by Sharon Rondeau

(Dec. 2, 2020) — For reasons unknown, The American Report‘s Mary Fanning and Alan Jones and a small number of associates continue to advance the unproven narrative of former NSA/CIA contractor Dennis Montgomery about an alleged government mega-computer dubbed “The Hammer” purportedly responsible for collecting the data of private citizens, breaching bank accounts and, as of late, altering the results of U.S. elections in conjunction with a software program termed SCORECARD.

Further, Fanning and Jones claim they “broke the story” about “The Hammer” when, in fact, it was Stephen Lemons, then of The Phoenix New Times, who first reported the phenomenon on November 16, 2015 and released related recordings. Since March 2017, Fanning and Jones repeatedly and erroneously claim that the judge overseeing the case, G. Murray Snow, who subpoenaed the recordings in April 2015, released them publicly from his “courtroom” when they were leaked to Lemons by a plaintiffs’ attorney.

“The Hammer” narrative emanating from Montgomery has in fact been evolving since at least October 2013, when he approached the Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) with the claim that he possessed evidence that tens of thousands of then-Sheriff Arpaio’s constituents were victims of bank-account breaches and possible identity fraud at the hands of the federal government.

Montgomery’s initial claims were sufficient, Arpaio wrote in his new memoir, to open a probe and engage Montgomery as a confidential informant to supply further evidence of his claim. That arrangement lasted approximately a year and was concluded, in large part, after data Montgomery provided to Arpaio on 47 hard drives was reported by two former NSA specialists to have no value and, further, to demonstrate what they said was Montgomery’s attempt to deceive.

Montgomery’s most recent  iteration of “The Hammer” reported October 31, 2020 by Fanning and Jones claimed that “The Hammer” and SCORECARD were to switch a considerable number of votes from the November 3 election from Donald Trump to Joe Biden in certain states, making it appear that Biden “won” the presidency.

An attorney working in the aftermath of the election to expose what she alleges is “massive” fraud in many of the same “swing” states Montgomery cited, Sidney Powell, has mentioned The Hammer and SCORECARD in several interviews. An affiant in her federal lawsuit filed in Michigan last Wednesday night referenced the computer system, alleging, based on the Montgomery narrative as put forward by others, that The Hammer and SCORECARD “could have” been used by the U.S. intelligence community to alter votes on November 3. However, there is no definitive assertion made that it in fact was used for that purpose.

While suggesting “Hammer” and SCORECARD might have played a role in election fraud, Powell has focused on Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic software, which she claims, citing experts, facilitate interference by local operators and nefarious foreign elements to alter potentially “millions” of votes for Trump to Biden.

In an interview with Lou Dobbs on November 13, Powell pledged to “release the kraken” against the participants in the alleged conspiracy to deny President Trump re-election. On November 19, 2020, The American Report titled an article, “RELEASE THE KRAKEN: / SCORECARD Whistleblower Montgomery Gave Sworn Testimony To FBI And DOJ About SCORECARD, Dominion, Smartmatic In 2015.”

“The Kraken” has now become a widely-invoked term in discussions of alleged fraud in the November 3, 2020 election.

Throughout their narrative, Fanning and Jones have omitted Montgomery’s history of failing to present the evidence he claims to have of government spying as well as pending felony charges arising in Clark County, NV for allegedly passing a large check in a casino with insufficient funds. Other facts not disclosed are that in January 2010, Montgomery was termed, “The Man Who Conned the Pentagon” in a Playboy Magazine article for allegedly claiming that software he invented could detect hidden messages in al Jazeera broadcasts and that as documented in FBI “302s,” Montgomery was described by former coworkers as untrustworthy and deceptive.

After The New York Post published emails in mid-October emanating from a laptop allegedly demonstrating that Biden’s son Hunter was deeply involved in multi-million-dollar dealings with China and other countries while his father was vice president, Fanning and Jones reported, “In August 2015, CIA contractor turned whistleblower Dennis L. Montgomery provided the FBI and the DOJ with evidence stored on 47 hard drives that implicates Robert Hunter Biden, son of former Vice President Joe Biden, in illegal activities.”

Until very recently, Fanning and Jones claimed their first article concerning “The Hammer” was published March 17, 2017, but they now say they “broke the story in 2015.”  The Post & Email will expound on the relevant timeline in a follow-up article.

