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by Sharon Rondeau

Is Bill Bowman being paid by the Obama regime to attack those who want the U.S. Constitution upheld? Does The Examiner know what he is writing?

(Feb. 14, 2011) — The Post & Email has been made aware of an opinion piece by someone named Bill Bowman who writes for a publication named “The Examiner.”  He apparently calls himself the “Birther Movement Examiner” and has written a series of articles on “the Birthers.”  A full listing of his articles as presented by The Examiner is here.

Bowman’s article today refers to the editor of The Post & Email as a “hobby seditionist.”  Bowman is reportedly “an award-winning journalist” and author of a book entitled Savage Lies: The Half-Truths, Distortions and Outright Lies of a Right Wing Blowhard which allegedly “fact checks the first three political books by radio commentator Michael Savage.”

As Mr. Bowman has never contacted The Post & Email via email, our office telephone number, nor by standard mail, he knows nothing about this writer or whether or not I write for The Post & Email as a “hobby.”  In fact, his statement is completely inaccurate, because  as editor I am paid for my work, rendering his term “hobby” completely false.

The Post & Email was founded by John Charlton in August 2009 to expose government corruption, particularly in light of the questionable eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to serve as President of the United States.  No one, whether liberal, conservative, Republican, Democrat, Independent, nor Libertarian, should object to the exposure of corruption in government; not even Mr. Bowman, who states that he supports the U.S. Constitution.

The Post & Email also supports in their entirety the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the U.S. Constitution.  The First Amendment in the Bill of Rights deals with freedom of speech, of the press, and “to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”  That is the point behind exposing corruption in government:  making it known to the public, contacting our elected officials about the corruption, petitioning them to correct it; and if they fail to do so, bringing them to account, which means voting them out, bringing them up on charges if indicated, and meting out fair punishment according to the provisions of the aforementioned founding documents.

In a previous article, Bowman stated, “Sharon Rondeau is a professional harpist and full-time America hater. As editor of the Web-based Post & Email, she has plenty of opportunity to display her anti-Americanism through her own writing and by publishing screeds written by other America haters.”

But what about Bowman’s “screeds” which are full of falsehoods?  Is he not also availing himself of “plenty of opportunity” to express his own opinions without impunity?

The Post & Email has never exposed any individual’s personal information, whether or not he or she agrees with our viewpoint, to the public.  We have never revealed IP addresses, occupations, first or last names, or places of residence, although we have this information on many of our political opponents.  We do not pick fights  with nor slander writers with opposing viewpoints.  We believe there are more important things to do.  Apparently Mr. Bowman  does not employ the same high standards.

If Mr.  Bowman is an award-winning author, why is he spending his time denigrating LCDR Walter Fitzpatrick, Dr. Orly Taitz, Ron Ewart, Dr. Lyle Rapacki, this writer, or anyone else, for that matter?  He fails to provide links to support the claims he makes, instead preferring to editorialize and ridicule people, complete with obscenities unpublishable at The Post & Email due to our editorial policy.

Bowman provides as one of his “preferred links” the website “Fogbow,” about which The Post & Email wrote several weeks ago after it came to light that Fogbow took the database of another like-minded website, Politijab, in violation of Politijab’s promise to its subscribers not to share personal information with a third party.  If Bowman considers Fogbow a “preferred” site, then it is not surprising that he would employ the same questionable tactics.

It would seem that an “award-winning” author would at least be able to express another publication’s title correctly.  We are not “the Post and Email;” but rather, “The Post & Email.”  That is a detail that a good journalist should have gotten right, in this writer’s humble opinion.

Since Bowman states that he can be contacted through The Examiner despite the lack of an email address, The Post & Email has sent the following communication to The Examiner using the contact form on its site:

From: Sharon Rondeau
To: contactus@examiner.com
Monday, February 14, 2011

I am the editor of The Post & Email, an electronic newspaper incorporated in the state of Wyoming.

Your writer Bill Bowman has named me as a “hobby seditionist,” and as the owner of a corporation, I plan on using the full force of law to refute his defamatory remarks in his column today here:  http://www.examiner.com/birther-movement-in-national/orly-taitz-walt-fitzpatrick-and-the-post-and-email-axis-of-anti-americanism

I am demanding a retraction of the term “hobby seditioninst.”  I believe in enforcing the provisions of the U.S. Constitution, which hardly makes me a seditionist.

If I do not receive a retraction from you or Mr. Bowman within the next 72 hours, I plan on consulting our corporate attorney about legal action against your publication.

