by Sharon Rondeau

(Oct. 29, 2020) — One minute and 23 seconds into his October 19, 2020 broadcast on Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson, speaking of the unfolding scandal involving the Biden family’s alleged foreign entanglements first reported by The New York Post, called out the mainstream media for its monolithic and automatic reaction to the story.

“The most powerful people in the world aligned to censor the news, to keep it from the population of the United States,” Carlson said. “…within hours, the promise of a free press that’s the basis of American democracy and has been for 150 years just disappeared.  One minute, we were America; the next minute we were China.  Horrifying.”

On October 14, The Post released what it said were emails found on a laptop computer which had belonged to Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic presidential candidate Joseph R. Biden, showing coordination among the father and son and the latter’s business associates involving millions of dollars from overseas governments, including the Chinese Communist Party and a Ukrainian energy company known for engaging in corruption.

The computer is said to have been taken into the possession of the FBI last December, having been turned over by the Delaware computer technician with whom the younger Biden reportedly left it and for which he never returned.

That same month, the U.S. House of Representatives impeached President Trump on the claim that he had abused his power when he asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during a phone call to launch an investigation into whether or not Joe and Hunter Biden had been involved in corruption involving that country.

On February 5, the U.S. Senate narrowly defeated both Articles of Impeachment.  During the trial, former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi provided extensive remarks as to allegations of the Bidens’ involvement in the Ukrainian energy company, Burisma, which allegedly justified Trump’s concerns expressed to Zelensky.

Carlson went on to fault “the U.S. intelligence  community, the secretive federal agencies that have nearly unlimited power,” for “joining in” the media’s censorship of the burgeoning Biden scandal.

He termed the USA Today article “one of the most dishonest newspaper stories ever to run in this country” as a result of its claim that “federal authorities” were “investigating whether the material supplied to the Post by Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, is part of a smoke bomb of disinformation pushed by Russia.”

“The newspaper never bothered to assess whether the core story was true — are the facts right?” Carlson continued.  “And that used to be the very first and most important question in journalism:  ‘Is the allegation true?’  Everything else flows from that.  But USA Today didn’t even ask that question.”

After providing several more examples of the media’s apparent disinterest in the story despite its ramifications, Carlson recounted, along with on-screen footage, an October 16 exchange in which CBS journalist Bo Erickson asked Joe Biden for comment on the emails from his son’s laptop.  “I know you’d ask it. I have no response. It’s another smear campaign; it’s right up your alley; those are the questions you always ask,” Biden shouted back.

“The laptop in question did, in fact, belong to his son Hunter…we confirmed that conclusively last week,” Carlson said, “..so Bo Erickson of CBS asked a legitimate question, and for that very reason, within minutes, Democratic operatives, including many in the media, landed on him.”

“The point of attacking…was to send a message to the rest of the press corps:  ‘Shut up and obey the narrative, or else,” Carlson elaborated, citing a number of reactions from “Democrat operatives,” including a Washington Post writer who described the question as “useless” and not one Joe Biden need answer.

“You’re not even allowed to discuss it,” Carlson continued.  “What is this?  It’s happening in concert, all at one time.  What you’re watching is the most powerful people in America aligning as one to hide legitimate information from the public.  This is not the way our country used to operate.  Are you terrified yet? You should be terrified. That’s why they do it: because it works.”

He then aired video footage of reporters asking Biden what flavor milk shake he and his female companion had just purchased from a restaurant walk-up window as an example of the media’s unwillingness to confront the presidential candidate about the appearance that he has been dishonest with the American people by claiming he never spoke with his son about his son’s overseas business ventures, many of which took place while the elder Biden was vice president of the United States and in a position to carry out foreign policy.

Since his October 19 broadcast, Carlson has aggressively pursued the story, including interviewing former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinsky, whose explosive claims aired Tuesday evening most of the mainstream media chose to ignore.

The irony of Carlson’s words, however true now, is evidenced by the mainstream media’s longstanding embargo of questions over Barack Hussein Obama’s constitutional eligibility to seek and hold the presidency arising in 2007.  In December of that year, then-MSNBC “Hardball” host Chris Matthews himself declared Obama “born in Indonesia” and thereby brought into question Obama’s qualifying for the presidency under the U.S. Constitution’s “natural born Citizen” clause. Soon thereafter, however, Matthews and other “mainstream” media hosts appeared to proceed in lockstep to marginalize anyone doubting Obama’s claimed birth in Hawaii and eligibility to serve as president.

Those continuing to voice doubts or conduct research into Obama’s background and eligibility became the object of political and media elites’ scorn and marginalization, with some labeled “seditionists” by Obama sycophants simply for asking the question.

Obama’s alleged father was never a U.S. citizen, and although he has said he was born in Hawaii, multiple mainstream reports had originally said he was born in Indonesia or Kenya.  The same media later altered its own reporting to say Obama was “born in Hawaii,” published other contradictory information pertaining to his life story without an explanation, and censored all discussion of a five-year criminal investigation into the forgery of the only eventually-proffered documentation of the nation’s purported 44th president.


As members of Congress, the FBI and the media continued to censor the “eligibility” question, the unfolding criminal investigation, launched in August 2011 under the authority of the Maricopa, AZ County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO), concluded within its first six months that the “long-form” birth-certificate image released by the White House in April 2011 is a “computer-generated forgery.”

