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by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 17, 2020) — In his new memoir, “Sheriff Joe Arpaio: An American Legend,” former six-term Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio dedicated a detailed chapter to the investigation he authorized into the image posted on the White House website purported to represent Barack Hussein Obama’s original, “long-form” birth certificate.

In addition to recounting why and how the investigation was launched, Arpaio wrote that the lead investigator in the probe who he handpicked to assume the task, Mike Zullo, did “an incredible job of exposing the truth” that the image is a “computer-generated forgery,” as Zullo reported at three different press conferences between 2012 and late 2016.

As a result of his pursuit of the issue, Arpaio wrote, the “level of fury aimed” at Zullo and him “from Obama’s minions” outpaced anything he had seen before targeted at his policies while sheriff (Loc. 785 in Kindle version).

During his long tenure, Arpaio instituted controversial policies, including immigration patrols which the Obama regime prosecuted, resulting in a 2015 misdemeanor criminal conviction of which Arpaio was later pardoned by President Trump. In 2016, Arpaio lost his re-election bid, an outcome he said was aided by law firm Perkins Coie and billionaire financier George Soros (Loc. 470).

Arpaio contended (Loc. 456) that his prosecution directly related to his investigation of the Obama birth-certificate image.

This controversial single issue has changed national politics, resulted in my “kangaroo” contempt of court conviction with an activist and biased federal judge, and exposed the tip of the iceberg in what is now considered a very corrupt Justice Department, FBI, and the national intelligence apparatus. My investigation into the legitimacy of the Obama birth certificate completely altered national politics for both Democrats and Republicans and spawned a backlash the likes of which has never been seen.

Released October 20 by Defiance Press, the book was co-authored by Defiance owner David Thomas Roberts and featured in an October 27 Q&A session hosted by Roberts, with a special appearance by Second-Amendment advocate Ted Nugent, who wrote the book’s foreword. Those attending virtually, of which this writer was one, were invited to submit questions to Arpaio.

At the time “American Legend” was in progress, Arpaio was seeking the Republican primary nomination for his former position for a seventh term, which ultimately his former chief deputy, Gerard Sheridan, won to face incumbent Sheriff Paul Penzone (D). “To this day, while running for re-election to an unprecedented seventh term as Maricopa County Sheriff,” Arpaio wrote at Loc. 790, “the issues the Left will raise are not about the uptick in crime from my Democratic successor, the ballooning budget, the failure of the jail system, or other local crime matters. The issue at the heart of my current re-election for sheriff is that I was responsible for approving the birth certificate President Obama presented as proof to the world, a computer-generated image of his citizenship, is a completely forged document.”

In addition to reinforcing many of Zullo’s public comments made over the course of the 5+-year investigation and beyond, Arpaio provided an intriguing glimpse of his thinking as to its outcome. “Imagine the ramifications and the irony of it all,” he wrote at Loc. 795, “after all my hard work and dedication to enforcing illegal immigration laws, America could have possibly elected a naturalized citizen, born of a U.S. citizen, but constitutionally unqualified to serve as president, to two terms as commander-in-chief and, for too many, it’s just too much to bear. With all that is coming out now, in relation to the government’s intelligence coup d’état, the only hope that history gets this right in the near term is an unfettered President Donald J. Trump in a second term. If not, history may not tell the real story for 50 years—if ever.”

Despite the long-running controversy of the Founders’ intent when they mandated that the president and commander-in-chief be a “natural born Citizen,” it is universally understood that a naturalized citizen, meaning an individual born outside of the United States with foreign citizenship who immigrated, met residency and other requirements, and became a U.S. citizen, cannot serve as president.

Historical texts suggest that the Framers imposed the “natural born” requirement, reserved solely for the president, so as to preclude the chance of any lingering foreign allegiance which might influence him in the course of his duties.

As many have now accused the mainstream media of ignoring The New York Post‘s explosive October 14 story alleging that emails from a laptop which had belonged to the son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, demonstrate that the latter used his father’s then-position of vice president as leverage for the consummation of foreign business deals totaling in the millions, if not billions, of dollars, Arpaio faulted the media for mischaracterizing the birth-certificate investigation and invoking the derogatory “birther” moniker in order to discourage any real discussion or analysis of the investigatory findings. Arpaio wrote that the media was willing to promote the “poorly forged document” produced by the White House and that “a campaign was mounted to discredit any and all experts who weighed in and agreed with the results of our investigation” (Loc. 553).