From the lack of editorial ethics apparent in Mr. Bowman’s piece today, your publication appears to be nothing but drivel.  Publishing personal information about anyone defies proper journalistic standards.  The Post & Email has never given out personal information on anyone, whether or not the person agrees with the views expressed by our newspaper.

I will be awaiting your response.

Sharon Rondeau
The Post & Email, Inc.

We also left a message for The Examiner staff by telephone.

Opinions are not facts.  Mr. Bowman is entitled to his opinion on any matter, but if he insists on labeling people “seditionist,” “crazy,” and “traitor” when they are not, then we will take action.  The Post & Email supports Mr. Bowman’s right to free speech, but we will not tolerate speech directed against our staff or persons whose cases we have covered which is false or defamatory.

I am contacting our attorney in the morning.

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  1. Bill Bowman is a nobody. People write for the Examiner as a hobby. Talk about the ass-fault (sic) calling the tire, black.

    The Examiner is nothing more than a blog that offers people an opportunity to be a community columnist. It is NO DIFFERENT than the Townhall.com or even Answers.Yahoo.com, or Ask.com.

    The columnists are not chosen on the basis of their credentials, but GEOGRAPHY.

    This guy is trying to be another David Weigel, but without the cred.

    We’ve seen losers like him repeatedly on liberal blogs everywhere.

  2. What I posted at this article….

    Post and Email represents one of the last places where true investigative reporting is done.

    The MSM has taken some internet images and declared all is well. Yet none has tried to to an interview with the supposed ‘reporters’ of the famous Fact Check ‘story’. Ms. Rondeau has attempted to do this. Ms. Rondeau has attempted to seek out facts and challenge government officials on their statements. No MSM reporters have come close to doing that – including you.

    When reporters ask tough questions of people like Brian Schatz, leader of Hawaii Democratic Party, why he refused to certify Obama’s constitutional edibility maybe there will be confidence in the media.

    The MSM has failed to do its fiduciary responsibility in being the watchdog of government. They have abdicated their responsibility in free society and left it to the new generation of watchdogs.

    Asking tough questions in the search of the truth is not sedition – it is called reporting in a free society.

    Continue reading on Examiner.com: Sharon Rondeau at the Post and Email haz a mad about me – National birther movement | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/birther-movement-in-national/sharon-rondeau-at-the-post-and-email-haz-a-mad-about-me#comment-14443971#ixzz1EAd5pGpB

  3. I say don’t worry about it. I have never even seen his paper and I go to the big Barnes and Noble downtown that has everything. It even has other countrys newspapers but not his.

  4. Since 2008 this has been my thoughts;

    First, they ignore you [2008-2009]

    Then, they insult you[ 2009-2011]

    Then, they fight you[ 2010-2011]

    Then, YOU WIN! [ 2012]

    abdallah’s supporters have absolutely nothing in the law to support the Usurper and Impostor, so insults and four letter words is all they have.

    Thanks Sharon for all you do and for your excellent researched articles.


    1. I recall have seen three desparate iterations of Obama’s Hawaii “Certification of Live Birth” posted on various pro-Obama web-sites as proof of his Hawaiian birth. The one shown in the video was the first iteration posted and did not have a raised seal on it as Anderson Cooper said it does. Yet another misrepresentation/lie.

  5. I’ll avail myself of two comments on this page; after looking at The Examiner, my own opinion from a media perspective is that they don’t present a very professional appearance. It could be entirely original, but feels as though it was made from a template, in my opinion. This could explain a lot.

    More to the point, is the lawsuit really worth it? I’d speak to a lawyer and see what your many DIFFERENT options are, including striking back in kind. Perhaps I shouldn’t give away the strategy here publicly, but if you can hit a nerve without leaving YOURSELF open to suit, that is, match him and do him one better without crossing a legal/civil suit line, he may start railing against you day and night. That could be a good thing, as it brings the P&E further to the surface on the internet and spreads your message while making you more successful. As Barnum used to say, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

    IMO, I think it’s clear that his extremely over-the-top attacks are what one would expect from what strikes me as – in MY opinion – a political hack and most fair-minded people will understand it for what it is. If he draws you into a courtroom crossfire, if he has big money in his back pocket and wants to make this a crusade, he could starve you to death on court costs. For all we know that may be the plan to put you out of business.
    There is one thing of which many of us feel comfortable; conservatives have much thicker skins than liberals because we know the truth supports us. So getting into an editorial war with him might be the proper approach, since he struck first.