Following its release wherein an adoring media proclaimed, without conducting any of its own analysis, that the “birth certificate” image bearing Obama’s name represented a genuine, paper document, those who doubted its authenticity or found it lacking as a result of expert analysis were ridiculed, scorned, and banned from appearing on network and cable news airwaves. When in 2015 then-MCSO Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio said during a CNN interview that the image is a “forgery,” he became the focus rather than the crime allegedly committed of falsifying a sitting president’s birth record.

In addition to first announcing the image to be fraudulent at a March 1, 2012 public press conference, lead investigator Mike Zullo, a former detective and former private investigator, reported that his team had found Obama’s purported Selective Service registration form also to be manufactured after the fact. When Zullo and Arpaio attempted to gain access to a certified copy of the original at the offices of the Selected Service System, they were denied and told that forms from that era were likely “destroyed.”

Carlson’s own employer, Fox News Channel, has neither reported nor investigated Zullo’s findings, and, in fact, scuttled their dissemination just hours before Zullo was scheduled to appear on “Hannity” the evening of March 1, 2012.

Lawrence O’Donnell’s producer did the same, Zullo reported.  “Once they found out, or watched, and realized where we were going, they killed it,” he said on the April 19, 2019 “Freedom Friday” radio broadcast.

On several occasions, Zullo stated publicly that certain members of the media provided him with affidavits claiming they were warned by supervisors against conducting any research into or commenting about Obama’s “birth certificate.”

Following the investigation’s third and final press conference on December 15, 2016, Fox News’s Bret Baier failed to report Zullo’s significant revelation that two forensics experts, each approaching its study of the image from a different discipline, reached conclusions similar to Zullo’s own.

Just after Baier’s broadcast, The Post & Email reported:

As with the Associated Press and other mainstream outlets, Baier did not provide any information from the final presser on December 15 revealing that two document examiners from two different disciplines arrived at the same conclusion: that the anomalies found in the Obama birth certificate image which exactly replicate nine items from a long-form birth certificate belonging to a woman born in Hawaii the same month and at the same hospital claimed by Obama could not have been reproduced by chance.

Baier instead reported that “the president and the White House” called the posse’s findings “ridiculous,” even though neither Obama nor the White House has issued a public response to the conclusions reached by investigators.  Baier then reiterated that President-Elect Donald Trump, who Baier said “launched his own investigation” into the birth certificate image, “has said the president was born in the United States.”

Obama’s birthplace has never entered into the investigation, but the crime of forgery of government documents has.

While lighthearted references to the Obama “birth certificate” have from time to time passed muster with FNC’s producers, no serious reporting on the issue has been conducted by anyone in the mainstream media. Outside of invoking the occasional “birther” pejorative during discussion shows and spilling over to anyone doubting the constitutional eligibility of California U.S. Senator Kamala Harris to serve as vice president or president, the media has effectively stifled the story.

Briefly in November 2017, The New York Times reported that so-called “‘birther’ movement” leader Donald Trump, who in early 2011 had demanded the White House release Obama’s original birth certificate, again privately expressed an interest in its authenticity.  The Times and its media counterparts would go on to conduct a 3+-year disinformation campaign against the Trump administration by furthering the “Russia collusion” narrative for which no evidence was found following a two-year, taxpayer-funded $45 million Special Counsel investigation staffed by politically-left-leaning prosecutors and Democrat donors.

Amid the media blackout, more than two years ago Zullo revealed that two U.S. intelligence agents informed him of the “open secret” in Washington, DC that Obama was not born in the United States and “could never satisfy the constitutional requirement of being born on American soil.”  Again, the mainstream media remained silent.

“The media is now nothing more than pure propaganda,” Zullo said in April 2019, with company “executives” engaging in “collusion.”

“You take that birth certificate. Why would they black it out?” Zullo posed the question. “It’s because they know how detrimentally damaging this thing was going to be, and they needed to cover the crime.”

As with Carlson, Zullo has implicated the U.S. intelligence community in a cover-up of the birth-certificate forgery.  Zullo has gone one step farther by alleging that former CIA Director John Brennan likely played a key role in the birth-certificate saga.

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  1. The major point of each event of corruption is the ease to which the lame stream media can & does obfuscate real facts. The control of information by big tech & most media sources reveal the scary reality of generated fake news.

    We are NOW, not future, being controlled by propaganda in censorship, lies, and omission of truthful facts to the society at large. When Mike Zullo was censored in 2012 to bring evidence on Hannity of forged documents regarding B. Soetero legitimacy of POTUS I knew the battle was lost.

    Now, readers are thinking it is not over, why the defeatism statement? Because you have Secret Service knowing an open secret in the White House that Barry Soetero was an impostor and they say nothing! Bobulinski is a hero to state his facts of Biden corruption. The Secret Service are traitors to the USA by concealing knowledge to crimes of illegal occupation of the Oval office. They deserve sentencing of abetting and aiding in treason against the USA.

  2. GT Glenn Thompson some time ago stated to me the issue of Obama was “water under the bridge”. Water does have a way of recycling from time to time. Likewise,
    the issues of Obama and Hunter while being depressed still has some “shelf life”
    left. Both Obama and Hunter have pulled some huge scams. After Trump’s second
    probable election for the office as president, he’ll have more flexible to address these
    issues. Both of them surely can’t be sleeping well at night. As for Biden, he too has
    lots to answer for. There is no free lunch, sad it had to come to this. Things could
    have been so much different. Such wasted and delayed opportunities.

  3. Didn’t Dennis Montgomery in 2013 tell Mike Zullo that computer data can be faked? “I can destroy you. I can implant, through emails, child pornography on your computer and make it look like you were surfing the web for porn.”