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by Sharon Rondeau

(Apr. 21, 2019) — In an exclusive and revealing interview, Obama birth certificate investigator Mike Zullo was Carl Gallups’s guest during the second hour of the April 19 edition of “Freedom Friday.”

The podcast is here, with Gallups introducing Zullo at the 45:00 mark.

Prior to Zullo’s appearance, producer and guest Mike Shoesmith read from an article published at The Post & Email Wednesday theorizing that the mainstream media “colluded” with the Obama regime to obscure the creation of a “long-form” birth certificate image to satisfy Americans that Obama was eligible to serve as president.  The image was posted at whitehouse.gov on April 27, 2011 to much media fanfare but few questions, and Zullo has said its release was accomplished “with the intent to deceive.”

Obama has claimed he was born in Honolulu, HI on August 4, 1961, but earlier mainstream reporting told a different story.  Conflicting details reported by The Washington Post, the AP and other outlets about Obama’s life have never been reconciled.

Also reported in our article was investigative journalist John Solomon’s claim on “Hannity” that evening that the Trump-Russia “collusion” investigation was launched in early January 2016 “in the White House” under Barack Obama rather than on July 31, 2016, as the FBI has publicly claimed.

Relating to current events reported by FNC’s Sean Hannity in which “Deep State” operatives in the FBI, DOJ, State Department, and Congress conspired to circulate the unverified “dossier” to harm Donald Trump’s campaign, impact the election, and thwart Trump’s eventual presidency, Gallups said that Zullo and then-Sheriff Joseph Arpaio, who authorized the birth certificate probe in August 2011, discovered the existence of what is now known as the “Deep State.”

At the time, the term “Deep State” was not invoked.  Zullo stated in subsequent interviews that he and Arpaio were stunned after they revealed at a March 1, 2012 press conference that the investigation showed probable cause to believe the birth certificate image to be a “computer-generated forgery” and neither the media nor federal law-enforcement showed any curiosity.

Against the backdrop of recently-revealed “Deep State” capabilities in the form of surveillance of American citizens and what Gallups described as an “attempt at a coup,” Gallups recounted to producer/guest mike Shoesmith Zullo and Arpaio’s discovery that in early 2011 the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) breached Hawaii government computers, including those at the Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH), in a trail from Hawaii to Jakarta, Indonesia and back to Washington, DC.

The data showing the breaches was supplied by former NSA and CIA contractor Dennis Montgomery, who himself has been a victim of government overreach, according to a federal judge.  Moreover, evidence he presented to the FBI in 2015 of extensive and warrantless government surveillance of Americans was “deep-sixxed,” according to Zullo, by then-FBI General Counsel James Baker, a top assistant to then-FBI Director James Comey.

In a closed-door congressional interview last fall, Baker admitted to having received the information but did not say what he did with it.

Gallups said that the “Deep State” activity and “entanglements” which Americans have now witnessed as a result of the Trump-Russia “collusion” probe, concluded March 22 by Special Counsel Robert Mueller with no findings of “collusion,” were observed by Arpaio and Zullo during the course of the birth-certificate investigation.

Arpaio also believes he was prosecuted criminally by the Obama Justice Department because of the birth-certificate probe, Gallups reported.  Convicted without a jury of contempt of court as a result of a civil-rights lawsuit and facing sentencing in October 2017, Trump issued the first pardon of his administration to Arpaio in late August that year.

“It all ties to the birth certificate; you’re going to find out,” Gallups told his audience.

Gallups brought in Zullo at the 46:19 mark.  “Over two years of this Deep State attempt at a coup using the Mueller investigation…now you and I knew years ago there was a coup going on…” Gallups opened the discussion.

Zullo confirmed that at one point, he had made a call to Gallups “on the panic side” after making what he believed to be a significant discovery.  He went on to describe an incident whereby a substitute host for The Rush Limbaugh Show related that his producer forbade him from discussing the Obama birth certificate issue following either the first (March 1, 2012) or second (July 17, 2012) press conference in which Zullo divulged details solidifying his finding that the long-form image is fraudulent.

“Basically, the producer of that show came to that fill-in guest [sic] and told him in no way was he going to do that,” Zullo recalled. After the guest host “pushed back,” Zullo said, the producer, according to the guest host, said, “If you do anything on that birth certificate, you will never work in this industry again.”

“He related this to me firsthand,” Zullo said, adding that he promised the individual permanent anonymity.

Zullo then recalled that after the first presser, he himself was scheduled to appear on Sean Hannity’s radio show and with Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC, but “once they found out, or watched, and realized where we were going, they killed it.”

“What I came to understand was — and I used to say on your show — there’s a media blackout. Nobody wants to cover this; nobody wants to talk about it.”

Zullo referred to a book published last year by Obama Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer who Zullo said “actually boasts of the media blackout surrounding the [birth certificate] issue.”

“And what does that tell you?” Zullo continued.  “It was Fox News; it was MSNBC; it was everything across the gambit that an order had to come down somewhere: collusion with media executives not to talk about the birth certificate.  That’s bone-chilling.”