    Maybe a nice, and truly fair editorial examining his journalistic roots and ‘awards’ might be in order, if the facts are fairly portrayed and work in your favor. As we know about Obama’s citizenship scandal, sometimes the truth is all you need. And then you’re opponent is beaten in the worst possible way: by the merciless judgment of reality.

    All advice here considered by anyone is at an “at-your-own-risk” basis. I assume no responsibility. But figured I’d offer food for thought, just the same.

    You’re doing God’s work, IMO, Sharon. This is a good site.

  6. Mr. Bowman works for Rick Blair who has recently become the CEO for Clarity Digital Group. The Examiner.com is a division of this and both are fully owned by Phillip Anschutz, the billionaire from Denver, Colorado. Bowman is a glorified blogger who gets paid for volume. The Examiner.com is known for having little if any oversight or editing for their “bloggers” who plagiarize and piggyback on controversy. Bottom feeders, Sharon. Blair does have Anschutz’s capital behind him, though, so a lawsuit could be difficult. Check it out.

  7. Thank you Sharon.
    I also tried to contact the Examiner to let them know about the situation. I do believe it is an open type site that allows members to blog & after what they know has happened, I hope they will ban him.
    I did a little research on him today & from what I found, i can safely “assume” that he is a paid political attack artist. His negativity is on many blogs all over the internet.
    His personal website is here:
    http://bbowman.net and you can see how he has been basically stalking Orly on many sites & blogs all over the internret:
    Thank you for ALL that you do.

  8. You do the heavy lifting and quality work and nobody’s try to attach to you like maggots to get their rubbish validated. Nobody has found a single document or photo supporting the Obama Story. He is clearly an Asian lacking 11 physical characteristics of the Negroid race. His birth announcement in Hawaii was forged. His alleged mother is still alive at age 67 according to http://www.intelius.com. The first family supposed to be his progeny are adopted with no resemblance whatsoever. As is typical of foreigners he speaks Fifth grade level English never using a complex sentence. Usually just phrases which sometimes are connected with ANDs and BUTs.

  9. The Post & Email is THE light in the darkest of our times! It was here the core of the matter [natural born Citizen] involving the fraud POTUS election was factually and correctly reported. While others fell hook-line-and-sinker for the msm media perpetuated “birther” bait…The Post & Email continuously sought out the facts, history and law specific to “natural born Citizen”. It is now more clear than ever, “they” will do anything to prevent the American people from understanding POTUS MUST BE A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, this is THE hot button. Sharon Rondeau, you are one among just a very few, a professional journalist; and I for one, believe your writings, and believe in you. Truth, facts, matter. Thank you for your continued courage.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thank you for that high praise, ma’am.

  10. Sharon,

    I just saw this comment (reply #14) posted at politico.com under the story about “Birther debate alive across U.S.” by Andy Barr:

    “Just a note, there are documents on line, retrieved via Freedom of Information Act, where-in Obama applied for government benefits and swore under oath that he was not a citizen of the United States. If he now claims that he is a citizen then doesn’t that make him a felon under state and federal law and therefore inelligable to hold office? ”

    Do you know what they’re talking about?


  11. Slander is a serious crime. Apparently, the left is mighty nervous because the truth always has a way of coming out, and they know it. Whenever people viciously attack and smear another, they lack the intelligence to think critically, relying instead upon emotions to defend an argument. We stand behind you, Sharon and all freedom fighters, our brothers and sisters, who are putting our lives on the line for the future of our nation. When one of us is hurt, all of us are affected because we our support for each other is unwavering. Go get ’em, Sharon!

  12. Sharon, he sounds like a desperate Alinskyist, resorting to defamation, since he cannot debate with facts. Good for you for standing up for yourself, and the fact that you have become a target, means that you are also moving into the ability to be a serious threat to the liars and defamers. If you are indeed a harpist, that explains your sensitivity to the fine strings of truth that resonate in your work. I think “Bowman” is playing one broken string, and does not know how to compete with you professionally. Competent people always terrify those who are not. God bless you, and may your music of Truth gently permeate our culture and raise us to a symphonic level of democratic harmony. I pray that Mr. Bowman grows up and does indeed “bow”, as his name could implay…to the fine lady and jouranlist that you are. You have them running, Sharon. Hip hip hurray!

  13. I’ll add my (written) voice of support Sharon,

    This sort of attack smacks of desperation – That usually means that they (the attackers) think that you are getting too close to the truth. The truth will find the light – hang tough.

  14. Billy is a friend of Billy Bryan the hat wearing sickle hammer red headed unamerican scum.
    What more can you expect from communist propagandists.