Over the last 18 months, Fanning and Jones have often appeared on “Operation Freedom” hosted by Dave Janda disseminating “The Hammer” narrative with support from Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney (Ret) and former NSA program developers J. Kirk Wiebe and Bill Binney.

Despite the high level of publicity “The Hammer” has received of late, the sole source of those promoting the story remains Montgomery, who claims he constructed and programmed it while a government contractor in 2009.

Montgomery’s service to the intelligence community concluded the following year and totaled, in two different stints, about five years.

Janda has declined the offer of background information from the original investigative source of information about “The Hammer,” former Maricopa County “Cold Case Posse” lead investigator Mike Zullo. Arpaio had tasked Zullo and Det. Brian Mackiewicz with supervising Montgomery’s confidential-informant work. Beginning with Montgomery’s initial claims, Zullo both audio- and video-recorded numerous interviews with Montgomery, with his knowledge and consent as indicated in one of the videos, in a law-enforcement capacity.

On their website and in their book published in August, Fanning and Jones insist that Zullo recorded Montgomery “illicitly” or “secretly” when such was not the case, as evidenced by Montgomery’s assent to being video-recorded, with his only request of Zullo and Mackiewicz having been to avoid capturing images of his grandchildren present in the workspace he occupied at the time.

Janda has credited Fanning and Jones with “blowing the story wide open” on March 17, 2017 when, in fact, the recordings of Montgomery’s 2013 claims about The Hammer’s spying capabilities which launched the Arpaio investigation and later, Fanning and Jones’s articles evoking “The Whistleblower Tapes,” emanated from Zullo’s I-phone.  As stated above, the recordings were leaked, with the admission of Atty. Cecillia Wang, to Lemons following Zullo’s testimony in a federal civil-rights trial alleging racial profiling against Arpaio’s office.

Montgomery is currently seeking donations to allegedly expose illegal government surveillance of citizens. His Nevada case remains pending, with a hearing scheduled in March, according to the Clark County district attorney’s office. Fanning and Jones laud Montgomery as a “whistleblower” and Wiebe, who in 2014 wrote in a formal report for Arpaio that Montgomery had attempted to deceive the government and supplied no data of any value, last month termed Montgomery “a national hero” in a video this writer found on Tuesday to have been removed from YouTube. However, a copy was downloaded and preserved prior to its removal.

As of November 8, 2020, Wiebe told this writer he has seen no evidence to support Montgomery’s latest claim that The Hammer was used to alter the results of the 2020 presidential election.  However, in the same email, Wiebe wrote that Montgomery was awaiting “government authorization” to release the proof he claims to have that The Hammer and SCORECARD were used to interfere in the election.

Over the last 3-4 weeks, Fanning, Jones, Wiebe and McInerney have been the guests of Brannon Howse of WVWTV to discuss “The Hammer” and alleged election “cyberwarfare” against the United States.  On Friday President Trump’s first national security adviser, Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn (Ret), was a featured guest on Howse’s broadcast in his first interview since President Trump pardoned him on November 25 in a long-running criminal case which the Justice Department had also asked to be dismissed.

Howse introduced McInerney as a “friend” of Flynn’s.

Howse features many of Fanning and Jones’s columns on his website and separately headlines a webpage with “Dennis Montgomery Deserves The Greatest Respect From The Whole Nation.”  Below the heading is a transcript of a November 10, 2020 interview with McInerney, who cites Fanning as his source of information of the alleged vote-altering conducted November 3 by The Hammer and SCORECARD.

On that topic, McInerney is reported to have said:

It’s just a cyberwarfare campaign, purely and simply.  They couldn’t have won without it.  So they resurrected it, and that’s what we’re faced with today in alerting the system, ’cause the system didn’t catch it.  Homeland Security did not catch this.  Dennis Montgomery caught this.  So that’s very important.  Dennis is a world-class American statesman and deserves the greatest respect from the whole nation for what he has done.  Now we’ve just got to take it and implement it.

In response, Zullo told The Post & Email:

Just exactly how did Montgomery “catch” any of this?  Being out of government involvement for 12 years, how could he have access to any type of information of diagnostics pertaining to states’ voting apparatus?

Sharon, this statement of McInerney’s is very concerning to me: “…’cause the system didn’t catch it.  Homeland Security did not catch this.  Dennis Montgomery caught this.” What that says is this is a new discovery made by Montgomery. This is so very predictable of him. He will always come up with some type of newly-found information. He did it to us so many times. He would produce, or should I say “manufacture,” evidence to support the claim but in the end it was just trash.