He then made another significant statement:  “We’ve also come to learn and understand from media executives that there actually are CIA employees embedded in media newsrooms.  They’re not supposed to be doing that.  The CIA’s charter is not to work inside the confines of the United States of America.  They’re supposed to work outside, abroad.”

A number of public reports identify “Operation Mockingbird” as a CIA effort dating back to 1948, in which journalists, including student writers, were recruited — and at times, reportedly intimidated — into producing articles containing CIA-directed material.  Frank Wisner, then the director of the Office of Special Projects, which eventually became the CIA’s counterintelligence division, reportedly was “also able to restrict newspapers from reporting about certain events.”





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  1. Jonathan, As I outlined in my book “Imposters in the Oval Office” there were TWO phony Presidents who were not “Natural Born Citizen[s]”. Chester Arthur and Barack Obama. There is a growing list of ineligible candidates who attempted and are attempting to become our third phony “President”. They include, John McCain, Arnold Swarzenegger, Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, Kamala Harris, Juan Castro and others. This MUST stop. An NBC is one born IN a country of Parents who are both citizens of said country. The US Supreme Court upheld this definition unanimously in Minor v Happersett, (1874) as well as in at least five additional cases.

  2. I have listened to Freedom Friday (dated) 4-19-19 with Carl Gallups and Mike Zullo. The second half deals with the fraud of Obama and the government cover up and involvement.

    Here, Zullo gives updated info and insights. I listened to it twice and took notes and absorbed new info. I highly encourage others to listen to it too… To hear it, go to:

  3. The following is my comment today on Tom Arnold’s Amazon book review for his, “The Sick Treasonous Truth Surrounding Barack Hussein Obama”:

    Nancy Pelosi’s Unidentified Foreign Operative (UFO), Barry Soetoro-Obama II, never was, never is and never will be America’s Constitutional presIDent…unless YOU can PROVE otherwise! As Tom Arnold so succinctly explains in this booklet, Barry officially became America’s first foreign-allegiance Fake presIDent and Thief-in-Chief of the Theft Left after Speaker Pelosi forged his passport into the White House on 08-28-08, allowing Obama’s harmful Legacy of Lunacy coup to follow! The OBAMA FRAUD has been in plain sight everyday since 08-28-09 at The Post and Email.com.


    What will Amazon now do with my Five Star-rating and book comment herein?

  4. One more thought: Obama once claimed in a public statement that his “Uncle helped liberate Auschwitz”. There were also documented statements made several years before 2007, by more than one person that predicted that Obama would be President one day, as if it was something that had already been set in stone and in the process of being orchestrated. One of those predictions originated in Russia. Giving these facts, consider this., Auschwitz was liberated by the Red Army and not the United States Army. Obama’s public statement supports the statement that I am about to reiterate. If Obama’s “uncle helped liberate Auschwitz” then Obama’s uncle must have been RUSSIAN. Think on that for a while. Let that settle in your mind.

  5. When I was much younger, during the fifties and sixties, former Soviet Premier Nikita Kruschev stated emphatically, while banging a shoe on a desk at the United Nations, that the Soviets would one day take over the U.S. without firing a single bullet. The K.G.B. then started to infiltrate America by sending entire groups of Men, Women and Children masquerading as family units. These soviet sleeper cells were common during the cold war. Our education systems were corrupted, our media infiltrated and our social systems were inculcated with soviet spies. That was over half a century ago. Fifty years is a long time to allow such soviet efforts to foment discord and interference in the very foundations of our American Democratic Republic. It actually started much earlier in our history, the Soviets have been in power since 1917. Now, fast forward to 2019, over one hundred years since the Russian revolution, we now have elected officials actively promoting communist as well as socialist idealism. We also have a longstanding problem with our extremely liberal education system that has failed to or has actively acted to undermine any semblance of patriotism or love of America or to instill in our youth such American values as freedom of speech, life, liberty or even the pursuit of happiness. Combined with Islamic/Sharia influences, our country has shown itself to be under seize. We the People MUST protect our Constitution, it is our solemn duty to adhere to it, to keep the faith, to be ever vigilant against tyranny and to be on guard at all times so that together we CAN pass on our precious rights to our posterity as our ancestors passed those rights on to us. Even if it means loss of our own lives to do so. Obama is a fraud,usurper,traitor and spy. He was never President. He isn’t constitutionally eligible to be President. He is our nation’s second phony President. Obama said that he wanted to “fundamentally change America”. That was not a good thing. Obama was and is still engaged in efforts to dismantle the U.S. If anyone is treasonous, it is NOT President Trump. It is deep state ringleader Barack Obama and deep state operatives like Nancy Pelosi, Hillary and Bill Clinton, the late John McCain, who also was not eligible to be President and many others. President Trump must address the calumny,treason and espionage that went on during the phony Obama administration and Obama RICO cabal. That is a moral imperative.