.S.A!
    “What Montgomery is peddling is dangerous and can actually propel an international incident. In addition to that, let’s just assume that the 2020 election was a complete DNC in-house job. If so, the entire foreign-actor, multiple-countries story Montgomery is peddling would provide cover to the real culprits and bog this thing down in computer forensics and arguments for decades.”
    Montgomery’s mission might well have been called ‘Operation Red Herring.’

    “Fanning sells these un-researched stories to the naїve by describing herself as some type of creditable investigative journalist. Instead, she has done a great disservice to the nation and the President by peddling this unverified, Montgomery-dazzling spin of computer pages to the latest victim, Mike Lindell, who in turn brought this trash to the White House.” Disinformation mission complete!
    “All of this is based on the representation of one man, “the man who conned the Pentagon” and everyone else.” Not quite everyone, Mike Zullo; not you. And though the lies have deceived many and they may be based upon the representation of one man, that man and his accomplices do not demonstrate the mental capacity to have designed the deceptive strategy in which they engaged.
    All roads lead to Brennan, a convert to the Islamo-fascist religio-political worldview.
    All denominations within the pan-Islamic Ooma embrace the Islamo-fascist world domination agenda to be achieved by Civilization Jihad (Struggle) unto the eventual establishment of a world-wide Islamo-fascist state or caliphate to be ruled under the enslaving tyranny of Islamo-fascist sharia law.
    Follow the money, Mike Zullo.
    Follow the money.
    It is no coincidence that all roads lead to an Islamo-fascist convert and that an enemy agent of Islam who practices taqiyya did criminally usurp the office of POTUS and position of commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the United States.
    Obama made his allegiance clear when he addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations and said that ‘The future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.