  15. Unfortunately, I followed the links and read this “award-winning” writer’s articles. It appears that he’s not going to apologize or retract. Rather, he explains that Ms. Rondeau is not a hobby seditionist, but a “professional” one. Then he one-ups himself by also calling Dr. Kate a seditionist.

    Then he quotes a definition of “sedition” and by so doing proves that his description of citizens Dr. Kate and Sharon Rondeau as seditionists is FALSE. Why?

    Because his definition includes the word “lawful”. If the POTUS is not eligible, then by Bowman’s own definition, Obama’s occupation of the Oval Office is not lawful; ergo, to oppose Obama as POTUS is NOT sedition but instead patriotism.

    This writer Bowman confuses opposition to a MAN, with opposition to a government, to the Republic for which this government stands.

    To question the provenance of our EMPLOYEE, who may or may not be eligible for the position–nobody knows because he’s presented NO AUTHENTICATED PROOF to date–can in NO way be interpreted by anyone with an ounce of intellectual honesty to be sedition, which means inciting for the overthrow of THE GOVERNMENT.

    If Obama leaves office, the government still stands. This government consists of three co-equal branches, of which the executive is but one; and the executive will remain because someone else will occupy the WH as POTUS. This isn’t Egypt. Obama is NOT pharoah. If he leaves, the government still stands, as all patriots would hope.

    What Sharon Rondeau and Dr. Kate and many others do is to fight FOR this government OF the PEOPLE, BY the PEOPLE, and FOR the PEOPLE.

    NOT for a government of, by, or for any one man. Is this what Mr. Bowman defends?

    Obama is one man; he is our employee; Obama is not the US government; he is not a dictator (although he may arguably prefer to be one); and he is REQUIRED to be ELIGIBLE for the office he holds.

    By Obama’s own words, a person who seeks to hide the truth has something TO hide. All he has to do is show the people, all of us, what we have a RIGHT to see and what he has a DUTY to provide. That is, proof of eligibility.

    Do notice that Bowman talks about a “democratically elected” person. But, dear sir, this is NOT a democracy. It’s a Constitutional Republic.

    The left and all Obama apologists deliberately conflate (per Alinsky) “democracy” with “republic”, because THEY PREFER pure democracy to a Constitutional Republic, which is guided by that pesky document, the Constitution, the very document that Obama and his sycophants believe is “flawed” and outdated.

    Yet they do not want to amend these “flaws” in the Constitution via the method provided for within the Constitution. Why? Because they cannot. To do so requires the endorsement of the people and their representatives, which they cannot get.

    THAT sort of democracy does not suit them. If the masses democratically oppose their schemes, then they seek to IMPOSE their schemes upon the masses, because, in their misguided minds, they think that they KNOW better than the people–we the little, common folk who cling so pathetically to our guns, religion, and fear of “the other.”

    Their audacity, arrogance, elitism, and conceit know no bounds; and so they are the real and present danger to our Republic. Our Founders, among other wise ones, specifically warned against the TYRANNY of the majority. But that is a tyranny for which the progressive left longs–something otherwise known as communism, but they will be the last to admit it.

    Whether or not Obama was “democratically elected,” he has not proved himself to be eligible under the Constitution.

    When Mr. Bowman can answer WHY Obama has not done so, REFUSES to do so, in an intellectually honest and logically believable fashion, then perhaps he might deserve to call himself a “journalist”.

  16. Gotta’ go with the love and praise directed to you, Sharon, and the P&EM!!! I have come to depend on both for information and trustworthiness! Thanks for all you do….

  17. The Birther Report is reporting that yesterday Arizona’s bill suffered a huge setback when a couple of GOPs REVERSED THEMSELVES and killed the bill. however, there is still some substantial hope. If sharon, et al, can get the contact numbers of the GOP reps and senators in Arizona, we can and must lay the heat on like the center of the sun. Let them know that we know what they did – AND THAT WE ARE NOT EVEN REMOTELY PLEASED!


    How to debate a liberal on the Obama citizenship issue, video:

    1. Why did the Arizona GOP’s reverse themselves, this “Barry Bill” was supposed to be a sure thing for Arizona….wonder how they were “persuaded” to change their vote and kill the bill?

  18. Sharon:

    Good stuff!!! … and well justified, indeed.

    I’ve read a lot of “Bowman” and his Examiner trash and that is exactly what I find it to be. In fact, I have long suspected that, if , a real person, he is related to or allied with in some way the notorious “Dr. Conspiracy” who has now admitted his name is Kevin Davidson of South Carolina and who operates a similar gossip hit-site.