But again, it appears this is what the General is being told by Montgomery or Fanning.   Has anyone advised the General of Montgomery’s dubious past?  Does he know that Montgomery conned his beloved military into buying worthless non-functioning software? Montgomery is hardly the “American Statesman deserving of the nation’s respect.” Statesmen don’t get indicted on million-dollar fraud schemes.

In my opinion it appears Wiebe, Janda, Fanning, and McInerney are all purposely appealing to Montgomery’s inflated sense of self-importance and his deep narcissistic need for admiration and attention, stroking-his-ego kind of thing.  Either that or Montgomery has trained them all well.

During his portion of the November 27 interview, Wiebe reported that he attempted to promote election-security software he and Binney designed to all 50 secretaries of state in advance of the 2020 elections but was met with silence

In a November 30 interview with Howse, McInerney called for President Trump to institute “martial law” and to “suspend habeas corpus.” 

“The American people must understand we are talking about treason,” he said in regard to the apparent outcome of the presidential election. He criticized the FBI and DOJ for allegedly failing to investigate potential fraud prior to November 3 as well as the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), whose director, Chris Krebs, Trump fired on November 16 after the agency declared the election “the most secure election in American history.”

“This has driven me to get to the American people so they know what they’ve got to do and what we’ve got to tell the president to do,” McInerney continued on November 30 (8:00).  “The president has got to declare a national emergency, and he should base it upon his executive order dated September 12, 2018, a little over two years ago, in which he declared a national emergency if there was foreign influence in our elections, and he also should use the Insurrection Act, because we have an insurrection building in this country right now when you look at BLM and Antifa plus other groups.  So it’s important, when the president declares this emergency, he must suspend habeas corpus as President Lincoln did in 1861 and FDR did in 1942 when World War II started…”

After citing examples of what he believes to be judges acting in bad faith after alleged evidence of ballot fraud was presented, McInerney said, “That’s why it’s so important that this national emergency be declared and the president starts arresting people right away in this national emergency.  I would declare martial law.”

Howse interjected that McInerney is “a three-star general retired” and “a patriot” who “flew over 400 missions fighting the communists in Vietnam, so it might be a little startling to hear this coming from a patriot about habeas corpus and suspending that, and arresting people and a national emergency, and as shocking as that is, there is the historical precedent…”

In response, Zullo observed:

However, in a November 23, 2020 interview with Howse, under direct questioning by Howse, McInerney had to divulge that he in fact gets all his information about Montgomery and The Hammer from Mary Fanning! Yet Mcinerney is willing to stake his reputation on information that he himself has never obtained nor vetted.

McInerney appears to be completely sold on the Montgomery narrative. Fanning’s representations and Kirk Wiebe’s representation, dependent on what Montgomery is saying as truth, are inconsequential.   By their own admission, neither of them has seen any evidence that The Hammer or Scorecard is real or was actually created by Montgomery or used in this election. Lack of evidence casts real doubt on the credibility of their representations.  

These people are just taking the word of a man with a very checkered background and allowing themselves to be whipped up into a frenzy screaming “Hammer/Scorecard,” labeling Montgomery as a national treasure and calling for Martial law and Military tribunals, all without seeing any real evidence. Yet, they have successfully got Montgomery right where he wants to be, in the middle of a national crisis trying to become the star witness who saves the world, all with no evidence.  Yet these same people are advocating for martial law! 

These people have allowed themselves to fall into the trap whereby Montgomery says it, they believe it, they don’t verify it; they just repeat it with conviction to whoever will listen. They sing Montgomery’s praise and have no idea who they are dealing with. Montgomery is the man behind the curtain. 

Not one of them wants to know or report the actual truth about Dennis Montgomery, even though it is easy to find. 

Dave Janda, for his part, is not much different than the mainstream media he claims to be the antithesis of. Janda is well aware of Montgomery’s past dealings. However, he will not report on them to his audience. He is so invested in this Hammer narrative he hides the Montgomery truth from his audience, yet he is quick to disparage me on his broadcast.  Last I checked, isn’t that what, as he coins it, “the bought-off lame-stream media” does: present only the side they want you to know so they can manipulate your thinking? So does Dave Janda. Janda is not an honest broker in this.