“Even the press conferences we held at various stages of the investigation were acrimonious, with reporters who were Obama supporters who lost their journalistic qualities and became extremely combative with us when presented with the facts,” Arpaio wrote (Loc. 775). “President Trump could have watched these press conferences to get a glimpse of what he was in for after he won the White House. All journalistic integrity flies out the window when the mainstream media is presented with facts they don’t like. We watched news coverage of the pressers later and wondered if the reporters had attended the same press conference we conducted, as words were twisted, quotes were taken out of context, and an abundance of outright lies were broadcast.”

In numerous interviews dating back to 2012, Zullo has contended that the media imposed a “blackout” on the birth-certificate revelations amounting to “gaslighting,” a term now invoked frequently against the media and “social media.” In April 2019, he reported that executives of media companies engaged in “collusion” to ensure that the birth-certificate investigation and its conclusions were not disseminated to the public. “It was Fox News; it was MSNBC; it was everything across the gambit that an order had to come down somewhere: collusion with media executives not to talk about the birth certificate,” Zullo said on the “Freedom Friday” radio broadcast. “That’s bone-chilling.”

“Why would they black it out?” Zullo asked rhetorically during the same show. “It’s because they know how detrimentally damaging this thing was going to be, and they needed to cover the crime.”

In 2018, Zullo also revealed that during the course of the probe, two U.S. intelligence agents informed him of the “open secret” that Obama “was not born in the United States.”

Along with an avoidance of the reported forgery of Obama’s “long-form” birth certificate and Selective Service registration form by the mainstream media, clear efforts at destroying Zullo’s reputation have been made by The American Report, its associates and other operatives. The American Report’s Mary Fanning has repeatedly attempted to smear Zullo and destroy his
reputation, leveling unsubstantiated claims of nefarious intentions in print and radio talk media.

The silencing of free speech and “de-platforming” of certain views by social-media companies has been the subject of a number of recent congressional hearings, including one occurring at the time of this writing by the Senate Judiciary Committee titled, “Breaking the News: Censorship, Suppression, and the 2020 Election.”

In an interview with Fox Business host Lou Dobbs on Friday evening, Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell laid out the campaign’s belief that a deep and far-reaching conspiracy included the media and “Silicon Valley,” whose social-media platforms began censoring Trump before the election and continue to do so.

Powell also opined that the “elections security part of Department of Homeland Security need to be fired yesterday,” a reference to the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), which claimed in a statement Thursday that “The November 3rd election was the most secure in American history. Right now, across the country, election officials are reviewing and double checking the entire election process prior to finalizing the result.”

In an interview with Howie Carr last Thursday, another Trump campaign attorney, L. Lin Wood, called out specific media companies for their alleged “lying” which he said has occurred in coordination with the CIA over many years (11:11). He indicated campaign lawyers have irrefutable evidence that President Trump won the November 3 election which will be presented to the American people. Wood further predicted a return to “honesty” in the country while accusing high-profile Democrats, including Biden and Obama, of “corruption.”

In April 2019, Zullo reported that a byproduct of the birth-certificate investigation revealed the presence of CIA operatives in American newsrooms. “They’re not supposed to be doing that; the CIA’s charter is not to work inside the confines of the United States of America,” he said.

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  1. O’Bozo was one of the biggest frauds in our history. He was not a legal US citizen, eligible to ever become President. He WAS born in Kenya !!
    Several weeks into his original first term electioneering, I caught a news report, where reporters were interviewing his grandmother. She proudly looked directly into the camera, and stated to the whole world that she had been at his birth, when he was born, in Kenya Africa. That video disappeared within 24 hours, and his grandmother died several weeks later, from an apparent heart attack … you can bet your life she was Oboma-cided, aka, Vince Fostered, aka Arkansawed. And the amazing thing is the original video tape of his grandmother, proudly proclaiming his birth in Kenya, has disappeared.

  2. Agreeing with Bob68 near in everything, I suggest to view our drama in a larger perspective: as a three-part coup of the entire US government aimed at remaking America from the blue-print of our Founders into that of NWO.

    Part 1, 2000-2008. In this period Mr. J.B. Williams traced 8 attempts of passing congressional bills to rid of the “Natural born” requirement for some upcoming important presidential candidate.

    Part 2, 2008-2016, the actual imposture of that “candidate” Obama/Soetoro. Attorney Orly Taitz and Pastor James David Manning were main heroes fighting for exposure of that imposture.