    It’s hard to understand why those of such anti-common sense proclivities take such infantile pride in attacking others or for inveigleing others with similar lack of information to attack also. For some sick reason, denigration seems to be the spice of life for these folk to get their jollies. Apparently it makes them feel superior to everyone.

    Have at it!!

  19. Of course you are correct, Mrs. Rondeau, in your resonse to a liberal hack, HOWEVER, for any conservative to ever expect a fair treatment or hearing from a liberal requires the ‘willing suspension of disbelief.’

    I doubt the retraction will be forthcoming because liberals never apologize for their attacks that make headlines; and even if they did, the retractions would be buried so deeply as to require the upheaval of Mount Everest to ever be found or seen.

    As your services to our country are so valuable, I hope you will not allow yourself to be distracted by this ultimately meaningless attack. The attacker says a great deal more about himself than he does about you . . .

    Ask yourself this: Will anyone remember this in even one year’s time?

    God Bless You and God Bless America.

  20. Thank you for standing strong for what is right! Keep up the good work in journalism that you do. This is what you get from people with no character, no values…sleazy, sloppy, useless material.

  21. Sharon,
    Each day, several times, i come here to read your articles, updates, and never once, have i read anything negative against the constitution. You have been a beacon, a light at the end of the long, dark tunnel, for millions. You have stood strong, and hopeful, when many have crumbled, thrown in the towel. I for one, and speak for millions, thank you. This man, is no journalist, he is a wanna be, one that only wishes he could be like you. He cannot hold a candle to you, nor carry your pencil………….
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thank you, madam.

  22. Good job. Stand your ground. I’ve been waiting for one of these uncivil obots to publicly apologize or face a court spanking. I hope he doesn’t comply and has a tantrum instead.

  23. I have read much of bowman’s “tripe”. I found it full of insults and no facts. He reminds
    me of the story of the Pied Piper, only he is tooting his horn to lead all into oblivion.

    It is said “opinions are like a__ – h___s, everyone has one”, but most of us give little
    credence to the opinions of those not so well informed.

    I really do not believe he is so uninformed, wich explains his avoiding the use of facts
    and utilizing the sole strategy of ad hominem. He just does not seem to realize how
    pervasive the truth realy is and believes that most of us dwell in ignorance waiting for the tune of the piper.

    Only a fool could discount the massive corruption wich infests our government, from the
    white house, to the smallest of counties, the meagerest of authority can, and does corrupt. I can only wonder, what is the force driving this mr. bowman.

  24. I just posted this comment in response to Bill Bowman’s latest article on The Examiner…

    [posted by]Birther

    “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.” — Barack Hussein Obama, 8/21/2010.

    Examine THAT!

  25. “SIC ’em Sharon!!” A Prime example of what is Destroying America!! Opinions are like A**H**E’s, everybody has one!! The Spiteful Vitriol that comes from the Liberal, Communist Left is akin to the Destruction, Demonetization, Re-Writes and Amendments that have been perpetrated by them upon the Constitution since 1913, and America now suffers because of their Agenda!! Cloward/Piven, Alinsky, and the rest of the Communist Doctrine is evident and provable as the core-problem with our Nation ignoring the “Founding Documents!”
    The Nation is in Dire need of 56 Men!!

  26. Good for you. I agree with most of your articles and I am not a seditionist either. I believe in the Constitution and firmly believe that our “government” should follow that document.

    I am retired USAF and will support and defend that great document to the best of my ability.

    I will not stoop to the level of that writer and say exactly what I think of him and his falsehoods.

  27. Sharon Rondeau, we know who you are and we are all exceedingly proud of you, not only for all that you do, “in standing up for America”, but also because anyone who has ever read any of your articles knows that you are a tremendous Patriot, with unwavering honesty and phenomenal integrity.

    If Mr. Bowman is an award-winning author, it must only be within a very small circle of his own ilk, because I have never heard of him, nor do I care about him or his writings. In my opinion, anyone who criticises someone with such high principles as yourself, is not worth anything to anyone, “not even himself”, and one day even he will even know that too, if he doesn’t already.

    I like to remain associated with the winning team, being God, Country, and The Post & Email with unquestionable integrity, thank you Sharon, we love you, and we love TP&E , the only “good source for reliable, un-biased, factual news today”.

  28. Well spoken, Sharon. Bill Bowman is obviously another liberal trying to pass herself off as a conservative. Perhaps the possibility of legal action will prompt a rethinking of her position.

    The problem with liberals, as WND said not too long ago, is that they are all mentally ill. It’s too bad that we can’t keep all the illegals and deport the liberals.