The Montgomery story as he tells it is a very compelling cloak-and-dagger tale. That’s its charm and that’s its snare. Perhaps there is some small element of truth in there but without proper investigation, asking the right questions or evidence it will just be another story from a man who has a lot of stories and little evidence to back them up.

It may be prudent for Fanning, Janda, Wiebe, McInerney and anyone else repeating Montgomery’s claims to first compel their source, Montgomery, to provide ample evidence of his claims before they try to compel the nation to believe it and the President to take an action the likes of Martial law.

To date Mary Fanning’s reporting on the Montgomery issue is lacking any credible due diligence or evidence production pointing to truth. She refuses to investigate the troubling background of her star witness; she has tried to defame me for ringing the alarm bells regarding Montgomery’s antics, all based on actual firsthand interactions with him in the course of a law enforcement criminal investigation.

She has publicly misrepresented her own reporting timeline, giving herself credit for breaking The Hammer story that was in fact broken by others long before she woke up.  

Kirk Wiebe is pitching his election consulting business and his overseas technology business.  

Montgomery is trying to raise a public donation for the same information he compiled and turned over to MCSO that Kirk Wiebe himself said was worthless six years ago.  Montgomery was paid over $100k to produce this. So I guess he thinks he can take it out of a box, put it on a website, rebrand it, peddle it as new and sit back and collect.  Caveat emptor!  

Montgomery’s newly-invented SCORECARD story was never referenced in his 2013 interview with the Arizona attorney general, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, and not even in his interview on his own lawyer’s radio show or in his written timeline form his own hand. He never stated doing anything with vote-tabulation or vote-altering, but we’re just supposed to believe this from Mary Fanning, the woman who investigates nothing.  

Fanning is another opportunist who apparently just wants to be somebody, and to accomplish that goal she will bastardize the truth to propel herself upward.  When you can omit two years from a guy’s life history so you can cover up some more cons from your readers’ eyes you certainly are not the purveyor of all that is true. 

There appear to be many different self-serving motives within this group, but at the heart of it all is Dennis Montgomery, and that is exactly the way he likes it.

In a November 11, 2020 editorial in The Nevada Independent, author John L. Smith III, largely relying on a column by The Daily Beast and referencing The American Report, recapped Montgomery’s history of unproven claims with one of his own:  “As he tries to alter the reality of losing the 2020 election, President Donald Trump is relying on high-tech sleight-of-hand artist and former Nevada businessman Dennis Montgomery to help spread misinformation about widespread voter fraud.”

The Post & Email maintains there is no evidence of the Trump White House or campaign having embraced or “relied” on Montgomery’s claims about “The Hammer” as having conducted election interference.  Rather, it is Fanning and Jones who have “forged” that connection.

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  1. The only part of all of this story is the most important, the most ignored, and it really pisses me off! That story is Dennis Montgomery turned state’s witness to Obama spying on Americans to Sheriff Joe Arpaio who in his capacity as the Sheriff of Maricopa County launched an official investigation on the largest fraud this country has ever endured and that is the fake documents Obama presented that are positively proven fake with the intent to deceive! Press conferences ignore it, congressmen and senators ignore it, law enforcement ignores it and it is absolutely infuriating. MacInerney ignores it, Dr, Janda ignores it, everyone ignores this vast and devastating fraud “Barack Obama”. I emailed Dr. Janda right after hearing the first iteration of this on the Janda radio show and was incensed. MacInerney said he heard this information from Admiral Lions with no mention of Sheriff Joe, Mike Zullo, and the work they did to expose the real news that Obama was indeed a fake and fraud and required lawful action.

    1. From these articles, one should glean that Mike Zullo made every effort through as recently as last year to verify Montgomery’s information, which came without sourcing. As we have reported, Zullo and Arpaio have been strangely excised from the new “Montgomery” claims when Zullo himself was the source of the recordings on which much of the newer articles are based. The forgery of a sitting “president’s” birth certificate remains an unsolved crime.

      1. If it was in a courtroom, there would be a transcript of the proceedings.

        Did this reliable source say which court, which case, and on what day?

  2. Anyone?:
    Did President Lincoln or any ensuing president of the USA cancel the habeas corpus declared by President Lincoln prior to FDR’s habeas corpus declaration? Same question applies to FDR.