    Part 3, 2016-2020, Attempts to topple President Trump and destroy integrity of the election in the US. Attorneys Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell and others on the Trump team fight tooth and nail to expose and prosecute the unprecedented in scale election fraud conducted by CIA via international channels from outside and by numerous Democratic operatives from inside in near every election processing site. And this story is in progress.

    1. Alexander Gofen, thanks and good to see you comment here again. The next few weeks are the most critical for our Constitutional Republic yet. Many people have worked hard over the years trying to reveal and have acted on the truth about Barry. Do to, more than anything else, the protection of the main steam media who are themselves complicit in the Obama fraud which gave America to our enemies…. those efforts have not yet been successful. As you said, the story is still in progress…..and the next few weeks will determine the future of America………

      1. Raising an eligibility challenge of Harris should be part of the saving the republic legal challenges. After all, as an anchor baby, she didn’t even have 1 citizen parent when she was born here. It should be an easy case for SCOTUS, especially if Trump brings the case as he would certainly have standing.

        1. Courts have repeatedly rejected the argument about the parents being relevant to the eligibility of a president born in the United States. Which is probably why no lawyer has filed suit against Harris on this basis.

  3. Sheriff Arpaio is reinforcing what many of us have believed since Obama was installed in January of 2009. A crime was committed at that moment by both political parties which effectively gave America’s government and her military to the enemy….and it had to be covered-up, forever. Hillary, IMO dropped out of the 2008 Dem primary after being made an offer she had better not refuse to be the after Obama president and a cabinet member in Barry’s regime. When Hillary failed to be elected in 2016 and instead it was Donald Trump, the “birther” and Obama’s biggest nemesis, the many complicit in the Obama fraud panicked. They have repeatedly tried and failed to remove President Trump from office and they fear a second term will very likely mean the truth about Barry’s usurpation will be fully revealed and acted on. This caused them to get desperate and sloppy….and the reason why is clear, they are trying to keep themselves out of prison, or worse. However, the “blackout” on any discussion of Obama’s ineligibility and identity fraud by the media, Fox included, is still in place. During Obama’s 8 years he filled his regime with people who will protect his usurpation…..some because they agree with his policies, and many others who became part of the cover-up because they failed to do/say anything to try to stop it……and violated their sworn oath to protect the Constitution. They allowed the Soros funded, CIA created Obama to usurp America’s presidency. This was and still is a crime, “too big to prosecute”. If it remains this way America’s Constitutional Republic is IMO over. Now is the time for the truth, fully revealed and acted on……it is almost too late…..

    1. Bob68, you are absolutely correct about everything you’ve written. Our country’s number one enemy is FROM WITHIN. I don’t need to name names. I’ve done it so many times and for so many years that I’m getting sick of it. If you will, though, allow me to iterate a tongue-in-cheek (albeit having a good deal of reality) example of what can befall almost anyone these days, “I’M FROM THE GOVERNMENT, AND I’M HERE TO HELP YOU!” One other quip that seems to be grounded in some truth applies to publicized cases involving investigation or intelligence gathering by our FBI and CIA. I have learned by merely observing these cases and their outcomes always to ask the question first, “WHAT DID THEY (the FBI and/or CIA) KNOW, AND WHEN DID THEY KNOW IT!” May God help us all and make America great again.

      1. Thank you Tom. I have had lots of practice because I began making the same basic comment in 2009 as to why Congress and others who did nothing to try to stop Obama’s usurpation were locked into covering for that act of treason……forever. Some of those early comments were made here under the name “Bob1943”. I’m exhausted and old, but I can’t quite let go of doing what I can to try to help expose the truth. It’s easier for me to live with failure than it would be to have never tried to do anything to save our Constitutional Republic. As Yogi Berra once said, “It ain’t over till it’s over”…..losing may happen, but giving up is not an option…………………

        1. I’m of 1935 vintage, Bob, but although old and disabled, I fight. Yes, I’m a keyboard warrior, but at my age, I can’t be a combat warrior. I get information and try to get it to as many people as I can reach. I even do research (upon request) for certain people who are ”combative warriors” and can do more active protesting. They work also, and need more time in their day – so I hand it to them – by finding out as much as I can about the subject they’re interested in.

        2. Thank you Eleanor,
          Your help in trying to expose The Obama Fraud is greatly appreciated. I’m 78 now and also a “keyboard warrior”.
          Never give-up………………